5 Reasons to Stop Swiping and Start Dating IRL

WYP Couple Ice Skating

It’s been a decade since swiping became more than a way to wipe frost from your windows. Since dating apps became popular, swiping left and right to find a connection has become the dating norm. Swiping—and dating apps in general—have seen a major surge in popularity over the last 30 years. Searching for love on …

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Success on WhatsYourPrice – Top 5 Attractive Community Tips

WYP Couple Hiking

Our most prolific Attractive Members continually find dream dates, long-term partners, and amazing friendships on WhatsYourPrice. Therefore, we had to ask them one basic question: What’s your secret? Thankfully they were happy to dish the facts on how to find success on WhatsYourPrice. Here’s the intel: 1. Fill out your profile as completely as possible …

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I’ve Been on 400 WhatsYourPrice Dates – My Top 5 Tips

WYP Couple in City

East Coast-based business owner Giovanni V. exclusively dates on WhatsYourPrice – and he has several reasons why. Although he’ll try other dating apps for a month or so, he always comes back to WhatsYourPrice because he likes how straightforward the site is, which leads to less, as he says, “drama.” Thanks, Giovanni, we try! Throughout …

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Creative Date Ideas: Forget Roses, Try a Paper Airplane

How to Give Your Date Ideas a Creative Boost May 26th is National Paper Airplane Day. What’s that got to do with dating, you ask? A lot more than you may think. Paper airplanes are creative. They’re simple and fun. Just the way dates should be! WhatsYourPrice has collected some creative date ideas for you! …

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More than Friends? 9 Signs Sparks are Flying

It started with a wink on WhatsYourPrice. Then came flirty messages that gave you all the feels. And finally, hints about taking the conversation from online to in-person turned into a first date. You rocked a new outfit and your hair was on point. So, now what? How do you know if this date was …

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Get a Date at Coachella and Impress with the Hottest Festival Looks

It’s finally happening. Coachella is here and better than ever! Now, it’s time to get ready for the biggest event of the year – and by getting ready, we mean getting yourself a sizzling date at Coachella and sporting some flawless festival-inspired outfits, because you’re about to rock the desert.  Not sure where to start? Worried …

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Flirt Like a Pro

How to Score an Online Date with Just One Phrase They’re cute. No! Scratch that. They’re flawless. They’re rom-com meet-cute, drop your shopping and reach for the same apple as it rolls away material. You know you have to shoot your shot and to get that date, but it has to be perfect. No pressure, …

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7 Dating Moves to Put Luck On Your Side

Struggling with first dates? It can be tough out there. Especially if you’ve had a streak of bad luck and can’t seem to turn things around. WYP is ready to help you by offering 7 dating moves that are time-tested to turn your luck around. To make sure your dates are a sham-rocking good time, …

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How to Optimize Your WYP Profile

The online dating world is full of potential partners. But with so many possibilities, it’s easy for your profile to get lost in a sea of singles. To make your profile stand out, we’ve gathered the best tips especially curated for What’s Your Price. With these tried and tested hacks on how to optimize your …

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