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5 Reasons to Stop Swiping and Start Dating IRL

It’s been a decade since swiping became more than a way to wipe frost from your windows. Since dating apps became popular, swiping left and right to find a connection has become the dating norm.

Swiping—and dating apps in general—have seen a major surge in popularity over the last 30 years. Searching for love on the Internet used to be considered out of the ordinary, but now almost everyone turns to online dating to find their partner.

This became especially true when the world was shut down during the pandemic, and grocery store meet-cutes weren’t an option. 

Swipe-centric dating apps became so popular because let’s face it, we all love a simple solution to an often daunting process. However, we do have to wonder — is swiping left and right really the best way to find a lasting connection? 

Check out our top 5 reasons you may want to stop swiping and start dating IRL. 

1. Swiping is Time Consuming

On average, swipers spend about 90 minutes per day scrolling through potential matches. Whether it’s for a few minutes multiple times per day or all at once, that’s a lot of valuable time. Smartphone users already spend more than three hours per day on their phones, and serial swiping only adds to the time you could be doing something else. Think of all the trips or hikes you could do instead with those wasted minutes!

Then there’s the time it takes to get ready for the dates you do finally set up. Between mani/pedis, hair appointments, and shopping for the perfect outfit, you’ve already clocked hours of time, and still have to hope you don’t end up getting ghosted. Unfortunately, being ghosted on dating apps is so common that we’ve heard of people who write “don’t ghost me” in their profiles. Yikes.

Because of our WYP Date Offers, ghosting doesn’t happen very often on WhatsYourPrice. Our Date Offer format also ensures that the time and effort you spend getting ready for each date is never wasted. Pretty cool, right?

2. You’re Too busy for Endless Messaging

Talk about time-consuming. Once you swipe right on a match, the back-and-forth messaging can have you feeling like a spectator at Wimbledon. Also, how many “sup” and “wyd?” messages from strangers can someone really endure before feeling inclined to give up on dating altogether? Not to mention the countless small talk conversations in between. Because of this, there’s no telling how long it could be before an IRL date is set. If it ever actually happens, that is! You’re not trying online dating in order to find a pen pal, after all.

Our WYP Date Offers also encourage daters to meet up sooner instead of later. In addition, WhatsYourPrice connects singles based on shared interests, and we encourage our singles to come up with out-of-the-box date ideas. At WhatsYourPrice, we are all about cutting out the endless messaging, and Dating IRL instead.

3. Swiping Makes It Difficult to Find a Real Connection

Gorgeous smile? Swipe right. Perfect hair? Swipe right. Cuddling with an adorable dog? Swipe right. Swipe-centric apps encourage impulsive reactions based on a split-second first impression, not actual interests, needs, or wants. 

When millions of people are swiping right on multiple profiles based on a quick glance, it makes finding someone with whom you have an actual connection pretty rare, no matter how cute their canine is. More isn’t always merrier, especially when it comes to serial swiping.

Because of our emphasis on Dating IRL, WhatsYourPrice makes it as straightforward as ever to make a genuine connection based on your interests, and not a photo that you simply swiped on.

4. Swiping Leads to Burnout 

Burnout can happen with anything—from the 9-5 grind to eating the same thing for lunch every day—and swiping is no exception. When you’re spending hours a week swiping through profiles, responding to messages that fizzle before they flame, and getting ready for dates that flop harder than Cats, swipe-centric dating can quickly start to feel like a job, and not the fun kind. The kind where you’re relegated to the office basement wondering who moved your stapler. 

WhatsYourPrice daters know to expect the unexpected when it comes to going on a WYP date. Whether it’s parasailing or a picnic with a view, WhatsYourPrice dates are never boring or repetitive. This helps daters to avoid getting burnt out too quickly.

5. Swiping Puts you at Risk of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome 

You may have snickered at this, and maybe even rolled your eyes. We get it. A threat of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome may seem a little dramatic. After all, you’re not some kid who plays Fornite for days at a time and forgets to shower. You’re an exciting person swiping to find someone on your level. But we’re here to level with you. Your thumbs are at risk and deserve a break. And you deserve to make a true connection. 

You deserve WhatsYourPrice.com!

WhatsYourPrice is a different kind of online dating experience. It puts potential in the palm of your hand just like average dating apps, but it does so in a way that gets you to that adventurous IRL date sooner. We’re all about out-of-the-box date ideas and adventuring responsibly with a like-minded connection. Our modern approach to dating uses the WYP Date Offer to put honesty and intention at the forefront while eliminating endless messaging and making ghosting a thing of the past (you’re welcome).

On WhatsYourPrice, you can connect with a potential partner based on shared interests and like-minded desires, not just a dazzling smile — although there are plenty of those too. And the best part? No swiping required. 

Join WhatsYourPrice today and start #DatingIRL. Your thumbs will thank you.