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6 Seasonal Date Ideas for Winter Lovers

We know that winter’s cold weather, which may or may not be frightful, may cause you to want to hunker down with a good Netflix show and hibernate. But for some singles, winter brings with it a whole new slate of adventures. No, not just navigating your evening commute when people can’t figure out how to drive in snow. Winter also means building snow people, speeding down hills in a sled, and skating over silver ponds. Whether you live somewhere snowy or not, check out our top six seasonal date ideas for adventurous daters.

1. Glide Around the Ice on Skates

Ice skating is a classic winter date idea. Even if you and your date are not experts on the ice, you can help each other on the rink and feel like you’re in your own cute little Hallmark movie montage. After your movie moment, you can enjoy hot chocolate or espresso martinis as you warm up.

2. Rent Some Snowmobiles

Never been on a snowmobile? No problem, just think of it like a jetski on a frozen lake. Hit the wilderness on a clear day and you two will feel totally isolated in the snowy wilderness, a little like Robert Frost with a roaring motor. It’s both poetic and exhilarating, combining romance and adventure as few winter dates can. Plus, it’s unique. When is the last time someone said “let’s go on a snowmobile date”? You can wow your connection with your date idea creativity and snowmobile skills in the same go!

3. Tube or toboggan down a hill

While skiing and snowboarding can be fun seasonal date ideas, if you and your date have varying skill levels it can be problematic. You might be a black diamond expert, but if you try and bring your date along you’ll be alarmed at how fast an afternoon gets ruined by running headlong into a tree.

Do you want to get that same downhill exhilaration, minus the potential for hospitalization? Throw it back to first grade and go tubing! If you don’t laugh hysterically while speeding down a hill on an inflated piece of rubber, you’re obviously dead inside. And combining laughs with adrenaline is a surefire way to get your date in an energized, happy mood for anything that might transpire later.

4. Take a winter hike

Even if your version of “exploring” doesn’t involve much past trying a new deli next to your office, winter hikes are a seasonal date idea that gives you the opportunity to look both rugged and heroic. How, do you say? Well, winter hikes are beautiful, but trails can sometimes be snow-covered and icy. Even if you live somewhere that doesn’t snow, winter hikes are nice because they’re usually a little less crowded than a popular hike in the sunshine. If it’s icy, however, we suggest that you do a little recon before your date and scope out the path, finding the spots where footing isn’t so sturdy. Then suggest a magical hike through a winter wonderland, ending with a picnic at a pristine lake. How’s that for a Hallmark moment!

Along the way, point out places where your date should be careful, as you’ll appear like some kind of Bear Grylls ultimate outdoorsman who can tell a slippery path by sight. 

5. Head inside for some friendly bumper car competition

Perhaps you and your date are the types to show your affection through road rage. Rather than risking skyrocketing insurance premiums, seek out some bumper cars. Sometimes you can even find ice bumper cars, which are usually adjacent to a nearby skating rink. This wintery take on the boardwalk classic adds a certain level of skidding madness to the “intentional reckless driving” date, where you two can fishtail your way into each other like a couple of Floridians who just realized there’s life above Orlando.

6. Find an indoor activity that feels like winter

Perhaps you scanned the first five points in this article and said to yourself, “That all just sounds like a lot of possible hypothermia.” The winter outdoors isn’t for everyone, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get in the cold weather spirit minus the frigid temperatures. Axe throwing brings to mind Canadian fur trappers and lumberjacks, but can be done in completely climate-controlled settings all over America. Fireside dining is also popular this time of year, where you two can pretend like you just braved the elements – even if the ”elements” were only on the walk from your car to the front door.

Let it Snow…Dates!

Whatever your winter flavor, you can find someone who shares your interest in seasonal date ideas on WhatsYourPrice. Log on to your account and start searching for that person who enjoys a little competition in ice bumper cars, or speeding their way through the wilderness on a snowmobile. And if things keep going once the weather warms up, check out the rest of the WhatsYourPrice blog for other great date inspiration.