WhatsYourPrice Couple Literally on the Town
WhatsYourPrice Couple Literally on the Town

Welcome to the Online Dating Shortcut™

WhatsYourPrice Couple Literally on the Town

WhatsYourPrice® lets you skip the small talk and go straight to fun dates. On WhatsYourPrice, you can start your adventure sooner rather than later!

It’s an unconventional dating site, so expect unconventional dates. Comedy clubs, rooftop lounges, hot air balloon rides… — you never know what you’ll get on a WhatsYourPrice date!

If you’re tired of the endless small talk back and forth, and you’re too busy to be going on dates that aren’t worth your time, WhatsYourPrice is for you.

Adventure Responsibly

Why Date On

WhatsYourPrice Couple on a Date
WhatsYourPrice Couple on a Date

Find the Dates You Deserve

You’ll only go on dates worth your time.

We know your time is valuable, and nobody likes getting ready for a night out only to have it be a let down. On WhatsYourPrice, you’ll know what to expect before you meet up. Simply fill out your profile and let the offers come in!

WhatsYourPrice Couple Taking Pictures
WhatsYourPrice Couple Taking Pictures

Real People. Real Dates.

Bringing new adventures to your life.

WhatsYourPrice is a straightforward way to meet other adventurous souls. Skip the small talk and embark on your real-life journey with a new connection.

WhatsYourPrice Couple on Adventure
WhatsYourPrice Couple on an Adventure

A New Way to Connect

WhatsYourPrice dates are different.

Say goodbye to small talk and basic outings, and say hello to Go-Kart racing, VIP music festivals, and other exciting adventures. Where will your WhatsYourPrice date take you?

WhatsYourPrice Couple Flying High
WhatsYourPrice Couple Flying High

Take It Off-Screen

Leave the digital behind.

WYP Date Offers start the conversations, and conversations start the journey. Hit it off and hit the town (any town really) with singles on your same wavelength.

WhatsYourPrice Couple on Couch
WhatsYourPrice Couple on Couch

Your Path to Worthwhile Dating Experiences

When you use WhatsYourPrice, gone are the days when you return home and think, “I wasted my favorite shoes for THAT?!”

With WhatsYourPrice, you’ll know that the date is worth your time before you go. WhatsYourPrice is a unique way to see if your online connection is a real-life connection, too.

Your Next Date Is as Simple as 1-2-3

1) Completely fill out your profile. You don’t need to write a novel — a few descriptive sentences will do. 

Upload Pictures Icon

2) Upload at least 2 clear pictures of yourself so people can see who they’re talking to. Make sure your personality shines!

Accept or Decline Offers Icon

3) Once you get a WYP Date Offer, make sure to either accept, decline or make a counter-offer. Don’t leave your fellow adventurers hanging! 

The Online Dating Shortcut®

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