Horoscope for Adventure Dates – When the Stars Align

WYP Couple in Stunt Plane

At WhatsYourPrice, we’re anti-pickup lines or dating gimmicks. However, there is one time the eye-roll-inducing “What’s your sign?” line may actually come in handy: planning a first date! Whether or not you’re in the habit of checking your horoscope, we’ve put together this list to help you plan an adventurous date that matches the sensibilities …

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6 Seasonal Date Ideas for Winter Lovers

WYP Couple on Snowmobile

We know that winter’s cold weather, which may or may not be frightful, may cause you to want to hunker down with a good Netflix show and hibernate. But for some singles, winter brings with it a whole new slate of adventures. No, not just navigating your evening commute when people can’t figure out how …

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10 Questions To Ask On A First Date

You’re finally getting the chance to meet IRL with the person you’ve been eyeing on WhatsYourPrice. You can’t wait to see if you’re as compatible as you hoped. But you almost dread asking or getting asked the inevitable list of first-date questions: “So, do you have any brothers or sisters?” “Are you from here?” “Where …

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WhatsYourPrice: Your Shortcut to Better Dates

Traditional dating apps are so last decade. Endless swiping. “Meh” convos. And the ghosting! Pardon our scoff, but online dating can be a total snoozefest these days.  You’ve got better things to do with your time. Places to be. People to flirt with. Better dates to be on…especially now that you’ve found WhatsYourPrice. If you’re …

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Halloween First Dates are Spooktacular!

Yes, Halloween puns may generate zombie-like groans (sorry not sorry), but Halloween first dates may generate witch-like cackles of joy! Halloween is many people’s favorite holiday of the year, full of costumes, candy, parties…and romance, make no bones about it. With so many chills and thrills, Halloween is truly the perfect time for a first …

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