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Date Night Ideas Perfect for Your Next WYP Offer

Dating with WhatsYourPrice offers so many opportunities to take your dating game to the next level. That includes the dates you’ll go on, so you don’t need to play it safe with the usual date night ideas. Meeting at a coffee shop or taking the dinner-and-a-movie route is perfectly respectable, but why not aim a little higher? Dating—especially with WhatsYourPrice—is meant to be fun!

Have you been looking for some date night ideas that aren’t completely overdone or cliché? Is there a WhatsYourPrice member who you really want to wow with a date offer they can’t say “no” to? Are you looking for some fun date night ideas to use when sending your next WhatsYourPrice offer? If you’ve hit your quota of coffee dates or are eating your bodyweight in movie theater popcorn, look no further!

We’ve put together a list of exciting date night ideas that you’ll definitely want to add to your rotation. Consider doing them alone or combining some of the date night ideas for a fun night out on the town! Whatever you do, make sure you’re having a fantastic time! And with these date night ideas, it should be easy to do just that.

Don’t Go to Concerts Solo!

Did your concert-going buddy get sick last-minute? Have you found yourself with an extra ticket to the show you’ve been looking forward to for months? Don’t go solo—find someone on WhatsYourPrice to take with you!

Whether you have an extra ticket or not isn’t the point, of course. Live music is coming back at rapid speed after the pandemic shut down shows from some of our favorite touring acts. There’s bound to be a concert—or eight—happening nearby that you’re just dying to go to. Get on WhatsYourPrice and find someone with a similar taste in music as you and ask them out to a show!

Concerts are so much more fun when you have someone to experience them with. Nobody likes being the lone wallflower in the back of the music venue, gently nodding along to the beat. We all want to be upfront and center-stage, dancing with someone and singing along to the lyrics at the top of our lungs. And with WhatsYourPrice, you’ve got someone to watch your back when the mosh pit breaks out!

A Theme Park Is a Great Date Night Idea!

Maybe you have a season pass to a theme park near you. Maybe you’re on vacation alone and there’s a park nearby that you’ve never been to. Or maybe you just want to kill some time, and the local theme park is a great way to do it.

Well, amusement parks were quite literally built for couples—and they’re perfect as far as date night ideas go. The term “solo rider” might even inspire some negative flashbacks for some. We’ve all been there—waiting in line while listening to a ride operator scream into the crowd to find someone to fill an empty seat. Don’t be that solo rider!

Instead, use WhatsYourPrice to find a park buddy for the day! You don’t have to ride anything solo and you’ll have someone to talk to in those long lines. Plus, you need a buddy to discuss how thrilling the new rides are, how that one rollercoaster jerked you around way too much, and how that theme park mascot made your photo op super awkward.

Carnivals Were Made for Date Night!

We all longed for the carnival to roll into town when we were kids. Those days filled with midway games (those basketball hoops were bent and we know it), rides that made you borderline queasy and massive amounts of cotton candy were so much fun—right?

Well, it’s those same reasons that make it one of the most perfect date night ideas for your next WhatsYourPrice offer! When the carnival makes its way to you, don’t settle for playing those games and riding those rides alone!

Not only is this date night idea fun, it’s also taken right out of the pages of a rom-com screenplay. How many movies have we seen of the couple riding the Ferris wheel together? The carnival date night idea could just be your ticket to the cutest meet-cute ever! So, get on WhatsYourPrice and find someone to split a funnel cake with now!

Go to a New Restaurant Opening!

Taking someone to dinner is nothing new—we know. But if you’re going to take this route with your next date night idea, consider going to the latest restaurant that opened to shake things up a bit.

The opportunity to experience the latest and greatest in your city’s dining scene is inherently appealing for whomever you’re going to ask out. Plus, exploring a new cuisine or a new chef’s work is most certainly a few steps above the local Italian joint everyone recommends for dates or the steakhouse you frequent for special occasions.

Not only is this date night idea fun, exciting and something new—it’s also totally Instabrag-worthy! We all love posting our adventures to new hot spots on social media, and this date will be no exception to that. So, start doing your research and find the next hot restaurant to hit your local dining scene!

Looking for Retro Date Night Ideas? Hit the Speakeasy!

Yes, we’ve all met someone new for drinks on a first date. It’s a fairly foolproof for date night ideas, what with the cocktails offering some social lubrication and the fact that bars and lounges generally have extremely flattering lighting.

But if you’re going to raise a glass with someone from WhatsYourPrice, make it special! Speakeasies have exploded in recent years, offering some retro amusement to bar scenes overloaded with obnoxious sports bars and EDM-focused ultra lounges.

Most of these establishments have some unconventional way to score a reservation, both to keep with the “speakeasy” feel and to prevent overcrowding (many usually only have room for around 20 people at most). So, it’s time to do some research! Find one near you, get the details on how to enter and take a peek at the cocktail menu if it’s available online!

Are you ready to take those date night ideas up a notch or two? Take a minute to consider the venues in your area where you could go on these dates and make some calls to inquire about reservation procedures. Once you’re good to go on the details, it’s time to ask someone out!

So, what are you waiting for? There are thousands of singles near you who just can’t wait to be taken on one of these dates!