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What is WhatsYourPrice? Your Questions, Answered

Having dating app fatigue? We totally get it. You want to make new connections, but work and/or school takes up most of your time. So, you look to dating apps and spend your evenings swiping until your thumbs hurt, endlessly carrying on conversations with people who either flake, ghost, or just never end up meeting up.

What if we told you we have a solution?

Welcome to WhatsYourPrice, the most straightforward dating site. Here, there’s no swiping or endless conversation with people you’ll never meet. Instead, when you see someone who catches your eye, you can send (or ask them to send) a Date Offer. Once the offer is accepted, you can start planning your date! No swiping required.

Read on to find out everything you’ve ever wanted to know after asking “What is WhatsYourPrice?”.

1. How does WhatsYourPrice work?

The WhatsYourPrice community is separated into two types of members – Generous and Attractive. The Generous Members send WYP Date Offers to Attractive Members. Once an Attractive Member accepts the offer, the Generous Member can unlock the messages with his credits, and you two can start chatting. Ladies, remember that Generous members pay for credits to unlock the messages, so make sure to be respectful!

If an Attractive Member doesn’t like an offer, she can reject it, or send a counter-offer.

2. Why the offers?

Simple: they save everyone time.

Generous Members are tired of getting ghosted or stood up. Attractive Members are tired of spending hours getting ready for what might turn out to be a lame date. WYP Date Offers ensure that the date will definitely be worth everyone’s time and effort.

3. What’s the profile setup like?

Setting up a WhatsYourPrice profile is very similar to setting up a profile on any other dating site, except for two things. One, Attractive Members can list their preferred Date Offer amount on their profile to give Generous Members an idea of what to offer.

And two, Attractive Members have a Wish List on their profile that they can update with items they would like to receive as gifts from Generous Members. Ladies, do you have your eye on a Michael Kors bag or a new pair of earrings? Add them to your Wish List and let the gifting begin!

4. What do you say in your profile?

WhatsYourPrice profiles have two sections, one called “A Little Bit About Myself” and one called “My Ideal First Date.” Definitely write something for both of these! You don’t have to write a novel, but don’t just write one sentence for each, either.

Make sure to upload photos, too! Just like on other dating sites, avoid group photos and blurry pics. This is a great place to put those snaps from your Greece trip! You can also post videos to your WhatsYourPrice profile to express yourself even better.

5. Is WhatsYourPrice legit?

Absolutely! We have more than 5 million members worldwide, with more than 3,800 connections made every day. We even have some members who only date on WhatsYourPrice because it’s more straightforward than other sites. Lots of WhatsYourPrice members have started long-term relationships after meeting on the site as well!

6. How do I get paid?

WhatsYourPrice is a dating site intended to establish the terms of your first date. We do not assist in the exchange of payment. We simply connect you with fun like-minded singles, and you can take it from there!

7. Is it safe?

Like with any dating site, there are some dating safety precautions you should be taking every time you meet up with someone from the Internet. For example, with any date, make sure you meet them in a public place during the day. Never go to someone’s house if you don’t know them!

You should also arrange your own transportation to and from the date. We suggest taking an Uber or having a friend drop you off and pick you up. Always share your location with a friend as well.

Ladies, even if the Generous Member is paying for the date, make sure you have at least enough money to get home on your own.

Also, set personal boundaries and stick to them, and always trust your gut. If something seems sketch, it probably is.

8. How can I tell the people I’m talking to are legit?

WhatsYourPrice has an ID verification feature, which we encourage everyone to use! If you are talking to someone who hasn’t verified their ID, we recommend that you ask them to do so.

The WhatsYourPrice site also has a video chat feature, and we highly suggest video chatting with your date before meeting up.

9. How much personal information do you give?

For your own safety and security, we suggest not using your full name in your profile. Some of our community members prefer to use a cute nickname or screen name instead.

A screen name can also be a fun way to tell other members more about yourself! Love the beach? Work in a coffee shop? You’re BeachBarista98, boom.

Another big safety tip: never reveal any of your financial information online, or send money to anyone online for any reason. You should also never give out your home address or other identifying information – including your social media handles.

10. Do you have to pay a subscription or membership fee?

Nope, signing up for WhatsYourPrice is 100% free! Generous Members need to purchase credits in order to unlock conversations, but Attractive Members do not.

11. How much do I talk to my dates before we meet up?

As with any dating site, that is up to you! However, we suggest video chatting beforehand to verify their identity before meeting up.

12. Where do we go on the first date?

Just like any dating site, lots of our members grab dinner or drinks on their first meetup, but we like to encourage our community to find unique date ideas as well. Comedy shows, rooftop bars, Go-Kart racing, you name it!

13. How can I get started?

Ready for your first offer? Create a free WhatsYourPrice account today! You can also visit our blog for more dating tips. Adventure Responsibly!