How to Approach Valentine’s Day in a New Relationship

WYP Couple in New Relationship

The beginning stages of a new relationship can be so exhilarating. From the butterflies you feel every time you get a text from your new flame to still obsessing over the perfect outfit (because you’re not quite in the “see-me-in-sweats” stage), it’s exciting to discover your new relationship with every dating adventure. But what happens …

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Getting Dates on WhatsYourPrice – 7 Tips for Guys

Woman on Beach Vacation

They say the eyes are the window into the soul, but in 2023, that window is really your online dating profile. If you have a sub-par dating profile, it will be harder to attract a great connection on WhatsYourPrice! Basically, to succeed on WhatsYourPrice, you’re going to need a solid profile. And since we’ve seen …

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What is WhatsYourPrice? Your Questions, Answered

WYP Couple on Dock

Having dating app fatigue? We totally get it. You want to make new connections, but work and/or school takes up most of your time. So, you look to dating apps and spend your evenings swiping until your thumbs hurt, endlessly carrying on conversations with people who either flake, ghost, or just never end up meeting …

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I’ve Been on 400 WhatsYourPrice Dates – My Top 5 Tips

WYP Couple in City

East Coast-based business owner Giovanni V. exclusively dates on WhatsYourPrice – and he has several reasons why. Although he’ll try other dating apps for a month or so, he always comes back to WhatsYourPrice because he likes how straightforward the site is, which leads to less, as he says, “drama.” Thanks, Giovanni, we try! Throughout …

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Costume Party Bloopers and 4 Ways to Avoid Them

It’s that time of the year again, and the most fun of all holidays is upon us: Halloween! Are you ready to get your scare on? And are you ready to do so without committing any costume party bloopers? Here at WhatsYourPrice, we think Halloween happens to be the sexiest of holidays. In addition, people …

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How to Plan the Perfect Double Date

Back in the day, double dates were all the rage. You and your sixth-grade bestie would carefully plan the perfect double date, then have your parents drop you and your “dates” off at the local multiplex theater. Afterward, you’d hang out to discuss whether or not your date reaching for popcorn meant they wanted to …

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How to Explore Your Interests With a Potential Partner

Remember when the phrases “online dating” and “fun” sometimes felt like they belonged in different sentences? Meeting someone online used to seem more like a chore than a fun, exciting experience. Enter WhatsYourPrice! We’re all about expecting the unexpected. If you’re ready to enjoy the best things in life with other adventurous singles, you’re going …

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A Dating Guide for Singles Who Don’t Play Games

We know you’re tired of endless swiping on dating apps hoping to meet a like-minded, exciting partner. Sometimes it seems too much like a game, while what you’re really after is a real connection. Luckily is loaded with other singles who have the same goals in mind! But how can you be sure the …

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10 Questions To Ask On A First Date

You’re finally getting the chance to meet IRL with the person you’ve been eyeing on WhatsYourPrice. You can’t wait to see if you’re as compatible as you hoped. But you almost dread asking or getting asked the inevitable list of first-date questions: “So, do you have any brothers or sisters?” “Are you from here?” “Where …

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