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Costume Party Bloopers and 4 Ways to Avoid Them

It’s that time of the year again, and the most fun of all holidays is upon us: Halloween! Are you ready to get your scare on? And are you ready to do so without committing any costume party bloopers?

Here at WhatsYourPrice, we think Halloween happens to be the sexiest of holidays. In addition, people love to have Halloween parties, which makes for a great opportunity to get to know new like-minded singles.

Come On Baby, Light My Fire (But Not Literally!)

Our first story of a costume party bloopers is about Tara, who was invited to a Halloween costume party for a first date. However, she decided to ditch the sexy costume for something a little sillier – an inflatable T-Rex costume. 

Off went Tara the T-Rex on her Halloween adventure. Her date happened to be wearing a cave-person costume completely by accident, so the T-Rex get-up was actually perfect! Until, that is, our protagonist stood a little too close to a lit candle that was part of the Halloween decorations. 

In about 30 seconds, her entire costume melted, and this darling dinosaur was left standing in her underwear – with all eyes on her undies. Talk about a nightmare!

Luckily, Tara’s date had a good sense of humor, and they still joke about it today. But let this dino’s story be a lesson to you: have a backup costume stashed in your car! Or, maybe just avoid going almost-commando under the dino.

Scared Scarlet 

Honestly, we’re not sure if this one ranks among costume party bloopers or is just a positive outcome. Our friend Scarlet went on a first date to a fall festival that included a haunted house, and thought she’d be able to handle it – but she was wrong! 

The haunted house was so spooky that Scarlet clung to her date the whole time, but of course, this only brought them closer. Plus, her date definitely didn’t mind too much (read: at all).

Still, if you’re visiting a haunted house or scary maze, make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into beforehand!

This Is Not The Stormtrooper You’re Looking For

Now it’s time for a story about Danielle, who went on a second date to a Halloween party in matching Star Wars Halloween costumes. Danielle dressed as a droid, and her date was dressed as a stormtrooper. Cute, right?!

There were a lot of people there, but Danielle and her strapping stormtrooper were still able to talk a lot throughout the night – or were they?

At one point, Danielle was full-on having a conversation with her stormtrooper and cracked an inside joke from their first date. Suddenly, a confused stormtrooper took off their mask. You guessed it. This wasn’t Danielle’s date. WHOOPS!

After the initial embarrassment, they both laughed it off and went back to the robots they came in with.

The moral of the story: be cautious when agreeing to a couple’s costumes with masks! Costume party bloopers can easily arise when you mistake someone else for your date.

Casper, Is That You?

Speaking of spooky getups, our silly friend Sam loves Halloween, but he’s not so into costumes. Last Halloween, he went to a party and opted to simply don a sheet and poke some eyeholes in it. Simple enough, right?

Well, as “Casper” was grooving in the middle of the dance floor, his date suddenly pulled him aside and whispered: When you stand in front of that lamp, your costume is completely see-through!

Casper Sam laughed it off – and his date didn’t ghost him after. Just like with the T-Rex, we’d suggest wearing an extra layer under a potentially see-through costume. But we still think we might call this one a win. Plus, now they have a funny story to talk about on their next date!

Grab Your Broomsticks and Join the Fun!

Regardless of your costume choice or where you go this year, keep these not-so-horrific stories in mind before you and your date scare up a little fun avoiding costume party bloopers! And remember that Halloween is all about meeting new people, embracing your inner character, and showing your spirit. Bats all, folks!

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