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7 Adventurous Date Ideas That Are Totally Unforgettable

Dinner dates are the classic date outing, but at some point, they can get old. Sure, sitting across a table from your date over a plate of unpronounceable cheese can be a scintillating way to get to know somebody. But does it show you their true colors like, say, drag racing each other in a Go-Kart (which just so happens to be one of our adventurous date ideas)? 

Of course it doesn’t, which is why picking a date that involves some kind of adrenaline-pumping adventure does a lot more to get the romantic juices flowing than learning their favorite kind of salad dressing. Need some adventurous date ideas? Read on.

Rent ATVs 

A nice car is cool. A four-wheeled off-road vehicle with no seatbelts and a helmet required, however, is decidedly badass. Even if you don’t own one, the mere suggestion of this kind of thrill will instantly make your date more interesting. Renting ATVs offer the dual attraction of reaching viewpoints and other places you’d never see in a car, mixed with just enough danger to make you look like a regular Jason Bourne. But a Jason Bourne who also packs a picnic, because you can add an extra element of romance by busting out a pre-packed meal when you get to your far-flung destination.

Heart-Racing Go-Kart Racing

Do you and your date get turned on by competing at a sport, then rubbing it in each other’s faces when you win? Some might say there’s a level of therapy needed there, but we’re just gonna stay in our lane and recommend the two of you stick to our adventurous date ideas by hitting the local adventure park for an evening of Go-Kart racing. Here, you can mercilessly run each other off the track in a fun-and-potentially-rib-breaking kind of flirting. Or team up and take on the hapless 12th birthday party who’s unfortunate enough to be sharing the track with you. If you want to keep hanging out after you’re done racing, many Go-Kart tracks are located in complexes with other activities like mini golf and ropes courses, so whoever lost the Go-Kart race can try and redeem themselves.

Cycle Side-by-Side

The storybook bicycle built for two might be a little much for a first date. Plus, it definitely won’t go fast enough to feel like an “adventure.”  However, renting bikes – either road or mountain – and taking to the trails creates a fantastic opportunity to venture out on a trip together and talk along the way. First, pick a lunch spot, brewery, or another relaxing locale along the trail. Suggest a route you know well, and you’ll immediately come off as an expert, exuding both confidence and athleticism. Or, at the very least, you’ll come off as someone who knows the easiest ride from the bike shop to the brewery.

Dare to Ride in a Hot Air Balloon

Floating thousands of feet in the air with nothing between you and the ground but a wicker basket sounds like either the end of a Hallmark movie or the beginning of a Netflix documentary. But that sort of “Am I going to love this or get injured?” trepidation is exactly what makes hot air balloons such a fantastic date. Once you get over the earth slowly slipping away from you, the silence and peace that comes with floating above the ground make the ride feel blissfully secluded. It’s the perfect place to chat with no distractions, other than the pilot who’s definitely not eavesdropping on you AT ALL. And when you land, falling out of the basket together adds a little physical element to the date, to see if the chemistry you had in the air extends to the ground.

Rent a Kayak or Paddle Board

If you live somewhere where you can regularly get out on the water, kayaking or paddle boarding are adventurous date ideas that will give you and your date a chance to experience the water together – and show off your beach body if you’re lucky enough to have one. Oftentimes, renting kayaks or paddle boards also allows you to reach beaches and islands that are otherwise inaccessible. This gives you and your date your own private slice of paradise, creating a sort of Leo-and-Tilda-Swinton vibe, except you’ll actually be able to leave whenever you want. 

Here are a few words of advice, though: If you opt to rent kayaks, get one for each person. There’s a reason guides across the world have nicknamed two-person kayaks “The Divorce Boat.”

Take a Hike! (No, Literally)

Hiking is like the anti-dinner date, where you pump oxygen through your body, burn calories, and feel healthy and refreshed at the end rather than bloated and a little leery of the seafood course. As you trek under tree-top canopies, cross streams, and gaze out over sprawling overlooks, you’ll have hours to discuss everything from your terrible first job to your delightful nieces and nephews who are either your inspiration to have kids, or why you’ve decided you never want them.

Go Whitewater Rafting

They say you learn who a person truly is when they face adversity or immediate danger. With this in mind, no date short of great white shark diving with T-bone steaks showcases these traits quite like whitewater rafting. Sure, most rafting trips are relatively uneventful. But sometimes while riding the rapids, even the best rafters get tossed in the water. As long as you’re both good swimmers, we can’t think of a better way to bond with your match. Unless you both are experienced whitewater rafters or kayakers, though, book a guided trip. You might be tempted to showcase your inner river guide to make a good impression, but navigating those rapids takes a lot of skill and even more training. What we’re saying is, your date will be just as impressed if you just tip the guide well.

Do Something Memorable

Of course, many more adventurous date ideas could make for an epic date. The most important thing to remember when planning an active outing is finding someone who enjoys them too. Log on to WhatsYourPrice and start finding people around you who also enjoy getting outside. Then, visit the rest of the WhatsYourPrice blog for other original date ideas. See you out there!