We’ve got some exciting news! WhatsYourPrice now has a brand new feature that will change the way you date. In addition to uploading photos to your WhatsYourPrice profile, you can now upload profile videos! Read on to learn all about why using profile videos on WhatsYourPrice can help you make more awesome connections in the …[ read more ]

Our most prolific Attractive Members continually find dream dates, long-term partners, and amazing friendships on WhatsYourPrice. Therefore, we had to ask them one basic question: What’s your secret? Thankfully they were happy to dish the facts on how to find success on WhatsYourPrice. Here’s the intel: 1. Fill out your profile as completely as possible …[ read more ]

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I’ve Been on 400 WhatsYourPrice Dates – My Top 5 Tips


East Coast-based business owner Giovanni V. exclusively dates on WhatsYourPrice – and he has several reasons why. Although he’ll try other dating apps for a month or so, he always comes back to WhatsYourPrice because he likes how straightforward the site is, which leads to less, as he says, “drama.” Thanks, Giovanni, we try! Throughout …[ read more ]

7 Adventurous Date Ideas That Are Totally Unforgettable


Dinner dates are the classic date outing, but at some point, they can get old. Sure, sitting across a table from your date over a plate of unpronounceable cheese can be a scintillating way to get to know somebody. But does it show you their true colors like, say, drag racing each other in a …[ read more ]

Costume Party Bloopers and 4 Ways to Avoid Them


It’s that time of the year again, and the most fun of all holidays is upon us: Halloween! Are you ready to get your scare on? And are you ready to do so without committing any costume party bloopers? Here at WhatsYourPrice, we think Halloween happens to be the sexiest of holidays. In addition, people …[ read more ]

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