How to Approach Valentine’s Day in a New Relationship

WYP Couple in New Relationship

The beginning stages of a new relationship can be so exhilarating. From the butterflies you feel every time you get a text from your new flame to still obsessing over the perfect outfit (because you’re not quite in the “see-me-in-sweats” stage), it’s exciting to discover your new relationship with every dating adventure. But what happens …

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Getting Dates on WhatsYourPrice – 7 Tips for Guys

Woman on Beach Vacation

They say the eyes are the window into the soul, but in 2023, that window is really your online dating profile. If you have a sub-par dating profile, it will be harder to attract a great connection on WhatsYourPrice! Basically, to succeed on WhatsYourPrice, you’re going to need a solid profile. And since we’ve seen …

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What is WhatsYourPrice? Your Questions, Answered

WYP Couple on Dock

Having dating app fatigue? We totally get it. You want to make new connections, but work and/or school takes up most of your time. So, you look to dating apps and spend your evenings swiping until your thumbs hurt, endlessly carrying on conversations with people who either flake, ghost, or just never end up meeting …

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Horoscope for Adventure Dates – When the Stars Align

WYP Couple in Stunt Plane

At WhatsYourPrice, we’re anti-pickup lines or dating gimmicks. However, there is one time the eye-roll-inducing “What’s your sign?” line may actually come in handy: planning a first date! Whether or not you’re in the habit of checking your horoscope, we’ve put together this list to help you plan an adventurous date that matches the sensibilities …

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6 Seasonal Date Ideas for Winter Lovers

WYP Couple on Snowmobile

We know that winter’s cold weather, which may or may not be frightful, may cause you to want to hunker down with a good Netflix show and hibernate. But for some singles, winter brings with it a whole new slate of adventures. No, not just navigating your evening commute when people can’t figure out how …

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5 Reasons to Stop Swiping and Start Dating IRL

WYP Couple Ice Skating

It’s been a decade since swiping became more than a way to wipe frost from your windows. Since dating apps became popular, swiping left and right to find a connection has become the dating norm. Swiping—and dating apps in general—have seen a major surge in popularity over the last 30 years. Searching for love on …

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Success on WhatsYourPrice – Top 5 Attractive Community Tips

WYP Couple Hiking

Our most prolific Attractive Members continually find dream dates, long-term partners, and amazing friendships on WhatsYourPrice. Therefore, we had to ask them one basic question: What’s your secret? Thankfully they were happy to dish the facts on how to find success on WhatsYourPrice. Here’s the intel: 1. Fill out your profile as completely as possible …

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I’ve Been on 400 WhatsYourPrice Dates – My Top 5 Tips

WYP Couple in City

East Coast-based business owner Giovanni V. exclusively dates on WhatsYourPrice – and he has several reasons why. Although he’ll try other dating apps for a month or so, he always comes back to WhatsYourPrice because he likes how straightforward the site is, which leads to less, as he says, “drama.” Thanks, Giovanni, we try! Throughout …

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