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Getting Dates on WhatsYourPrice – 7 Tips for Guys

They say the eyes are the window into the soul, but in 2023, that window is really your online dating profile. If you have a sub-par dating profile, it will be harder to attract a great connection on WhatsYourPrice!

Basically, to succeed on WhatsYourPrice, you’re going to need a solid profile. And since we’ve seen plenty of them, both bad and good, here are some pointers on what to do to make your WhatsYourPrice profile the best it can be.

1. Don’t Leave Your Profile Empty – Tell Us About Yourself!

Endlessly talking about yourself is a big dating no-no, both on a date and in your dating profile. Nobody wants to read a novel.

However, you’re definitely going to need to write more than one sentence. Your profile is the only way you can show potential connections why you’re a catch. Make it count!

There are two profile sections on WhatsYourPrice: the “Tell Us About Yourself” section and the “My Ideal First Date” section. You’re going to want to fill them both out.

In each section, write 2-3 concise, engaging sentences that answer each question.

In the “Tell Us About Yourself” section, write about a couple of hobbies and interests to give potential dates an idea of who you are. Are you into fishing? Do you make the best Cacio e Pepe pasta this side of Milan? Let them know!

At the end of your “Tell Us About Yourself” section, include a brief sentence that explains the type of relationship you’re hoping to find. People look for all kinds of relationships on WhatsYourPrice, so being upfront about this will save you both time down the line.

In the “My Ideal First Date” section, write a sentence or two about – you guessed it – your ideal first date. Whether it’s an upscale dinner with a view or a Broadway play, use this sentence to briefly show potential connections what it might be like to be on a date with you.

2. What Are You Looking For? Make It Clear

Singles join WhatsYourPrice for a variety of reasons, so it’s important to make it clear what you are looking for on the site. Are you location-independent and looking for a partner who also has a flexible schedule? Make it known in your profile! As we said, this can go towards the end of your “Tell Us About Yourself” section (but it’s important, so it was worth repeating).

Also, make sure to read other members’ profiles when they message you as well, so you can see if you two would be a good fit.

3. Focus On The Positive

Nobody likes to look at a dating profile and read a laundry list of qualities you don’t like. Listing what you don’t want on your profile doesn’t tell anyone why they should date you. It just makes you seem negative.

Instead, flip the script and list the opposite of what you don’t want – as something you do. So instead of saying, “No homebodies,” say something like “Looking for someone who loves travel and adventure.” Getting dates on WhatsYourPrice is pretty simple when you’re focusing on the right things.

4. Double Check Your Spelling and Grammar

Even if you’re not writing your profile with the exquisite attention to detail of a 17th-century renaissance poet, you don’t need to write it like a text message, either. Like it or not, people judge you severely for not knowing the difference between “your” and “you’re.”

Even if you’ve mastered those basics of English grammar, misspellings and grammar errors are a bad look. They show you don’t take the time to make sure you’re doing things right and race to the finish. And we know that nobody likes that.

5. Upload Current Photos – And Make Sure You’re in Them

We get it. Your fraternity picture from 2003 really highlights the cleft chin you had 20 years ago. But you don’t look like that anymore. And while it’s important to put your best look forward when choosing profile pictures, make sure that look is accurate. Limiting yourself to pictures from the last three years is a good guideline.

Ideally, you want to post between three and six pictures of yourself on your WhatsYourPrice profile. Key word: Yourself. That means, a photo of you and your dog, fine. A photo of just your dog? Not going to work.

Also, make sure your photos are well-lit and show your diverse array of interests. Nothing but headshots might imply you’re all about work, but nothing but pictures of you holding a giant fish might imply that’s all you care about. Balance is key!

6. Never Say “I Don’t Know What I’m Looking for” On Your Profile

If you don’t know what you want, then nobody does. And nothing is less sexy than an indecisive man. The same goes for “I don’t know what to put here.” Stay far away from both of these phrases! Getting dates on WhatsYourPrice can be as simple as understanding what you want and expressing it.

7. Upload A Video

We recently added a video feature to WhatsYourPrice, so you can now express yourself with videos as well as photos! Your videos can show everything from playing fetch with your dog to whipping up something in the kitchen. You can use existing videos, or upload something in real-time directly to the site! Whether you have mad guitar skills or just want to show off your new sneakers, videos are a great way to do so.

You don’t need high production value for your video profile, but definitely make sure your phone camera isn’t smudged and that you have bright, clear lighting.

Once you’ve got your profile game strong, it’s time to start getting dates on WhatsYourPrice! Log on or sign up for WhatsYourPrice and peruse all sorts of people who enjoy the same active, adventurous pursuits you do. What are you waiting for?