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How to Plan the Perfect Double Date

Back in the day, double dates were all the rage. You and your sixth-grade bestie would carefully plan the perfect double date, then have your parents drop you and your “dates” off at the local multiplex theater. Afterward, you’d hang out to discuss whether or not your date reaching for popcorn meant they wanted to hold hands.

Somewhere along the line, we started preferring one-on-one dates, probably around the time you had ideas about going further with your date than holding hands over popcorn. But there is still something undeniably energizing – and often ice-breaking – about going on a date with another couple. Conversations move faster, people laugh more, and if things go south, you still have your buddy to hang out with. It’s high time you rediscovered double dating, so find a friend, jump on WhatsYourPrice, and start planning the perfect double date.

1) Find The Right Crew

A double date is a little like a dinner party. You’ve gotta have the right mix of people, or it may be an uncomfortable disaster. This means you have to ensure that everyone’s interests align and their personalities meld. Obviously, not everyone needs to agree on everything. That being said, planning a double date with your buddy who tends to go on long political rants may not be the best idea.

Think about who your most sociable friends are – the ones who can talk to pretty much anybody, and rarely get into arguments.

2) Establish Everyone’s Interests

You don’t need to get deep into everyone’s life-long passions, but once you and your friend have both found dates, figure out some common interests between the four of you. This doesn’t mean asking everyone “What do you wanna do?” in an endless ping pong match of non-decision making. But probe into some things your potential dates enjoy doing, and use that brainstorming session to plan an activity! Maybe you’re all into bowling, so hitting up the alley would be an obvious choice.

3) Plan Something Interactive

Movies may have been a great date in middle school, but now you need to plan things that involve more than just staring at a screen. And when you have four people who’ve never spent time together, you need to plan things that involve more than just talking over drinks, too. Conversations, especially with four new people, can get slow and full of dead air. However, nothing jumpstarts them like having an interactive thing to do!

This can be something active like kayaking, mountain biking, or hiking to a cool lookout point. Or, it can be a more relaxing activity like wine tasting, or perhaps even a yoga class?

Additionally, friendly yet competitive games like a round of Top Golf can also make for fun activities. If you’re extra daring, ropes courses can build instant bonds and add a big element of adrenaline to a double date, ensuring that at least the afternoon isn’t boring.

Or, what’s the last time you went on a hot air balloon date?! That double-date plan would definitely be one for the books.

4) Start a Group Chat

Once you’ve found your crew and figured out an activity, it’s time to get details ironed out. Though nobody likes the nonstop notifications of a group chat, putting everyone on one text thread will make planning exponentially more efficient.

Now, just so we’re clear: A group chat is not a forum for everyone to offer opinions on what you should do or where you should go. It’s a space to plan logistics like time, date, where to meet, and who is driving. Guys, ladies like it when you make a plan, so don’t be afraid to confidently say, “Ok, so I found this great hike with a brewery at the end, which day works best for everyone?” Minimizing the chatter around making decisions keeps the group chat from monopolizing your phone for days on end.

5) Have a Set “Out” time or Signal

Unlike one-on-one dates, where the finishing time is highly dependent on how well the date goes, a planned double date should have time when both couples agree to go their separate ways. This allows the couples to either spend more time together one-on-one or end the date when they see fit. Either way, having a double date awkwardly drag on when it’s painfully clear one couple wants to leave isn’t the optimal outcome for anyone.

Make a plan beforehand with your friend or partner for either a time or signal that means it’s time to go. If you don’t want to stretch things past 10 p.m., make that clear. If you’d like to leave things a little more open-ended, think up a signal that you’re ready to bounce. Ordering water at a bar is a time-honored silent sign that it’s time to go. This way you can seamlessly leave and still be polite to everyone involved. 

Get Planning!

If you think a double date sounds like double the fun, the first step is finding people to go along with you. Grab a friend and start an account on WhatsYourPrice, where you can peruse thousands of people who may share the same interests. Our members are always straightforward about what they want to do, and what they expect. And if your perfect plan for a double date goes well, visit the rest of the WhatsYourPrice blog for more dating tips and advice.