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First Date Tips Every Guy Should Remember

So, you’ve done everything right. You wrote the perfect profile, filling it with loads of personality. You had a photographer friend take some really legit profile pics. You’ve been signing into WhatsYourPrice daily to make some date offers—and one was accepted! All you have to do now is be charming AF—while following our first date tips, of course!

That’s right, you aren’t done impressing your date—yet, that is. You only get one chance to make a first impression, so you’ve got to really wow them on this first date. You’ve got to charm like a true gentleman. You’ve got to make all the right moves—without being extra, though!

While everyone likes to joke that chivalry is dead, here’s one of our best first date tips: It’s not! Being polite and friendly, showing your date and anyone you interact with some respect, and some old-fashioned good manners still really do go a long way these days. Shocker, right?

While it is important to consider all those first date tips, don’t think you have to lose your style or swagger. It’s easy to get caught up in overthinking every little move, so don’t do that—for the most part, the modern sense of chivalry is really just being considerate and attentive!

Your date might be satisfied—dare we say, even impressed—by your date offer and everything they read in your profile. But why not aim to really wow them? Plus, when you’re acting good and feeling good, you’re going to have a good time. And isn’t that why you’re using the online dating shortcut? You’re here to have a fantastic time while meeting some really great new people!

Whether you haven’t gone on a first date since the last Iron Man movie release or if you met someone out just last night, you can always use a few good first date tips! Here are a few things that’ll dazzle your date!

One of Our Top First Date Tips: Be In the Moment!

We get it—social media is really important for keeping up appearances, showing off your style and highlighting all of the awesome and fun things you like to do. However, first dates are not for your Instagram feed or what you absolutely need to show that growing TikTok following you’re developing.

Instead, take this first date tip and leave the phone in your pocket! There’s no need to check in at the restaurant, post a photo of your food or join the Twitter thread about whatever the trending topic du jour is. You asked this WhatsYourPrice member out on a date to spend time with them—and being on your phone is the best way to lose their interest. Be present instead!

Take this time to get to know your date. Have some conversation topics ready (maybe even a few rehearsed responses) and always remember to listen. Nobody likes being invited out to have a one-sided conversation—it takes two to tango and talk!

Clueless about topics should you discuss? Look at your date’s profile one more time before you meet up for some ideas. You can ask them about what they listed there—interests and hobbies, where they grew up, the sports teams they’re fans of, etc.

If you’re present with your date, you’re going to have a more enjoyable time. You won’t be thinking about all the small details or what’s to come next. For many daters, thinking about an end-of-date kiss can be worrisome. Let things happen naturally and see how it goes! And as for your date offer, that can all be discussed at the end of the date. Just take the time to enjoy being somewhere fun, doing something fun, with someone fun by your side!

Being Courteous on the First Date Is Sexy!

We’ve all seen or at least heard about the man laying down his jacket, allowing his date to walk safely across a puddle without getting their shoes dirty. While this level of chivalry isn’t exactly expected these days (though it may be for some), there are some other gentlemanly things you should take note of. Our first date tip for you here is to be respectful and considerate.

So, how does the modern gentleman accomplish this? You can start by remembering to open doors for your date, be it the car door when arriving at a restaurant valet or the door to the restaurant you chose to take them to. Your date will appreciate the gesture, as you’re putting their comfort and well-being first.

If you’re at a restaurant, or anywhere with shareable plates—remember that sharing is caring! If you went the tapas or appetizer route for first date noms, leave that last nacho or potato skin for your date to enjoy. We know—this first date tip can sound somewhat silly. But we promise it’s going to make you look oh so good! This small gesture will speak volumes about your character.

Speaking of ordering some noms on a first date—always let your date order first. And while we feel like this goes without saying, also don’t order for your date. Maybe even also consider sharing something—and let them pick the item out, of course. This is yet another first date tip that sounds so small, but it will certainly not go unnoticed!

As for the end of the date, it’s extremely chivalrous to make sure your date got home safely. So, consider sending them a message on WhatsYourPrice to check on that. While you’re at it, you could also tell them that you had a really nice time!

Have a Surprise Up Your Sleeve—The First Date Tip That Won’t Disappoint!

It’s said that spontaneity is the spice of life. If that’s the case, we suggest having a few flavor-bombs planned to shake things up and let your date know you like to have some goodhearted fun! There are a number of ways you can add a little something extra to your night out …

Always stick to the itinerary of your date, as random detours might make some feel unsafe. Definitely do dinner at the restaurant you decided on, but maybe ask them if they’d like to walk next door to the dessert spot for something sweet or the lounge around the corner for a nightcap.

Another way to slip in some unexpected intrigue would be to kick-up the “special” factor a bit more. Make your dinner reservation intimate by scoring that hard-to-get table at the town’s best dining hot spot. Order a bottle of their favorite Champagne for the table. Arrange for a special dessert if they’ve celebrated a birthday or promotion recently—but please don’t include some singing waiters, that’s super overboard. Just find a way to make your night notable!

If you don’t mind borrowing another first date tip from the chivalry book, show up with flowers! Sure, it’s cliché and of course, we’ve seen it in countless rom-coms. But isn’t that why it’s going to be the cutest gesture ever? It’s a great way to kick off your first date right and just over-the-top enough to be special but not obnoxious.

While this is definitely not the definitive list of how to knock your first date out of the park, these first date tips will definitely help you level up your dating game a notch or two. So, remember our advice next time you’re out with someone new from WhatsYourPrice. Being in the moment, showing some courtesy and saving a surprise might just get you that second date!