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Dating 101 – Essential Dating Advice

The yellow buses are back on the road, school supplies are front-and-center at every Target in America and college campuses have sprung back to life after a year of Zoom lectures. That’s right—school is back in session! And while we’re all in the back-to-school mindset, we thought we’d offer our own Dating 101. Think of this as a crash course in essential dating advice for, well, everyone.

You’ve likely already done the hard part. You’ve set up your WhatsYourPrice profile, scrolled through some profiles and may have even sent some date offers. Dating surely is fairly dependent on the chemistry of two personalities, but there are some things we all should consider when sending or accepting that date offer.

Maybe you’re just starting out dating. You could be giving online dating the college try (see what we did there) for the first time. You might be a self-described introvert, cautious about social interaction. Even if you consider yourself a dating pro, dating advice is something we all could use more of.

Read on for our essential dating tips—and maybe even take some notes! One of our professors once told us that writing things down helps us remember things better … or something like that.

Easy to Follow Dating Tips and Advice from WYP

Keep an Open Mind

Online dating offers literally a world of opportunities for singles. And with millions of singles on the WhatsYourPrice platform, there are all kinds of personalities, styles and senses of humor out there! You might have an idea for who you’d like to date from WYP, but stay open to all the possibilities!

This dating tip is one everyone should know, especially the discerning daters out there. You never know who you’ll have an absolute blast with on a first date just by looking at their profile. You won’t know how your chemistry is until you meet IRL. And you never know if someone just might surprise you.

Think about it like this: You have nothing to lose—and a lot more to gain—by giving someone a shot! So, consider this essential dating advice when you’re scrolling through those offers!

Be Yourself

It’s important to remember that dating isn’t auditioning for your “Happily Ever After.” Dating is supposed to be fun! Your only goal should be to have a nice time with someone new, whether you’re chatting or meeting IRL.

Think of dating more like a tryout. Everything doesn’t have to be perfect when you’re dating. You don’t have to overthink the smallest details. Don’t dwell on the messages you’ve sent, the location you picked or the clothes you decided to wear. Just be yourself! If date two happens, that’s great! And if it doesn’t, WhatsYourPrice has millions of other singles ready to start something new.

Stay Safe

Online dating can be intimidating for some. We get it! You’re meeting someone outside your usual social circle—not your neighbor’s best friend. So if you’re feeling anxious, that’s perfectly normal. Just remember this dating tip: There are so many ways to stay safe while online dating now!

The basics are to be aware, keep personal information private and meet in a public place. You probably already knew that, though. WhatsYourPrice considers your safety a priority, which is why we’ve identified some essential dating tips for staying safe.

Consider our safety tips and have your wits about you! It also couldn’t hurt to schedule a face-time date sometime before you meet up in person. Think of it as the appetizer leading to the main course!

Keep a Positive Attitude

This is our favorite essential dating advice. Why? Because WhatsYourPrice was designed to be the online dating shortcut! We want to get you to those first dates fast so you can have a great time while meeting some fantastic new people! It’s pretty difficult to not have a positive attitude if that’s how things are going …

Sometimes negativity tends to creep in, though. We completely understand that—especially if you’re new to dating or online dating! Always keep in mind that it’s best to enter a situation with high hopes and a positive outlook. If you think that first date is going to be an absolute mess, it might end up being just that. Believe in the power of positive thinking!

Put a Priority on Having Fun

We’ve been mentioning this all along, but it’s probably the most essential dating advice we have. Dating is—or at least, should be—FUN! From your very first WhatsYourPrice message to the “good night” at the end of a first date, you should be enjoying yourself. So do just that: Have fun!

If you take all the previous advice into consideration, doing this should be remarkably easy. We do, however, have some additional thoughts on the subject …

  • When you’re messaging, be playful! Flirt a little while you’re setting your date up. Keep it somewhat subtle though—flirting should always be nuanced, otherwise it’s just going to come off like you studied the Pick-Up Lines for Dummies guide.
  • If you’re deciding on the date location, do your homework! Look at their profile to get some clues of their interests that let you know where they might like to go. If they’re having fun, you’re having fun.
  • Keep it light! Don’t tackle heavy conversation topics like politics or ethics. Also, avoid conversation topics that are one-sided. If they’re not a football fan, they will probably be bored hearing your extensive knowledge of the Las Vegas Raiders starting lineup.

This Concludes Dating 101 – Essential Dating Tips

Our lecture for today is over. Now, go put our essential dating advice into action! A lot of subjects are best learned by having real-world experiences—and dating is no exception!