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Outdoor First Date Ideas – Unique Activities for Autumn Dating

It’s pumpkin spice latte season! As you trade your sandals for cozy boots, it’s time to pile on the fall fun—and we’ve got some exciting outdoor first date ideas to make it happen. If you’ve gone on all the hiking dates that your legs can handle, this is the autumn dating guide you’ve been looking for.

We’ve rounded up our most creative ideas to make sure your first dates are as vibrant as the season’s foliage. And to take advantage of the beautiful weather, we’ll also help you keep it outdoorsy. So, grab your favorite scarf and carve out some time for the most unforgettable first dates of the year!

WYP’s Out-of-the-Box Outdoor First Date Ideas!

When You’re Feeling Sporty

Some call it fall, others call it football season. If you and your new match are part of the sporty bunch, this is the best time of year to plan a flag football first date. Just call a group of friends and meet at the park to throw the ball around all afternoon. Hanging out in a group environment and staying active makes this a super casual first date.

Not enough pals to put two teams together? Not a problem! Just find a pickup game in your area and join in on the fun. If you want to get to know each other better, the two of you can grab a bite or a beer after the game!

If Fall Romance is In the Air

Looking for a dreamy first date this fall? Then horseback riding is for you. Sweet smells, cool air, and the crunch of leaves make a relaxing ride the ideal activity to get to know someone. 

But horseback riding isn’t just for fairytale lovers. If you and your date have equestrian experience, you can go for a brisk ride instead. And if the ride helps you build up an appetite, you can wrap up the date with a charming farm picnic.

Have a Scary Good Time

2 film buffs + 1 cemetery = a one-of-a-kind outdoor cinema experience. Perfect for an outdoor first date on a crisp fall evening. You can share a blanket, munch on some popcorn, and enjoy a classic flick together.

Just keep in mind that these popular events sell out ahead of time. A quick online search will let you know if there’s a Halloween or Día de Muertos movie screening near you. If so, we suggest snagging some tickets first. Then, head right over to your WYP profile and find a lucky ghoul to join you. Happy Haunting!

For the Gram

Sunflower fields make for magical fall day trips—especially with a hot date by your side. If you’ve never been to a sunflower field, you’re in for a treat. You won’t believe how majestic these flowers are!

Definitely an unforgettable experience that’ll set the backdrop for some amazing pics. Photographers and social media lovers won’t be able to get enough of this mosaic of colors. And after you take in the beauty of the season, you can find a local eatery and share a yummy lunch. This outdoor first date could even net you a special follower…

An Autumn Lover’s Happy Place

For bushels of autumn fun, head right over to a harvest festival! From historic county fairs to playful pumpkin regattas, you and your date will love to get lost in a corn maze and sample Oktoberfest beers.

No matter which fall celebration you choose, these carnivals are fun for all. You’ll feel like a kid again as you shop, eat, drink, and go on countless rides. It’s a day full of excitement! If you’re looking for a happy and whimsical first date this season, you can’t go wrong with this classic outdoor experience.

Apple Picking for a Good Cause

Sure, everyone goes apple picking in the fall. But this outdoor first date experience is much better when you harvest crops for a good cause. If you and your date share a passion for doing good, this is a wonderful bonding experience.

You get to be outdoors together, celebrate the season, and help those in need. After working so hard, enjoy a well-deserved treat together. Consider trying a new coffee shop or a cute deli.

Not for the Faint of Heart

Do you and your date have stressful jobs? Then make your first date unforgettable with a rugged activity like archery or axe throwing. These fun pastimes are surprisingly relaxing and way more fun than meditation.

Plus, they’re an awesome opportunity to wear that new flannel in your closet! Pair it with some cool boots and your favorite jeans, and you’ve got yourself the perfect fall look for an outdoor first date.

Which of Our Outdoor First Date Activities is For You?

Feeling inspired yet? Then log into WYP and step into autumn with a memorable first date! With these fun, fall-inspired ideas you’re sure to snag the pick of the patch. Happy fall, y’all!