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More than Friends? 9 Signs Sparks are Flying

It started with a wink on WhatsYourPrice. Then came flirty messages that gave you all the feels. And finally, hints about taking the conversation from online to in-person turned into a first date. You rocked a new outfit and your hair was on point. So, now what? How do you know if this date was one of many or if you’re destined to become more than friends?

Our dating experts have the intel you need to know whether to delete them from your contacts or start planning your next date outfit. 

Ready? Here are our top 9 ways to tell if the sparks flew or fizzled and whether or not you’re more than friends. 

1) You Didn’t Check Your Phone. At All.

Let’s be real. Most of us check our Insta more than JLo gets engaged. But if neither of you had the urge to scoop the latest Tik Tok life hack while waiting for your next round, that’s huge. You were present and open to possibilities! 

2) You Shared Secrets

It can be hard to get through a first date without finding out where each other went to school and how many siblings you each have. But if you felt comfortable enough to spill a secret hope only your BFF knows, and they opened up about a passion they want to pursue, you two could definitely be in each other’s future. Empathizing with and reciprocating info reserved for those close to you is a sign you want to go beyond the basics.

3) You Got Close

Did you notice their hand brush against yours as you left the restaurant or your knees ever-so-slightly bump together during the show? These aren’t just made for rom-com moves. Physical contact, or even leaning in as you speak and standing close as you wait in line, could be a sign you both want more contact later…wink, wink.

4) You Got Jealous

You met on WhatsYourPrice so your dating statuses aren’t exactly a secret. But if they dropped deets about a previous date and you felt a surprising jab of jealousy or noticed they looked away or got quiet when you let details slip, that’s a sign you want to be more than friends.

5) You Added On

If your meet-up went from coffee to cocktails, the beyond-friend vibes were definitely there. While buddies like to hang out, they don’t make excuses to stick around. A mutual desire to extend your time together, rather than bailing for the couch and the next episode of Euphoria, is a huge clue you may be dating material. 

6) You Made Future Plans

Whether it’s a gym membership or phone service, no one wants to commit these days. But if you already made plans to check out the art show downtown or try the hot new wine bar together, that’s saying something. Want an even bigger sign? You invite each other to your “spots”. You know, that hidden gem of a restaurant or hiking trail you only introduce to your faves? You don’t take just anyone there, especially “just friends”.

7) You Wanted to Kiss 

This should be a no-brainer, right? We don’t pucker up to our pals, after all. But libidos can be a powerful thing and we all have needs. So yes, we have to include this one here. If you caught their gaze lingering on your lips, or found yourself wondering if theirs were as soft as they looked, you want to test out the potential for more.

8) You Really Cared

Did they walk you to your car and blurt out “text me when you get home” when the evening finally came to an end? Did you happily oblige? This goes beyond chivalry. A need to know you’re safe signifies something more. 

9) You Got Social

You may not have checked your phone during the date, but if you started checking their social the second you got home or noticed they started liking your posts, you may be more than friends. A peek at each other’s gym sesh and cooking skills is a sign you want to know what’s going on when you’re not together, and how you may fit into each other’s lives.

What Now? How To Make the Next Move.

Did any of these signs sound familiar? Yes? Stop reading immediately and hit up your potential new boo, RN. If not, we’ve got you. Log into your WhatsYourPrice account and start connecting with someone who deserves to discover your favorite dining spot. Ready to join? Learn more about WhatsYourPrice!