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Creative Date Ideas: Forget Roses, Try a Paper Airplane

How to Give Your Date Ideas a Creative Boost

May 26th is National Paper Airplane Day. What’s that got to do with dating, you ask? A lot more than you may think. Paper airplanes are creative. They’re simple and fun. Just the way dates should be! WhatsYourPrice has collected some creative date ideas for you!

So, forget roses. Skip the flirty texts. When it comes to dating, what you really want is to expect the unexpected. To meet the type of person who flies a paper airplane across the bar, just to ask if they can buy you a cocktail. Or who takes you out for taco Tuesday—in Cabo.

If what you’re craving is a playful boost in your dating life, we’ll show you how! We’ve rounded up our most fun tips to create the type of date experience that makes you want to spend all night getting to know each other. These fresh ideas are guaranteed to give your dates that creative boost that makes them memorable, so you can make the type of connection that you desire.

Make Something Together

You don’t have to wear a beret and visit a gallery to have an artsy date. These days, it’s all about getting creative in your own way. Whether that’s making something aesthetic or whipping up some tasty treats, the idea is to have fun. 

Plus, the best part of making something with your partner is that you get a keepsake to remember the date by! Here are some creative ideas on how you and your date can get crafty:

  1. Take a pasta-making class and pair it with your favorite Italian wine. If the date goes well, you can even go for a cappuccino after your cooking class.
  2. Get a cue from Ghost and make some pottery. It worked for Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze!
  3. Hit a gourmet grocery store and pick out items for a charcuterie board. Then, head to the park for a delicious picnic and a sunny afternoon.

Play Games

We’re not talking about mind games, of course. The reason you’re on What’sYourPrice is because you’re not into games…instead, we’re thinking nostalgic fun, like when you were a kid!

So, go ahead and try activities that take you down memory lane. Just don’t be surprised if you catch your date eyeing your smile. Everyone wants to spend time with someone fun to be around.

Need some inspo for some creative game date ideas? Let the games begin:

  1. If you haven’t tried paintball, it’s time you and your date give it a shot. It’s one of our all-time faves. Work together and show your competitive side! 
  2. Scavenger hunts make for an epic date experience! Hidden stairs, unique sculptures, and tasty food trucks are only some of the hidden gems that you’ll get to explore while rediscovering your own city.
  3. Looking for an easygoing throwback? Check out your local minigolf course! This cute date is a great way to kickstart the evening, while you get to know each other better. From there you can grab dinner, drinks, or a coffee.

Try Something New

For the most creative dates, you have to think outside the box. That’s what makes them so special! If you and your partner are ready to get out of your comfort zones, come up with a plan that’s brand new to both of you. It’s the quickest way to break the ice without even trying.

Worried that you might suck at this new activity? Don’t sweat it, your date’s probably thinking the same. But part of getting creative is letting go of those inhibitions. Feeling adventurous? Here are some of our top ideas for creative dates:

  1. Powerboating is a thrilling experience for you and your date to try. Just remember to take your floaties aboard, because choosing swimming spots and wakeboarding is half the fun!
  2. Want an out-of-this-world date? Find an immersive art experience near you and treat your partner to a mystifying event. It’s different and it’ll give you something to talk about over dinner. 
  3. Take a day trip to that nearby town that you’ve been wanting to check out. For some extra fun, scratch driving and hop on a train together. Once you’re there, you can explore restaurants, shops, and local hangout spots.

Or Play It Safe

If you’re a creature of habit, taking risks on a date might not be your cuppa tea. So, why not make plans for you and your partner to share something you both like?

Of course, this doesn’t mean you should go to the same happy hour bar that you frequent every Friday night. We’re thinking classics, with a fresh spin. Warning: These might create the kind of cozy sparks you’ve been looking for.

  1. If you’re both foodies, take a dinner cruise. Pick one with a great DJ and, after dessert, you can dance the night away.
  2. Love to laugh? Stand-up comedy shows are a great opportunity to tap into your sense of humor and laugh until your belly hurts.
  3. Music is a universal language. When you’re getting to know someone, it’s fun to check out a local concert together and let the melody do its magic.

No Matter What, Be Yourself

Creative date ideas can help you connect with someone on another level. At WhatsYourPrice, we want our members to share these types of memorable experiences. So go ahead and fly that paper airplane—or fly a real plane, instead! No matter what you’re into, getting creative means being yourself and unleashing your imagination. This is the most important part of getting to know someone else, and the secret to dating bliss.

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