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7 Dating Moves to Put Luck On Your Side

Struggling with first dates? It can be tough out there. Especially if you’ve had a streak of bad luck and can’t seem to turn things around. WYP is ready to help you by offering 7 dating moves that are time-tested to turn your luck around.

To make sure your dates are a sham-rocking good time, we’ve rounded up the best dating tweaks to help you turn on the charm and boost your dating game. With these lucky tips, we guarantee you’ll find gold at the end of the rainbow!

1. Choose Your Date Spot Wisely

The location of your first date sets the mood for your time together. It’s got to be a place where you’ll both feel comfortable getting to know each other.

To find a spot that you’ll both enjoy, start by thinking about what you have in common. If you’re both active, consider rock climbing, dancing, or bowling. Love music? Try an intimate concert, karaoke, or thrifting for records. 

The options are endless! If you don’t know where to begin, consider thinking of things that you want to try or places that would be fun to check out with a date. 

2. Pick a Great Outfit 

Everyone wants to look good when they go out. But the secret to wowing your date is to look great. First impressions are important, so a key dating move is to be sure to choose an outfit that turns heads. And remember to add a touch of your own personality, too.

Here are some ways in which you can use your outfit to make your date awesome:

  • Choose vibrant colors that make you feel lively
  • Bring comfortable shoes, because you never know where the night will take you!
  • Wear clothes that highlight your favorite attribute and make you feel confident

3. Keep the Vibes Positive

Your date might only be a few hours long, but why not make a day out of it for yourself? Sometimes, we focus so much on the date as the main event that we forget how important the rest of the day is. By taking the time to put yourself in a good headspace, you can bring those positive vibes to your special evening.

If you and your partner are meeting on Saturday evening, why not use the morning to prep for the date? You can go shopping for a new outfit, get a massage to relax, or work out and get pumped. All these activities can help you step into the date feeling good about yourself and ready for a fun time together.

4. Make Upbeat Conversation

You’ll probably have lots of questions for your date. But why resort to the usual “Where are you from?” when you can ask “What’s the coolest thing about your hometown?” This makes the conversation much more interesting and gives your date an opportunity to share about the things that bring a smile to their face, which is an ideal result for lucky dating moves.

When you give your questions a lively spin, you immediately set the tone for your entire date. And everyone likes spending time with someone optimistic. By the end of the evening, your date will feel relaxed, happy, and looking forward to going out with you again.

5. Go With the Flow

You’ve got a date, fun plans, a striking outfit, and conversation topics in mind. Now what? It’s time to find out if the chemistry is there. 

Remember, going on a first date is all about seeing if you hit it off. The best approach for this is to go in without any expectations, other than the intention to have a good time. When you allow things to flow, you’re able to relax and be yourself without any pressure. 

6. Listen Up

We get it, first dates can be nerve-wracking. In this type of situation, it’s easy to feel pressured and assume that you have to carry the conversation. When you’re feeling nervous, one of our preferred dating moves is to take a breath and give the other person the opportunity to share who they are. 

This also gives you a chance to show your date that you’re genuinely interested in them. This is flattering and makes your partner feel more connected with you. And the more connection there is, the greater the chances of a successful date!

7. Stay Open-Minded

If the restaurant isn’t exactly what you expected, it’s not the end of the world. If you made a joke and felt awkward about it afterward, it’s probably not a deal-breaker.

See where we’re going here? It’s OK if your date isn’t perfect. Your partner doesn’t expect it to be, and you shouldn’t either.

Keep in mind that you can always change what isn’t working or improve it. If dinner wasn’t ideal, you can have a delicious dessert at the coffee shop next door. And if you didn’t deliver the punch line, just laugh it off and change the topic. By staying open-minded to the date experience, you can focus on having fun. Because that’s what dating is all about!

With WYP and these lucky 7 dating moves, you won’t need a four-leaf clover! With so many potential dates out there, the fun is about to begin. Log into your WYP profile today and make it your lucky day! Ready to join? Learn more about What’s Your Price!