We think about dating economics

Our mission: Make dating more rewarding for everyone.

WhatsYourPrice makes dating simple and more rewarding for everyone. With our first date incentive, our members discover high-quality, frequent first dates.

We have changed the “dating game”

WhatsYourPrice levels the playing field for men and makes dating more rewarding for women. All it takes is a little generosity. Instead of wasting time messaging, like on other dating websites, WhatsYourPrice is straight to the point and gets you on your date. Our unique system increases men's chances with women and can turn any response to a “yes”.

Our dating system

Launched in April 2010, WhatsYourPrice has created a better dating experience for over 3 million men and women. Not only is it the easiest way to date, it is also the safest.

“WhatsYourPrice.com is taking the science out of dating, because really it's all about economics. Dating is about supply and demand, quality over quantity. We know what it takes to capture the attention of a beautiful girl, but after that first date, the rest is up to you.”

Brandon Wade

Brandon Wade

At 21 years old, Brandon Wade was a never-been-kissed geek. Growing up, his mother told him to focus on growing his success. That if a man was generous then he could find success in his personal life. Brandon went on to graduate from MIT and work for numerous fortune 500 companies, such as General Electric and Booze Allen. He never forgot the advice of his mother and used that passion to create SeekingArrangement and WhatsYourPrice to help men like him.