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Ways to Show You’re Thankful on a First Date

There’s loads of advice out there on what to say on a first date, but not much about how to show appreciation for your companion. When it comes to romance, thankfulness can be one of the most attractive qualities in a partner. Gratitude shows confidence in yourself and a genuine interest in the other person. WYP has collected some ways to show you’re thankful on a first date.

To help you find meaningful ways to say “thank you,” we’ve rounded up the best ideas from our dating experts. These easy tips include thoughtful gestures, kind words, and body language to show your date how you feel. They’re a thoughtful way to break the ice on your first date and make your outing together something to be thankful for.

Take Them Flowers

Flowers are a classic — and for good reason. Everyone loves receiving a colorful bouquet or a single rose. Especially when you’re meeting someone for the first time, flowers are a lovely way to make a great first impression. They say thank you for spending time with me, without feeling like you’re trying too hard. Flowers are one of the surprisingly simple ways to show you’re thankful on a first date.

Open the Door for Them

Good manners are always in style, even if it’s just a little detail like opening a door. Whether you’re walking into a restaurant or getting in a cab, opening the door and letting your date go first sets the tone for a romantic evening together. For brownie points, try to make eye contact and smile at your date while opening their door. You’ll get a smile back and create a connection right away.

Show Interest in the Conversation

Once you’re actually sitting together and start chatting, the best way to say thank you is simply by listening to what your date has to say. By nodding your head, smiling, and making eye contact you’re letting them know that you’re genuinely interested.

Questions are another way to keep the conversation going and say thank you for sharing more about yourself. If you think about it, going out with a new person and opening up isn’t always easy. That’s why it’s also nice for you to talk about yourself, as a way to enhance this connection. When you let your date know more about you, you’re actually showing gratitude for their interest in you, one of many ways to show you’re thankful on a first date.

Tell Them What You’re Thankful For

Many times, we just say “thank you” without specifying what we’re thankful for. But have you noticed how much nicer it feels when someone says “thank you for stopping by” or “thank you for the cup of coffee?” 

At the end of your date, take that extra step to let your date know what you’re grateful for. Here are a few ideas:

  • Thanks for asking me out tonight, I had a great time
  • Thanks for treating me to dinner, it was delicious
  • Thank you for spending time with me, I enjoyed getting to know you
  • Thank you for driving to my neighborhood, that was so thoughtful of you

Keep the Gratitude Coming

Thankfulness doesn’t end when you go home that night. If you liked your date and want to keep things going, showing your appreciation is the easiest way to do so.

The next morning, you can send your date a quick text letting them know what you enjoyed most about your time together. This shows your gratitude and feels genuine because you’re doing more than just being polite. It’s a clear message that your night together was memorable.

A text the next day also opens the door to a second date. Once they reply, feel free to suggest another hangout based on your conversation. If your date told you that they love music, for example, you can suggest a concert or going to a record store. This shows that you were listening and that you want to connect on a more personal level. 

Creativity and effort go a long way when you’re dating someone. If you show the other person you’re thankful for the outing, they’ll be more inclined to put in the same amount of effort on their end. And when you’re both focusing on all the positive things about your first date and the experience together, your second date will be even more fun! Join WYP today and begin showing off the many ways to show you’re thankful on a first date!