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How to Flirt – Tips to Master the Art of Flirting

Even in the age of online dating and character limits, flirting is a trend that’s always in style. And, like all skills, it requires practice. Wondering what sets successful seducers aside from the rest? Wondering how to flirt with finesse? WYP has rounded up the best tips to turn you into a master of romance.

Whether you have a virtual romance brewing or a date planned for this weekend, we’ve got your back. Our handy guide covers all angles of flirting to make you feel confident and turn romance into a fun experience. Check out these tried-and-tested pointers to take your flirting skills to the next level.

How to Flirt Online

Not all flirting is made the same. With the popularity of dating apps, romance begins the moment you make an online connection. And your cyber-flirting game can make or break a relationship.

To set you off on the right foot, here are the best tips to charm your online matches:

Be Yourself

Confidence is sexy. Showing your personality boosts your self-esteem and this, in turn, makes you more attractive to others. But what does this mean in an online world?

To let potential partners connect with you, share casual anecdotes and use specific examples. Tell them about your pet’s funny habit or how you tripped at the grocery store the other day. If you love to travel, mention your favorite place and why it’s special. While there’s nothing sexy about these stories, they create an instant positive connection between the two of you.

Set the Tone

The first message that you send or respond to sets the tone for the conversation. Make it interesting! Whether you want to be playful or racy, don’t rush. Instead, take your time to craft the right words. Online flirting is lighthearted, but always intentional.

The more you do it, the easier it becomes to send witty one-liners that keep the other person engaged. After that, the conversation starts to flow more naturally. And by the time you meet in person, you’ll be a pro.

Show Interest

Flirting feels more natural when you focus on the other person instead of yourself. An easy way to make someone feel like the center of your attention is by using their name in conversation. Even while you’re chatting online, everyone feels important when you begin or end a sentence with their name. 

Noticing little details also goes a long way. Does your potential date have a picture at a basketball game? Ask them who their favorite player is. The ability to make easy-going conversation is as attractive online as it is in person.

Go Beyond Chat

If you feel comfortable taking your flirting to the next level, share pictures with each other or use the WYP video chat feature. Not quite there yet? Add emojis or GIFs to the conversation. These visual cues can liven up your communication and let others know when you’re feeling sweet or spicy.

End the Convo

Wait, what? But it was going so great… Well, that’s exactly how your matches will feel when you cut the convo short. At least the first time you chat, it’s a great strategy to leave them wanting more.

For this to work, though, you have to do it before the conversation gets boring or repetitive. While they’re still engaged, find a way to excuse yourself. And before saying goodbye, make sure they know you enjoyed chatting and would love to do it again or meet in person. We guarantee they’ll be counting the hours to connect with you again.

How to Flirt IRL

Ready to take your online chemistry to the real world? While flirty chats use words and tone to entice your match, in-person flirting is all about nonverbal communication.

When you and your partner have a date coming up, these are the best tips on how to flirt to enhance the romance:

Lean In

To show your date that you find them charming, simply lean toward them. Attraction is like a magnet. Whether you like their looks, the way they smell, or what they’re saying it’s natural for you to feel physically drawn to the person sitting across from you. So don’t be shy to let your body show the attraction!

Tilt Your Head

If you notice your head tilting to the side when your date’s speaking, it’s a great sign that you find them interesting! Gazing and nodding are the best ways to show the other person that you’re engaged. Just like laughter’s a natural reaction to something funny, these head movements will happen on their own when you and your date connect.

Sincere Compliments

Praising your partner is a sure-fire way to make them feel great about themselves–as long as your compliments are sincere. If you overdo it or seem unauthentic, your strategy will backfire. 

Think about it this way: it’s less about flattery and more about honest appreciation. If you love their outfit, let them know what you like about their sense of fashion. If they have an impressive career, congratulate them on their efforts!


Want to send your date subliminal romantic vibes? For subtle flirting with powerful effects, try mirroring their body language. When they nod, you can move your head up and down in agreement. If they reach for their glass of wine, take a sip of your own. 

The key here is to make your mirroring barely noticeable. While your date shouldn’t realize that it’s happening, their brain will pick up on it and they’ll feel the instant connection. Especially if you combine it with some eye contact.

Make Eye Contact

Speaking of eye contact, you definitely want to use this chance to connect on a deeper level. So, don’t be shy to look their way. And when you do, keep eye contact for a couple of seconds. A flirty look followed by a smile weakens anyone’s knees.

Now that you know HOW to flirt, are you ready to flirt like a pro? Head over to your WYP profile and put your skills to work. You won’t regret making the first move on What’s Your Price.