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Your Passport to Enchantment in a Faraway Land

We all saw The Holiday, right? Two heartbroken heroines fly across an ocean to get away from their woes only to have impossibly delightful gentlemen come knocking on their doors. Two hours and 18 minutes later, everyone’s cheeks hurt from laughing and smiling in their newfound happiness. End scene.

We love a good rom-com (and a shirtless Jude Law) but we also know that dating while living or traveling abroad, or even moving to another city, isn’t always something to write home about — unless you do it right. 

If you’ve been on WhatsYourPrice for a while, you already know how much fun it is to use the platform while you’re traveling. Even if you haven’t, no worries! We know a thing or two about finding excitement away from home or in a new home and making it work. Check out our expert tips for dating while living or traveling abroad, and when moving to another city.


WhatsYourPrice has some tips for dating while living or traveling abroad.

Learn the Language

If you’re heading to a spot that doesn’t speak your native language, check out Duolingo, stat. It doesn’t matter what side of the globe you call home, communication is key in any culture — and relationship. Taking the time to learn more than “please” and “thank you” shows that you aren’t only interested in whomever you may meet, but in their home and culture as well.

Discover the Dating Dos and Don’ts

So, even if you get the language down, it’s still important to know how dating nuances may differ from culture to culture. For example, casual dating isn’t as common in France as it is in the United States. The “more the merrier” concept does not apply, no matter how attractive or successful the options may be. And if you go on a date and kiss while strolling along Pont des Arts? You’re pretty much exclusive. *Note to self* 

Knowing the various “love” languages of your destinations can help you in your journey to finding a true connection. 

Be Honest

WhatsYourPrice.com has always been a place where members aren’t afraid to divulge what they really want in a relationship, and we especially encourage this while living and traveling abroad. 

If you meet someone incredible on your month-long excursion through Italy, it’s important to be upfront about your dating expectations, as well as what you’d like to happen once it’s time to say arrivederci. Do you want to keep the passion alive from afar or just become friends who had that great month together? Even if you’re living abroad long-term, transparency surrounding your desires is a must.

See the Sights with Someone Special

One of the best parts about living and traveling abroad is how many new experiences are just a train ride away. You can get from one country to another in a couple of hours, not days, which makes it the perfect excuse to embark on a romantic getaway with your partner. 

Forget the usual B&Bs that you can do anywhere. Once you decide to elevate your dating life, you can make the getaways you’ve been dreaming about a reality. It’s time to go jet skiing in Jamaica or zip-lining in Costa Rica. Why not, right?


Here are some dating tips when you move to another domestic city.

Leave Baggage Behind

Yes, pun intended. Whether you’re packing up for a different job or better weather, moving to a new place is an opportunity for a fresh start, especially when it comes to dating. Take this chance to look at your new surroundings with sparkling rosé-colored glasses, not the knock-off Michael Kors shades your ex left behind. 

You have a rare chance to start over and become whom you’ve always wanted. We don’t mean to change the amazing person you already are, but to dig into the other sides of yourself that may have been repressed by your clinging to the past.

Experience the Scene

New digs, who dis? As soon as the last box is unpacked, the last shirt is hung in the closet, and the last wine glass is put in the cabinet, it’s time to explore! This is the perfect time to log into WhatsYourPrice.com and find someone to connect with near you. There is no better way to discover all of your new city’s hidden gems and hottest restaurants than with someone who knows them better than Rachel Green knows Bloomingdales.

Get to Know Each Other on a Getaway

Fact: Couples who travel together experience more satisfaction. We probably don’t need to say more, but we will. Even better, there’s no need to flash your passport to experience a luxurious and romantic adventure with your new flame; there are plenty of insta-worthy getaways near you.

If you’re in the U.S., book a stay at the opulent St. Regis in Park City, UT during the Sundance Film Festival where celebs cruise the streets like locals (we may or may not have run into Kevin Bacon at the Festival in 2017, just sayin’). Or jet to Los Angeles and find yourself rubbing sequin-covered elbows with the stars at the Academy Awards. Excitement and luxury are the perfect catalysts for getting to know someone on another level. 

There’s no shortage of events from across the globe that make for unforgettable date getaways, including Running with the Bulls in Spain and the Melbourne Cup. So many possibilities await!


Be Safe

Our members’ safety is our number one priority. We have gone to great lengths to help protect your online dating experience, from utilizing AI designed to fight fraudulent behaviors to blocking scam accounts. 

Whether you are looking for someone with whom to spend your vacation abroad, or for a partner in your new hometown, there are plenty of steps you can take to stay safe when it’s time to meet beyond the screen.

  • Limit Personal Details

Avoid sharing your home or work address, or places you frequent often until you get to know each other better.

  • Do Some Research

You don’t need to go all Magnum P.I., but a little scouring of your date’s social media profiles can go a long way in assuring you that your date is who they claim to be. Tip: it can also provide prime intel for first-date conversation.

  • Video Chat

Take your research a step further by planning a pre-date video meet-up. Not only will this confirm they are just as sexy in person, but it will also help break the proverbial ice before the in-person date. 

  • Talk To Your Friends and Family

Whether they are down the street or in another country, let someone close to you know who you are with and where you are going. Then make sure to share all the juicy details when you’re home.

Dating while living or traveling abroad, or after you’ve moved to another city is exciting, but we can’t expect those dates to come knocking on our door. We aren’t all Cameron Diaz after all. It’s time to log into WhatsYourPrice and start your dating adventure in your new city! Still haven’t joined? Sign up for WhatsYourPrice today!