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Dating with an Open Mind – Searching Beyond a “Type”

Why Giving Someone a Chance Increases the Odds of Getting What You Want

During my first semester of grad school, I created a list of everything that I wanted in a guy. The list was daunting, superficial, and had almost a hundred requirements. Needless to say, I had never met anyone who met all of the indicators on that list. I realized that I was dating different versions of the same guy with a different face: the alpha male, gym rat, finance type. Things weren’t working out for a reason: I wasn’t dating with an open mind.

I was just recycling the same replica of the previous guy. I challenged myself to think differently and approach online dating with a renewed perspective. It was only when I eliminated the expectations that I changed the narrative. I began to have fun and meet new people. 

While perusing the WhatsYourPrice app, you may come across a profile that doesn’t immediately stand out to you, and your reaction is to keep scrolling. But wait! Before you keep searching for other users, take a second look. If you approach dating with an open mind you might find someone that piques your interest that you didn’t initially notice.

Having a strict checklist for potential dates could be holding your love life back. Most of us have an image of the ideal partner in our heads. This image influences who we want to match with before we have a chance to get to know our individual matches for who they are. 

It’s worth examining whether your “type” is really suiting you. Rather than skipping a profile because they don’t initially seem like the kind of person you usually date, keep an open mind. Tell your ego to take a back seat to build more quality connections. When you open yourself to new opportunities, you’re more likely to create meaningful connections with positive outcomes. Sometimes you don’t know what you’re looking for until it finds you.

What dating with an open mind looks like:

1. You’re prepared to communicate with people in fresh, new ways. 

2. You’re open to the realm of possibility. Step out of your comfort zone. Instead of a traditional first date, you might try something more adventurous like salsa dancing or axe throwing.

3. You reevaluate your “must-have” list to identify which items are truly important so that you don’t miss out on an amazing connection. Is it really important to find a guy with an extensive watch collection? Perhaps honesty is more valuable to you.

When you narrow down the parameters of your dating circle, you limit yourself. If you cast a wider net, you might thank yourself later. A dating profile only gives you a snapshot of a person. You’ll only know if it’s a match when you put yourself out there.

WhatsYourPrice members have a variety of personalities, backgrounds, and lifestyles. You could meet a traveling musician, go on a picnic at the local vineyard, or even challenge your date to a go-kart race. Get excited about new experiences! The first date is an opportunity to try something different and have fun. Remove the invisible barriers that are obstructing you from achieving your goal.

Keeping an open mind and taking chances allows you to expand your dating pool of people that you wouldn’t necessarily cross paths with otherwise. Staying open-minded toward new matches can introduce you to things you didn’t even know you wanted in a partner. By rethinking your expectations, you just might find someone who exceeds all of them.

Instead of adhering to a laundry list of requirements, see what someone can bring to the table. They may surprise you with something you weren’t expecting. Remember, you control your dating destiny. By leaving your ego behind, you open yourself to those opportunities.

My advice: throw away the list. It takes the pressure off seeking something unattainable. Focus less on finding someone who will check all your boxes, and more on making meaningful connections. 

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