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The Photos That Will Elevate Your Online Dating Profile

A first impression is a lasting impression—and you only get one! And if you’re looking for love—or dating, a casual fling, someone to spend Friday night with or a person to be on your arm at the company holiday party—online, your profile picture is a big part of that impression.

Sure, they’ll glance over your profile, seeing where you’re from and what your interests are. They might even find something in common—maybe you’re fans of the same NFL team, you’ve both seen the same band 10 times in concert, or each of you definitely nerded out and bought that Baby Yoda figurine.

All of that doesn’t matter, though, if you haven’t passed the first “I’m into this person” test: The profile photo. And while this seems trivial and somewhat silly, so many singles on dating sites don’t realize the importance of this and end up using the latest image in their iPhone or Android photo stream—but one where they look totally hot, of course.

But if you really want to do online dating right—and find someone who is perfectly suited for you—consider upping your photo game. A great WhatsYourPrice profile should include a variety of picture-perfect photos, each of them serving a unique purpose to attract that ideal date you’re looking for. Read on for our pro tips on how to achieve profile perfection!

Ditch the Selfie

When WhatsYourPrice members are scrolling through their profile searches, they’re only seeing one thumbnail-sized photo of you—which is why every single pixel matters. Selfies are unfortunately extremely popular for the main profile photo, but you can do better! If you want to maximize your messages and dates, we absolutely suggest ditching the selfie for a professional headshot.

Not only does a selfie show that you didn’t really put a whole lot of effort into the picture you’re hoping to lure that someone special with, it also distorts the composition of the photo and can make you look … well, not like you. Add in the oft-used baseball cap, sunglasses or duck-face lips and the fun-loving, funny or demure look you’re going for just ends up making you look silly or, even worse, shady.

So, if you’re going to skip the selfie route and have a headshot taken, we have a few suggestions that will enhance the effect of your professionally-shot photo—that’s right, paying for quality by hiring a professional photographer should result in a lot more activity on your WhatsYourPrice profile.

First, consider your background. We suggest going minimal, as you should be the centerpiece of your profile picture—not the botanical garden, baseball stadium or living room behind you. Second, and this should go without saying, look your absolute best! Men should have a freshly groomed face and lightly styled hair. For women, we suggest natural makeup and a hairstyle that complements your facial features. For both: When it comes to your outfit choice, avoid loud or busy patterns and look put-together. And thirdly, find some fabulous natural light, look straight into the camera lens and show off those pearly whites—your smile could be the thing that draws them in!

Show Some Personality

So, they’ve looked at your main profile pic, they’re interested and now they want to see more—what’s next? We recommend highlighting other aspects of you as a person that go beyond the material.

Think about it like this: How impressed are you going to be if all they can talk about is how great you look in photos? Sure, they might have glanced at the profile as previously mentioned, but we live in a visual culture—people want to see you living your life on dating websites and apps! Showing some personality in a photo gives WhatsYourPrice members an idea of what makes you tick, what you fill your free time with, where you like to vacation and the activities you enjoy doing.

In other words, this personality-focused photo is meant to give them something to say to you. Sometimes singles are nervous enough sending the initial messages on dating websites—giving them a starting point, maybe even something they have found in common with you, is a great way to get that conversation started even faster!

Do you enjoy surfing and have some photos of you tearing up the waves? Are you and a number of your friends on a community softball team? Did you travel abroad last summer and couldn’t get enough of the French Riviera’s beauty? Or maybe you’re a diehard Red Sox fan and made it to Fenway Park last season. Wherever your hobbies and interests lie, there is always a snapshot to capture—and it could be the perfect addition to your WhatsYourPrice profile!

Show Off That Body

If you’ve been on dating sites for any period of time, you might have received the “got more pics?” line. And those receiving this question is usually due to the fact that the person inquiring is looking to see more—they want that full-body shot, not the headshot, the selfie or the waist-up party pic with your friends at a bar while on vacation in Mexico.

The full-body photo is a chance to show off your best assets. Do you have six-pack abs? Use that picture from the beach. Does a tank top or polo shirt show off your muscular arms? Go for it! And if a pair of skinny jeans show off all the right things, we say put on those skinny jeans! Whatever you’re wearing in this photo, it should make you feel confident—like you can conquer not only WhatsYourPrice, but the world!

Another reason why adding a full-body photo to your profile is to show you’re authentic. We live in an age where technology is all too easy to manipulate and a number of people have used it to their advantage to present themselves falsely. Have you seen the movie Catfish? People who “catfish” are those who use others’ photos and profile information to create a false and misleading profile. Show that full-body shot to let your potential suitors know you’re not hiding anything.

Captivate Them

One more photo that anyone on a dating app or website should include is one that makes someone smile. Sure, the personality-driven shot might do that, but it also could simply show off that you’re a fan of the Vegas Golden Knights or that you’re extremely passionate about your community garden.

Take the cuteness—even you, gentlemen, a step further. Hell, even a selfie is okay for this one. Show the people you want to message you how you experience joy, show them what makes you a fun person, show them that you’re genuine. Asking this of you is obviously asking you to be somewhat vulnerable—but that’s what you need to do when you’re dating!

So, consider that candid shot of you at your brother’s wedding. Did you take a selfie at your favorite cove at your favorite beach last summer? That’s profile gold. Or maybe someone recently captured you mid-song while karaoking at the dive bar you frequented years ago. Give those online daters something to think “Damn, I should message this person. They look awesome.”

Because really, in the end, who doesn’t want to be awesome? And furthermore, who doesn’t want to be with someone awesome?

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