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Should I Use a Halloween Picture on My Dating Profile?

Believe it or not, “Should I use a Halloween picture on my dating profile?” is a common question; and a surprisingly controversial topic among online daters. Some love the idea of posting their Halloween night photos. Others believe that an online dating profile is no place for Halloween pictures.

Supporters of dating profile pictures featuring Halloween costumes find that it gives matches an honest glimpse of their lifestyle and interests. Critics believe that photos of a wild night out don’t present you in the best light so it’s best to leave your spookalicious pics for social media.

If you’re not sure where you stand on this haunting debate, we’ve rounded up the pros and cons of each argument. With this handy list of advantages and disadvantages, you can decide whether or not you’ll share those hair-raising photos on your WhatsYourPrice profile.

The Pros of Posting Halloween Photos

Is Halloween your favorite holiday of the year? Does the thought of not posting your picture in costume send thrills down your spine? You’re not alone. And these are the reasons why other singles love to post their favorite Halloween pics on their dating profiles:

Halloween Pictures Show Your Creativity

If you started planning your Halloween costume in the summertime, you deserve to show it off for other online singles to see! A super clever or elaborate costume lets potential partners know that you’re witty, fun, and fang-tastic. 

When posting a Halloween photo, use these tips to enhance your picture and make it work for your profile:

  • Make sure the lighting does your costume justice
  • Keep the background simple
  • Add props that bring the whole look together

They Can Attract the Right Kind of Matches

Online dating is all about being authentic. If you show others who you are and let them know what you’re into, you’ll attract matches that are compatible with you. And if you’re really into fantasy and fright, your online dating profile can be the best place to show your spirit.

To make your profile stand out and cast a spell on other Halloween lovers, try these ideas:

  • Post it days or weeks before the big night
  • Swipe right on singles who also have pictures of themselves in costume
  • Let potential matches know that you’re looking for a Halloween date

The Cons of Posting Halloween Photos

Halloween photos are fun and they let everyone know what a great time you had. But for many singles, these pictures belong in your social media accounts — not your dating profile. If you post those photos on Instagram or Facebook, friends and family can comment, like, and share them.

These are some of the reasons your dates might prefer to hear all about your crazy Halloween night, rather than see them on your online dating profile:

You Might Not Look Your Best

You’re wearing your costume, had a couple of drinks, and feel like a rockstar. It’s time to add some Halloween pics to your WYP profile, right? Hmm…How about you review your camera roll the next morning and decide then?

If you’re out on Halloween and feel tempted to post a photo of your night out, here’s what you should keep in mind:

  • Many costumes are unflattering — especially if you’ve already been wearing them for a couple of hours
  • Jason masks, hippie glasses, or clown makeup don’t let potential matches see your face
  • Busy backgrounds or group photos make pictures seem sloppy

They’re Very Seasonal Photos

Halloween pics have a limited window of opportunity. Before October 1st, anything zombie-related feels like you’re jumping the gun. And by November 1st, it’s all about the other holiday season. 

That leaves you with one month to plan a photoshoot with your bestie and get some cool shots of you in costume. Then, you can choose your favorite and use it as a third or fourth picture on your profile. Once the season’s over, replace it with a different photo.

Eek! It’s the day after Halloween and you realized that you missed your chance to post a really great Halloween picture! No need to panic. Here’s what you can do:

  • Save it as a special treat to share on direct messages
  • Post it for one day to take advantage of the post-Halloween excitement, and take it down the following day
  • Use it next year

Got a wicked costume for this year’s Halloween and asking yourself “Should I use a Halloween picture on my dating profile?” Well, whether or not you choose to post it, we’re sure your night will be more fun with a spooktacular date by your side. So, head over to your WYP profile and let the frightening festivities begin!