What Your Beer Choice Says About Your Dating Habits
  • Posted Oct 2, 2013
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It’s a fact that a lot of guys enjoy a cold beer. Especially on a first date. But did you know that beer offers more than just a buzz when it comes to first dates?

Oktoberfest is underway, we polled 4,000 single men and found a relationship between his personality and his beer choice.

How Beer Defines the Dater (According to 4,000 First Dates in September)

“The Manly Man”

Favorite Beer: Guinness

Personality Type: Alpha Male

Percentage Match: 72 Percent


The “Hopeless Romantic”

Favorite Beer: Blue Moon

Personality Type: Romantic

Percentage Match: 57 Percent


The “Party Boy”

Favorite Beer: Bud Light

Personality Type: Social

Percentage Match: 66 Percent


The “Geek”

Favorite Beer: Dos Equis

Personality Type: Nerdy

Percentage Match: 59 Percent


The “Free-Spirit”

Favorite Beer: Corona

Personality Type:  Adventurous

Percentage Match: 54 Percent


The “Conservative”

Favorite Beer: Budweiser

Personality Type: Old-Fashioned

Percentage Match: 47 Percent


The “Jock”

Favorite Beer: Miller Light

Personality Type: Athletic

Percentage Match: 41 Percent


The “Nice Guy”

Favorite Beer: Blue Moon

Personality Type: Nice

Percentage Match: 53 Percent


The “Comedian”

Favorite Beer: Heineken

Personality Type: Cynical

Percentage Match: 51 Percent


The “Hipster”

Favorite Beer: Pabst Blue Ribbon

Personality Type: Trendy

Percentage Match: 86 Percent

Just like how a woman’s fashion choice tells a guy a lot about her personality, so can his type of beer! Consider these findings the next time your date orders a cold one.

How often has your date ordered a beer during a first date?

How do you find these results

6 Responses to “What Your Beer Choice Says About Your Dating Habits”

  1. Angela says:

    All personalities and perspectives are welcome on this blog, while personal attacks and name calling are not. It’s inevitable that there will be disagreements, but let’s handle it as mature adults with class to keep the dialog constructive and respectful. Please refer to the “Blog Etiquette” section for more details. Now comment away and let’s enjoy the blog!

  2. kate says:

    The “Sophisticated Woman You Desperately Yearn For”

    Favorite Beer: Ommegang Seduction

    Personality Type: the unfathomably compassionate intelligent nurturing loving world traveler

    Percentage Match: 98 Percent (because one can never be too sure about absolute perfect 100 percentiles these days!!!)


  3. Don says:

    So am I to consider drinking something other than Becks or Moose Drool? And while some won’t admit it, being a sloppy drunk on date 1 or date 5 million and one is a sure fire way to not hear back from that lady. Needless to say , there’s this DUI item that could create a few issues for BOTH parties concerned. Something to be thought about BEFORE ordering drinks. One drink/beer or five. The result is the same. But over all I thought this whole thing was pigeon holing men.

  4. Tomtom says:

    There are a few thousands beer in the world and here it is reduced to a handful.
    That is bogus.

    For a few of these beers I would say somebody is showing no taste or no understanding of beer or he is weak.

    What here is promoted are industrial beers. The best thing before writing such articles is to taste beers.

  5. Mana says:

    I guess that makes me a manly man, then.

    I really am my dad’s daughter.

  6. DarkHorseSD says:

    Wow. Each of the personality traits that I have has a beer I’ve ordered associated with it.

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