What Your Beer Choice Says About Your Dating Habits
  • Posted Oct 2, 2013
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It’s a fact that a lot of guys enjoy a cold beer. Especially on a first date. But did you know that beer offers more than just a buzz when it comes to first dates?

Oktoberfest is underway, we polled 4,000 single men and found a relationship between his personality and his beer choice.

How Beer Defines the Dater (According to 4,000 First Dates in September)

“The Manly Man”

Favorite Beer: Guinness

Personality Type: Alpha Male

Percentage Match: 72 Percent


The “Hopeless Romantic”

Favorite Beer: Blue Moon

Personality Type: Romantic

Percentage Match: 57 Percent


The “Party Boy”

Favorite Beer: Bud Light

Personality Type: Social

Percentage Match: 66 Percent


The “Geek”

Favorite Beer: Dos Equis

Personality Type: Nerdy

Percentage Match: 59 Percent


The “Free-Spirit”

Favorite Beer: Corona

Personality Type:  Adventurous

Percentage Match: 54 Percent


The “Conservative”

Favorite Beer: Budweiser

Personality Type: Old-Fashioned

Percentage Match: 47 Percent


The “Jock”

Favorite Beer: Miller Light

Personality Type: Athletic

Percentage Match: 41 Percent


The “Nice Guy”

Favorite Beer: Blue Moon

Personality Type: Nice

Percentage Match: 53 Percent


The “Comedian”

Favorite Beer: Heineken

Personality Type: Cynical

Percentage Match: 51 Percent


The “Hipster”

Favorite Beer: Pabst Blue Ribbon

Personality Type: Trendy

Percentage Match: 86 Percent

Just like how a woman’s fashion choice tells a guy a lot about her personality, so can his type of beer! Consider these findings the next time your date orders a cold one.

How often has your date ordered a beer during a first date?

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