How to Deal with Dating Disputes?
  • Posted Jan 4, 2012
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Happy New Year everyone!  It’s finally 2012, and this promises to be a special and exciting year for Love and Romance.  For those of you who subscribe to the “end of the world” prophecies surrounding the end of the Mayan calendar on December 21, 2012, this must be a truly special year for you.  I mean, if the world as we know it is in fact ending, wouldn’t you rather face the end with someone special by your side than to face it all alone?


For those of us at the headquarters, 2012 promises to be an exciting year as well.  Fortunately, none of us here believe the world will actually end this year.  For this reason, we are working hard to introduce new features to make the website even more fun to use.  Also, expect to be featured more prominently in the news this year … on Monday January 9th, the Anderson Cooper show will be featuring a episode that is all about  Here is the preview:

One thing I hope everyone will have less of this year are disputes and disagreements.   Disputes and disagreements may happen in any aspects of our lives, from business partnerships to inter-personal relationships, and even on  Earlier this month, I was asked to be an expert witness on the Swift Justice show about a court case between a sugar daddy and two of his ex-sugar babies whom he met on our sister-website  In this case, the relationship did not work out, and in revenge the two sugar babies vandalized the sugar daddy’s car.   Judge Jackie Glass, the same Las Vegas judge who sent O.J. Simpson to prison, presided over the case.

I am obviously not happy about this episode of Swift Justice for many reasons.  First, I do not think the sugar daddy or the two sugar babies are a good representation of what being a sugar daddy or sugar baby is all about.  Second, while there are many things wrong with the relationship the sugar daddy and the two sugar babies have, I completely disagree with the outcome of the case.

No matter how a Judge may feel about “sugar relationships”, he or she is required to judge the case in an unbiased manner based on the facts of the case.   And while the sugar daddy member did do many things that were “questionable” or over-reaching (such as writing a letter to the parents of the sugar babies), based entirely on the facts alone he should have won the case.  The two girls did after-all admit to vandalizing his car because they wanted revenge.

Disputes between members who meet on are quite different in nature.  They will likely not involve the types of drama we see in the case above, but it does usually involve money and a broken promise.  While most members who use our website understand the rules that we have set forth, judging from some of the questions we receive, there are still a minority of those who are looking to take advantage of others.

The most frequently asked question is:  What if a Generous member refuses to pay the agreed upon amount?

Here is the answer from our FAQ page:

An agreement made on our website is a binding contract between two people. If the Generous member does not pay the agreed amount after meeting on a first date, then the Generous member may be held accountable. If you are an Attractive member, please collect all information and proof that you did in fact go on a first date with the Generous member who has violated this agreement. We suggest you file the case with a small claims court (civil court). While the website cannot be responsible for an agreement made between two people, the agreement made on our website between two members may be used as proof of an agreement in court.

And the second most frequently asked question is: What if someone accepts my offer, but the first date never happens?

The answer to this question can also be found on our FAQ page:

The agreement you made via our website is for the Generous Member to compensate the Attractive Member only if both meet on a first date. If the first date does not take place (no matter what the reasons may be), then the Generous member is not obligated to pay the Attractive member and the Attractive member should not expect to receive the agreed upon payment.

Update (January 7, 2012):  After posting this blog a few days ago, I heard from a few generous members that they have been to dates whereby the attractive member looks nothing like her picture.   So the third question is:  What if the attractive member who shows up looks nothing like his/her picture, do you still have to pay?

If the attractive member who shows up on the date looks nothing like the person on the profile, it is equivalent to false marketing.  In such a case, politely explain that he/she looks nothing like his/her profile pictures, then politely leave without paying.  At your earliest opportunity, report his/her profile to the website so we can take the appropriate action.  Do not stay for the date for even 1 second or you may be obligated to pay as agreed.  However, if you like the person even though he/she looks different than his/her picture, and you choose to stay for the date, then you are obligated to pay. 

So if you have a dispute and choose to take your dispute to a civil court, you can always ask for a copy of the agreement made via our website.  This can in fact serve as proof of a binding agreement.

However, if you wish to take a more public forum, you may want to consider submitting your dispute online to Swift Justice, Judge Judy or Judge Joe Brown.  Just remember, that while a real Judge in a civil courtroom has to rule by the law, a Judge on a television show may not be subjected to the same stringent requirements and may (as the case above show) rule based on his or her personal beliefs.

What is your suggestion on dealing with the member who doesn’t do as he/she promise?

Have you ever experienced a dispute or disagreement on a First Date?

If you have a disagreement, would you ever consider going on National TV show to settle your dispute? 

258 Responses to “How to Deal with Dating Disputes?”

  1. queen says:

    I am at a cross roads with this as well. I went on a date and was not paid and was also man handled and had my top pulled down and his mouth on my breasts as I kept telling him no. I feel violated in so many ways and humiliated for meeting a stranger online from this site. I do not know what to do at this point. I am very upset and angry over it. He said I would have to meet him again in order to get paid. This is not going to happen . I do think he should have to pay up at least and should be removed from the site for not paying attention to when a girl says no. I was thinking he would man up and pay pal the money or something but instead he has just been avoiding the payment.

    • Leslie says:

      I kind of had a similar experience. Fortunately, I was not man handled and the guy was decent except for getting to close to me at times, where I chose to just move away. But he did “forget” to pay me, and told me that he would have the money on our second date. So basically he tricked me into going on a second date with him, which of course I never did because he was already a bit creepy.

    • humanbeing says:

      <3 Queen, I hear you. Unfortunately, almost every woman has been there at some point in life. I had a date grab my boob in a restaurant. Full on. Then he left without paying the bill. He was lucky we were in the restaurant or he may have lost an ear in my fight or flight response to his cavemannerisms.

      Because there were other people around I just did a clumsy arm block and sat down again, not wanting to walk out with him or make a scene. When I confronted him in email later, his response "I sat in my car and cried". No apology, and it took a year of emailing him randomly reminding him he hadn't followed through or paid for dinner.

      A little self defense goes far when you weigh a hundred pounds. It's a bit of a crappy solution but far more empowering than shutting off and shutting down to real men. They're out there, if you can wade through the other 98 out of a hundred. When you find the genuine humans you'll wonder why you ever felt like you needed self defense training at all.

    • Linda says:

      That is assault and nobody should be treated like that.

    • SillyMe says:

      Assault? I’d call that attempted rape! Anyone who jerks your top down, and then starts putting his mouth on my breasts is going to get a knee to the groin, and a set of handcuffs after I call 911! Screw the money! (pardon the pun – unintended!)

    • CurvyNerdy says:

      That amounts to sexual assault and I hope you call the police. No matter how you met, or what the terms of the agreement, you NEVER agreed to be sexually assaulted. No one has the right to violate your body.

    • Naman Young says:

      take him to small claims or limited civil claims, where a day of paperwork will get a judgment of up to 25k for you in most jurisdictions. Next, report any unwanted touching to the police. That is battery, assault, and sexual battery. If he wishes to spend 10 years in prison, that is ok with me – but the report or threat (even if you drop the complaint or report later) will have him pay you for your date and hopefully more to make up for his emotional distress you suffered.

  2. chris says:

    That guy should be banned asap for that!

  3. Fran says:

    Wow Queen… I am so sorry for your experience. Yes, WYP needs to look into this matter very seriously. I don’t care how much money he gives to the company, that should not be tolerated.

    But to answer the original question, I have not been on a date yet (although I have had some offers) but I don’t think I would ever end up in a huge dispute over it. I intentionally prefer lower offers ($100) because 1) I don’t want to be the offer so high that there are “expectations”. I know there are not supposed to be regardless but let’s face it… Many people want more than dinner and a movie for $200-300. And 2) I want the number low enough I can walk away without caring. I know you’re supposed to get half upfront but I know it doesn’t always happen. I have also read that some people stiff you or hold you hostage for a 5 hour date and won’t pay until the end. $100 (or $50 if they paid half) is not enough to keep me somewhere I don’t want to be. I would rather drive away empty handed than feel uncomfortable or unsafe.

  4. queen says:

    Fran, it was a low offer of 150.00! He kept me very busy talking. I think it was a total set up. I wanted to go to a place near me yet he insisted I go to the place near him . I had him pick me up because it was such a long drive back and forth . After the meal he asked if I wanted to go to his place. I said no, take me home. He pulled into the parking garage of his place anyway ! RUDE ON SO MANY LEVELS ! To not get paid is just the topper !

    • gigi says:

      I feel like I had the identical thing happen in a 150$ date! Same groping and trying to hook up sexually and then not paying. I informed wyp admins of this twice but the pig is still on the site so I cancelled my membership.

  5. Bobby the K says:

    Well, someone did not even answer after unlocking communication with me. I asked customer support if I could get a refund and use it on someone else and here is what they wrote:

    “Unfortunately I cannot give those credits back. There are only two ways in which credits may be returned:
    (1) If our system deletes a member who is determined to be a fraudulent account (e.g. Nigerian). The system automatically issues a refund on those instances.
    (2) If you purchase the 1000 credit / $250 package. Per our guarantee, if you don’t get to go out on the specified number of dates, we will issue you another 1000 credits.
    However, our system works just like any other online dating system. There is no way to guarantee a response to everyone you write to. For this reason, credits spent to unlock communications cannot be refunded on an individual basis.”

    I agree other dating sites do not give you a refund if someone does not respond to your request for a date, but they should notify the woman who is thinking about opening communication with a large pop up that says, “Please do not open communication unless you are serious about dating this person. It costs the generous male money (at least $10) when you open communication.”

    What do you think? Isn’t that fair?

    You could have a attractive female opening as many communications as she wants without answering. Even if she is penalized, how is that fair to the first guy who was defrauded?

    • Europe says:

      This answer is not right. It depends on the countries where the users are registered. In the EEA you have to refund if the user wants it and he has not give any reasons.
      And you make it to easy for you.

      It is a little strange philosophy. With acception an offer a contract is agreed. Really? What is agreed – Two people will meet for a fixed sum. Well, this is not really a contract. It is not agreed what kind of date, where to date, when to date.
      So if a date is not possible. E.g. he is only availbale within the week and she only on weekends. WYP gets the money to starting the communication. At this point WYP is part of the business and responsible.

      And if I look around a lot of customers are outside the USA and so the agreements based on different bases.

    • Linda says:

      Bobby, I have responded to all requests sent to me, calling everyone that sends a number or letting that person know I am available and ready to meet for drinks or what have you. Many offers were large and still only a small number of people get back to me. I think it’s strange when so much time passes with my invites, and I might get a “how r u” or “wassup” even from some doctors or lawyers. I am usually home alone most nights because I don’t go out, so here I am. Where are you, and why do you fret over $10? I want to go out tonight. Why are you whining?

    • Truth 1 says:

      The site is flawed in that way the girls that do that work for the site so the site can make as much money as possible, Also what about the girls that post pictures that are 6 years and 75 pounds ago??? should I have to pay for that date???

  6. Bobby the K says:

    Boy Queen, I just read your post. That’s horrible. Creeps like that are the biggest cowards. What a fricking coward! How can anyone even show their face after doing something like that. That is infuriating. It makes things bad for the rest of us. If you have a lawyer friend, you should ask if there’s something you can do, just to scare the hell out of the guy. That guy should be put in jail for a few days. What creep!

  7. queen says:

    He is a spoiled rich kid who says on his profile he always gets what he wants ! By force no doubt ! he kept talking a mile a minute so I never had the opening to ask for payment and its always an awkward moment when you do. I would think they need rules on the payment and tell a guy to pay right away. Not half upfront either. That is so awkward as well because you then have to remind them about the rest of the payment. I am so tired of asking for the money !!!! I should be paid double or more for having my top yanked down and a nasty slobber tongue forced on me ! I was afraid to yell in a mean voice because I thought I might get punched or raped. I just did the laughing no, no, stop it and pushing his big head away from me! No still means no . I am only 5’2 and 100 pounds. His profile claims 6 foot. I wish he would have just taken me home like I asked and not be a bully in life.

  8. queen says:

    From now on I have to get 500.00 to meet a stranger online so that if he gives me just 250 upfront then I am happy !

  9. goddess says:

    I would let other girls know in your area that this happened so it doesnt happen to them..and also have him removed from this site asap! So sorry that happened to you 🙁

  10. Lore says:

    Wow queen that is awful! But hun always meet a person in a public place, and have your car, if he doesn’t want to come to you or a reasonable distance I would seriously pass. A gentleman, will accommodate the lady. If he isn’t willing to do that, then he is not worth knowing. PLEASE be careful!!!

  11. Lore says:

    For the record I have lost count of how many guys accept a date with me, then nothing. I have even put on my profile don’t make an offer if your not willing to follow thru, and explained that it will cost them to unlock communication…but it still happens grrr… I also had 2 people not pay after the date. It’s so much better if a guy just volunteers the money at the beginning of the date, and get it out of the way. I was asking for it at the beginning but then the guy thinks your there just for the money, so I have backed off of that approach. I have started dating one of the guys from this site, so just seeing where it’s gonna go.

  12. Alan says:

    Well I just had to comment. I am pretty new on this site and have just met 5 young ladies. 4 of them were very nice the other one, well I won’t comment.

    I read these comments and realized how hard the idiots make it for the rest of us who are really interested in meeting nice people that we would not have been able to meet were it not for this site. I always give my date a nice card that I try to pick out based on our conversations and put the agreed upon fee in it. I give it to her first off. If she really does not want to stay then why would I force her to? She knows what I look like before we meet so there are not any surprises. I have had a wonderful time with the women I have met.

    I have to say though that although I can afford a $500 fee I would never pay that and have no interest in meeting someone who expects that amount. To me it means that they are really not interested in me, just the money, and as I am not in this for a one time date that amount just won’t happen.

    To the nice women out there please know that there are nice guys out there too. We are not all assholes who think with their dicks.

    Also meeting at a public place the first time is just common sense, for the man and the women. Its not like we know the people we are meeting for the first time. That way both parties can get away of the date goes bad and not have an experience like Queen had.

    Note that that one bad date informed me that I had to pay for the second date as well. I did as I did not know any better. Well now I know and there are bad people on both sides of the site, you just have to use good judgment. Oh and I know that texting is the way these days to communicate. But if you actually talk to someone you might get a better feel for who they are before you meet.

    That Judge was awful and ruled based on her feelings not on the law. I guess it makes for good TV. If she did that in a real court it would have been appealed and the outcome would have been different. At least thats what I think.

    • humanbeing says:

      You’re able to get dates because you’re a genuine human being. Thoughtfulness only costs a little time and attention, and it’s priceless.

      Take a note gentleman and ladies.

  13. chris says:

    Guys need to pay as soon as the girl shows and the full amount.

  14. chris says:

    If a girl does not even know you then of course shes in it for money. You need a reality check guys. This site is about dating out of ones league. Pretty girls who might pass you by yet you wanna be cheap?

    • Kitty says:

      So how exactly does work… it’s not like they “know you” and they’re also not getting compensated for their time and “prep” -__-

  15. queen says:

    I have also had problems with guys who want to walk me to the car after meeting in a public place, so it would be best to use valet to avoid a situation. They could also follow you home. I am not sure how to avoid every issue yet without being paranoid !!! Some of these guys I liked, but the last ditch effort to get laid SPOILED IT !

  16. queen says:

    I had another date and it was great. Lasted 4 hours. He gave me 250.00 plus a card , candy and a stuffed animal. He was very sweet and asked me out again. I said yes of course!

  17. Rob says:


    I have always considered it gentlemanly to walk a girl to her car. But listening to you, it sounds like I may be inadvertently putting the girl in an awkward situation (which is not my intent).

    I am a bit old fashioned, with old fashioned manners… if a girl needs to walk somewhere, walking with her is the considerate thing to do… especially after dark. It is the same set of manners that tell me the guy ought to pay for the date, open the doors, and cater to her comfort. It’s just simple manners and etiquette.

    What is your advice to the guy on this issue?

  18. Brandon Wade says:


    If anyone commits a crime, report it to law enforcement immediately. Please send me an email with the profile username of this individual you speak of so we can take action on our end. But again, my advice is if someone doesn’t give half of the agreed amount up front, that is a red flag, and you should politely leave.

    brandon (at)

    PS: Please email me his username, or report him on the website. This blog is not the venue to be posting anyone’s username or in airing your complaints. Thank you!

  19. chris says:

    Do not sweep this under the rug brandon. She already posted his info yet you removed it and now asking for the info again. sounds like you just want positive stories told.

    • humanbeing says:

      It’s also about protocol. Conversations about experiences are different than posting user info on a forum. Even if it’s true information, it’s reactive, not proactive. And we’ grown ups ’round here.

  20. Miss Dior Dandridge says:

    * spin * spin * spin *

  21. queen says:

    I emailed the info.

  22. Mike Quigley says:

    Everyone should follow these three basic steps;

    1) First date meet seperately at a public place

    2) Discuss your life in genral terms and ask about theirs.

    3) Look into their eyes and notice their body motions if they are lying they will not look at you and they will have nervous body motions.

    4) listen to them are their any gaps in their story treat it like a job interview but be cordial and friendly.

    5) Expect to be treated with common curtesy and respect. If they act vulgar ie I am just looking for a Fbuddy just change the topic to general conversation to movies etc and end the date with a thank you at an appropriate time.

    The USA is a big country and diverse country. Appropriate behavior insituations is much different in LA or Vegas than it is in Charleston or Nashville. So if you travel there is an old saying “when in Rome do as the Romans do”

  23. Brandon Wade says:


    This is not the appropriate forum for posting he said / she said complaints. We have a process setup for that.

    Think about it this way, assuming for some reason, you pissed off someone on the date, and she decided to write about you on a public forum such as this blog, listing your username, and your full-name. How would you feel about being judged as guilty without any trial? (This actually happened to me once!)

    If there is an illegal act done, report it to law enforcement, and let’s put the person behind bars. Our website will gladly cooperate with law enforcement to do so.

    If someone isn’t following the rules of the website, there is also a process to report the user. When a person gets more than one independent complaint, be assured my staff will boot them off.

    The purpose for this blog is for people to share ideas, tips, and ways to make the dating experience better for everyone in the community.

    I will certainly not sweep anything under the rug, because anything swept under the rugs will eventually come back to haunt us all.


    • gigi says:

      Hi Brandon, why is one independent complaint not enough? The guy didn’t pay like he was supposed to and assaulted one of your members. The same thing happened to me and I reported it twice yet the pig is still on your website. Why are their “credits” more important to you than the safety of the women using your site? I also had a similar experience and when I got home I felt sick to my stomach and cried all night because of how horrible it felt to get used and abused like that. When I reported the incident to your admins twice and nothing was done, I felt violated all over again, not to mention the guy I went on the date with followed up with abusive texts and completely misrepresented himself and his job. Awful.

  24. chris says:

    The topic here is about disputes per the video posted.

  25. Rob says:

    @chris lol, determined to be argumentative, aren’t ya…

    sure, the topic is handling disputes in general. However, specific allegations involving specific people, all of whom have a reasonable expectation of privacy, are not best handled in a public forum… especially if you don’t have everyone’s consent.

    Brandon is exactly right.

  26. Lore says:


    What exactly IS the process to report someone? I’ve had guys only willing to go thru a date IF they got sex. Of course I didn’t. And I watched Anderson Cooper you made a point of saying that this violates the terms, and let’s face it as the owner of the website you don’t want to be involved with anything illegal, and you made a big point about how you would delete their account. BUT when looking at your site and under FAQ’s you say nothing about how to report someone for this, or any mention on discouraging this behavior, action speaks louder than words, so what kind of message do you think your really sending? I would think as a business man you would want to discourage particular behavior and have a no tolerance policy, so as not to bring negative attention to the website, such as an attack, rape etc. What Queen described above sounds pretty scary, and I bet Queen isn’t the only one that has had an experience like this.

  27. Shari says:

    Wow, just reading your comments ummm totally scares the hell out of me. I don’t think this dating site is the right site for me!!

  28. Bobby the K says:


    It’s actually a very good dating site. It’s very effective. I think it’s fairly new, but just needs some wrinkles ironed out.

    I agree with Lore. There should be ways to scare away the creeps from this site and show there’s no tolerance.

  29. NHB says:

    Queen (actually everyone) –

    You should NEVER have someone pick you up or pick them up on the first date. Always meet in a mutually convenient public place. Anyone who insists otherwise is sending you a red flag. Additionally, a you should ALWAYS tell someone exactly where you are going, and have an agreed upon check in time (even if it means sending a text from the bathroom!). Be smart, be safe.

    I’m truly sorry if this really happened to you, but I agree with Brandon that you should contact the organization directly to discuss.

  30. Wil says:

    I just watched the episode on Anderson. For the life of me I cannot believe that a women is that desperate to get a date. What & who holds the cards to why a woman thinks that she has to make money off a date. If I were to put myself up for auction would you bid on me.I tell you if that was to occur, I would never expect a women to pay for a date. On dating sites which I have been for years. I find that you are forcing fate. I have not read the profile of the woman that was the focus on the show. Based on the way she presented herself & her appearance,I can understand why she has to resort to this type of dating & she has not found prince charming. Myself, Physical attraction & what is inside is what really counts. In a lot of cases I really believe that some people like to fill their personal shopping list of attributes found in a story book some where. I’m not into serial daters myself & I believe that this site offensive & means for people to line their pockets & take advantage of vulnerable situation. What ever happened to courting towards a real relationship. 1st impressions on a date in a lot of cases here could be a costly endeavour.

  31. queen says:

    plus guys, do not walk girls to the cars for a last ditch effort to fondle or say the money is in your car so hop in to get it from glove compartment. I was going to tell one guy to go get it from his car before we started dinner but I was afraid he would peel out on me. I am even afraid when I go to the bathroom he will run off without paying. So much shady stuff goes down.

  32. queen says:

    if a girl shows up and shes hot ….the least you can do is pay the girl right away ! We are dating for the money to start with as you all are looking for the beauty of the date. Neither of us know each other and I am much happier to be social if the payment is out of the way . If the girl is ugly / fat then that is a different story. This guy was happy, so happy in fact that he wanted to take it to the next level. I did learn a lesson. He seemed nice and comes from a good area. He had a very nice place. We would have been a good match had he not wanted the one night stand thing. I am not on here for one night stands / free test drives. I think I might leave the site soon because the drama kings are just to much .

  33. Lore says:

    Queen you went to his place? Gurl ya gotta be careful. And I would like to add one more thing on top of meeting in a public place and this crossed my mind on only one date where the guy really creeped me out, but I had to use the restroom and my gut told me to not leave my drink but to finish it before going. I ALWAYS listen to my gut. Needless to say, I didn’t see him again but I think us girls need to be very hyperviligent when on a date, and take every precaution especially when we get a bad feeling.

  34. chris says:

    She asked him to take her home but he took her to his place instead.

  35. queen says:

    I had him pick me up because he refused to meet me near my place. I have had many no shows on the site and did not want to drive an hour each way total of two hours for nothing. My cell phone was broken at the time and he said he would take me to the phone store to buy a new one or fix mine. We did go to the store but they could not fix it and he did not buy me one after all. I wanted to cancel the date because I did not have a working cell phone and he told me he would be the white knight. He had little regard for my feelings and just breezed over the cell phone issue. We then went to dinner and I had a glass of wine. I asked him to to take me home because I was tipsy. He said, no you are not, lets go to my place. My profile even says I do not go to a mans place. We drove for a bit and he pulls up into his parking garage anyway. I asked him why do I need to see your place, I am good. I do not need to see his personal pad. He insisted I just go in. I have no cell phone, I am in a garage. I did not want to be a baby and just sit in the car. I went in. At the end of the day. It does not matter what I wore or how things went down. What matters is I asked to be taken home and I should have been. None of this would have happened if he just did what I asked.

  36. Mike Quigley says:

    Just me I always pay up front. I find it to uncomfortable just to say at the end of the date “I am not giving the balance to you because……”. It might turn into the seen. For me it is better to chalk it off to experience and never date her again. The $100 or less is simply not worth it for me.

  37. chris says:

    I think the half upfront thing is silly and just makes for more drama. the girl showed up so why get half? From a guys point he might think the other half must be for the sex part. The name of the site could be the confusion. Perhaps why some girls are not getting paid is because the man thought it was for sex.

  38. chris says:

    I think the mens profiles should have a way to turn it in that says he did not pay or tried to get sexual first date. That would be a clear option other than ones listed right now. I only see the option of spammer or scammer.

  39. NuHeart says:

    What happened to Queen is despicable.. No means No, whatever the situation was.

    The rules here are set up to protect the females, but twice now, I’ve unlocked communication only to get dumped before the date. One didn’t ever respond..I’m sure there’s a way to check messages that are never responded to.. I get it if there’s no connection initially, but what a waste if the Female doesn’t even reply..

  40. Kemp says:

    Theres a three tier problem with this site..

    1 over a certain amount I think most men expect ” something ” there’s no way to ateast hint or determine that in advance..

    2 there are pros on here, setting up clients, if that’s the case, ther should also be a flirt that includes some manner of ” expectations ” before a offer is sent or requested

    3 there are girls accepting offers to just milk down a mans account, and like on Ashley Madison I suspect possible insider activity…

    There should be a way to include some sort of expectations with your offer, such as ” dinner ” movie ” ” possibly more ” etc etc.. I don’t know if a girl is accepting offers to ” date ” ” to have a night on the town ” ” or there assuming I want sex “

  41. queen says:

    Making a low offer then expecting sex is crazy !

  42. chris says:

    Sometimes after a few emails with a person you just do not want to meet after all.

  43. Kemp says:

    Queen , I’m very sorry for what happened to you… But if your ( now ) asking 500… I’d say 99 percent of men would expect sex for that….

  44. Kemp says:

    I’ll gladly pay 100 for a nice dinner, and drinks full evening date… But I wouldn’t pay twice , well I’d pay but during the first date, expectations and attraction would be the determining factor for date 2… That’s just me though I tend to be honest …

  45. Bobby the K says:

    I think the pay half up front and pay the rest later is the correct thing to do for the guys. I went on a date and I stipulated no cell phone during the date. The woman kept texting her friends and checking her messages in the middle of conversation, which was extremely rude. She was also arrogant as hell. I asked her if she read my profile and she said she had, so she put away the cell phone. After 15 minutes she pulled it out again. She didn’t even dress for the date and was an hour late.

    Now that I’ve had the experience, I’ll make it clear to the woman I am not paying the second half if they are rude and inconsiderate.

    I’m sorry ladies, but just as there are creeps on this site, there also weak wenches. Although I think and hope the general make up are honest and civil people. Both men and women need some leverage and I think the pay half up front is the only way for both parties to have leverage. And if the guy is a rude jerk, get the first half of your money, excuse yourself to the bathroom, maybe accidentally knock a drink or fettucini alfredo over onto his pants, say you’re extremely sorry and leave. Maybe that’s extreme, but be up front, explain he’s extremely rude, and leave early.

    Are there really that many cowardly creeps out there?!! Geez!

  46. Mike Quigley says:

    $200 is the max any man should be paying Any more the guy really expects something more than a nice meal and conversation for a couple of hours. Any woman who accepts more should expect to be pressured by the date for something more. If you want to put up with that pressure fine.

  47. Bobby the K says:

    Boy, advertising works! A lot of new faces.

  48. chris says:

    The creep who was pushy offered 150 and did not even pay it.

  49. queen says:

    Strange thing is the guys who offer 100-150 are the guys wanting the sex. I get the feeling it is just the cheaper guys who want more and go back and forth on the price and even ask for change back if they are over paying by $10.00 !
    I have had a couple of 1,000 and 500.00 dates and they had total class.

  50. BruinGirl says:

    There are other dating sites that allow users to post comments on profiles of others users that they have met and if there is a negative comment that has been removed it will state, “this post has been remooved by the user.” But the person that posted the deleted comment profile pic will still remain and therefore you are able to contact that person and ask questions what happened on their date. I think there should be a way prior users can post on profiles of those people that we need to be weary of.

  51. queen says:

    That guy called me yesterday about sending me my gift card. I told him what salon I go to and he bought one from another salon I do not even go to. I asked for a gift card that would be emailed to me because I did not want to meet him again. I am not sure why he just does not listen at all to what I want to do. It is now 11 days after the date.

  52. queen says:

    I had guys do the same thing on a date, text the whole time and say they are still working !

    I think cyber dating is a hot mess. Guys lie all the time, yet they get pissy if a girl does. I give cyber guys a fake first name so when they call I know what it is about right away. they lie about how tall or rich they are, that they are not married .

  53. queen says:

    I had a friend of mine join this site and all her dates are VERY short ! Mine are lasting 4-6 hours !

  54. Kemp says:

    @ queen… If guys are really (( and I seriously doubt it )) paying you 500-1000 for 5 hour date, then there’s far more idiot men on this site than I first estimated….I don’t think this site was set up like an escort service, but IRS becoming like that … I geniuenly thought this site would sort of sort out the mudlle of some dating sites… There needs to be more icons, or when you make an offer there should be some way to say what your offer is for.. ” dinner ” ” drinks ” ” see where it goes ” etc etc… Seams like pros and hoes are starting to dominate this site (( not that queen is one ))

  55. Kemp says:

    Or at the least you should be able to set time and date when you send request.. And the rejections are to vague.. ” need pics ” ” busy that day ” etc etc

  56. Lore says:

    I think the site is what you make of it, I have had some very nice dates, and then I get the jerks, and I think the amount it is offered would depend on the income of the guy, if he is a multi-millionaire then $1000 would be like $100 to someone else. If your looking for something specific then make sure that is clear in your profile as well as what you don’t want.

  57. Bobby the K says:


    Excellent thought. If someone has a bunch of deleted remarks, you know there’s something wrong with them, and you could see if the previous date they have has a bunch of deleted remarks, so you could identify if it’s going both ways. Maybe put buttons also with the remarks like courteous, honest in payment, real gentleman, creeper, gold digger, expected sex on the first date, power hungry tease. Just kidding. But great thought.

  58. SilverMoney says:

    So our serial dater Queen had a bad run in, sorry to hear it happened to you and I hope you will press charges on that guy for sexual assault if he really did those things you claimed he did…you owe it to the other women out there to stick it to that guy before he does that to someone else. Hope your 1,000 and 500 dollar dates keep working out for you…and yeah if a woman is going to expect over 200 for a first date most guys I would think would expect something then just a good bye at the end of the night, but then you won’t see me spending that much for a first date, after all if the woman really has some interest in you you ought to be able to make a much more reasonable offer. Most of my accepted dates are at under $100, and these are some gorgeous women, so when some girl who looks like she is an escort looking for an easy mark hits me with a 200 or higher date offer I just look at the hot women who accepted my $60 offers and laugh at miss thang…

  59. Blue says:

    Why are people still arguing about how much is appropriate for a date as if there should be some across the board standard for everyone?

    No matter what number you come up with it’s still just your opinion based on someone you have not met. The name of the site is based on answering one very simple personal question. What’s YOUR Price? Not anyone else’s.

    I hate to break it to some of the guys, but no I’m not interested in you. I’ve dated enough very successful, hot guys who are complete gentlemen in my time. I don’t expect to meet them here. That’s exactly why I require payment. If I was interested in you, it would be free. Stop pressuring the girls, who are probably half your age, and twice as beautiful as you, to feel like they have to like you or be into you to collect their money. They may actually end up liking you and a whole lot more if you are generous and cool about it rather than coming on here like you are some sex God or something. Unless you are a model, actor or famous for playing sports and have women flocking all over you, than admit it, you are here because you have money and you want to use that as leverage over those guys with 6 pack abs doing Calvin Klein ads who are these women have for personal trainers and yoga instructors.

    If you want dinner with me and a chance to impress me you have a chance because you met my price. Not someone else’s arbitrary opinion of what I should take to date you because chances are I really do not want to date you. So stop being such a stick in the mud, man up, join the site and have fun with for crying out loud!

  60. angelastar says:

    very frustrating when men on this site state they are willing to travel yet i show an interest in them and send them a wink and i get a reject from them with them stating that i am to far from them, if they only want to date someone close to them then they should change their profile to say they only date locally in their area, instead of them stating they travel a lot or are willing to travel as thats deceptive i think, i also think you should give more options so that when a man rejects someones wink they can explain themselves better, and they should definently not be allowed to put that they travel when they are lying and obviously they arent willing to travel a few men on here even put their usernames as travels a lot yet they arent willing to travel !!!, pretty frustrating i show an interest in them and thats what i get back from them they state that i am to far from them, one man said i was to far from him yet he only lived 20 minutes from me lol, now that was just insane to state i was to far from him LOL. did he even see where i lived i dont think he even looked at my profile. And those men i normally wouldnt have even showed an interest in had i probably seen them in public but on here i am willing to show some extra interest to widen my views giving men a chance to show me they are real gentlemen on here. And lately the offers ive been getting are so low and unbelievable that they are sending me such cheap offers that its stunning to me they think i not worth more. Jeez i was a feature model for a very popular mens magazine and used to travel the country autographing my photos and doing features shows around the country. Yet men want to judge me on a few photos ive put on the site just amazing, as a photo on here doesnt even do me justice on what i look like in person. I am a very sweet, kind woman and very caring and understanding and enjoy pleasing a man, and i make a huge point to make a man truly happy during the date but i do expect to be treated with respect i am a lady not just a woman if you know what i mean. I will treat a man with total respect but only if he treats me same way. so please men if you state in your profile that your willing to travel then actually be willing to travel or please change your profile. Please be honest I am totally honest on my profile and on my pictures i even made sure my photos have been dated by my camera so they know that my photos are recent real photos of myself.

    • humanbeing says:

      I think it’s just a way to look at women’s private pictures. I mean, why wink unless you just want a peak at private photos (hoping to see boobies??) and then they’re not “stuck” with an offer they didn’t intend to make in the first place. Free entertainment they get to trick out of the unsuspecting? I’m not sure why it’s such a popular hobby, this trickery in general but it is common.

  61. Bobby the K says:

    @ Queen

    I can’t last on a first date, which is usually dinner, for more than two hours. You must be like a modern day Apollonie Sabatier. They can’t get enough of you! 🙂

  62. Bobby the K says:


    Why so harsh? You smashed my Apollo sex God ego to a Wizard of Oz Munchkin nothingness. I was having so much fun before. Now instead of standing half naked in front of a mirror plucking on my lyre, I’m relegated to singing the lollipop guild song. 🙂

  63. Lore says:

    Very well said, and I agree with every thing you did say. Guy’s need to stop whining about price. And I discovered by accident that if you put in an amount over $500 a msg will pop up and say that’s a lot and you shouldn’t offer more than $500 for a date. It’s like really??? Again if money is no object for some guys, shouldn’t it be their prerogative on whether they want to spoil a woman and why would this site discourage that??? If anything there should be a pop up if someone dares to offer $5…and yes that has happened. It’s like why even bother, that won’t even cover my gas.

  64. Kemp says:

    Theres alot of attitude showing here from the ladies… Hey guess what… Guys want sex, shocker … If they pay you, they don’t care if you find them hot…there paying for :
    Minimum of a attitude free date and conversation
    Maximum : maybe / hoping for more

    If Any girl thinks guys do it to toss money out of the window you’d be mistaken, and secondly guys didn’t get rich by being stoopid… Gawd bless you all, and I certainly don’t expect sex from any girl.. But expecting and hoping are two different things.. And PAYING you for your time, tends to make someone lean towards moving that expectation scale slightly .. Nothing personal , just stating the obvious,,,

  65. Derik says:

    I have used the site since launch and it’s pretty much what you make of it. The unfortunate part is probably 40% of the women from my area advertising here can be found in the local escort section of backpages. Does that make her “bad” or “evil”? Not at all. It just sets the tone for “negotiating”.

    Why do you ask? Let me give you an example of a true story.

    Met a woman from the site. Paid her $$$ upfront for the date and spent well over $100 for dinner and drinks. Had a great conversation about her level of sophistication things she liked to do..etc..etc.. I was happy with the date and we parted after leaving the restuarant. Once I got home and did a search on her cell number and i was suprised to see her advertising on a local esort page for $50-$100 blow jobs.

    Now the fact that she was an escort doesn’t bother me. Cause there are a good number of them in my city advertising on here (no fault of the website). But that does alter my outlook and negotiation prowless when setting up a frist date. I still treat everyone with “Dignity and respect”, just as I would like to be treated. But there have been few to far profiles winking me that suggest a first dinner date is worth over $100.

    For those ladies that feel they are worth it please take no offense.

    My post is simply to state why “I” no longer offer first dates for over $100.

    • humanbeing says:

      I’ve started using a text app number for dating, so that when I find out too late that they text bomb with small talk, or that I’ve no interest in a second (sometimes first) date, at least I can turn the app off and they don’t have my real number.

      On the escort front, it’s clearly against the TOU to use the site for business but escorts have boyfriends/partners, too. And presumably they meet some of them online. for the other 88% I’m sure there’s probably a way to report a user for blatantly ignoring the lady of the night rule. My issue is with people who can’t differentiate between an escort and a sugar relationship. It’s frustrating at the best of times, cruel most of the rest of the time.

  66. Bobby the K says:

    Great idea checking the phone number. I did that for one of the best dates I had and she really was who she said she was. I was relieved and happy. This is the best site ever. I had a blast with her.

  67. chris says:

    Every single person is different so each person will be different on a date. Some guys have tons of money and like to show it off. Perfect for the sugar baby type. Many girls are average looking so a lower price would be more fitting and they might be willing to take that. A beautiful girl might have a higher price.

  68. chris says:

    Derik, i doubt this type of dating is going to find you the classy high end female. You have to have some gutso to meet a perfect stranger. Otherwise try church.

  69. Bobby the K says:

    That brings up a good point. What would ladies rank as number one between these three choices: romance, status, humor

    I’m just curious.

  70. chris says:

    Does the price go higher for girls who look hotter? What are guys going off of when offering? They do not know her so the judgement is looks. Does a fat ugly get less?

  71. queen says:

    Bobby, For me it is looks. Tall, in shape and a young face !

    Most guys I meet on here are not up to my looks standard to be honest.

  72. chris says:

    I seek tall, in shape with a young face too.

  73. Bobby the K says:


    I’m not really sure. I think a lot of guys start with looks, but then I meet a lot of exceptions, especially ones who’ve been through the fire with a really hot girl. Then they realize looks aren’t as important as they thought. I think it also comes with experiences and as men become more experienced, they aren’t as overwhelmed by looks. But this is a gross generalization. I can’t speak for the really wealthy or god like handsome guys here.

    But one thing I think is true. Combine looks with virtue for a woman, in other words, down to earthness, gratitude, sense of humor, knows she’s good looking but doesn’t depend on her looks, a sense of self, compassionate, non-judgemental etc. is downright devastating. My sister is like that and there was this guy who could get any woman he wanted but would not leave her alone.

    I kind of wonder if women worked on their virtuous aspects if they would get more guys even if less attractive. But I haven’t witnessed many fat and ugly women with hight self esteem and society doesn’t send any good messages that developing your virtue is worthwhile.

    I read this book called the Tao of Dating for Women and I think it holds a lot of good points about guys’ thinking.

    But I’m no expert on dating or the human race. So take what I say with a grain of salt.

  74. LilLaughingBird says:

    To Fran and any other female who wants to be on this site.
    You have to control the situation from the word go…
    You pick the place…and if he comes back with some argument…don’t even answer him… might take a week but he will come around.
    Stand your ground.
    Make your first date in a public place and put this in writing….on the site and emails.’
    Collect your money for the dinner date.
    Set guidelines…IN WRITING IN YOUR EMAILS.
    Ladies, you are in control… not, walk away……there will always be another one…..there is a reason he wants to get you alone on the first date…..

    • Charles says:

      You sound like a real treat to go out with. What an attitude. Any girl that doesn’t contact me by phone to make arrangements receives no further contact. Any girl that would start listing demands for our date, wouldn’t have one. If you think the only reason men are paying for dates is because they are not attractive it just shows the kind of person that you are. That coupled with your attitude certainly explains why your 48, single and on this site!

  75. LilLaughingBird says:

    Queen, why do you think they are paying??????
    Because they are not good looking?????

  76. LilLaughingBird says:

    Bobby, these ladies here rate you according to the $$$$$….romance doesn’t have anything to do with it….Status couldn’t count because no one could know you were dating a senator…..Humor is good, but $$$ beats it out….

  77. LilLaughingBird says:

    Chris, that isn’t necessarily true….at 48, I commanded 500 an hour and was paid it, simply because I demanded it….wouldn’t take less….and I know what I am worth…there is always the one who will pay it….there is more to a person than looks….I certainly am no beauty queen…..

  78. Kemp says:

    500 an hour for what ?

  79. Beth says:

    Hello everyone… Im new to the site and have lots of offers, but have not yet scheduled a date. Im excited about this site. Ive been on others and Ive met a lot of crazies. I submit low because this is not about the money. I feel if a guy is interested enough to invest, then he is serious about wanting to meet someone. My thought is the money will be reinvested in something sexy to wear on our next date;)

  80. chris says:

    I pay 600 so that i stand out to them and set the bar high. I go for very pretty girls out of my league. They tend to treat me well and keep in touch with me! I love tge attention now that i never got before.

  81. Lisa says:

    R O M A N C E !!! We want it, and don’t get enough of it. Humor is ultra-important. This is part of my naiveity… I’m not an escort and I am looking for dates, I’m insulted by low $30 offers, but if I seek higher it is presumed I’m a hooker. I’m not, but now understand the POV of a generous gentleman- if we accept low, they understand we are interested in Jim, not his money. The money is nice, it helps and that’s why I’m here, to find dates with a bonus, I don’t expect an insane amount, only to be compensated for what I spent in preparing for the date, and yes, fuel! For a local date I think $100 is perfect. Ladies, don’t even try telling me you spend more getting ready. We all know that covers a manicure and gas. Our hair? That only needs doing every 6 weeks. You’re making it hard for those of us that are sincere, and virtuous 🙂 look like gold diggers. I have so much to learn…

  82. Kemp says:

    NOTE TO SITE OWNERS.. Please include the option to set a date with offers.. If a girl is open that night, they my be more likely to accept, or perhaps a Wednesday etcetc…

  83. Blink182 says:

    No judgement being made here, but why are there so many single women who have children on this site? Did the guy just take off? (What a dick if he did.) Did the woman say no condom necessary? How do they support themselves? By our offers? Not a good way to make a living.

  84. queen says:

    i meet tons of single dads on here who all have the same story. The mother took off and does drugs and now shes on craigslist. i guess they think being on here makes them better?

  85. chris says:

    Would you rather pay them by welfare payments? I think better of them for at least doing something to better themselves than to just sit at home eating bon bons from food stamps. Seems like no matter what people like to run each other into the ground about what they do. If we just stop thinking about what others do we can focus more on ourselves. I have so many hot chics after me now. Paying more makes me a prize now! Girls say when guys low offer they take the money then just blow them off. Go high on the offers. It works!

  86. queen says:

    I got the gift card from that guy that stiffed me. Looks like it was something he already had laying around as the number was already scratched off. It was not from the spa I wanted but from the neiman marcus store. I bought a bunch of makeup with it, only think I could get from that store. I sure did not need more makeup. Turns out I over payed for everything also. The same eyeshadow I bought for 48.00 sells for 36.00. Pretty sure everything I got was way over priced. I sure got stiffed .

  87. carol irwin says:

    I just joined this website and don’t have any high expectations about meeting seems strange that a guy would want to pay me for a date but not against it. When I think back about a lot of the dates I’ve had over the past few years, I think I should have been paid for putting up with the creeps. Food and drinks sure wasn’t enough. Well, I’ll see how it goes.

  88. Kemp says:

    Queen, wasn’t the makeup actually free ?

  89. rendezvous4two says:

    Alright, so I may get attacked for this but it’s true so here it goes.

    Queen, the second you ask a guy to come pick you up then you immediately give him power over the entire date regardless of what the expectations should or shouldn’t be. True, no means no, but sadly there are plenty of people in this world that don’t like that word and feel it does not pertain to them. You have to be smarter about things and look after yourself because if you don’t protect yourself then nobody else will. You should NEVER go that far away from your area without your own transportation – it’s just asking for trouble. So I hate to say it but you actually stiffed yourself in this whole thing.

    Moving on.

    I have gotten many offers and millions of winks. Out of all of those I only accepted one offer for $100 and had the most wonderful date. It was fun, exciting, and the conversation and company was great. Other offers were for much more but I flat out refused them because I will not take that much money for a first date (which for me consists of a lunch or dinner, drinks, a walk, etc.) just in case they are expecting something more than this. I specifically have in my profile that they will not be physically compensated for the amount they offer but who knows if that’s actually being read/registered so I stay on the safe side of things just to be sure.

    I feel that many have made decent points here but the bottom line is this (imnsho): This is a meeting site based on BUSINESS foundations. I don’t feel it’s fair to expect the Generous party to pay immediately up front OR for the Attractive party to have to wait until the date is totally over to be paid. Either way, doubts and hesitation will be lingering over the entire date. The best way really is to pay half up front and the other half at the end. If someone was paying me up front I’d be very appreciative and definitely a little more relaxed during the date but I realize the Generous party is also expecting a lovely time and may worry the quality of the date will go downhill once I’m paid. I try to give the benefit of the doubt.

    I also feel that a good way to try to ensure your dates are almost always pleasant is to include plenty of stuff in your profile. I will not accept any offers from Generous parties that barely have anything about them. I like to have an idea if we will have some things in common or not. I feel it’s very unfair for people to assume just because they are willing to pay for a date means they don’t need to disclose anything about themselves on their profiles. On the contrary, I will ALWAYS pick the guy with a lot of stuff over the guy with nothing. It shows effort, seriousness, and patience.

    Above all, if anyone has ANY doubts or red flags from the opposite side just STOP communicating. It’s as simple as that. Nobody on here is obligated to one another up until you actually meet.

    Guys – quit thinking with your other head and acting like you’re God’s gift on earth. You’re not. If you make offers to shallow women then you’re going to get a shallow date, so unless you’re solely after that, don’t be surprised if they are arrogant or disrespectful.

    Girls- stop being so oblivious and money hungry. If you accept offers for a lot of money you HAVE to expect there will be other expectations. If there aren’t then that’s great but don’t act all surprised if there are. Men are men. Stop acting like you’re worthy of millions of dollars because you’re such a great person. You’re not. If you want millions of dollars from men to spend time with you – apply at the Bunny Ranch.


  90. Kemp says:

    Agreed… I was hoping this site thinned the herd… But it seams to draw more nutty women..

  91. chris says:

    I just saw on tv a rally called the slut walk. Girls dress in slut clothes and parade the city yelling no means no and it does not matter what i wear and what i do. Stop blaming the victim.

  92. Dani says:

    This is my $0.02:

    As a young lady who is making it through college solely from hard-earned scholarships and being a sugarbaby, I have learned that the men who give the least ALWAYS expect the most.

    I will never say I’ll only ask “x” amount because no matter what amount you lower yourself to, there will ALWAYS be someone who thinks they deserve sex for that amount. You could ask for $10, trust me, there will be a jerk looking to get lucky for $10.

    For my price ($500, upfront) I owe you a nice first date, to be my best dressed,to behave as the polite young lady I was raised to be, and to make intellectual conversation. I don’t owe sex, no girl ever does. There is no amount that should make men think they can solicit prostitution. There is no KellyBlueBook estimate on what limit the date can cost without sex, and honestly to even try to establish any “standard” of when a “regular” date should a date with “a little extra” puts this entire site in a very unsafe position, legally.

    I think if you are not happy paying “x” amount for a perfectly nice date, then maybe you should move on to Eros.

    As its been mentioned before, if your intelligent, beautiful, and polite, someone happy to compensate you for your time (and time alone) for a great first date will come along eventually. Perhaps not as soon as next week, but that doesn’t mean lower your price over it! You’ll only open yourself up to manipulative men who will encourage you to drop lower and lower….true ladies just should not tolerate such foolishness from immature men who clearly cannot afford the luxuries they greedily desire.

  93. chris says:

    I would think a girl takong offers comes across as a crack head trying to get whatever drug money she can find. Low offers sounds like low self worth.

  94. queen says:

    Dani, I have learned that as well. Every lower offer in the 150 range has been full of drama on so many levels.
    I think a higher class of people offer more .

  95. Bobby the K says:

    I got a question. Do beautiful women prefer rock stars or athletes? I’m trying to decide which one I’ll be in my next life.

  96. chris says:

    That would be a question for super models who are rich also and would not be on here for these low offers.

  97. Bobby the K says:

    Well, what happens if I end up rock star and you end a supermodel. Will you kiss me?

  98. Kemp says:

    Site owners… Please add the ability to reject based on age…

  99. chris says:

    Age is just a number!

  100. Getwithit says:

    Don’t forget to write your congressman and senator about SOPA and PIPA, if you are against it.

  101. Blue says:

    Miss Rendevous4two~ If you have poor self esteem and don’t have high expectations for yourself that’s your problem you are the one missing out on the gentlemen that are generous by shortchanging yourself in life but please don’t tell the rest of us what to do or what is possible.

    Lorre & LilLaughingBird two women who actually know something about all this. In all the time I have been on Seeking Arrangement and here I have not had one guy try to sleep with me right away. Getting paid for a date does not ever imply anything secretive or innuendos or whatever you may erroneously think it does. I have had one guy make out with me who I did really like and then not call again probably because I did not let him take me home. But that’s the worst of it. All the weirdos make themselves pretty much apparent in emails before you get to meet them if you are picky and expect respect. You may have less dates, but you will find better quality ones by holding out and they will more than make up for the cheap guys you miss out on, who think this is nothing but a little sex game. Personally after your condescending remarks, I shouldn’t even be sharing this information with you but I feel very strongly about it and know that many people like you would like to be deceitful and misleading to other women and this does not sit with me well when some of those women are younger or less experienced and looking to us for honest answers on how best to be successful.

    On sites like this, and I know a lot of women will agree, the men paying on the higher end of the spectrum $500 or into the thousands are the ones who don’t expect sex, they are thinking more long term whether it be relationship or Sugar dating, they expect you to be a lady. If they wanted quick cheap sex, they would go to the Bunny Ranch.

  102. EthnicElegance says:

    Wow, the negative comments on this blog has scared the living hell out of Me about this site and men on here.

  103. Bobby the K says:


    This website is a lot of fun. You don’t have to wait as long to go out on a date as other sites.

    Woah, a ton of new women on this site. Were they all bored last night and decide to sign up?

  104. Lola says:

    Some strange comments on this blog. Queen and Chris have some curious things to say, I doubt their validity. I find it unbelievable that Queen got in a car with a cheap date even after he did not pay her, and got molested by him of course, but then went out on $500 – $1,000 dates who did not end up touching her or bothering her.

  105. chris says:

    Thanks judge lola!

  106. Lola says:

    Lol thanks chris, I try hard!

  107. chris says:

    I love how people just like to argue for no reason and pop up out of the blue with a new handle. As if others can have no point of view. Wonder why people get off on internet bickering.

  108. Meg says:

    This is a bit of off-topic, but does anyone else find the graphic under the link “ESCORTS NOT WELCOMED” a bit over the top?

    Is the underline under “no escorts” really really necessary in addition to the red circle/slash sign?

    Additionally, why are we only discriminating against escorts? What about ‘johns’. I would like to see a parallel graphic for johns. And you could also easily include “if you have a membership account on The Erotic Review, do not join this website.” What about strippers? What about porn stars? Should they not also be excluded?

    Also, is it absolutely impossible that a woman who works as an escort might want to use What’s Your Price to look for a boyfriend or sugar daddy? Would it not make more sense to simply say “DO NOT use this website TO ADVERTISE adult services (escort, modeling, stripping, porn acting, etc.) of any kind?

    Very strange.

  109. chris says:

    Because johns are always welcome. I would bet most guys have used an escorts services on the down low. like most men tend to only look down an the escort for shady activity.

  110. Bobby the K says:

    Blue and Rendezvous bring up a good topic.

    I think a woman should go after what she wants. It helps when those who want a really high price, like a newbie I just saw, advertises her lower limit.

    As for respectful and low self esteem, I think that’s independent of the offer. In every subgroup, there are decent and indecent people. I just hope I meet enough of the decent ones.

  111. chris says:

    Do you ever meet and like someone yet they have a physical flaw you do not find attractive?

  112. Bobby the K says:

    That’s a really great and honest question. I used to have a big problem with that because I’d feel horribly guilty if a woman liked me and I didn’t like her. I was physically very attractive when I was younger, yet very sensitive. And of course there’s the other way around.

    It wasn’t until I came across Taoist philosophy that completely changed me. The idea behind it is right action without expectation, or clinging to desires or ideas.

    I didn’t realize guilt was a form of clinging to a desire.

    There’s a lot more to it, but after reading Stephen Mitchell’s translation and Dr. Dyer’s interpretation, and some of the chapters of the Book of Chuang Tzu, now I’m having the time of my life. To have this freedom is incredible! But I’m not sure if the philosophy works for everyone, but I thought I’d post this anyway.

    • humanbeing says:

      You would probably get a lot out of the teachings of David Deida. There’s a pile of it on audio and he’s written quite a few books. Really great stuff, all about the polarity of the feminine and masculine and relating in general.

  113. Meg says:

    Bobby – I’m really curious… does that mean that you no longer feel guilty (when you like someone but are not physically attracted to them because of a physical flaw)?

    I actually totally know where you’re coming from. I used to feel the same guilt, and I ended up (really can’t get my rationale but) dating and sleeping with people I appreciated as people but did not feel physically drawn to.

    I think it was the ugly-duckling-to… thing…like I was too nice in a way that had not previously resulted in attention; I also totally empathized with the guys that I didn’t find attractive because I’d been there; and having been a chubby nerd, I’d developed this keen ability to find something [platonic-ally] attractive in everyone and no experience dating and declining.

    Maybe what I wrote is completely different from the sentiment expressed in your post, Bobby.

    But I really think that if it isn’t there, it isn’t there. That doesn’t mean having an ideal type that must be met. I also don’t think it means having standards in line with mainstream notions of beauty.

    There are just – yeah, like Chris said, certain physical things that absolutely make it impossible for me to want to be physically intimate with them.

  114. Meg says:

    On another note…What’s your vote: is it ethical to accept a date from a whatsyourprice user you believe there is a negligible chance of being physically or romantically attracted to?

    I list on my profile that I’m either looking for friendship or an SD, that I’m in a long-distance, open relationship; but I always still feel guilty towards the end of the date…as though I led someone on and they are expecting something from me then and there.

  115. queen says:

    I dated a guy from here that seemed so close to perfect for me but a few things turned me off. His profile said 5’9 but he was 5’3 and his weight was less than mine as well. I am 110 lbs ! he also had rotting teeth and only 28 years old.

    I found this quote online :

    men put more value on a partner’s physical appearance and passion, while women put financial stability and faithful commitment at the top of their romantic checklists.

  116. Kemp says:

    Im not trying to date for money… Is that all y’all are talking about ? I spend time, getting to know expectations, getting to know someone I find attractive…. Using this site to thin the herd a bit ( on the guy side ))… I’ve met a gacious , and Intersting person.. But note to all ( us ) dudes, STOP USING MONEY AS A SHORT CUT, YOUR NOT OWED SEX, ATTRACTION, ATTENTION, NOTHING… Your gauranting failure, or greedy women , if you think paying her some how absolves you from being Intersting ..

  117. legallyspeaking says:

    All the people on this board calling for WYP to “do something” about a date that a member complains about, have any of you ever heard of due process or of the “innocent until proven guilty” concept? Just because a person complains about the actions of another outside the confines of this web site does not mean that it in fact actually happened. No offense to “Queen”, and I am not questioning her (or his – I’ve never met Queen and know of that person only on this blog so Queen could just as easily be a guy as a woman) veracity, however, I know personally of instances of false accusations of many crimes and there are instances, you all might have heard of one or two, where falsely accused have been found innocent. I know for the guys on this board that making yourself amenable to the ladies by gushing sympathy and chivalric bluster of outrage at dastardly deeds they claim to suffer makes you feel like you’re popular, but use your freaking heads. What legal basis does Brandon/WYP have to pull someone’s paid account on the basis of a random complaint? I’m not saying it is the case this time, I have no idea if it is or isn’t, but what if the guy didn’t like the looks of the woman, rejected the date after meeting her, and she took offense?

  118. legallyspeaking says:

    If a woman has a complaint such as “Queen”, she should take it to the cops, absolutely. Once the person has been proved guilty, then there is legal basis for removal of the account. Until then, and unless it results in the guy being sent back the monetary value of what he still has remaining in his account, it’s simply stealing.

  119. cvdv says:

    Wow where was the common sense wth this girl … seriously you get in a car with a stranger, no cell phone , get drunk and let this a man drive you to his place … wow this is just what most predators look for …. women that are crazy enough to get in the car on a first meet and greet.. I hope lesson has been learned your lucky to be alive .. anybody remember “Meagan wants a Milloniare or the Craig list killer wake up people!!

  120. Jess says:

    I hope the guy that violated Queen is banned for the site before he does it again, and hopefully its not one of the guys sending me or my friend offers for dates =/ scary

  121. Blondie says:

    Well I had my first date off this site last night and it was HORRIBLE!!! First off, he didn’t look anything like his picture (he used a fake)…older much older and fat and hairy and gross. But i gave him the benefit of the doubt and we had a drink. Seemed to be a nice guy until he tried to screw me!! I pulled the I’m tired and not on a first date card and the bastard ran out while i was in the bathroom…Didn’t even leave the lowball $60 which he was only given because he looked about 20 years younger and 80lbs lighter in. If i stay on this site I will get the money up front and if he has a problem with that then your loss buddy

  122. chris says:

    He wanted a sex date for 60?

  123. Lore says:

    Wow Blondie, what an awful experience. It still amazes me how disgusting some guys can be. I can’t believe he didn’t even give you the $60, I hope he at least paid for the drinks??

  124. jacki j says:

    Brandon – I think you have just gone a bridge too far with this idea. OK I can see the overall logic and purpose of Seekingarragement and seeking millionaire etc because they align people who have potentially matching needs and allow them to create introductions which can lead to discussion, willing experience and potentially life changing situations. I can fully understand people of either sex on both sides of this equation.

    BUT bringing it down to an (in my opinion) grossly undignified commercial auction for a mere date, commoditising people into saleable, rentable units to be paraded as potential temporary purchase? – no, sorry.. this is just too far with the idea, dehumanising, insulting and rather sick I think.

    Surely you have made enough money for yourself and enough commercial and PR impact with your present businesses not to have to demean yourself and your customers to this ‘meat market’ level? Do you not feel this is going to far or does your desire for more fame and wealth obscure your moral compass?

    I am a mid to late 20s UK female with a degree and masters, open minded, single, with my own hard won small business now employing 11 people. I have my own apartment, my own Porsche 911 (OK, not brand new but..) and can keep myself ok and I am in fact dating a man in his 50s whos is more successful than me whom I met from a CL advert… so I fully understand the idea of your two original sites.. but this one? sorry I think it’s a wrong signal to people, and encourages all the wrong behaviour and attitudes in literally reducing people to ‘tins of beans’.. or caviar depending on your budget.

    I can see all sorts of problems with this concept and exploitation from people will be rampant. I think this idea is really trashy, very open to mis-use and will be encouraging people to simply exist by commoditising themselves with no other deire to work at all… this cannot be good for society…I think you have gone too far this time…

    • humanbeing says:

      The first date I went on was with a guy visiting my city for the first time for work, who didn’t want to eat alone and stare at a tv in his hotel. What’s so evil about that? We had a great dinner, and went for coffee afterwards because the conversation was so entertaining… and an artist supplemented her income. The horror, the horror!!

      Money and porsches aren’t the most important thing in the world to a great number of the population, just sayin’.

      Making grand sweeping judgements about people isn’t always the best way to come to conclusions. EVERY site has the potential for abuse and mis-use. If you can see the merit of sites like Seeking Arrangement and Seeking MIllionaire, why is it so hard to make the leap to understanding the merit of this site for sugar and other daters to help speed up the process?

  125. Patrick says:

    I use to pay at the end of the date until one date totally forgot until after we departed and looked into my pocket to see the money, then reached to text her, already received several upsetting texts from her. Good news, we met back up with a couple of minutes and she got paid (more than the agreed amount). My forgetting was not intentional, I do not think she believed that and I cannot look forward to future dates. Well, I now pay first and include a thank you card. So sorry, my forgetfulness was not intentional.

  126. trejedy says:

    @angelastar, have you ever considered the idea that maybe they willing to travel only for the right person and that, for them, you don’t meet those criteria? I frequently turn down women who contact me who are out of state or a good drive from my place because I’m not interested in traveling that far for the woman in the profile that contacts me. I put that I am willing to travel, but that doesn’t mean I’m obligated to do so, I don’t think. Even if it’s only an hour or so away, if I’m not interested enough than it isn’t worth it to me to try and set up a long distance SD/SB relationship.

  127. ER says:

    I joined and did all the routine set up and searching, winks sent, (I am Europe) and have already received some ‘offers’ (USA sources) asking me will I pay the average equivalent of about US$300 for a date, which is well within my acceptable range. OK I get that idea… accept, refuse or counter.. but after that I was initially lost as to how this is then supposed to work.

    As regards the travelling for dates points raised, I travel internationally regularly, two homes in 2 countries but my travel isn’t random and I am hardly likely to fly half way round the world for a date without due preparation if I know absolutely nothing about the intended female(s)other than the limited profiles here, (which could be entirely fake) So, HOW are we supposed to communicate after an offer? How are we supposed to organise or discuss a date from two different countries?

    Reading the FAQ it appears I have to ‘unlock’ conversations with the girls by purchasing credits?.. Ahhhh, the penny drops…so in fact the true cost of this site to me isn’t just the cost of the date it’s the service fees the site wants, to even allow me to organise a date in the first place? ..knew there had to be a catch!

    Once I accept an offer I am bound to pay provided a date happens, but not if it doesnt, fair enough, but now I find I am paying even to discuss what might never happen for so many reasons?

    FAQ says there are no refunds of credits if a date doesn’t happen, and the cost of attempting to organise each of my $300 dates will be dependent upon the price of the date. Dates between $10 and $100 cost 20 credits. It costs an additional credit for every additional $5 over $100. So each of my $300 dates (whether they happen or NOT) will cost me 60 credits to ‘unlock’.

    The minimum investment to get credits (100) is 50 dollars or 32GBP not even enough to ‘unlock’ ONE of my offers. At approx 60 credits per ‘unlock’ at that rate how long before I will have spent several hundred or even thousand dollars just feeding the site’s profit system regardless of whether any dates happen at all? I can now see how the clever financial model of this site works.

    Attractive members (females) can use this website completely free, so they don’t even need to act responsibly, it’s a no-loss situation for them (positive discrimination) but men have to pay. So, the entire process of men talking to girls is generating revenue for the site owners regardless of whether dates happen or not.

    Basically the site is milking revenue from men’s desire for women’s company by using women’s desire for money as the driving force engine. Not altruistic just great profit maximimisation.

    Women (and men) only win benefit if dates happen, the site wins regardless as without buying credits dates cannot happen. This isn’t made entirely and openly clear when joining, only when you go read the FAQ and work it out. One wonders how many ‘attractive’ female profiles may be actually fabricated by the site to generate credits income? (or am I being too sceptical and cynical here?)

    I am not clear about one thing, and the site doesnt TELL me what ‘unlocking communication’ actually means… what am I PAYING for? Do I get unlimited two way communication, can I exchange email addresses and hence contact women outside this site, verify photos and identity both ways and use webcam proof to reduce my risk or not? Or, is it censored communication via the site text only mechanism and /or limited in the amount of communication exchanges I can obtain?

    As regards long distance dates, one has to be very selective indeed to decide which offers are worth spending non refundable monies to ‘unlock’ a conversation…

    The on-screen marketing implies that it’s more simple…’just name a price, and if your offer is right, you’ll get a YES and you’re off on a first date..’ No, Not as Simple as That!. It says ‘We’ll get you that first date’ but it should have a qualifying reality statement to say ‘provided you invest up-front money in site credits to communicate with your prospective dates before the event, and with no guarantee that a date will occur and with no refund either way’

    By not bringing this mandatory pre-date cost to the fore, this site really is close to misrepresenting itself by ommitting to make abundantly and openly clear the fact you have to pay US$ sums in order to unlock prior communication with girls. The linking of the unlock fee to date cost seems designed to inflate date prices so that the site can make higher revenues. All that altruistic hype from Brandon about helping people get dates really translates into helping him get richer.

    How do other males feel about this aspect of the site – how much have you spent merely on attempting to organise dates alone, buying credits?

  128. trejedy says:

    I totally agree with your comment, although I was aware of how the system worked before hand. It isn’t entirely clear in the site’s literature, or at least not explained with the possible permutations of the system laid out before you make you decision to invest. The problem that I am experiencing is the Disappearing Date, the one who agrees to a price, writes back all eager, and then disappears never to be heard from again after I have spent the credits to “Unlock” her communication. It happens so frequently that I have begun to wonder of late if these are just straw figures set up to make me use my credits. I mean, 360 credits used this time (I had a date on the last bunch I bought) and not a single date that has actually happened. And not only that, but I have a bunch of communications from “dates” that I didn’t open because I wanted to see if they would stick around; they didn’t, but WYP wants to charge me 10 credits just to take them off the damn list even though they are no longer on the site! No one is forcing me to take them off, but still, come on is it really so damn necessary to be so rapacious?

  129. trejedy says:


    Ha! I was just on and on the splash screen WYP offers me suggestions of local members I might want to consider. Yeah? Well, I have considered every one of them and NONE of them are still active members. In addition, since my Feb 1st comment, I’ve had yet another disappear on me at my expense, no longer on the site.

  130. Falcon981 says:

    I traveled 4 hours for a date and was in contact with the lady all the way. Once I arrived in town I sent a text, never heard back. Waited at the restaurant for an hour nothing. I feel that this is a two way street. If a date is agreed upon and the lady does not show up that is also a violation of the contract and the man should be compensated for his time. If the date is canceled well in advance, not a problem, but then the site should refund the credits or ban the woman. I am a man of my word and have no problems with this concept. But ladies shouldn’t accept dates if they are not going to keep them. As I do not send offers to someone I am not going to go out with.

    • humanbeing says:

      I drove 3 hours for a date once, and he was a no show and then claimed he was hospitalized for some flu that magically came up as I was in transit and was magically all gone the next day (he allegedly had no phone while admitted)… the lesson I learned that day :never again.

      Lol, my amended approach to online dating after the disappearing man with the really white teeth is to assume everything is at least 50% lie, to spend 50% less time online before meeting, and always meet close to where I am. At least if the place is close to me and they bail out without cancelling, I haven’t wasted much time or other resources.

      Many guys flake out, too. Just get cold feet, or “forget”, or come around later with some story (that’s usually a wife cover up). Or who knows. A lot of the same people who wink/flirt/wave like jackasses at me on these sites are hitting up my friends, too, and vice versa. So, it’s a bit fun to know ahead of time that a guy is a goon when he sends a message or wink. Not that much fun, though.

  131. Exactly says:

    Well, at that point, just like with Queen’s many issues, it’s a matter of he said she said for WYP. Unlike with her latest issue, standing a date up isn’t a crime, though, and there is no legal proof you could obtain to prove it wasn’t justva case of you stiffing her, or you being rude so she left, or you looking different than your pics, etc. You take a chance that the women on this site are going to be have reasonably acceptable social behavior, just as they do us; it’s frequently not the case. Yes it’s the same thing as robbery or vandalism when they dick us over, but try to explain that, along with the concept of this site, and they’ll look at you like a John who’s come in to bitch about a hooker and wants someone to give his money back. I don’t think everyone is watching all the programs WYP is on and wouldn’t be hip to the way the site is difference than the more time honored and well known male-female money for services exchange.

  132. Exactly says:

    Uh, “…they’ll look at you” meaning the police will look at you that way, not the rude date.

  133. ER says:

    – thanks for your response to my own Feb 1st comments. This is exactly the feeling I am having as a basic member right now, receiving offers but realising that as soon as I press the button on one I am going to have to potentially waste real life money on nothing more than ‘pie-in-the-sky’ text messages with people who might not even reply, may not even be real girls and who I know absolutely nothing about. I can see me ending up in the same situation as you, of having spent hundreds of dollars for nothing.. when I can chat with ‘girls’ (and verify their real female status) on chat sites and from adverts on CL and other boards via instant messenger for free.

    Like you, I am also sceptical that some of the profiles may simply be ‘invented’ by staff working for the site to encourage male users to consume credits and generate profit. This wouldn’t surprise me at all. I am very familiar with ‘sales scams’ and well aware that the basis on which we (men) use this site is a very flimsly construct legally – we have no right of redress against time and money consumed by ‘fakes, timewasters and pretenders’ or women who simply enter the site maliciously in some feminist tactic to make men spend money pointlessly.

    I amd beginning to think this site is really nothing much more than a great revenue generator for its owners and of little practical use to a man like me as against other methods. Investing money ‘blind’ to have email based chats only with supposed females on the basis of a profile which anyone can invent without verification is beginning to look like a stupid move.

    So far the really better looking younger women I have favourited or winked have not responded, but I have a lot of offers and approaches mainly from older women who don’t remotely fit my age or description preferences. I am not interested in women that age or overweight or with kids etc.

    Without being able to talk two way to women directly without cost I can see no point in responding to these approaches. I am becoming instantly sceptical about this site – there is no comment here from its organisers on our concerns and the hard-nosed ‘no refunds’ policy shows that the attitude is to milk as much user revenue from the site as possible regardless of whether it works for those users – the opposite of the publicity and PR.

  134. trejedy says:

    @ER, that’s exactly where I am, too, thinking this site, at least for a smaller city like what I am in, is a total money pit for male profiles. I too am getting winks and offers by nothing but women my age and older, which makes it doubly hilarious to read all the women on this blog conTINually complaining about low ball offers being an insult to their precious selves. I mean, come on, I’m not exactly a dashing international playboy type, but I have 0 problem getting dates on regular sites and yet so many women on WYP figure I must be desperate (since I am on this site) that I’m totally unable to get a date without paying for it even from someone 5-10 years older than myself and/or significantly (but I guess “attractive”-ly?) over weight. Plus I’m getting so many winks and offers from Montego Bay, Jamaica and from Pennsylvania that it’s absurd. I’m 2000 miles away; I said I would be willing to travel but not for a date with my mother or some obviously fake profile.

    As far as refunds, I think that would be a no go even if the process were fairer, and even if they didn’t (as we suspect) have someone upping their revenue by posting fake profiles and making money-wasting offers/acceptances. It’s just a matter of buyer beware and of not giving them any more money. Once my few remaining credits are burned up (only two of the 24 profiles in my “Offers” folder have been on in the last 2 months, so it won’t be long), I will delete my account and that will end my charity to the WYP cause.

  135. Nongiovanni says:

    There needs to be a mechanism to track women who have taken to dating via WYP as a source of income. It is quite clear that this is happening A LOT. These ladies show up, eat fast, contribute next to no conversation, and then bail. I’m a nice enough looking guy. I have no trouble getting dates on a normal dating website, and I know it isn’t that I’m just scaring them off or something. In fact, I’m polite, generous, do my utmost to show them a good time, and always deliver what was promised. And that’s aside from the women with gratuitously deceptive profile photos. One lesson I had to learn the hard way – if all of her shots are taken from a coy angle or are suspiciously low resolution – there’s a very good reason for that. After paying $200 to have a 40 minute meal with the fat african american woman still living at home with her parents, whose profile showed a slender, mixed-race latina, I think I’m about done with the site, and I sure as heck am not going on any dates that don’t have multiple photos, several of which show her from head to toe from a couple of angles. Anything other than that, and the odds are just too good that you are being scammed.

    And it would be great if there were options for ‘false advertising’ and ‘career 1st dater’ in the ‘report abuse’ message. The site loses all of its value if the ladies can’t be trusted. Or else us guys wind up making lowball offers, since it can be catastrophically expensive to try to give a lady an impression of what you might actually afford in the initial offer, if she turns out to be a scammer.

  136. who cares says:

    sorry Queen, i red few of your posts to say that ur immature and silly, asking for trouble yourself. Dont blame other people for your own stupidity. theres always creeps out there who r looking to prey on “blonds” like you. Grow up and learn from your experience. otherwise u’ll end up in much worst situation.

  137. who cares says:

    forgot to mention that im an “attractive female” on the site, not a guy.
    Because of stupid women out there- creeps are there to try and test and to waste time of sane women. So, stop contributing to creep growth, smarten up and be responcible to what happening to you, to your safety and wellbeing.

  138. estelle.m. says:

    well im a normal girl looking for normal people! explicit fun and memorable experiences! im new on here but will definitely let you know what happens good or bad fingers crossed any advice?

  139. ER says:

    -agree with you.. I am still getting offers from women in other countries, Ok I do travel but not just for a date without any verification… can you imagine flying the atlantic for some ordinary fat girl who maybe doesnt even show up… there needs to be some BETTER WAY TO COMMUNICATE PRE-DATE WITH WOMEN without paying fees to the site otherwise we are just lining ourselves up to waste cash. Sorry to hear you are fed up of it, I am beginning to get the same feeling and yet haven’t even tested it with a date. We need some way to refine with ‘will travel’ option rather than just a blanket yes worldwide. Not getting any decent offers from UK/Europe yet.

    – Agree here also – there are lots of women simply milking the site concept as a means to make cash without any thought of the dates or the men involved. I googled some ‘whatsyourprice’ reviews and ended up on the stripperweb forums. You can read a ton of comments there from working strippers/escorts etc basically saying ‘ this is good for some extra easy cash’ on top of their day jobs and advising other working girls to just fleece guys for as much as they can get and make sure they get nothing back for it. These ‘pro’s’ have no intention of actually enjoying dates it’s just a money machine for them before they get back to stripping and escorting. You could probably get better value paying to see them where they work than dating them. They give advice on how to fake identities, get false phone numbers and how to ramp up the date money and cut down the time taken on the date. Some comments include:

    ‘Forget that 50/50 sh*t though. I’d want all my cash up front within the first five minutes’

    ‘If this guy does not have a white envelope on the table waiting for me I am going to leave and I have told him that’

    ‘So far this site is a great way to get a free meal before work and get paid to talk!’

    ‘if i try it, alll i’ll care about is getting my money upfront on the first date and NOT having sex. if they ask for sex and don’t want to pay for more dates, then i’m done. no big deal cuz i’ve made my money and i can always get another first date from someone else. it seems like good extra income on the side, but definitely nothing to quit your current job over.’

    This is way off what the site founder talks about as the essential concept of the site.

  140. chris says:

    This site for me works. I am meeting much faster and girls much more attractive.

  141. Seriously? says:

    Well, Chris, I hope you get WYP Employee of the Month at least, for the extra efforts you put in…;-)

    @ER, I hear you. Not at all surprised about the escort chatter; there are just too many LV profiles and too many “Our Dancers”, click on link to expand, portfolio-style pics to think the pros haven’t found themselves another sucker board. As I’ve said, there’s no real way to police either male or female profiles on the site, and the way it’s set up there is no intention for WYP to involve itself in such efforts, let alone the wishy washy such as the new waste since lthicket: this one did reply when I asked if, from her lack or reply I could assume she wasn’t interested any more. She doesn’t do email exchange, she wrote back; if I’d asked for her number or given mine she’d have gladly, but since I didn’t she didn’t bother to reply. Just as glad that one didn’t work out, though yet another bunch of credits gone – this one a modest 20 – I hate being stuck with an idiot on a blind date.

  142. chris says:

    Seriously, you come across as someone who is a negative type so perhaps a dating site right now is not good for you. Nothing wrong with swinging single in life.

  143. trejedy says:

    @Chris, your English is clearly not up to understanding what ER and I are talking about here, so I will not be annoyed about your judgment of me personally and will ignore your irrelevant praise of what you call the “swinging single in life”. Not sure what that is, anyway, but it sounds very retro/tiki bar/groovy. Thanks for the input.

  144. chris says:

    Do not like then leave. No need to beat a dead horse. Move on if you do not like the site. You just keeo returning with the same bs. No need to keep logging on a site you hate. That simple. You must like it more than you admit.

  145. ER says:

    I think it is fair to assume that all of us were clearly attracted by the concept of the site or else we would not be here. What is under debate is the operational aspects of the site, its effectiveness and its value for money, as well as the degree to which the site founders (who target us for revenue as customers) are listening to any customer feedback.

    We are also discussing the potential for, and observed use of abuses of the site mechanisms primarily by female subscribers and the financial consequences these can have for paying male customers. These are all perfectly VALID topics for consumer evaluation and discussion and indeed it is advisable that we do have these discussions in the open and bring these views to the attention of members, prospective members, media and site owners as well as women themselves.

    I do not intend to engage with combative individuals or dispute our rights to open discussion. If having these discussions opens the minds of potential users to the flaws and less attractive points in the site structure, as well as the good benefits then I think that contributes to good balance and free speech.

    Therefore I think individual sniping and bickering by one member against others is pointless as is advising those members who choose to engage in free debate not to do so, as indeed these kind of comments will simply be ignored. That said, we are each entitled to our own opinions but should not lose sight of our manners in the process.

  146. trejedy says:

    @ER, yes, agreed.

  147. Rob M says:

    Joined the site from UK. Have sent a few winks. Have 6 offers but all from women in USA and the Philippines or far off places including Australia!!! Yes I said I can travel but not for a mere blind date. I have flown in euro and even long haul girls for weekend stay or trips but I cannot imagine doing it for one date on the basis of anonymous email alone. Interestingly I just got my first wink rejection from a USA girl saying ‘too far away’ so she didn’t clearly even read my profile!

    I came here expecting really top girls, better than you would see in ordinary social life but that isn’t the case, many are ordinary, scruffily dressed in photos, overweight, nothing special.I can’t see why I would pay just to speak to them by text only. There are a million cam sites I can chat LIVE to real model looking women for a lot less money.

    I set specific AGE limits.. when I say maximum 25 why do I get women 32, 44, 49 sending me winks?

    I have worked out that to unlock existing ‘offers’ and have some spare capacity for more is going to mean me investing probably at least 200 GB pounds and then some.

    The price to unlock communication is dependent upon the price of the date. One of my offers is 162 GB pounds, approx 260 dollars, so will cost me 52 credits just to talk once only to an unknown third party by email?

    I also wasn’t aware of this when I joined as as ER says its the quite well hidden ‘catch’ in the proposition. I would rather give a real girl a few hundred pounds than waste it feeding some website trickery. As long as you have to pay for emailing, I think it’s just a cleverly imagined rip-off. This isn’t how the headline pitch works and it isn’t even mentioned in the PR.

  148. Vic says:

    It would be safe to say that website owners had thought of good money making biz model which works well for them. I on the other hand feel like have been wasting cash and more importantly time. Kind of tired of mysterious good looking dates disappearing once credits have been unlocked.

    Have been on two dates and neither one looked anywhere close to their posted pics, go figure.

  149. tulsalove says:

    Personally I’ve had the guy from UK contact me. My profile doesn’t say I’m interested in travelling, yet his does. His profile also goes on to state that if you don’t have “willing to travel” then don’t contact him. Apparently this guy still doesn’t look at profiles in the way in which he wants others to do so.

    I don’t understand about the paying to communicate. Is it per message after a date is unlocked or after a date is unlocked you pay once to message for an unlimited amount of times with that one unlocked date?

    How much is the generous member paying for each message?

  150. Rob M says:

    @tulsa – I should make clear if you don’t, that ‘the guy from UK’ you refer to is NOT ME just in case anyone thinks you are referring to me.

    Paying to communicate is the hidden ‘catch’ or sting in this site. Whilst women use the site for free, men have to pay the website IF they get an accepted offer, to be able to ‘unlock’ any message correspondence with the girl who accepted or whose offer he accepted. This ONLY opens up communication with that ONE girl not with any others. You have to pay again separately for every accepted offer from each girl. I have NO IDEA if it is for one message, many messages or per message as that is NOT explained anywhere on the site.

    Maybe someone who has done it can explain what you actually get..? are you able to exchange IM or email addresses in the communication and talk off site or is this censored by WYP? I don’t know.

    Basically the cost is related to how much the date offer is, so up to $100 US a man has to pay 20 credits to unlock whatever the communication is, with that one girl. There are NO refunds which the site stresses very strongly so we (men) have to spend this money whether the date ever happens or not. In my case as stated to unlock one of my offers ($260 date price) it would cost me 52 credits.. This is more than the minimum 50 credit purchase so right away the cost (to me) starts to mount up. I DONT think most women are at all aware of how much its costing men to even communicate with them about accepted offers, without even getting a date. This is how the site really makes its money but it tells you nothing about what you get for your money.

  151. tulsalove says:

    @Rob M- I didn’t assume you were “that guy from the UK” as I’m pretty sure there are more than one guy on this site that resides in the UK.

    Now I understand the American girl rejected your wink stating ” too far”. Yet you don’t want to jump on a plane for a blind date. This I understand. Yet some of these women are not looking to chat for months with a guy from over seas for one possible date either. Also after wasting all the time talking with you for months that could turn into nothing, she could have very well met a local guy that would have taken her out that weekend. Plus are you looking for long term, an affair, sugar baby , penpal? Some may see your distance as a time consuming event. Meaning talk to this guy for hours upon days upon months so we can find out that we’re not a match so no date.On free dating sites guys don’t want to talk, they want to meet you immediately but here many are dragging their feet because of the money involved. These are things that women think about especially on a site like this. So if the guy is looking for a one night stand romp why wait 3 months when you can do that with someone this weekend? Or is he looking for marriage? Ok well how is that going to work out? I’m not sure how old you are but realistically that may seem a bit much to think about on a dating site that promotes more of meeting someone for a date right away.

    Paying to communicate I don’t feel is a catch. Could you imagine how many dates would be sent with no honest follow through if guys could just send offers and chat with anyone for free? Plus doesn’t the site have a guaranteed 1000 credit page where refunds can be made on a case by case basis?

    So from what you’ve written so far I would assume that you have sent winks and offers yet you’re not unlocking any dates. So in other words the attractive member in question isn’t getting a response from you because you’re not paying to unlock communication. If you’re not a premium member many will reject your offer on the spot and mentally label you as ” not serious”.

    Why would women pay to be paid on a date? That seems some what backwards if they are in fact the attractive member. This of course goes for both attractive males and females. Now there is another part to the site that some attractive members can pay to be premium members which is an option that’s available. It’s not required but it may help with visibility on the site.

    I’m glad that they allow guys to search and test the site out for free in their area first. It would be horrible if you paid for credits and found that you weren’t attracted to any of the women here. Way to go Rob M. It’s always smart to shop before you buy.

    Plus you’ve added that women here are “scuffy” and “nothing special” so why are you sending offers to basic looking women when you can chat for free on mostly all other sites?

    Age restrictions don’t work unless you are searching for specific ages. Again a feature available I believe to premium members. People of any age can send you winks. You can just put a rejection code ** not interested* which takes all of 2 seconds to do. I wanted an age restriction code of “TOO OLD” but I suppose “not interested” works just fine.

    The above isn’t important since you feel the women here are average or below average at best. I guess we should all wish you the best on other sites.

    **Another option** If you’re the attractive one why not change your profile from generous to attractive? Attractive men are paid to date here too.

    Anyone else here that has opened communication and has gone on 1 date know if the generous member is charged per message or is it unlimited chatting with that specific unlocked date?

    Maybe I can find a customer service number here somewhere that is if my question isn’t answered.

    • humanbeing says:

      I think it’s unlimited communications once the date is unlocked but that’s only a theory because so many guys want to chat for 3 months before going out.

      Someone was asking about screened messages and what info could be sent. You can exchange e-mail/contact info in messages, as far as I know, I have, lol, maybe I’ve been an unintentional rebel all this time :/

  152. Rob M says:


    I am not sending offers I just sent winks at first to a very few girls I liked the look of and had made favorites. I didn’t realise what a wink actually said, ‘ XX wants to know your price for a first date’ until I got some myself then I stopped sending them as I didn’t necessarily want to create an impression my interest was at that stage already. I assumed a wink was a ‘softer’ alert of interest just so recipients might also check you out in return.

    So all the offers I have are from women to me, not vice versa and to date I am not interested in any of them, as ironically of course they all come from women I did NOT wink at or have interest in. That’s Life.

    You are correct in that I am not unlocking them and to be honest probably won’t and most likely will not continue with the site now that I understand the financial mechanics of it. It still feels like a rip-off to me and I am not comfortable with the way it works being too ‘hit and miss’. It seems wasteful and despite your comments that you think men should pay to even email I disagree, but then you WOULD say that as of course you don’t have to pay just to talk. The divide is rather inseparable because of that point.

    I imagine despite the fact that I DO travel now and then and would date if I was there, the odds I would ‘import’ someone or fly out for one date are very slim as you say so I perhaps should anyways alter my pattern and approach UK women only,however overall they are not the ones I fancy, and are generally a lot less attractive and varied than the usa and european ones, especially as I really like asian girls.

    You imply I generalised about all the women here and that wasn’t the case I said ‘many’ but certainly not all. It’s Sod’s Law that the ones I like are either far off or are not the ones who reply to me, so far. Yes I am ‘testing’ such as the site allows, basically seeing what I get back first of all against my profile and pic (without being able to talk to them) and assessing the commercial cost against whether it’s worth investing in credits.

    At this moment I would say no. The age thing is just that I am only interested up to a certain age and I accept that women play the same routine. Same as off screen and that doesnt worry me, I am used to that. I may just not be a suitable prospect for this site and its ‘quickie date’ proposition, as the concept of first paying to merely talk doesn’t gel with me and that’s not a good basis to proceed really then is it.

    It’s not making cash offers that would put me off or paying for the dates and I am not mean or poor, it’s the feeling of being ‘used’ by the website as a revenue mechanism (sucker) along the way that jars with me, and the fact that this was virtually ‘concealed’ until you are already immersed into the system. Had I realised that up-front and they had made that clear I would never have started, to be honest.I guess that is why they don’t.

    By the way, you write in a formal way at times and using terms that make you sound almost like an employee of the site.. although you do state you don’t know the answers to the issues we have discussed ref charges and emails so I assume you are not but your answer almost has an admin like ring to it?

    • humanbeing says:

      Business is business. If you don’t want to pay for cover and coat check and for wildly expensive drinks and a taxi so you can dance and drink with hotties, you don’t go out to a club, but it’s naive to think that any business model can survive without paying members/customers… or you simply face it being a far lesser quality experience. Free sites are like drinking in a park with your music device and some headphones. Paid sites with a clear niche market are like the best clubs with best djs, I belong to few niche sites and constantly see new sign ups in the forum asking what the site is all about… I’ve yet to sign up to any site or forum without knowing what the focus was cuz it’s all covered on the registration or login page if you neglect to read the terms you agree to.

      I’m not encouraging you to lie online but if you want to know how it is for women on most sites, sign up as a woman, on Fish O’ Plenty, for one weekend. You’ll be able to see quite quickly that any message from a guy is one of 100 on any given day… and may see the merit in being one in a few sending a message, who acknowledges the hoard and wants to set himself apart from it. There really are a lot of people on all kinds of sites who are new to online dating or faking every aspect of their personality who will spend months playing “getting to know” but after you do that a few times and realize that a year of getting really involved in print, with strangers, has only gotten you writing practice because chemistry can only be measured in person, sites like this seem like a fine way to save piles of time even if it does cost a bit of money. Life is too short for all this nickel and diming.

  153. trejedy says:

    I have to laugh at @tulsa’s lengthy comment, first because the phrase “the guy from the UK” obviously indicates @tulsa was either accusing @Rob of being that guy, or that she had already discussed that particular miscreant with @Rob or with someone else (on the WYP staff, for instance). And second because, yes, @Rob, I, too, have wondered at times about a lot of posts to this blog that seem very “party line” – and using very similar language – when it comes to supporting the site’s practices. Since admin never comments on paying customers’ issues (though they frequently do when there is female uproar over some misbehavior), I believe that is the way WYP defends its practices with the guys footing the bill; the “deserving prima donna” angle, since it’s assumed the men here are all desperate and will accept that argument.

    However, as to the number of emails you can exchange once you’ve “unlocked” an offer/offer acceptance, I believe it is unlimited for that one offer, but am not 100% sure. I personally try to take it off the site and go to a regular email address, but the way that has worked out (with two exceptions of maybe 50 contacts) is that they say they are going to write to that address and the email never shows up (even in my junk folder), or they disappear from the site. In either case, correspondence ends after just 1 or 2 emails, so I can’t be positive it’s unlimited with an unlocked communication.

  154. chris says:

    Any conversation that goes to a personal email goes dead because it just went to the creepy zone. Keeping mails to the site or phone/ text is best. Do not forget that girls spook easy.

  155. trejedy says:

    “Girls spook easily”…nice.

    After 2 emails on any other site I’ve tried (match, etc.), I give them my real email address (not asking for or giving a physical address, or soc. sec. number or credit card information, etc.) I’ve never had any woman from these sites refuse to write to my real address. I didn’t realize that I was being so freakishly weird, but why are women from other sites unable to see a real email for this creepiness, perversion, and slime, if, as you say, there is something weird about wanting to actually communicate with a real person?

  156. chris says:

    All the younger people do text these days. They prefer instant. Also, if you mail from the site you can see if it has been viewed. Mail from the site should be better just to keep track of who is who.

  157. tulsalove says:

    @Rob M

    I’m sorry you’ve been having a hard time here and I do wish you a great time on other sites. Since you haven’t spent any money yet then you have only lost out on some time. Something similar to what people would spend or loose on a regular dating site that they are on for free.

    You like what you like and there’s nothing wrong with that , but this site would be renamed ” what’s your loss” if guys could sign up for free and spend nothing to talk to the women here. The credits you buy from your calculations about 10-20% of a date. Not being able to spend 10-20% of a date to communicate is almost saying you couldn’t possibly afford a date. It’s one place where someone’s claims of wealth will have to followed up and if not well then nothing happens.

    People actually thought I could be an admin? That’s pretty funny. If I was an admin I doubt that I would have questions about the inner workings on what guys pay for? There are some things I know and some things I don’t. My reason for posting here was to see if someone that actually has gone on a date could answer.

    Not sure what your issue is. I’ve looked at many of the blog posts on here to find your same response style with name changes. I don’t think you realize how obvious your message here is. Your name says it all.

    When I was on free dating sites writing messages was never really an issue. The site was free so what would be the point of sending messages to someone’s email? It was more convenient to log into the same place and answer to all my messages instead of going into an email for this one guy then having to log back in to talk to everyone else. Also is she real after an email address? Or is she real when you’re talking to her on the site? If the communication (email on site) is there, what’s the need to go off the site? What I’ve noticed on the free sites were that men would send you a message with just their email. So now I have to run from yahoo,gmail,hotmail,aim etc to speak to message 5 different people?

    I thought the purpose of online dating was because people have a limited amount of time to meet and talk. You log in , chat right on the site so that everything is in one place. I started ignoring guys on free sites that had their email in the first message. It wasn’t costing them anything to chat on the site so what was the need to take the conversation somewhere else to do the very same exact thing?

    The guys that I ended up dating were the ones that used the free site and all of it’s features. The others got put in the ignore bin. It was even worse when the guy was much older than me yet couldn’t type his thoughts on the site. All he said was ” pictures are nice email me at—-” That said to me : He’s playing his own numbers game and is just doing his collection. That’s not a turn on and even worse it’s rude. It’s his own numbers game. Here the numbers game are equivalent to real dollars / euros/etc

    I personally like texting but even that’s getting to be annoying when you get text from ” the collector” at weird hours of the day and night, plus he’s not actually saying anything of value. He just wants to know you have a pulse still.

    So yeah for the guys wanting to run their own show this site would piss them off. What? I can’t get send a bunch of girls my email and phone number for free? Wow I’m not signing up here! I feel ripped off. No Sh**!

    Free sites annoy me because my inbox gets filled up by ever Dick , Tom and Harry’s phone number and email address. When if they had something meaningful to say they could do it right there. So this site weeds those guys out. If he can’t cough up the money to open communication then he’s not a real “generous member”.

    Now don’t get me wrong. I do understand some guys have opened communication and poof the attractive member disappears. That sucks. So If I was a generous member I would be pissed off too. However from what I’ve been reading some of the generous members shoot themselves in their own foot. Say hello and treating the woman with kindness and respect is all I think any woman here is asking. However I’ve seen some guys open communication and spew out some disgusting comments and wonder why she decides ” not for me” and just shuts her account down. So is that really “girls spook easily” or is that they got tired of dealing with classless men?

    A few guys have their phone number in the profile. Now I’m not sure if that is going to work since they’re not making offers and aren’t premium so why would a woman here want to contact a guy that’s supposed to be generous when he’s trying to get around how the site works?

    @trejedy thanks again for answering my question but like Rob M you aren’t sure but in your case you open communication to communicate elsewhere. If she stopped talking there may be a reason that you’re not at liberty to discuss as to WHY. It also doesn’t make sense for you not to know for sure if you opened communication on two dates. So you’re the ” email me at —— type”. I would ignore you too. It’s rude and I don’t know why you don’t see that. Talk to us. Communicate right here. Let us get to know you before you shove an email or phone number down our throats. If it’s not costing you anymore money then why go off the site?

    So if it’s unlimited messages with that unlocked date what’s the problem? How would the site make money ? I look around and I don’t see a bunch of ads popping up. Is there a membership fee required to be here? Don’t see that either.

    I also don’t think that men are desperate because they are here. This is another way for them to meet attractive women. For me I like generous men and on a free dating site you’ll find many posers but none of them can’t afford to be on a paid dating site.

    Also I still can’t believe some guy here paid a girl $200 that was 5 times the weight she claimed. I know guys are not that stupid. I mean didn’t you realize she wasn’t the same women after you sat down, ordered food and handed her $200? I mean was he scared of her? Felt she was going to beat him up if he didn’t open the all you can eat buffet? That’s just the best story I’ve read so far!

    Why is it bad to have long posts? Woman communicate, shouldn’t that be a good thing trejedy? Isn’t that something you felt you were missing from the dates you claim to have opened? Maybe you should ask your dates to post in the blog and talk to them right here instead.

  158. tulsalove says:

    You’re right. Emails would die. I don’t necessarily want to have to log in to some email, sift through loads of junk mail just for one guy. I also would have to remember who he is. Those are all unnecessary steps to communication. I log in to What’YP when someone has sent me a wink or an offer but there would be no other reason to check. I don’t link my email to my phone because it would never stop going off. So now I would have to log in to my email just to see if Tom sent me something? That kills the fun of the site. I like logging in here when I’ve been alterted that there is a reason to do so. I don’t understand why that’s so difficult when it’s so much easier to do?

    Maybe you “email guys” can tell me what the benefit is?

    Do you have a date only email box that you take time to label woman and put them in separate folders? Then sort them by looks or how fast you’ll most likely get to date them? Copy and paste a few of the same messages all of them get?

    Sorry I really don’t get it.

    Ease of use is another reason I signed up here.

    • humanbeing says:

      It’s a control thing, if it’s anything. If they can pull some strings and make you dance, they think they can continue that manipulation, perhaps all the way to a miserable marriage, lol I don’t stick around to find out anymore.

  159. chris says:

    In most cases they want email so they can ask personal questions they might get turned into the staff for. Another is to try and get a girls ip or do a search of her email on facebook. Creepy if you ask me. It is just a sexy date so why the back ground snoop?

  160. chris says:

    One girl told me she post her pictures on a site so when the guy looks she is watching his ip log on to check his location and state.

  161. trejedy says:

    Chris, i don’t want to get into personal discussion with you, but you have no idea what you are talking about. “In most cases they want to ask questions they might get turned into the staff for”? No, forget it. It isn’t worth the effort to reply to you.

  162. Trejedy says:

    @tulsalove, I didn’t go into your lengthy post but noted at the start of one paragraph you took inaccurate pot shots. If my nick name makes something obvious, you must be able to understand the language that the word comes from. Please tell people what it means and enlighten us all as to its implications.

    Instead of asking me what my problem is, what is your issue with me? Why are you obsessed by my having criticisms of this site? Why are you attempting, as Chris does with his “creepy”, to make it seem like my issues (and Rob M’s) are not legitimate because we are some type of deviante freaks? As to your inspections into language use or catch phrases or something, yes, I’ve used a different nym. I clear my cache when I finish a day on my computer and the auto filled nickname is cleared. “Seriously?” was me. But I’ve seen many different names for you, too, so why is that some type of weirdness on my part alone?

    I take it that yours is the only answer we are going to get from WYP management. I won’t bother to read it.

  163. tulsalove says:

    You’re not a real member so you’re not worth talking to. Thanks for making that easy.

    Thanks for your honest feedback. Wow so ip checking. Back round snooping does sound creepy. I wondered about something fishy going on here. Some profiles are obvious to avoid. I read another blog on here that some attractive member was attacked. Guess no one will be picking me up for a date after reading about that.

  164. tulsalove says:

    Actually that was in this post. I looked over so many I got confused. Some of these guys above seem pretty upset. If your post agrees with them then you’re right. If it doesn’t then you’re either an employee or management. Don’t they realize that not everyone has the same experiences here? Surely women and men will have different things to say.

    Anyways- Hope everyone enjoys dating this weekend!

  165. chris says:

    Many people are the bully type on this blog i noticed as well if you not agree. I sure hope they leave the site instead of trying to meet people here in person.

    • humanbeing says:

      On the site, too. Or pick any site. We had a great discussion the other day about how generally nice people (in the real world) come to these kinds of forums/venues to douche out in ways they’re too scared to in the real world, because they know there’d be consequences to acting like a total dillhole in public.Just read any of the comments on a mainstream newspaper article… faith in humanity dwindles with each line of type for the most part.

      It is an interesting angle to approach social experiments because the bullies will say what many won’t, so it’s a great way to know what they less honest jerks in any crowd are thinking, too.

  166. trejedy says:

    I see it’s pointless to air any grievance with WYP on this blog, at least or paying customers. No disagreement with policy or no complaint is dealt with professionally, it’s all done by paid employees pretending to be customers/commenters who attempt to portray such dis-satisfaction as either freakish (“creepy”) or as some sort of mental issue such as being perpetually angry (or being a “bully”). Inevitably there is the “if you don’t like it leave” or “maybe this site isn’t for you” defense of WYP practices and if that doesn’t work, these WYP employees allow themselves to make ad hominem attacks, and then pretend to be offended at even the most mild of teasing, attempting to undermine any legitimate complaint by making it a personal issue between “clients”.

    It isn’t personal for me, however. Enjoy yourselves if you really are clients of WYP and not paid employees, I have no problem with you disagreeing with me if it works for you in your area. It doesn’t for me in mine, and judging from other guys here I would say my problems with the site are common. Like I said, i have just a few credits left, so I won’t stick around much longer.

  167. tulsalove says:

    I couldn’t locate the customer service number but whatever. I got my answer from my unlocked date. So it is unlimited messaging back and forth once the date unlocks. I now realize that the guy claiming on here to have unlocked dates yet couldn’t answer this question shows that he never even opened up one date. Also this guy changes his name but seems to favor the term ” ad hominem attacks”. Must be his new vocabulary phrase for this year and apparently the last year too. Wow this guy has been posting on this blog for all that time with no dates?!? Sad.

    Yes, the Blog Bully fits well. SMH

  168. chris says:

    Anyone can join so it could be just kids playing on the blog and making profiles. Some may not even be of age to own one. If i was a site owner i would just ban people who got on my nerves and not bother wasting my time on this blog.

  169. trejedy says:

    An ad hominem attack is one like your posts, in which you attempt to comment (insult, for instance) on the other person rather than counter their argument. Sorry you didn’t learn that in grade school.

    I also said several posts ago in answer to ER or Rob M, I forget which, that email was unlimited I believe between unlocked dates.

    Not sure why you are obsessed with me, Tulsalove. It’s kind of cute, but I’m not interested in dating you and won’t react to your little diatribes any more.



  170. Rob M says:

    The argument seems to be getting stretched thin by lots of back and forth personal sniping..for which ‘conveniently’ the chris identity has appeared also. I am even more convinced now as trejedy agrees that my suspicions that WYP personnel like Tulsa ‘ghost write’ to deride any sensible observed criticism by members, paying or otherwise. I note also that there is very little appearance here by any supposedly genuine successful members using the system.

    Tulsa’s rather sad predictable cliche that anyone questioning the site’s revenue mechanism must necessarily ‘not be able to afford dates’ is a really low level snipe barely worthy of rebuttal. There is a vast difference between factual observed critique of a marketing plan and system which does not make its charges abundantly clear, and being financially under-resourced as a site user.

    I have no problems paying for anything at all, that’s NOT the issue; which was about honesty in marketing, open-ness in charging structures and the ‘take it or leave it’ attitudes of a business towards its customers demands for more clear information on charges and costs. If one cannot make such observations without some thinly disguised site employee setting out to do some return ‘character assassination’ by calling you a ‘cheapskate’ then that shows clearly to me the level of distrust that exists between provider and customer.

    Trying to imply that I or anyone who questions the charging system must therefore be unable to ‘afford’ to be here on this dubious site, as a tactic to render their observations of lesser value somehow doesn’t impress me at all as a reasoned response. Cheap Trick in my opinion. The lack of clarity, paucity of information and biased discriminatory structure of the site was to me certainly worth debating, hence my comments.

    Tulsa’s personal snipes at trejedy just prove the point and are in poor taste and shouldnt be necessary here. It would be better if WYP responded directly and gave a XXXX for user observations of its site instead of trying to smear any critics using dummy respondents. That would be actual customer relations practice and might earn them some more paying subscribers instead of trying to sweep issues under the carpet by implying that only people who have not achieved genuine financial success would dare to complain or question the system. That argument is pathetic indeed.

  171. Brian says:

    I’m concerned about the legitimacy of this site and many of the “female” members (real or just made up profiles).

    I have a number of accepted “dates” that never materialize. Offer accepted, one email to say hello, then whoosh, no further contact. Have spend $125 on points and regretting that I ever found this site because as the policy clearly states “no refunds” even when I think the profiles are fake. Made up by WYP? Don’t know, but only know that the accepted date suck up my points and that’s that.

  172. ER says:

    @robM,trejedy, vic, brian.
    I agree with you all and your experiences verify my original points. I also tend to agree with you that WYP don’t seem to have any monitoring on this blog and the only pseudo comments are from ‘stooge’ WYP employees that is abundantly clear from their terminology used in replies.

    This site is really just deception and a thinly disguised con trick in my opinion.As stated earlier:

    The on-screen marketing implies that it’s more simple…’just name a price, and if your offer is right, you’ll get a YES and you’re off on a first date..’ No, Not as Simple as That!. It says ‘We’ll get you that first date’ but it should have a qualifying reality statement to say ‘provided you invest significant up-front money in site credits to communicate with your prospective dates before the event, and with no guarantee that a date will occur and with no refund in any circumstances’

    Customers should be clearly advised on the site (not hidden away) that it is ‘entirely possible to expend significant sums of non refundable money in the process of discussion of potential dates with anonymous untraceable individuals which may or may not result in any date taking place’

    By not bringing this mandatory pre-date cost to the fore, this site is openly misrepresenting itself in headline marketing by ommitting to make abundantly and openly clear the fact you have to pay open ended US$ sums in order to unlock prior communication with alleged ‘females’.

    The linking of the unlock fee to date cost is designed to inflate date prices so that the site can make higher revenues. No successful male in his right mind is going to be a ‘sucker’ and pour money into this rigged system just to email a few completely suspect individuals.

    Once you understand the mechanism and see the financial model, there is far too much uncertainty here and too many avenues for suspicion, manipulation and trickery. On the basis of current evidence I shall be discontinuing my involvement with this site.

  173. trejedy says:

    @Rob, my understanding is that in the beginning

    they (meaning Brandon, doubtless) used to censor

    the blog, deleting posts not to their liking. I

    also gather from archived posts that credits used

    to expire after a short time. Apparently when

    they decided it was bad form to delete any paying

    customer that had a complaint they opted for no

    official acknowledgement of the complaint and to

    get rid of the dissatisfied by writing fake

    female customer insults as you describe. I’ve run

    commercial web sites and it doesn’t take a huge

    staff (Craigslist has 11 employees working in a

    little shop in San Francisco, for instance), once

    the site is built it virtually takes care of

    itself, so I think we can be pretty sure whose

    typing out those idiotic attempts to silence

    people. Totally childish way to run a business,

    entirely rapacious, a hit-it-and-quit-it

    mentality of getting as much money as you can,

    providing no customer service and with 0 overhead

    (except maybe hiring a few Pinays to write fake

    profiles and agree to a price) and then

    disappearing. I’m just nervous that I gave them

    my credit card number

    @ER, while I can agree with you to some extent, I

    figured in coming here that it was buyer beware

    as far as any “guarantee”. Any look at the

    profiles on the splash screen when you log on

    will tell you that there are either a lot of pros

    or a lot of fake profiles on the site as well as

    a ton of not very good looking women. I think

    this blog is monitored, in fact I think most of

    it is written by WYP. You’ll notice that the same

    voices are commenting on every blog post in the

    archive and the subjects each voice addresses is

    virtually identical. I’ve said I have experience

    with web sites with traffic and it seems to me

    there is a lot of effort put in to making this

    site seem much larger than it is; for instance,

    every single one of the 20 or so profiles that

    they list as being in my area on the front page

    when I sign in are no longer active on the site.

    But what Brandon et al (if there is any “al”
    besides him and maybe a few people in Manila

    hitting the “Accept” button) are banking on is

    that by ignoring us and the legitimate complaints

    is that, by ignoring us, we will tire and go

    away. Undoubtedly that it true since who is going

    to make a huge issue out of it, get a lawyer,

    make a class action suit against a site that most

    in the media and beyond clearly think is a thinly

    veiled form of prostitution? Doesn’t make me wish

    them well, but it does make sense in internet

    commerce. It’s why you get so many spam messages

    in your email for erection pills, because if it’s

    there some sucker will fall for it eventually and

    make the owner some money, and who’d complain

    about no-performing penis enlargement aids…;-)

    Same idea with this site.

  174. Hottie Mcbody says:

    I have been on the site for a couple of months. I have accepted a couple of offers, but nothing more than endless emails has ever materialized, that is until the other night. Boom…out of nowhere I got a $500 offer. I accepted of course, but it wasn’t because of the amount offered…it was because he was cute, and I liked his profile and his picture.

    After I accepted he immediately sent me a message with his phone number an asked me to call him, so I did. We set up a time for a dinner date that same night. Well first and foremost, he was an absolute Gentleman and I had a great night. He was very handsome, wildly funny, and sexy as all hell.

    We messed around a little bit, what can I say, I’m a little slutty (kidding), and he was really sexy. We didn’t have sex, nor did I ever feel pressured or obligated. We just really hit it off and really enjoyed each other’s company.

    We got to know each other, which was the whole point of the date. He is actually one of the most interesting people I have ever met and I am looking forward to a second date. K is a totally good guy, a real breath of fresh air!

    ***Side note: He gave me the money right away, after our second glass of wine. I would totally reccomend him to others…if I didn’t want to keep him all to my self.***

  175. cassie says:

    Hi everyone
    I’m new to this website and ihave a few questios to ask.
    First,i’ve been offered a 150 euros datebut the generous member is telling me that i will only get 50 eros on the first date and 100 euros on the second date with gifts and a lot more money.
    I told him that we would not meet if he doesn’t give all the money on the first date because i want him to keep his word and therefore i’ll be able to trust him a little bit more. And now he tells me that i’m in it only for the money. he told me he wanted to lavish me with gifts and want to be my sugar daddy but i feel like if he cant even give me 150 euros , how the hell is he going to give me an 4 figure allowance.
    he told me that we would go to the restaurant and that he would pay me back themoney i would have used for the meal!!!!!
    He didn’t even want to invite me. He seems very cheap. I am by no means a golddigger but
    i think that someone like him can’t be a sugar daddy.Tell me if i’m wrong.
    the thing i didn’t tell you is that we kept negotiating the amont for 2 days non stop. he wanted to give me 10 euros at first.
    What do you guys think i should do ?
    And i’ve also received a 29 euros offer from someone and i didnot accept the offer and then he offerd me 8 euros!I was shoked.
    What do you think i should do?
    i’m only asking for between 100 and 150 for a date.
    Is it to much?

  176. tulsalove says:

    That guy is playing games. If he accepted an offer for $150 then that’s the amount for the date. Now that the date is opened he’s trying to haggle for two dates? This guy has control issues.

    Report and block.
    Your price is whatever you want it to be. It’s called whatsyourprice for a reason.

  177. tulsalove says:

    oh the 29 euro guy I would just say “too low” if he goes lower then he’s just being rude. So reject and block him.Focus on other offers.

  178. cassie says:

    thanks tulsalove for your advice. I don’t need to meet them, i’m mooving on.

  179. Potential says:

    I’ve skimmed this blog, and it’s answered some of the questions I had. I don’t see exactly how many credits it takes to unlock though. Perhaps someone could enlighten me?

  180. Potential says:

    Ok, nevermind… I see now it’s 30 credits to unlock. That’s more than monetarily reasonable. In fact it’s downright cheap.

  181. ER says:

    Ha ha, I see the ‘fake customers’ (admin) are out in force again writing little imaginary date scenarios presumably this is in some sort of sad attempt to deluge and knock all our critical posts back a bit, and to create the opinion that this site might actually be ‘real’ again… more fool anyone who is stupid enough to invest any money in this scam.

  182. Lannika says:

    I have met some VERY nice guys here after accepting thier offer for a date, met in public place & had great time, interesting & true Gents, THERE IS ALWAYS ONE BAD APPLE SWFLAGUY2 MADE ME AN OFFER, I ACCEPTED,WE NEVER MET, SO I EMAILED HIM AGAIN, THEN HE STARTED WITH GAMES TO GO ONTO CALLING ME A HOOKER IN PRIVATE MESSAGES, THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE EVEN FROM A VERIFIED MEMBER. thankfully he is a minority here, and will be soon forgotten as I have other offers for dates.. GIRLS BEWARE OF SWFLGUY2

  183. Lannika says:

    correction the jerk with no class or manners is SFLGUY2 GIRLS BEWARE OF THIS JERK

  184. Lannika says:


  185. Potential says:

    This site WORKS! It took me not even 2 or 3 days to meet someone. That’s much more than I ever expected. What a difference over other sites where females don’t even read my messages haha!!

  186. arealcad says:

    I offer my email/cell as a contact for convenience and speed. It comes in handy moments before the initial meeting – especially if either one of us is running late.

    If the comfort level isn’t there, then stick to the website. I don’t care.

    I also keep the first date offering low – on subsequent dates, the amount escalates based on compatibility and mutually agreed upon expectations.

    I’ve had no shows and no contact after agreeing to the amount. But every actual F2F date was fine. Some were “unique” and “interesting” but nothing awful, and I don’t think anyone I met on this site had a bad experience with me. (at least that’s what I keep telling myself)

    Some gals are a little gun shy – if there was a way to get a reference about someone before the date, it may lower the stress level and filter out the bad eggs.

  187. Ruby says:

    I’ve asked for $200 and havent went on any dates so far, am I asking for too much? What so you guys ask for?

  188. Seriously says:

    You’re right ER. The newer blog post has even more “satisfied customers” and praise for the Dear Leader.

  189. arealcad says:

    @Ruby – $200 fine. If the guy is interested he’ll counter offer. Don’t go over $200 or no one will hit you up.

    re: fake (corporate) profiles. There are plenty of profiles by WYP staff, all designed to get men to go above a certain credit threshold – specifically the $100. It’s happened to me. Then I realized, you can use Google images and find the stock photo. It’s a real time/credit saver.

  190. Ruby says:

    @arealcad I’ve had couter offers and the lowest I will take Is $100. But nobody seems to take the time amd read my profile, I am only looking for a sd or friendship. I also tell them straight up I am not looking for a sexual relationship. Even if you are my sd ur still not getting sum. Do guys think any guys will be intrested?

    • humanbeing says:

      It’d be a rare sugar daddy who will be interested in yet another celibate intimate relationship… they usually already have one of those at home.

      If the number is 2 in every billion people, I’d be surprised but I’m sure there are at least a dozen on the planet who’d be interested in a friend who needs help with her bills. Even if you can inspire a man to tears with your pure feminine essence, it’s unlikely he’d throw down cash for it in this society. And there are probably as many as 8 million women competing for each of those dozen, so the competition is as steep as trying to date a celebrity “just cuz you wanna”.

      Don’t “give sum” if you don’t want to but don’t expect MOST guys to stay engaged in that kind of relationship for too long. Even a future husband isn’t going to wait until retirement to get married and consummate the thing.

  191. ER says:

    @seriously and @arealcad – yes exactly, this whole site is a fakery and scammers paradise, with invented female profiles just designed to get men to pay to unlock emails with fictitious women. I am having nothing to do with it now other than watching what approaches I get and the blog. I think it’s a total con.

    @Ruby – in response to your Q I would say NO, guys are not going to be interested if you rule out sex – if we want companionship only we may as well go out to the bars with our male friends and not have to spend huge sums of money. If you take sex out of the equation there is (to many men, including me) no point spending time with women at all or putting up with their demands. Your comment about not reading the profile applies two ways as I constantly get winks and get favourite listed by women who have clearly not read my profile as they don’t match at all and are way outside my stated age range for interest.

    I really want to see some extra ‘decline’ reasons added to winks and offers as the existing few don’t really allow a truthful rejection response. we also need some like:

    – you are an escort clearly by your profile
    – outside my required age range

    as long as you can’t communicate with people without paying fees I am not interested unless it is someone truly stunning who has READ my requirements and is within my age range and type specification – most I think are fakes.

  192. RayD says:

    The text quoted below has turned up on several female profiles here on the site. FWIW I have opened communication with several young ladies (credits burned) and have got ZERO response. What is this telling me? Well I put the offer out there, they accept, I burn 30 credits or whatever it is to open communication and boom no response. Just ranting here.

    On to the quoted text …

    “My First Date Expectations:
    I am a great person and have a lot to give, we can talk about it on our first date!”

    I have seen the above quoted text in several profiles. Point is if you’re going to post pre-canned female profiles for the sake of beefing up the site or having us burn credits then at least be a little more creative and leave the redundancy out. We may be lonely or looking for someone that otherwise we couldn’t get with but we’re not stupid.

    So far over 100 credits burned off and no date yet. We’ll see what happens with the next one. She’s cute as a button and I’m hoping she’s real!

    Rock on folks!

  193. Blue says:

    Ruby I always go with $200 unless they offer more. Seems to be the magic number for me.

  194. Dee says:

    Went on a date and BigDaddy didnt pay.. it was a measly 50 he offered me originally and I had upped it to 100 for a date…whatever!He Didnt offer me any money at all,,,,but im cute and nice and dont need to beg! Just the point thats all.1st time trying.

  195. miche says:

    i agree too many ” fake” profiles by wyp admin
    i accepted many dates from men and they would NEVER open communication with me which pisses me off. I think all women should be free anyway. Ive been on this site for almost a yr and all i get are JERKS and non serious men

  196. Georged says:

    John’s beware if you walk the girl to her car because her boyfriend could be there sleeping while he is waiting for her to get back. I had this occur to me and I was attacked by her man and I felt cheated but luckily I did not get any bruises. Y’all be careful now from these shady women!!

  197. michelle says:

    Ok why cant you see it thru your eyes. Look how many ” dates” queen has gone on. Either queen is a real female and only dates for money or Queen is a Male aka Brandon who is the creator of this site and only wants to put feedback on here so that people can feel comfy.
    Really weird that this queen person gets 250.00 and 500.00 for dates.
    Bad enough I can not get the men on here to respond to their date after they offer me 100.00, I understand it cost them to open their mail but damm if you offer a lady a date then you better follow thru after she accepts the offer.

    • humanbeing says:

      As one guy said, he didn’t realize that winks were “send me an offer” messages. I especially like the ones who offer a date from a million miles away, unlock it when you accept, and then send a message saying “do you ever come to wherever it is I live, a million miles away from you.” …Umm, not for $150 and not until you’re my sugar daddy and I already know you.

  198. michelle says:

    @kemp I agree. Queen is just dating for money and acting like she is always the victim. If you ask for 500.00 then you better expect to put out sex for it and dont cry oh he man handled me.. Most of the girls are dating for money like queen is cause they are not working and want the man to support them.

    • humanbeing says:

      Enough with the slut shaming tactics already. Strippers dance naked for strangers in exchange for money. Is it okay to grab their ass or any other part of him/her ’cause s/he shakes it professionally? The answer is no, and the answer about making judgements about how people get by in life: some people dig ditches for a living. They often have hot asses, too but we’re not allowed to grab at them either.

      Queen may act like a bit of a drama queen but there’s nothing wrong with any of the rest of it. If you think guys should be able to expect sex from women under certain circumstances what are there other “exceptions” to the human right to dignity? Like when it’s not rape if she’s a prostitute, or your wife? Which IS the most professional form of prostitution, if we’re judging sugar arrangements as nasty, too.

      Having honest exchanges with friends, family and lovers will become the norm some day. For now we’re relegated to the judgements of those who live a wholly different experience of life, but somehow still feel justified in comparing apples and gazelles based on the expertise of that limited experience.

      Meh and meh, but at least quit the slut shaming, it really does nothing to contribute to solving a systemic problem of (especially sexual) violence toward woman and the vulnerable in our society as a whole.

  199. Georged says:

    Here is a tip that helps filter the fake profiles on here for the John’s. When you get the girl to accept the date wait until she sends a message to spend your money otherwise it’s a scam, fake profile.

  200. arealcad says:

    @Georged – that’s a good protocol – wait for the 1st move and I use it if I feel the profile is circumspect. I’ve made the 1st move and been burned a few times, but not most of the time.

    BTW – Women change their mind when date amount goes above $200. They want that money, and inhibitions drop away real quickly. The gal that wanted just a “friendship” or “activity partner”? For $300+ “activity” has a very broad definition.

  201. bluewave29 says:

    A lot of good stuff discussed in this forum. I read most of them, and a constant issue concerns that people are offering and paying substantial cash and making an effort to meet and be pleasant without a clue as to what the other person expects. Worse situation is to come to anything — dinner, date or biz deal — without knowing something about the other’s expectations (how they value the meeting). The GOOD NEWS is that so easily corrected, as some have pointed out regarding the need to add icons to specify your expectations or to encourage participants to discuss expectations in their don’t complain. The fact that there are no icons or rules encouraging communication reflects either negligence of site operators (don’t think so; these guys seem smart) or the owners and the parties WANT IT TO BE AMBIGUOUS, which suggests that everyone is playing into the sex game in varying degrees. And that is cool, as long as most know it and the site does not advertise itself as not about sex completely innocent. Personally, I believe that the site’s ambiguity works and that the site (as opposed to the parties) will remain ambiguous because it serves the interests of all the parties. For those who want greater certainty it is up to them them to use the written notes to screen out (or in) the kind of experience you want. Whether they are a hooker or a genuine honey, virtually all women, respect candor if respectful (I am excluding the women and men who are just liars and predators). As is, this site provides a very valuable service in bringing all the parties together (got to admit the women are far prettier than any other site or most other sites) and made them very accessible and enable communication, it is now up to the guys and girls to take the additional steps to fine tune their use to get where with whom they seek. I would say that it is critical that, given the dollars and emotions involved, that for this to work and for this site to last more than another year, men and women have to be polite and well-mannered and prepared to be generous to make it work. The site after all relies upon money as qualifying you to play. The truth is that you can’t legislate or set up a guarentee “class”, you can just encourage and shame those who don’t. For me, the sign of a woman’s genuineness and merit is whether she is open to follow-on dates if the guy has demonstrated himself to be a gentleman. If she insists on large payments thereafter beyond what is reasonable under their understandings, she is in it principally for the money, which is rarely a basis for a good future relationship even if it is primarily a sexual one, as few men want to feel like a “mark”. Yes, you can contribute $ on an ongoing basis if you want to help, but if she is not motivated by who you have proven yourself to be, then, get out before you sign over the title to your car and empty your savings or embroiled in a dispute. MY ONE GOOD IDEA: establish a voluntary rating or comments section, where in a forum, people can rate the other. To protect against unfairness or abuse, both parties would have to agree up front to let their dates comment and they would be free to respond. At first blush, you might think that no one would agree, but within short time, the pressure would grow because most most are going to opt for drawing from those girls willing to be subject of comments and thus to meet guys, the girls would likely to agree. But she can comment too, don’t forget, so as with ebay, there is an incentive to be fair with one another. Just an idea. Hope this is helpful; sorry about length. Keep talking however because thats where solutions and good practice will maturate. and have fun.

  202. tulsalove says:

    bluewave I like your idea about a rating system too. I still think that it would be abused. Just reading I can see some members are sending offers for more than just dinner. It would be unfair to an attractive member to get a negative review because the date didn’t involve a bed.It would only be fair if both generous and attractive have reviews.

  203. michelle says:

    I like the idea that NOW admin has finally stepped up to the plate and IF the generous member does not open up a date after it is accepted they give him 5 days prior to cancellation

  204. KS says:

    As long as the profile is clear about what to expect on the first date the 2 people should be able to do whatever they want. Regardless of the rules of the site if a girl agrees to meet knowing that she isn’t getting paid for that particular date then she should be able to do that. Many girls that I have talked to are looking for a long term situation where they can keep seeing a guy and get much more financial help over the course of the relationship than they would get from a single date. The girls that are looking for a one time cash and dash really turn me off and if I determine that they just want to make a quick buck I won’t even talk to them further.

  205. Thomas says:

    I have 3 dates agreed.

    2 times I accept offers 1 time I make my own offer.

    I think one date will not happen coz she has no time.
    The second sounds good after a few mails to be a successfull dates.
    Both offers was less than 100 Dollar.

    The other one I hope will be a real good one, I make an offer what much here will see as too high. I expect nothing only a nice evening and conversation Why such an high offer. In a good profile yoy read if a woman has style if she has an intellectual stimulationg background. So I know she doesn’t need the money. But the most valuable for her is time. You can not write messages upfront to check out if you can make a lower offer to be accepted.

    And seeing it from a sight of a woman with style to send an offer of a few bucks will lead to a reject.
    For what is the money, for the cab, to prepare for the dinner.

    From my point of view it differs who makes the offer. If I send a wink to get an offer I show my nterest. If I make direct an offer I show strong interest and how valuable it is to meet this woman.
    If I get an unrequested offer especially for a high sum then it is a gold digger, especially if the difference in age and background is enormous.

    I know there are woman on this site the are looking for a sugar daddy and paying not with time or coversation, they pay back with sex.

  206. Jewelz says:

    I came upon this site, looking for a way to pay off some bills. So, I need $1500.00 just to break free, and get going again. I was looking at the comments and see that $20-100 is the going rate. How is that going to help me? I would be looking for a Man that can take care of himself and me. I guess this would not be the site I need then.
    Very interesting!

    • Charles says:

      This site is about first dates, not serial first dates to make a living. Try seeking arrangement if your looking for a sd/sb relationship.

  207. Ok, just humor me a bit more…

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  211. Laura says:

    It appears that at least I my area, the guys are nothing more than a bunch of time wasters. These guys who accept an offer or I accept their offer, should be dropped from this site if there get multiple complaints. So far I’ve had 6 accepted and have not met with a single person. I don’t have time to go thru the back and forth and for these guys just not be serious about meeting me!

    To say I’m frustrated is an understatement.


  212. gefahrlos says:

    I’ve had a couple of dates recently where the lovely lady looked nothing like their picture. After one date, I investigated and found her profile picture on a chinese webpage for a very successful model. So if there’s nothing but professional photographs on a profile, I do a reverse image search (on to see if the profile pictures are on up on the web. I’ve found a few and don’t make offers to those ladies. I now keep a copy of the date’s picture on my phone and, if it’s not a match (with some allowance for aging and gaining a little weight), the date’s over and I don’t pay.

  213. Chris says:

    That site functionality could probably created by admin, however all someone has to do is not respond. I would rather be rejected because someone thinks I’m too old, which is ridiculous, than to be taken advantage of for money and victimized by people agreeing to go out, establishing a mutual agreement then that never do their end of it. Most everyone I have dated here has done the latter to me.

  214. Chris says:

    LOL. SEX??? WTF? Hey I have date probably 10 women from this site and over $18,000.00 later I have not had any sexual encounter with any of them and all of them made the original agreement that intimate sexual relations periodically would eventually be a part of our agreement. I’d sure like to meet someone here that could uphold their end of our agreement.

  215. Dave says:

    Is there actually a single success story on this site?

    Really has one guy been on a date for any amount with a woman here that he has liked, has seen him again (presumably without payment), have become even a fuck buddy let alone a gf or has at least been a decent escort long term?

  216. Iris says:

    I just had a horrible time today. I was supposed to meet up with a guy for a date and I was stood up because I apparently looked too young! He could see me, but I couldn’t find him. I think he used a fake picture or something. I feel gypped and I feel like I wasted my time.

  217. Kerri says:

    Wow, I havnt had a bad experience yet, but now I’m almost mortified, I might consider carrying mase with me now!!

  218. Jon says:

    To the guys. Be classy. I always place the gift amount in a small discreet envelope ( hand made from parchment paper with a wax seal. I make these myself) this allows both you and the lady to have dignity. Also always be a gentleman, women do appreciate and man that opens doors for them, holds their chair for them, and is polite. Ask the Lady if you can walk her to here car if the decline, be gracious and watch from a distance ( ie do not follow her but stay where has left you) to ensure she reaches her car safely. Then go to your car. This ensures she gets to hers safely and also lets her know that you will not be following her.

    To the jerk guys out there. You are the reason dating is so hard. Women are always on guard now days because scum like you have ruined what should be a nice event. If I am every out and see one of you clowns acting anything even close they way some ladies here have described you will truly feel pain and suffering for your actions. Then off to jail you will go. I have sisters and a daughter I treat all women with respect because I want men to treat the women in my life with respect also; it is how it should be.

    To the Ladies, not saying all of you are doing this but, If I like a lady I have a tenancy to let her know before the end of the date that I would like to see her again. If this happen please do not agree to another date ( and have had several even set a day and time, heck had one lady even set a place and activity) and just disappear. I understand life happens but nothing make a person feel lower than to be stood up like that ( the one that set the place and activity was actual shocked when I showed up to pick her up for the date), If you are not able to make the date or have had a change of mind send a polite note. If your only dating for the money be gracious. I always send a note to the lady either by text or via the site the next day thanking her for the evening ( even if the date went bad). If your not interested in a second date say so but be polite.

    Please remember that the definition of a Gentleman or Lady is one who strives to ensure those they are with are comfortable and happy. Good manors go a long way. Leave your expectations at the door and enjoy the evening on the date. You will be surprised how much better things will go.

  219. Scott says:

    Good advice, Jon. Chemistry is intuitive, therefore things move with confidence and smiles, but what if your sensing things are wrong? She seems constantly distracted, her agenda seems busy, you feel your being used or worse setup for higher ultamations.

  220. Jon says:


    I have a new view on this site. Yes be class but be forewarned I have finally learning that 99.99% of the women on here are just here for the money. I have only met 2 women on here that seem to be real in that they are looking for long term. I am friends with one and the other is I am not sure which way things will go. The other women on here that I have seen seems to be looking for one thing only MONEY. Either a quick hit of a few hundred dollars per guy( serial daters) or several thousand per month to see a few times a month.

    No I’m not poor, but I’m not super rich, I’m comfortably middle class. I just finished a conversation with a “lady” ( term I will use lightly for her) . Her exact comment was that we were not a match because I did not lavish money and gift on her every time we met and she state boldly, She is looking for a older sugar daddy to put her and her daughter up in their own place, give her a $1000 + per week allowance, pay for her daughters private school. She would see the guy a couple times a month when it was convenient for her. She actually said I should go to Match and date ugly women because this site is only for women looking for Sugar Daddy’s. I seem to run into a lot of women on here that are only looking for Mr money bags.

    Like most people I work hard for the money I make. I can not see myself just giving said income away so that someone else is the only one benefiting from my hard work I have even stated in my profile that I am not looking for a Sugar Baby, but am looking for someone I can build a long term relationship. When I do make an offer is it in the 100 to 200 dollar range. I do understand there are cost to the women to go on the dates. But also women need to understand that there are not that many rich guys in the world. Most men have normal jobs. I make a better than average income. As such I thought I would give this site try. I am now starting to see that there are women here that are actually looking for more than a single sugar daddy on here so they can live the rich life and just string they guys along.

    As I said I have met a couple real ladies on here and both have actual canceled there profiles here because of the number of “Propositions” that have been made to them by men on here. I have become good friends with one of the ladies. But that is just it we are friends. Nothing more expected, I respect her. The other is still to be seen where things go. If we end up nothing more than friends I would still be happy.

    To the women on here just looking for a free ride please remember that looks will fade. Better to meet a gentleman that will be there for you long term then to have the sugar daddy for a few years.

    When I do meet the right lady she will have a nice place to live ( us together) and never miss a meal. We will take nice vacations. Will she get a mink coat? Most likely not. But she will have a a stable life and security in the future.

    So I do say be classy, be respectful, but be fair warned that there are those here that are for money only and number of those is much higher than those who are actually looking to find something long term.



  221. FJ says:

    I don’t know how to report what I’m about to tell. I used WYP many months ago and decided to close my account after a few dates. Recently I opened a new WYP account. I found someone who I previously went out with the first time I opened the account. Anyways, I figured to give it a second go and reconnect with this girl. We setup a date, she remembered me etc. Anyways, once we texted she told me that she had numerous financial problems and if it was possible to give her the WYP money that we agreed upon before the date. Since I met her before I decided to give her the money ahead of the date ($75). Well, as you might expect, she does not want to go out and gives me all these excuses on why she can’t go out. She says she works cleaning houses on the weekends and is too busy go out. Now we barely talk at all. I know I won’t get my money back but at least I want to warn people about this scammer.

  222. Tom says:

    Help me change my password

  223. Ken says:

    First of all, I’m a generous member who has been on a few dates and I’ve always paid no matter what. But I find it extremely biased that there are no requirements for the attractive member. Generous member must pay, but the attractive member must be worthy of pay. If she shows up looking bored and distracted the whole time, why should I even consider paying her? She has every right to leave and not meet up again. I think all first dates should be $25 for everyone (charged through the site) and used as an opportunity to get acquainted. All details for future arrangements can be discussed during the date and if it doesn’t go well, both parties can move on.

  224. Becky says:

    I just had a question so can if you’re talking to several guys can they see each other I like can they see that you’re talking to more than one more than just them

  225. Theo says:

    They should just call the site:

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