Falling for a First Date Fraudster
  • Posted Mar 12, 2014
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Have you ever been on a first date that went too perfectly? Dinner was excellent, the conversation flowed naturally, and your date suggested a second encounter. But what started out as girlfriend material, ended up turning into a flake of the week. Phone calls are met by idle rings, and no responses to any texts. It’s as if she boarded a one-way trip on Malaysian Airlines Flight 370.

There are two truths to WhatsYourPrice: First dates are likely, but second dates are never guaranteed.

On one hand, you have women on this site who will gladly go for round two after accepting a $500 date. But on the other hand, there exists women who are money-hungry whor—ahem. Let’s call them “First Date Fraudsters.”

These shallow singles are more motivated by green guys on dollar bills than nice guys in real life. I’d like to share our community’s thoughts on catching, as well as avoiding, singles who are only dating you for your dough:

How To Spot a First Date Fraudster

“They intend to bring their sister.

Their best friend.

Their old boyfriend.

Their old girlfriend

Their pet alligator.

Their Attorney, may as well get a good start.

If they intend to have you pay for their dinners for the next week by ordering several take out portions.

If they want to visit a restaurant that is close to a mall or an Apple Store so they can try to get you to buy them new clothes, shoes or a new computer and perhaps one for their sister, friend, old boyfriend, x-girlfriend or Attorney. Some of these have actually happened to me.”

Solution: Women who directly ask for hundreds of dollars fall under the fraudster category. Women who ask to bring along a friend on the first date fall under the same bracket. Women who want more than just the bid before building rapport are fraudsters.

Do you notice the trend? Simply put, be wary of entitled singles. Women who use words such as “princess” or “spoiled” are often fraudsters. Only bid on females who have written a description that can be posted on a traditional dating website.

Profiles that include detailed interests, types, ideal relationships, seek a good man. Profiles that get straight to the point and tell you what they want to receive, seek a fat wallet.

How to Avoid a First Date Fraudster

“Keep your bids lower than $100. Screen, screen, screen the ones in the $80-$100 range. These are borderline fraudsters.”

Solution: When in doubt, aim low with your bids, but never compromise your standards. Utilize your bids as a measuring stick, and don’t just throw hundreds at the next beautiful woman.  If you give a first date fraudster an inch, they will take a mile.

While this rings true in some ways, you want to prove your generosity. There are so many factors in determining a reasonable offer, so find your happy medium between absurdly high and ridiculously low.

Remember, there exists genuine women who accept hundred-dollar dates, but it is important to discern the good from the bad. One of our members, Josh, said it best: “screen, screen, screen.”

How to Know If She is Genuinely Interested

“These women are not doing it for serial first date frauds, as it will take awful lots of dates to make a decent monthly income. They are basically screening out deadbeat men. And THAT is the correct use of this site.”

Solution: Women hate deadbeats, so don’t undercut a woman because you’re overly cautious.

For the novice users, the worst thing that can happen is nothing. If she doesn’t accept your bid, another girl will. Always make multiple offers within your means. Doing so will keep your options open and put you in control of the situation.

During the date, pay attention to the tell-tale signs of disinterest. Is there little eye contact? Does she seem distracted? Is her body language closed? Is she using the bathroom more than once in an hour? If at least half of these situations apply, then there is no chemistry.

I’d like to thank our community for their continued contributions in our comment section. I’ve learned a lot of  from all of your insight, and I hope that many more prospective users will similarly benefit.

How do you filter first date fraudsters from the genuine singles?

82 Responses to “Falling for a First Date Fraudster”

  1. Cristina says:

    I dont understand whatsyourprice.com. 1 minute your advising us attractive members to aim for $500 1st dates. The next minute your advising generous users that anybody over $80 1st date is a 1st date fraudster.

  2. David says:

    Nice to know we are being listened to 🙂
    Another way, although not perfect, is to take a look and see if they are even looking at your profile. Some will block themselves from showing, up but most don’t. So if you don’t see their photo on the right showing they viewed you they are just probably fishing for dollars by just clicking your photo and sending you a wink. I met one lady who did not even read my profile, she said she prefers to be surprised, yeah sure…… I got fished. Then if you send an offer and they refuse and counter for $500 don’t take the bait.

  3. Josh says:

    Thanks Leroy,

    I could be wrong but I may have coined the term “First Date Fraudster” in the comments section of this website. LOL!

    So thanks for writing this piece. I have a lot of admiration for Brandon Wade and hope that all of you make a lot of money while keeping these First Date Fraudsters and other scam artists out of WYP.

    Again, thanks for the article. It means a lot to me and other paying members. I am sure it will go a long way in keeping the mission of this brilliant website on track.

  4. Josh says:

    Thanks Leroy,

    I could be wrong but I may have coined the term “First Date Fraudster” in the comments section of this website. LOL

    So thanks for writing this piece. I have a lot of admiration for Brandon Wade and hope that all of you make a lot of money while keeping these First Date Fraudsters and other scam artists out of WYP.

    Again, thanks for the article. It means a lot to me and other paying members. I am sure it will go a long way in keeping the mission of this brilliant website on track.

  5. Josh says:

    Thanks Leroy,

    I could be wrong but I may have coined the term “First Date Fraudster” in the comments section of this website. LOL!

    So thanks for writing this piece. I have a lot of admiration for Brandon Wade and hope that all of you make a lot of money while keeping these First Date Fraudsters and other scam artists out of WYP.

    Again, thanks for the article. It means a lot to me and other paying members. I am sure it will go a long way in keeping the mission of this brilliant website on track.

  6. Collin says:

    My typical bid is $100 and $120 in some expensive cities. I also look for “seeking long-term relationship” in their profile and don’t look for people seeking only a SD/SB relationship. I go max upto $150 for models or media people. I reject bids for $300-$400 on purpose, although I could afford. For screening, I check if their profile description matches my perceived impression of them.

  7. Dan says:

    Go with your intuition. Also, if you see a super hot woman here who’s on 24/7, she’s most likely a fraudster.

    Question for you guys – Once you meet a girl, and you find out she’s lied about everything on her profile, is it ok to walk away without paying her? I mean, after all, she’s in clear violation of our agreement.

  8. Josh says:


    1. Do you screen them rigorously after the communication is unlocked?

    2. If you do screen them, then exactly how?

    3. What percentage of the women you have dates thru have met you more than three times without asking for additional money beyond the first date?

    Any other suggestions?

  9. Collin says:

    I set the date immediately after the date is unlocked and meet them. If the communication does not go well while setting up the date, then I don’t meet them (e.g. not agreeing to a general area/date/time to meet). Luckily, they have all looked as they are in their photos. (But there were a few who lied about not having children.) I have only met 20% of the women twice.

    • David says:

      I have not had the kid issue but some have had boyfriends and one was even married and still living with her husband.
      Several kind of looked like their photo but you can do some pretty impressive things with Photoshop and a professional photographer. I think 75% looked like the photo on the site.
      Every person that I have met more than once somehow turned into a shopping trip or somehow put me in a position that I would have to shell out money for clothes. One got me to buy her a scarf took the receipt and did not even put it on that night. I am guessing she returned it the next day for the cash.
      I am so done with these women, and will do the screening thing. Most won’t talk to you, they will only text. Not acceptable anymore.
      This really is a money making opportunity for them and if we as Generous Members here keep allowing ourselves to be taken advantage of they will keep doing it. It is up to us to take a stand. It is our money after all and just because we see how great they look it really is not worth it in the long run. So my question is: Is sex really worth the final cost of what these dates cost. Not for me.
      I know it is not prostitution per se, but it really is kind of.
      Okay I am done rambling…….

      • The Truth says:

        Most if not all of the women on here and Seeking Arrangement want cash and most DO NOT want to have sex with you. One girl on seeking arrangement, messaged me and said she needs money right away but no sex right away. I asked her why she thought this . She said she wanted things “to be natural”. I asked her if me giving her money “is natural”? She didn’t answer the question but said “rent is due”.

        Guess what SHE IS STILL looking!

  10. Josh says:

    Thanks Collin.

    1. What was the duration of those dates? That is, from the time your met until the date ended or she had to leave for whatever reason?

    2. Did you have fun during the first dates? That is, did you think that the amount spent on the bid and the actual date was worth it?

    3. So you met only 1 out of 5 women more than once? Did you have to pay the lady again for the subsequent date(s)?

    4. Why do you think 4 out of 5 would not meet you or you would not meet them?

    5. What is your goal of dating through this site?

  11. Collin says:


    Average duration was 2 hrs – dinner mostly, a few were longer when we went dancing or for a movie. Yes, the date was worth the money. My goal is to practice social skills with a small possibility that it may lead to something long-term. No, I did not have to pay for the 2nd date.
    There were more I didn’t want to see again, than the ones I wanted to…mostly their personalities or lives were not in order. Some stopped replying (for whatever reason I don’t know, one left the country). It’s an investment for getting comfortable with attractive girls and for getting more confidence, which will pay off in the long-term.

    • The Truth says:

      Attractive girls only want a steady flow of cash or very attractive guys. If you don’t have either, you can forget about dating attractive women.

      • Josh says:

        “That woman was sexy…Out of your league? son, let women figure out why they won’t screw you. Don’t do it for them.” Sam Halpern.

    • The Truth says:

      They stopped talking and “left the country” because you weren’t willing to pay them anymore money.

  12. Davey says:

    I always ask a women for another social media site that she is on (facebook, instagram, snapchat). If she says she is not comfortable with that, I do respect it. But many of the frauds will just say they do not have any, which I think is very unlikely since they just set up a pay for a date profile.

  13. Josh says:


    “It’s an investment for getting comfortable with attractive girls and for getting more confidence, which will pay off in the long-term.”

    I guess that this is as good a reason as any to invest the time and money in the whole exercise. Congratulations that you are satisfied with the experience.

    May I ask how old are you?

  14. The Truth says:

    Now myself and others including my friend Josh have spoken up. Our voices have been heard and will continue to be heard. Real articles have been written. Thank you. No more $500 date articles. No more. Stop. No more putting down men. No more. Stop. Men are the paying customers on here and SA. If you don’t keep it real, we will walk and use POF or something else.

    Please no more $500 date madness. Real articles only.

  15. The Truth says:

    And I hate to say this but all the women in my area are sugar babies/money grabbers. Dating doesn’t exist. Unless you are paying them and they will tell you/do things for the right price so long as you keep paying. They don’t want a nice good/good guy without the cash.

    • David says:

      My area too.
      The equalizer concept is a really nice idea. This site is a brilliant idea. The people that run this site are great and responsive.
      The attractive members are money grabbing, sociopaths who are out for just one thing; your money. That’s it. It is really the simple truth. They don’t care unless they can get things from you and it goes beyond the loss of work to have a date with you or buy makeup or clothes for the date idea. These women are new age hookers who should be booted from this site as they give every women on here a bad name. Of course the problem is, is that these probably account for 95% of the women on the site.
      And you know I am a nice guy, I take my dates to private clubs, bring flowers, chocolates, ect on the first date. I am not grabby, rude or vulgar. I am okay looking and dress nicely. But of course unless I take them shopping, pay for taxis on top of the date money go to the most expensive restaurants. I won’t see them again…..Good riddance.
      So yes Mr. Truth you are living up to your name which is the truth.
      I think the nice folks here on WYP see this too. I just don’t think there is anything they can do about it. Perhaps some kind of rating system. The attractive members are not paying anyways. Some kind of drop down menu that would have a canned review so information would not get exchanged and the site would not lose credit income.
      It is so hard to meet women in the age range that I am interested in and I wish this worked. But I guess I will just have to deal with it because its better to be alone than with one of these fishers of men.

      • The Truth says:

        We all as men, need to stand up together NOW and forever. Screen screen screen. If a girl wants extra things on the first date, walk away politely so these women know that we aren’t putting up with it anymore. Do not cave. Get the word out.

        If a girl is a fraudster in any fashion, my brothers on here will start outting them by name.

        My brothers and I don’t need this site or seeking arrangement. We can walk and join Plenty of Fish for FREE.

  16. joof says:

    This article is the exact opposite of the 500$ article. Is wyp shifting their focus?

    I have noticed less and less women on here who aren’t only seeking spending money. I’d like to meet a women for a long term connection. I’m unsure if I will renew my credits once they run out.

    Please tell women this site is used to meet a guy who has a job and money, not a guy who just hands you money. The prostitute thing is still an issue. Can you make women pick what they want? Most check off either sugar daddy, or sugar daddy plus friend, discreet, long term, short term etc. Make women pick sugar daddy or not.

    • David says:

      These folks on this site are very very smart and know what is going on. The problem is they can’t control the members really. You can try to regulate things but when you are dealing with so many members it can be really difficult to screen each one. That is why it would be really nice to somehow create a rating system that members could give feedback on these fraudsters, in effect help filter it out.
      I think you can pick or not pick Sugar Daddy. I think you have that option in your profile. I don’t think many of the women actually look at your profile though. It is quite easy to just wink and hopefully snag a $100-$500 dollar date ticket by choosing as many men as they can. I think fishing for dollars says it all.

      • Josh says:

        My take on this is that the sign-up requirements for the women must be a lot more stringent compared to what it is now.

      • The Truth says:

        $500 dates or anything like that are officially OVER. My brothers, DO NOT give any woman $500 per date. It’s over. Get the word out NOW. No woman is worth day. The power is within us. P*ssy power is fading quick.

        Men stand up and let YOUR voice be heard!

        • The Truth says:

          Worth that*. Not day.

        • FemalePOV says:

          P*ssy power will never fade my dear. Its like saying the power of money will fade. If p*ussy power faded, you would be humble enough to find a girl on e-harmony, right? LOL. You are on this site because you are attracted to women with the power of the P*SSY! come on!!

  17. joof says:

    I’ve had a major issue with women accepting my message and I then never writing me back or try to meet. Can we get refunded if numerous women click yes but clearly never wanted to meet. I’ve had women who actually wrote me they won’t meet because they changed their mind about the site or women who wanted me to send them money via western union prior to meeting. I think we should be refunded, and women should be warned to not click yes if they don’t even read my message.

    • David says:

      Those Western Union women should be reported right away.
      I have had the same problem with the women not writing back after they say okay to an offer. I have had dates not show up to a restaurant, after I have driven hours to meet them . I think what happens is they accept an offer then get a higher offer, figure they are worth more than what they originally agreed on then blow us off.
      It sure would be nice to charge the women somehow if they don’t honor their commitment. Like charge them the credits they cost us. But that would create an accounting nightmare for this site and probably would not be practical. But it sure would be nice.

      • Josh says:

        As far as dates not showing up at restaurants, please understand that most women on these sites are very flaky.

        I check with them in the morning. Then I check with them before leaving home/office for the restaurant. I have never had this no-show problem YET because I just keep asking them if they are still on.

      • FemalePOV says:

        You guys act like you are on match.com

        This is whatsyourprice! Its very clear that men are looking for HOT girls they will not get on Match.com and its very clear women are looking for rich guys and 50% of these women if not more are simply after your money and ONLY your money. So I don’t understand why you are surprised that they are flaky, money hungry, etc, read the name of this site again!! Duhhh!! You can’t have your cake and eat it too!! I completely understand your frustration though

    • Josh says:

      Yes ask for refund. Unless you don’t make a big deal about it the site will not refund your money.

    • The Truth says:

      We need to start outting these woman by name.

    • The Truth says:

      Keep talking on here. We can change the world one message at a time.

      • FemalePOV says:

        Hahahaha you guys are hilarious!! I’m loving these comments!!! And the sad part is that i honestly agree with u guys!

  18. David says:

    Nice to know we are being listened to
    Another way, although not perfect, is to take a look and see if they are even looking at your profile. Some will block themselves from showing, up but most don’t. So if you don’t see their photo on the right showing they viewed you they are just probably fishing for dollars by just clicking your photo and sending you a wink. I met one lady who did not even read my profile, she said she prefers to be surprised, yeah sure…… I got fished. Then if you send an offer and they refuse and counter for $500 don’t take the bait.
    I posted this two days ago and it has not shown up yet. Something about waiting for moderation. I bet that smiley face did something.
    I will try this one more time then forget it.

  19. reesie says:

    I completely disagree. My friend and I like to go on dates together because it’s more fun and safe. We’ve gone on numerous dates with the same guy that likes both of our company.

  20. joof says:

    This site needs to screen the women more.

    To the guy who said women can check or not check off their interest in a relationship or sugar daddy. Women can check off all of the following: long term relationship, short term relationship, married dating x discrete dating, casual dating , no strings attached , sugar daddy mutually beneficial relationship. I’ve seen women literally check off all of those options.

    To discuss the original blog, I have noticed at least one woman who wanted to meet by a mall and bring her cousin. I had an idea we would meet at a restaurant near here and I told her I don’t want her to bring someone. She texted me on my way there and asked to bring her cousin since her cousin was bored. She wanted to meet me just to go shopping.

    I should start reporting more women who ask for money by western union.

    At the very least the site should refund credits when the women accepts a date and never reads your message. Most of the women I have spoken with are either newer members who never met anyone or new members who literally just joined the site. The site needs to reward long time members.I’ve refilled my 150$ credits at lest 3 or 4 times. I lose credits to women who come on the site for a few days and then leave the site without reading my message.

  21. joof says:

    I have a feeling the site is losing male members. That’s why this thread may have started. They tried to make it a sugar daddy site or a 500$ date site but There just aren’t enough guys for that unless it’s an escort thing.

    I think the site needs to make this a site for women looking to meet a guy who has a job and is able to take a girl out. No more prostitutes, girls who want air balloon rides and shopping trips on a first date.

    There’s already escort sites and total sugar daddy sites. We don’t want that or we’d be on those sites knowing what we are paying for. This site needs to lose the ambiguous reasons ppl are on this site.

  22. DarkHorseSD says:

    Put in your profile that the first date fee is payable in the middle of the second date.

    • The Truth says:

      None of these sugar baby/money grabbing women will go for that.

      • Radar racer says:

        I have been on about 8 dates.. Only asked to pay on half of them, and been on 2nd and third and forth dates on half of them.. What me and my friends have found is if they are real girls looking for a real relationship, they don’t like to get paid, and love dates 2 and 3.. basically saying, if the date goes well they want to see you again and not get paid is normal. The money hungry ones for the most part are foreigners that can’t work in USA, so even if the date goes real well they need the money to pay there bills.. I always offer the money after the date, but only the girls that I wouldn’t invite on a 2nd date take the money..

    • DarkHorseSD says:

      How about offering double or nothing on the second date during the first date.

    • FemalePOV says:

      No no no! This site is about making an offer for the first date so it should be honored. I once met a guy who told me he will give me the offer on our second date and because I was eager to meet him due to his super sweet personality he showed on his profile, I was humble to accept the deal. But when I met him, he asked me if we can go to his house to “play” and when I refused, he verbally attacked me and told me to F off. Imagine how many girls he does that to? This is how he gets away with not paying girls on the first date.

    • Josh says:


      Please check the new article on this blog. WYP is now setting the tone for better use of the site.

  23. Winks are BS says:

    I often respond to winks with outlandish amounts, because if a guy is too lazy or cowardly to *offer* an amount, then he’s probably not worth the bother. On a few occassions, I responded to winks from really amazing profiles with low amounts… and was rejected because of “different first date expectations”. Hrm. Rejecting a $20 date with a hot young woman? Raises some questions, right?

  24. Sophie says:

    Just to give my girl side input:I don’t think it is a question of screening by amount.I tend not to accept dates under $200 for the simple reason that girls spend money on a date is some way:manicure,taxi etc…it has a cost!We generally need much more money than you guys and generally earn less for the same jobs.I personally dated a guy I started to really fancy.Our first date was £100.And he is the one who dumped me because he lied to me:he was not really single and his girlfriend came back.He had sex with me during two weeks,had fun and used me.I just feel upset and angry and he seems to consider he doesn’t owe me anything because he gave me this money.Try to think how it is for girls as well please and be kind and considerate.We are not all greedy and money driven,really.

    • Nick says:

      Understand what you are saying. Thanks.
      FYI I have been on about 12 dates from this site and not one woman has had their hair styled or a new manicure etc. So while all that may be true for some. In general it’s a load of BS.

  25. FemalePOV says:

    Gentleman, you guys sound very angry and unhappy with this site due to your negative experiences and I am sorry to read all these negative comments. I am a female who has been on this site for a little over a year. I have met two amazing men on here who I dated for several months (not at the same time lol) and whom I maintain a close friendship with until today. I understand many women are on here to use guys for their money and go on to the next guy but I always tell men to 1) not offer more than $200-$250 2)after you offer and she accepts, talk to her on the phone and get a feel for her personality to see if there is even a connection! If she doesn’t seem interested in the convo then you know right away what she is after. But if you connect with her on the phone then there is a high chance of having a successful first date. When you begin to offer more than $300 then you are showing her that you are so poor all you have is money. No need to do that. If you are looking for quality, reduce the quantity on the first date and increase it after making her your woman. But if you are looking for a hot babe to just have an arrangement with, then by all means go ahead and offer her whatever you desire lol b/c then both of you have an understanding on what you are exchanging.

    I am an attractive woman who gets offers and winks all the time. I am on this site because I am looking for a man who is financially secure to be in a long term relationship with. However, I decline offers from men who are 1)completely unattractive to me (no matter how much they offer) 2) out of state 3)men who offer less than $150. 4) Men who are looking for arrangements only

    I simply don’t accept anything less than $150 because I get SO many of them and its just easier to narrow down the guys who offer over $150, read their profile and make a decision on who I will meet. Although there are many money hungry women on here, there are some women like me who honestly are tired of going on million dates with men and at least an offer over $150 makes it worth it. Men who offer more doesn’t mean they will end up being better men then the ones who offer less than $100, but when a woman is exhausted of dating douchebags who just want to sleep with her and other girls, she would prefer to at least meet a guy who offers a little more than $150 for her time. If you have any questions, please ask!

  26. Cielo says:

    A lot of men on here are looking for straight up sex. It’s baffling to believe that just because these men are placing a bid on a woman they demand sex. This isn’t adult friend finder or seeking arrangement. If you’re complaining about money, then you’re on the wrong site. There are a lot of creepy man on here. And the majority of them don’t even end up looking like their pics.

  27. brad says:

    i met a girl here over a year ago she was 19 i am 48 we met at a mall for first date it cost me 600 for shopping but i have had many dates with her since she never asks for anything and i cant wait for my next date dates usually last 6-8 hrs and we never stop laughing unless we are having sex it really worked out for me thanks wyp

  28. Paul says:

    After unlocking the communication, if the woman starts sweet talking with phrases as “how are you babe?” “hi sweetie”, before introducing themselves, a red flag goes and more often they are fraudsters. Also will not bid or accept offers from woman who blackout there face or no face pictures. Trust your instincts in communicating after communication is unlocked, as your emotion will always get the best of you!

  29. Leslie says:

    I can’t believe how many jaded men comment. And here I thought women had it bad. I think Collin has it right. Bid what you feel is fair, set the date soon, and see where it takes you. Read her interest, if she’s looking for SD/SB relationship or long term dating. I myself write on my profile, there are bids I can not accept, not because of greed but because they won’t cover the expense of meeting with a guy (sitter, gas, etc.) Men love for women to look their best, but sometimes forget that it costs money. Manicure, pedicure, hair, even make up, non of it is free. I am not ruled by greed, but I also can not afford traditional dating at the moment. I really wish you all the best, and most importantly, try to stay positive. We can all find what we need/ or are looking for without having to ruin someone’s day.

  30. Jake says:

    I just went on three dates using this site to meet younger women. One was married (but was “ok because he knows I’m doing this”) and the other two were there only to make a quick $200 and leave as soon as possible. One looked at her watch constantly, skipped appetizers, ate 1/3 of her meal, then didn’t want dessert because her “ride” was already there to pick her up.

    I know it’s ironic for a *guy* to say this, but I felt raped after that. I guess it’s been happening to women for years: being used and discarded, but I’ve always been a super-nice and engaging guy, and I’m not bad looking (I have modeled before), but these women on this “dating” site don’t seem to be looking to date… they just want to get paid and go back to their boyfriend or whatever.

    Sucks that I have so many credits left and no use for them. I’m done with this site.

  31. Tilly says:

    I am really sorry to hear of all the bad experiences on this site. I am a 19 year old New Zealand girl who has been looking for her sugar daddy for nearly a year now. I too have had some bad experiences, but far more good ones! I think there are a lot of men here from seeking arrangement which is why it appeals to me. Perhaps I will find my night in shining armour after all!!

    PS, how many of the men here would be interested in dating a girl from abroad? I am thinking I may broaden my search for my SD 🙂

  32. Anonymous says:

    What about the male first date fraudsters who make a great offer, I accept and they NEVER set a date or even unlock the date? Why bother, you paid money to make an offer and I accepted.

  33. sarcastic_b3Auty says:

    Hey Jake I wish you were close to me and wanted to give it a try. I’m actually trying to date the money is honestly just a perk. I would love to try and change your mind if you gave me the chance.

  34. J says:

    Personally I believe it would be beneficial for this site to have a separate but attached forum for the men to leave comments/discussions/warnings about individual ladies they “dated” by city. Once these undesirables are identified it help guys weed out the serial daters and gold diggers.

  35. J says:

    From my own experience on WYP (good and bad) some of the screening techniques I now utilize:
    – she winks/or favourites me but has not viewed my profile: ignore
    – has only 1 profile photo and/or two or less sentences in profile: run away
    – uses words/phrases in her profile such as: deserving, princess, worth it, loves shopping: DO NOT WALK,,,,RUN AWAY RRRRREAL FAST!
    – profile photos show lips, butt, boobs, nether region only: she’s baiting you: full retreat man
    – asks for ridiculous sums of $$$: good luck sweetie with that one
    – attempts to move the dialogue off the site to phone texts/emails only: 86 her pronto
    – her body language on the first date screams boredom, fidgets, inattention, a man repellent reluctance to engage: cut your losses IMMEDIATELY!
    – lives outside my immediate area: thanks, but no thanks
    – exceptionally beautiful/drop dead gorgeous is directly proportional to being: expensive, high maintenance, flakey, self-absorbed, snobbery 99.9% of the time

    Would be interested in any other filtering techniques guys use to save themselves time and $$$.

    • Nick says:

      Totally agree.
      Also when the location is listed as x and after texting a bit to find out she actually lives in a different town or state. Run.

      When she asks where I live!!!
      Double run. I mean really? Ya it could be I might have a handsome face that needs no further reading of my profile. Lol ya sure. Not!

  36. nica says:

    All site I join no one serious all want is sex I try other but the same attitude

  37. nica says:

    I offer money if he my boyfriend

    • Vik says:

      HELLO, I’m Vik.
      Do you explain me more details about what you want to mean with the down comment?
      nica says:
      February 7, 2016 at 11:42 pm
      I offer money if he my boyfriend.

      February 7, 2016 at 11:42 pm
      I offer money if he my boyfriend

  38. Crystal says:

    ive been reading reviews for WYP because I was thinking of joining. After reading these comments, I don’t know if I should even. I feel like most women would just treat this as if it were just a way to gain some income. Women like me, who have kids and a whole lot going on in their life.. Me for example. I have one child, going to school part time towards A.S in Dental Hygiene, have a job that allows me to come in whenever I can so paycheck range from 80.00 to 400.00 biweekly. I screwed myself trying to go to school so it caused me to use my credit card when I didn’t have money now my card is maxed out stupid me! I try to sell my clothes or sell baked goods for income when it’s low. I don’t pay
    rent just yet because there’s no way I’d be able to afford it. . with car payments etc etc I can go on and on with how shitty my financial life is. I saw a commercial on tv about this girl making money on dates and they helped her pay for college. I’ve never been the kind of woman to be with a man for his money or take advantage of a mans pockets but I guess I see when women are desperate they will do almost anything. If a man is okay with helping me out with a little $ for a couple dates, shouldn’t it be okay if that’s the clear agreement between the two? Or am I degrading myself as a woman by doing that? ….I mean I could become a stripper making more than enough money there are women doing that and they make more than a doctor sometimes like what the hell.. But there’s no way I’m going as far as that I just can’t bring myself to do it. Sigh

  39. Gerard Anthony says:

    I tried it — I am confused about getting bids from women who don’t live in my area, or my state, and sometimes – not in my country — what do they have to offer from such a far distance away ?

  40. David Guetta says:

    After using this website in France for almost a year, i noticed that the majority of girls here are 1st date collectors : their looking for a paid meal and to get their comission (when you ask for a 2nd date they are strangely not replying to your message lol hummm.). I noticed that one or 2 from the approximatly 15 girls i met there where serious and i was able to get a second date. 5% of serious girls and 95% of cash machine lovers… 🙂

  41. Lee says:

    Why are men complaining? The name is WHAT’S YOUR PRICE?

  42. Lee says:

    For those who may not understand. Dating is hit or miss. A gal spends $50.00 for her hair, $50 for a manicure and pedicure and might spend $50.00 on a pair of slacks or a skirt…. date cancels or date shows up and is barely shows ANY interest ??? Better yet, is rude and impolite.

    I am self employed at $40.00 per hour. It’s a fair proposition. You can choos not to date for money. Personal choice. Whatever you do stop whining..

    • Richard953 says:

      I keep hearing this argument over and over again and I just don’t buy it. If a woman has to get a fresh manicure and hair done every single time she goes on a date she either does construction work during the week or is so high maintenance that I know that I couldn’t afford her, and I make a very decent middle class living. A new skirt every single time? Get serious. These are first dates, the guy has no idea whether the woman has worn that skirt on every single date or just that time.

      The guy is rude or impolite? That’s unfortunate, but that’s adult life. She didn’t pick up on that at all in their chats ahead of time?

      I work for “the man” and make well above $50 an hour. What does that have to do with anything? A woman’s time is intrinsically more valuable than a man’s? What kind of reverse sexist nonsense is that. Don’t like it when people whine then don’t read any blogs.

  43. K6 says:

    What I hate about this site is some women will send me a $100 – $150 bid …then I counter with 35….she counters with $95…I counter with $40 and she accepts. Then after unlocking and the convo starts she starts criticizing me for saying she’s only worth $40….another might say “was that bid just to open a conversation?” In other words, she is not going to accept the bid for a date that she just got done accepting. Each of these instances is a frickin’ $5 loss ….and it adds up. I report to WYP and tell them the girl accepted the bid and then immediately gets on there to tell me she does NOT accept such a low bid….sometimes thay wait and say it on the cell text. But here’s the real fraud….WYP doesn’t even respond. There should be a way to sue them for enabling the fraud and not acting on obvious misuse of the site.

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