Falling for a First Date Fraudster
  • Posted Mar 12, 2014
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Have you ever been on a first date that went too perfectly? Dinner was excellent, the conversation flowed naturally, and your date suggested a second encounter. But what started out as girlfriend material, ended up turning into a flake of the week. Phone calls are met by idle rings, and no responses to any texts. It’s as if she boarded a one-way trip on Malaysian Airlines Flight 370.

There are two truths to WhatsYourPrice: First dates are likely, but second dates are never guaranteed.

On one hand, you have women on this site who will gladly go for round two after accepting a $500 date. But on the other hand, there exists women who are money-hungry whor—ahem. Let’s call them “First Date Fraudsters.”

These shallow singles are more motivated by green guys on dollar bills than nice guys in real life. I’d like to share our community’s thoughts on catching, as well as avoiding, singles who are only dating you for your dough:

How To Spot a First Date Fraudster

“They intend to bring their sister.

Their best friend.

Their old boyfriend.

Their old girlfriend

Their pet alligator.

Their Attorney, may as well get a good start.

If they intend to have you pay for their dinners for the next week by ordering several take out portions.

If they want to visit a restaurant that is close to a mall or an Apple Store so they can try to get you to buy them new clothes, shoes or a new computer and perhaps one for their sister, friend, old boyfriend, x-girlfriend or Attorney. Some of these have actually happened to me.”

Solution: Women who directly ask for hundreds of dollars fall under the fraudster category. Women who ask to bring along a friend on the first date fall under the same bracket. Women who want more than just the bid before building rapport are fraudsters.

Do you notice the trend? Simply put, be wary of entitled singles. Women who use words such as “princess” or “spoiled” are often fraudsters. Only bid on females who have written a description that can be posted on a traditional dating website.

Profiles that include detailed interests, types, ideal relationships, seek a good man. Profiles that get straight to the point and tell you what they want to receive, seek a fat wallet.

How to Avoid a First Date Fraudster

“Keep your bids lower than $100. Screen, screen, screen the ones in the $80-$100 range. These are borderline fraudsters.”

Solution: When in doubt, aim low with your bids, but never compromise your standards. Utilize your bids as a measuring stick, and don’t just throw hundreds at the next beautiful woman.  If you give a first date fraudster an inch, they will take a mile.

While this rings true in some ways, you want to prove your generosity. There are so many factors in determining a reasonable offer, so find your happy medium between absurdly high and ridiculously low.

Remember, there exists genuine women who accept hundred-dollar dates, but it is important to discern the good from the bad. One of our members, Josh, said it best: “screen, screen, screen.”

How to Know If She is Genuinely Interested

“These women are not doing it for serial first date frauds, as it will take awful lots of dates to make a decent monthly income. They are basically screening out deadbeat men. And THAT is the correct use of this site.”

Solution: Women hate deadbeats, so don’t undercut a woman because you’re overly cautious.

For the novice users, the worst thing that can happen is nothing. If she doesn’t accept your bid, another girl will. Always make multiple offers within your means. Doing so will keep your options open and put you in control of the situation.

During the date, pay attention to the tell-tale signs of disinterest. Is there little eye contact? Does she seem distracted? Is her body language closed? Is she using the bathroom more than once in an hour? If at least half of these situations apply, then there is no chemistry.

I’d like to thank our community for their continued contributions in our comment section. I’ve learned a lot of  from all of your insight, and I hope that many more prospective users will similarly benefit.

How do you filter first date fraudsters from the genuine singles?

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