Three Phone Rules to Live By
  • Posted Apr 22, 2013
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Speaking to a girl in-person is much different than on the phone. Aside from the blatantly obvious, i.e. looking at each other, you must keep in mind that your words alone determines her perception. You have no other tools (body language, gestures, looks, etc.) to help build attraction, so you must always choose your words wisely.

Here are three rules to live by for any phone call, at any stage, of any relationship:

Take the Lead

Confidence over the phone is best expressed by taking the lead. Have a reason to call, tell her how the night will unfold, and take charge of the situation. Idle chatter only works against you–it is unnecessary and only leaves room for possible mistakes. Keep your conversation simple, but significant. Above all, be enthusiastic. No matter how short or long your phone conversation is, you should always sound excited. It’s quite infectious and foreshadows a good night.

Short and Sweet

Phone calls should be succinct and to the point. The longer you speak, the more likely the conversation will become one-sided. A one-sided conversation reeks of desperation. The more you talk, or even text, the more it seems like you are trying to prove yourself and your worth. Save the longer, drawn-out conversations for when you are actually in-person.

There’s No Such Thing as a “3 Day Rule”

If you had a fun time and felt chemistry, don’t hesitate to let her know. After you part ways, shoot her a short text later that night saying how much you enjoyed her company. It’s actually better to be honest and up-front as soon as possible. Women are not only aware of the “3 Days Rule,” but they will also lose interest much sooner.


What other rules do you live by when speaking on the phone?

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