Things Single Millennials Say
  • Posted Nov 3, 2015
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The advent of social media has brought forth a vernacular all its own. Millennials have come up with an entirely new way to communicate and while the terms may not always make sense, there’s no denying they’re influential. Who knew “selfie” would have ended up in the dictionary and go on to become the word of the year?!

Gen Y’ers use these expressions in everyday life, but they take on an even more dramatic meaning when applied to one’s dating life. Here we take a look at the most popular phrases that millennials are obsessed with.

I can’t even.

This mantra for Millennials means the speaker is losing patience. They cannot comprehend, deal with, or come to a conclusion regarding the situation.

“He didn’t text me back! I can’t even.”

can't even gif

Said no one ever.

This punchline is designed to fall at the end of a statement, inverting the meaning of what came before it. It’s meant to poke fun at something that is generally disliked and makes the speaker seem clever and playful.

“I love being single, said no one ever.”

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When referring to the amount of time one wastes on Netflix – watching literally every episode of a show in rapid succession. Yes, I am still watching.

“Would you like to cuddle on Sunday and binge-watch Orange is the New Black?”

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Millennials like to use literally a lot, just so you know whatever follows literally is a big deal. Studies have shown that this generation doesn’t handle their stress very well and that’s probably why they literally can’t even.

“He posted an Instagram with another girl! I’m literally dying.”

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This endearing term originally became a nickname for a significant other but girls can also use it when referring to their bffs. It’s very similar to “babe.”

“I can’t hang out tonight, I’m going to sushi with bae.”

bae texts back

Sorry I’m not sorry.

As millennials, fake apologies are a part of who we are. You are a little sorry, but you also want to make fun of the idea of being sincerely apologetic when it is not deserved. It’s also meant to let everyone know you’re proud of what you’re doing! #NoShame.

“Sorry I’m not sorry, I’m flooding your timeline with pics of me and bae having a picnic.”

sorry not

Are there any other fetch sayings you’ve heard that we missed?

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