The “Perfect Man” Revealed
  • Posted Jul 2, 2015
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Money makes the world go ‘round, but does it make the man? A new dating study from WhatsYourPrice reveals that women in the U.S. prefer a man who has a big paycheck over one who has big biceps.

WhatsYourPrice gathered user data from its most successful male members to determine America’s definition of the “Perfect Man.” Results show, women in the United States prefer men who earn $200,000 to $300,000 annually. According to recent research, this salary bracket puts the perfect man in the top 1 percent of earners in states, such as Arizona, New Mexico, Vermont, Idaho, Hawaii and Kansas.


Notably, American women do not seem to show preference towards athletic body types. In addition to a high salary, American women prefer someone who has an average body type – dad bod, much? Perhaps the 2015 gentleman should spend more time in the office and less time in the gym.

The “Perfect Man” has dark brown hair, brown eyes, is 6 feet tall, who has no children, does not smoke and enjoys a casual drink.

Although Jon Hamm’s “Mad Men” character Don Draper, could be considered a woman’s worst nightmare with his Playboy antics – Mr. Hamm embodies many of the “Perfect Man” attributes in real life. Other celebrities who meet the “Perfect Man” criteria include Mark Ruffalo, Patrick Dempsey, Gerard Butler and Russell Crowe.

Who do you consider to be the “Perfect Man?”

8 Responses to “The “Perfect Man” Revealed”

  1. Get Real says:

    This blog post is so full of crap, I’m surprised the background color isn’t brown.

    $200-300k? Right. I’m sure they have a double-headed 12″ cock as well.

  2. Jake Sevins says:

    Hmm, I almost qualify. I made $482,000 last year, am 6′, average build, PhD, non-smoker, social drinker, but I have 2 kids, so I guess that’s a negative. But they’re awesome kids. 🙂

    In spite of almost hitting the “perfect” mark according to this article, I still get nothing but First Date Fraudsters here on WYP. Women looking to get $100-200 for privilege of also letting me buy them dinner, with zero interest in dating (some are already married/attached and are doing this with their SO’s knowledge or surveillance!). It’s not WYP’s fault that they attract fraudsters, but they do. You’d think pretty women had better ways to make money than to defraud people, but I guess some of them don’t.

  3. Ms. Jacqueline Marie says:

    I don’t think this is very accurate.

  4. Comparative data says:

    This is meaningless without comparative data – what percentage of men on the site LIST themselves as having an athletic body vs average (or more likely pudgy, this being good ol’ USA…) If only 3 % list as being athletic but score 10% of dates, vs 35 percent being average and scoring 35% of dates, you are actually 3x more likely to get a date staying in shape, factoring in only body type, of course. There are very very few women alive who actually prefer a chubby dad bod to a reasonably in shape body. Roided-up uber-jacked appearance is another category altogether, where attraction generally falls.

    They don’t break this down because they want to give chubby men false hope to keep them buying messages, and to keep them “rounding up” their income.

  5. The Truth says:

    Women on here care about
    1. how much cash you can give them and how quickly
    2. how little of their time they need to devote to get the cash
    3. what little or no effort they have to do to get the cash
    4. how much brain power it will take to make up lies and stories to get the cash

    That’s really it unless you are 25 with great looks and a perfect body.

  6. Cascades says:

    I am not a man of enormous means. I am financially and emotionally secure and that counts for quite a lot. Younger women contemplating having children are faced with an important question: at $250,000 per child(the cost of raising them to age 18), just how will they come up with the money to make that happen? To a degree time can be substituted for money, but a lot of women quite legitimately want a man that will contribute meaningfully to having children. What i have noticed the women more clear about wanting children and more able to understand finances can make more clear, careful decisions in this area. Others are more likely to focus on high earners but not necessarily those with hard assets.

  7. Koznomaut says:

    All of this (the site, the men, the women, the sex, the money) plays to the deepest natural instincts we have. We are slaves to nature and beholden to do its bidding. A woman want to “give herself” to the strongest provider. That is not the prettiest boy but the one with the most money. Yes, sex with Adonis might be more thrilling but how the man looks is more of a question of is he (my provider and meal ticket) going to have a heart attack tomorrow. If you look healthy (and a beer gut does not) it makes no difference what your body shape is. You need to have a healthy body and a healthy income. Not a pretty one.

    With women it is reversed: Men seek child bearers and all the traditional signs of fertility and youth. Beyond that, women want the (right) man to cum inside them and men want to ejaculate into a woman. The rest is all overthinking things and rationalization.

    That said, most women here do not see the “paid first date” as a higher threshold to a lasting relationship of whatever stripe but as an income stream. Anyone who asks for more than 50 to 100 dollars per first date is a serial dater who is on the clock and wants to get paid and not find a relationship. In their defense, most men here want sex and not a relationship. So who is to blame anyone?

  8. Elena says:

    Its not always about money. Yes, money make the world go around but it’s easier for woman to be with successful man then they both build there own success. Get what they want out of it. This days you have to be a team to go far and make it in succeful world.

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