The “Perfect Man,” According to WhatsYourPrice Females
  • Posted Jan 17, 2013
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So what exactly makes a man, “perfect”? We surveyed over 40,000 females to find out. Our goal? Determine America’s definition of “The Perfect Man” based on the following male qualities: Income, Education, Hair Color, Eye Color, Body Type, and Vice (Drinking/Smoking).

Female members were asked to rank the most important qualities in a man. The answers were then weighted accordingly when determining the overall value of “The Perfect Man.” Overall, women believed Education was the most important quality, followed by Income, Body Type, Hair Color, Eye Color, Drinking, and Smoking.

Here is what the women in various cities believed to be the most important quality in a man:

The "Perfect Man," According to WhatsYourPrice Members

In our survey, the qualities were broken down and weighted by importance, based on all responses by the major cities. The following percentages indicate the likelihood of a first date with a woman. The more a man matches the most desirable qualities, the more likely a woman will date him.

The Perfect Man (% Chance for First Date)

1.) Education (30 Percent): Master’s Degree

2.) Income (22 percent): $100,000 to $150,000

3.) Body Type (17 Percent): Athletic Build

4.) Hair Color (14 Percent): Brown

5.) Eye Color (12 Percent): Blue

6.) Drinking (4 Percent): Social Drinker

7.) Smoking (1 Percent): Non-Smoker

This is no standard by any means. At the end of the day, a respectful gentleman will beat a wealthy, blue-eyed, brown-haired asshole.

Brandon Wade, our CEO and Founder, shared his insight:

“In the online dating world, ‘The Perfect Man’ transcends superficial qualities such as looks and body type. Women look past profile pictures and also value certain intangibles when choosing a first date—success, intelligence, and social habits.”


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