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The Girl who Dates for Free Dinners

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The Girl who Dates for Free Dinners

I received a call today from ABC News asking me to comment on a story about Jessica. If you haven’t heard of Jessica, she is a 23-year-old, single girl from New York City who decided her $45,000 a year salary is simply not enough to make ends meet in the Big Apple.

Her solution? Join Match.com, pay $50 a month in subscription fees to the online dating website and find men who are willing to take her out on dates and pay for dinner and drinks!  Soon she recruited her roommate into her scheme.  Both had the entire process down to a science.  They would never allow men to pick them up from their home, and they would only meet them in public places.  They would schedule dates every day of the week, rotating from a list of men they kept on a spreadsheet.  They had another rule, never to have more than five dates with every one guy, so not to end up emotionally attached to anyone.

Business Insider first broke the story (click here to read the story), and while the article initially reported the girl’s real name, they later changed it to an alias “Minerva McGonagall” because she almost immediately started to get harassed with negative criticisms. Why Business Insider decided to use the name of a well-known witch – Professor Minerva McGonagall, from the Harry Potter movie certainly puzzles me.  Perhaps the author of the article was a fan of Harry Potter, or perhaps she links Jessica to a witch who is able to conjure up cash and free meals from a dating website. No matter what the reasons, its obvious neither Jessica nor her roommate knows of the existence of WhatsYourPrice.com, and for that we might just be thankful!

Regardless, the ABC News reporter wanted to find out what I thought about Jessica’s behavior, and here are my answers:

Do you think what Jessica was doing is unethical or wrong?

Let’s face it, many men who are serial online daters want to meet as many women as possible to get laid with little or no intention of getting involved in any serious relationship with any of them.  Yet, no one ever says they are unethical for not spelling out their true intent in their quest for sex.  And while men use the lure and promise of “love” to get sex from women, what Jessica did is no different:  She was merely using the bait of “sex” or “love” for free dinners or gifts from men.

The fact that she is doing it on Match.com, with the intent of misleading unsuspecting men is what makes her actions wrong and unethical.  However, if she had been up front about her intentions (as many of the members on SeekingArrangement.com or WhatsYourPrice.com are), then there is absolutely nothing wrong with what she is doing.

So, my suggestion for Jessica and her roommate, is to abandon Match.com.  Why pay $50 a month when you can instead signup on WhatsYourPrice.com for free.  But, once you join WhatsYourPrice.com, be extremely upfront in your profile that you are not interested in any serious relationship, and what you really want is free dinners, gifts and perhaps a generous friend who will help you financially along the way.  I wonder how many of you generous guys out there would still want to go out with her then? (And I know for a fact, many of you will.)

The truth is you never know when you will fall in love, and whom you will fall in love with. And while Jessica is staying emotionally unavailable, there is still a chance that someone may sweep her off her feet and change her mind about love. Perhaps it is her financial predicament that is making her emotionally unavailable in the first place. But who can blame poor Jessica? When you have to worry about paying your rent or your next bill, falling in love is the last thing on your mind. I bet, if someone was able to take Jessica’s financial worries away, she might just become emotionally ready and available. What most people don’t know is that the producers of dating reality shows such as “The Bachelors”, “The Bachelorette” or “Average Joe” actually spend millions of dollars to create the right atmosphere and settings in an effort to engineer the process of falling in love. And who can blame those dating show participants?  When you are alone drinking wine on a private multi-million dollar yacht overlooking the most romantic sunset, anyone would fall in love…

Do you think what Jessica is doing is unethical or wrong?

If you are a guy, would you go out with Jessica, if you knew she only really wanted a free dinner?

116 Responses to “The Girl who Dates for Free Dinners”

  1. Joe says:

    No, I don’t think she was wrong because men do the exact same thing for sex. So, I don’t blame Jessica. All is fair game. And if her date doesn’t like it, then don’t date her the second time (fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me). Jessica isn’t the only one to be accountable here. It’s takes two. If you are going to criticize her, then her date should also be criticized for being shallow and only dating a woman for beauty.

  2. Just bc says:

    U r so right. It’s easy to fall in live when the mood lighting is set just right. We are all human. Look at Kim kardashian. I know she really fell in love with that humphries jerk bc she gave him the benefit if the doubt. She wished him into existence. She was blinded by her desire to get married. He is a complete jerk, but she did not see it bc she got caught up in the romance of it all. It us what most every girls dreams of. It’s a lot easier to fall in love when money is not a problem. Money is thr number 1 reason married people fight.

  3. Just bc says:

    Also marylin Monroe did this too. But she even slept her way into the business, she’s much more slutty. But guys love her. Why bc she gave them sex for food. The guys need to be called out for trying to get sex by pretending they will give u love or eventually a real marriage relation in the end. That’s the real story. What she does in comparison to that is nothing. Like those guys r so hurt that she didn’t love them. Please. They r mad she didn’t have sex with them! Now all of a sudden these guys are claiming what that they had their hearts broken after 5 dates??? Seriously?

    Guys have had it free for too long. When a woman has sex her chemicals make her attached. It’d better to hold off till u think he us sincere.

  4. Allan says:

    Right or wrong rarely plays into this, once people accept the inevitability of dishonesty as a part or relations they are setting themselves up for unnecessary frustration. In the longer run it’s really better to admit what one is looking for, though I suppose this approach gets her the most free dinners.

  5. pipqueen says:

    i dont know where she gets the energy from. meeting a different idiot every night, putting on the charm for a free meal. I can imagine all the sexual advances she would have to dodge. Maybe its just me, my tolerance for BS these days is diminishing by the year.
    id rather sit at home and eat ramen noodles then play that game…

  6. CC says:

    Why doesn’t she just find a good man who will buy her dinner every night?

  7. queen says:

    Maybe she is going to the ritz !

  8. queen says:

    I had an amazing second date with my slave boy. What a dream. I got 1,000 cash to treat him bad. Woooohooo ! It was great to run the show and give nothing in return. I heard about this but never tried it before. Thanks again WYP !

  9. Truth says:


  10. J. Cole says:

    why doesnt she just find one serious guy and not have to worry so much about free meals. Society is falling apart! some people no longer want to have normal relationships that lead to marriage thus causing further financial instability in our society.

  11. Bob Valenti says:

    Plain and simple ,a girl who takes you for 150 bucks,gives you a hour of her time ,no number,no address is using you. She is making money in a very unethical way. Solution,spell out as clearly as you can your date expectations.If she doesn’t agree or even bother to read your profile,there should be no obligation to pay here!

  12. queen says:

    Most girls have boyfriends already and he could just be broke. Many young hot guys are broke because they spend so much time at the gym. HAHAH! This could be why she does not want to get serious because her heart is already taken.

  13. Just bc says:

    Men have been using women by stringing them along with the marriage carrot for years. That is unethical.
    This is nothing compared to that. Were their hearts broken or their egos?

  14. Blue says:

    If I was only making $45k in nyc I wouldn’t be wasting my time going to dinners.

  15. Kelli says:

    I believe the wrong actions would come in based on what she was telling the men. There are SO many people, men and women who are on even the most “serious” dating sites, only looking for a fling, or just occasional company. Obviously these women were not right out telling these men “hey I’m going to let you buy me dinner 5 times then never talk to you again”, but I think weather they did anyhting ‘wrong’ would have to be in what they DID say? Did they keep is casual? Or were they telling these men that they were interested in them? Their motives were not pure either way, and thankfully, it was only 5 dates and hopefully the men didn’t get enough time to become too attatched to them!!!

  16. queen says:

    yes, but also it would be rude if a man says what he is looking for upfront and chances are he would not get far. This is why a sugar relationship works best because so many are more upfront. I doubt anyone would date a guy who says he wants a sex toy, maid, cook and a baby machine maker.

  17. MikeN says:

    I think she is a low life person.

  18. Bobby the K says:

    “so many are more upfront”

    Good point. Sugar may be the only way to go. Maybe go in like that with no other expectations, but if the woman still likes you sans the sugar, take it as a gift.

    Does sugar necessarily mean she expects you to pay more than just dinner, or even a remarkable dinner? as in new shoes, an expensive gift, or whatever?

  19. chris says:

    You would have to ask the girl bobby. Asking the blog has no answers as everyone has different goals and standards.

  20. Blomo says:

    “Let’s face it, many men who are serial online daters want to meet as many women as possible to get laid with little or no intention of getting involved in any serious relationship with any of them. Yet, no one ever says they are unethical for not spelling out their true intent in their quest for sex.”

    Right men date only for a one night stand and women only date for a conversation and a sexless long term relationship. The only women who have sex after a date have been deceived into thinking that the guy is actually looking for love.

    You’re only speaking for yourself Brandon. And your speaking is pretty weird.

  21. Just bc says:

    Right men date only for a one night stand and women only date for a conversation and a sexless long term relationship. The only women who have sex after a date have been deceived into thinking that the guy is actually looking for love.

    Generally the above is true at first.
    If each really falls for the other then the compromise occurs where they each should want to also make thr other person happy. But yes I think this is how initially the sexes start out with extremely opposing needs.

  22. Just bc says:

    “Let’s face it, many men who are serial online daters want to meet as many women as possible to get laid with little or no intention of getting involved in any serious relationship with any of them. Yet, no one ever says they are unethical for not spelling out their true intent in their quest for sex.”

    Right , put stories of those guys in the news!
    How is their goal not more shocking?
    Or is their behavior excused in our male lead society?

  23. Just bc says:

    I just had a gorgeous 6’5″ guy Model looks send me a pic of his piece. He is 42 years old. Seriously are guys this ignorant of what turns a woman on?

  24. Just bc says:

    There is a reason Playgirl does not make much money! Hello

  25. chris says:

    Brandon speaks the truth blomo.

  26. Jake says:

    This is precisely why not only is it OK, but it is RIGHT, for women to make less money in the workplace. If they are going to inherently act as the bread taker, not winner, then they shouldn’t need to make an equal amount of money.

  27. queen says:

    Jake, you are just trying to be annoying. Tricks are for kids !

  28. Allan says:


    You have a point, one cannot have it both ways. Equal pay, then split the check. Of course evolutionarily women respect men who can “provide”. Once the rules become “what can you do for me today”, then I say the gloves are off.

  29. chris says:

    You also have the choice of being a gay male. Problem solved my friends. It seems most men on this blog seem to hate the ladies anyway. At least you then have sn equal. Even then i notice one does take on the female role even then. Fly solo?

  30. J. Cole says:

    wow very good intellectual points made by Jake. some women do contradict themselves. you want full equality then pick up half the bills or at least split the check like Allan said. otherwise if you want to be looked at as property then don’t pay for anything but dont expect to be my equal in the relationship. good looks fade overtime especially for women. money in your pocket and a hot meal lasts longer so employed men have more to offer.

  31. chris says:

    They do not make equal money so that is a great point why they need to be taken care of. I do not see how guys here are worthy of any company from a lady. I hope they are not meeting people on here with these nasty attitudes. much like a cave man wanting to drag a girl by her hair into the cave.

  32. Just bc says:

    Guys blogging here appear to hate women. Women do not make what men make. Add also that wOmen are expected to do a lot more to keep up womanly appearances. Women are expected to take care of their families on top of all that. Women are fed up with this man’s world. Look around everything us geared toward making men feel better about themselves. Look how much money is given to sports athletes. It is a game for god sakes. How much do teachers make. What percentage of women make the top 30% of pay? Men are just mad bc women are finding out that men are more trouble than they are worth. Men need sex much more than women do. Women font even need men to have a baby anymore. Sperm banks are how a couple of my friends in their 30s decided to go.
    Seriously guys complaining on here must gave no money. however they sure sound like they think they deserve a sexual relationship at a cheap price. Go to Vegas!

  33. ithinkthereforeiam says:


    Is there a way to get a history of the winks that get auto rejected? Several I was interested in winked me, but I was too over-loaded with school work to date at the time and they’ve disappeared from the wink category. Now that I’ve finished school, I want to date them, but I’ve forgotten which ones they were even though I saved them to favorites. Thanks.

  34. Sultry says:

    Please, like she invented something new? I have been doing this for a long time. And other things too. Hey, when times are rough, you have to get creative and do what you can to make ends meet.

  35. queen says:

    This is true Sultry…black dalia was murdered dating men for dinners many years ago!

  36. Lola says:

    What makes it wrong is that she is not up front with her intentions. There are plenty of men who would be willing to go to dinner with a beautiful woman, even if it is just once. Target them. Don’t waste anyone’s time if they are looking for something more.

    To those who think she should find one “special” guy to do this for her…..why should she? What if she doesn’t want a committed relationship? Wouldn’t she be faking it then too?

    There is no reason anyone should have to lie their way through any relationship. There is a market for everyone, from the john to the husband, from the street walker to the wife. There will always be someone out there looking for what you are offering.

    Finally, women are already equal. We don’t have to lower our pay or pay the check to be so. Some of you need a lesson in reality. Stay home and stop polluting the dating pool.

  37. queen says:

    Lola, all scammers are never upfront. That is shooting yourself in the foot. Many people who ask to borrow money never plan on returning it.

  38. Lola says:

    I agree, queen. But, in that case, you just learn from it, and stop loaning money.

    I’m just saying there is no need to scam when you can simply get what you want by finding others who want the same thing. Since honesty isn’t an option for someone who, deep down, isn’t capable, people will just have to learn how to avoid it. There are no guarantees, but you don’t have to participate in your own humiliation either.

  39. chris says:

    A free meal is not that much to be able to hang out with her. I think thats a pretty good deal. She deserves it. From how guys are on this blog and the low morals men have today. She deserves to be paid to meet these type of guys or worse.

  40. Bobby the K says:

    I’d have to disagree, Chris. Why do you think she “deserves” it?

  41. queen says:

    Bobby, if you read what is being said it seems it means my the sounds of the tone from guys here on the blog that guys are not very nice anyway. I also find that to be true from most online men. They get jaded.

  42. queen says:

    girls get jaded also because of all of the tricks online. Men get tricked as well I hear. Either way, all is fair in love and war.

  43. Bobby the K says:

    I understand what you’re saying. What I mean is her dishonesty deserves nothing.

    I’m trying to become more process oriented than results oriented to overcome the jaded part of dating. If I focus on the result and it’s not going well, I can get discouraged and disappointed by what’s totally out of my control. And those bad times add up! But if I focus on how much more steadily I’m picking up a wine glass or fearlessly cracking jokes even though she’s a game playing deceitful, selfish, and insecure hottie, then yahoo! But it takes a lot of discipline in thinking that way.

  44. queen says:

    Aww, how cute Bobby !

  45. Interesting says:

    How many times have men used women and they don’t call? He takes her out they drink, he has his way with her – and then never calls. That is the modern story. Women put their hearts out all the time and men use them for a day or even months and move on. The get her good loving, sex, she cooks for him etc..then he moves on and sometimes without an explanation. Men have been insensitive for time immemorial yet there never criticized – a woman does it then all hell breaks loose. So no i don’t blame her in the least…let her do what men have done to women for years.

  46. Bobby the K says:

    I’ve seen a lot of profiles that say:

    “I like the finer things in life and I have a lot to offer so let’s talk about it on our first date.”

    It seems kind of canned and I get the feeling their intentions may not be genuine, so I’ve been avoiding these profiles because they seem part of some mass production market. Are my thoughts legitimate? Thanks.

  47. Bobby the K says:

    “Men have been insensitive for time immemorial yet there never criticized – a woman does it then all hell breaks loose.”

    “let her do what men have done to women for years”

    That’s definitely true. I’ve never been a woman before, but how would I handle it? Our culture has no popular modern artist who really shows what a modern woman goes through, someone to wake our consciousness so we at least pause to think about the consequences. What, hollywood? Rap stars? MTV?

    I’m not mr. literature, but I once read Virgil’s Aeneid and the scene about Dido and Aeneas really floored me. It made me wonder what the right action should have been for Aeneas as well as Dido. I think the right action is being up front, even if it’s going to deny me not getting laid for a couple decades.

    I don’t think she should do what men have done for years because that’s like letting men have the power to degrade herself from how she probably really wants to be, if she wants to be a decent person.

    Tough question, but great post.

  48. queen says:

    I believe females should get back to not having sex until they have a ring on it. Leave the men to the pay per play options only.

  49. chris says:

    Now that is a great way to put a stop to men using girls. You can not be used if you not allow it. I saw a couple posts on here that says the man is looking for a young girl to have his baby. Floored me on that one. Talk about a girl being an object.

  50. Big Jeff says:

    Figures! I was victimized for several years by this scam in St. Louis!

  51. queen says:

    Big Jeff, Maybe you just did not impress them?

  52. Jeremy says:

    Here’s my rule: I do not take a girl out for dinner, drinks, coffee or anything at all until after we have had sex. Why? Because taking her out to these places will lower attraction and move away from my goal of sleeping with her.

    So these guys are pretty dumb, if you ask me. They were supposed to do this instead of taking her out: Email a few times back and forth building a connection. Then getting a number and starting text game. Then asking her to join you on something that requires NO MONEY like a walk in the park or a snowball fight. Then kiss and try to have sex with her on that night itself.

    If the sex is good or even alright and you want to keep her on the back burner, buy her a modest dinner. Then hint that she cooks for you. You guys really need to learn how to score. Taking a girl out to dinner lowers your value in her eyes, numbnuts. By doing so, you are demonstrating lower value by attempting to prove that you have something to offer.

  53. queen says:

    Jeremy, A girl who sleeps with you first date is a low value girl anyway and you just got a free s t d ! Kissing and o ral gives s t d also ! ewwwwwww

  54. just bc says:

    Jeremy sounds like a loser to me. I would never go out on a date where a guy spends no money. That is a sign that he has NO money. And as for having sex with a guy that spends no money on you, are there women that are this stupid out there? If you are a woman and you are looking for a guy that could support you or even care enough for your basic need of food that he at least shows he can take care of that, then what do you need to get dirty with a guy for. Do it yourself. If there are women out there that are this desperate for attention, then these women must have VERY low self-esteem. I feel sorry for them, bc they are being USED. a guy like Jeremy is a Loser and a User. Not the kind of person I would ever do business with, feel any affection toward, or even has as an acquaintance.

    Women have to learn that men and women are very different. men need sex like food and will have it with as many women as possible. Men do not need to cuddle. They are more like animals, and should be treated like animals, until they show some evidence of evolution, like empathy. If the guy does not have the decency to care for a basic need of yours (protection, shelter, food), then he will never care about you.

  55. chris says:

    Then why are you on this site if your rules are working? Should not need this pay for a date site.

  56. Wade says:

    Guys, if she isn’t having sex with you by the third date, then she’s wasting both your time and money.

  57. queen says:

    Why do you guys want sex so fast?

  58. queen says:

    Sounds like you want STD too!

  59. Just bc says:

    A hard rule of 3rd date is too fast. How do u know whether he has an STD?

  60. chris says:

    You guys need to learn class. Sex should not be the focus. Talk about users.

  61. Rachel says:

    What happen to love, respect, honor….?

  62. splash says:

    for those looking for sex,why not use escort site?very accessible and simple,plus saves you both time as both parties will be looking for the same thing i suppose.one thing men need to realise when it comes to sex is,if you don’t put pressure or show that your so eager to have sex with a girl,thats when you’ll get it in plenty,its such a turn off when a man initiates sx.well for me the best sx i ever had or have is from a man who took his time and let me initiate it,its bliss plus you never stop wanting,so for me if a man is expecting to have sex with me on a given time scale,you bet,il ask for the hugest amount of money that will DENT his bank account just to put him off me,and kerching! thats the best way to politely tell him,your not for me

  63. chris says:

    Sounds like they want free sex.

  64. queen says:

    So you want a girl who you just met you to give you her body ? seriously?

  65. Bobby the K says:

    I completely disagree with Jeremy. Talk about treating a woman like an object. I hear swine are the closest thing biologically to humans. He should think about porking pigs.

  66. queen says:

    Look what I found!

    What if a first date happens, but the Generous member does not pay the Attractive member the amount that was agreed upon?
    An agreement made on our website is a binding contract between two people. If the Generous member does not pay the agreed amount after meeting on a first date, then the Generous member may be held accountable. If you are an Attractive member, please collect all information and proof that you did in fact go on a first date with the Generous member who has violated this agreement. We suggest you file the case with a small claims court (civil court). While the website cannot be responsible for an agreement made between two people, the agreement made on our website between two members may be used as proof of an agreement in court.

  67. chris says:

    If he does not pay he should be removed from the site. If a girl is not up to par as her photos the same should apply.

  68. Bobby the K says:

    Question to you guys. I sent an offer to a woman on the site. She accepted almost immediately, but she hasn’t sent any replies and hasn’t logged on since communication was opened, which has been five days. I’ve sent three messages.

    I was looking at the FAQ and I can understand no refund in case a guy sends a creepy message, but what if she accepts the dating offer and doesn’t send any correspondence period? Does that mean you lose the credits?

    I think they should put a big banner that says for the women right before opening communication, “Don’t open the communication unless you are certain you are interested in dating. It costs the generous member money!” I have a feeling some of the women on here aren’t serious about dating, but don’t realize it actually costs money when communication is opened.

    Anyone have input?

  69. queen says:

    Bobby, I think you can report it and get refunded back !

  70. Eve75 says:

    To: Bobby
    some of the peple signed up cant send mssgs on this site unless they upgrade, like me I knw cause I tried sendng a mssg or mayb she found some one else that interested her more who knws hope it wasnt she met some crazy dude and he got her kiddnnaped cause in this site we will never knw wat we find, a fling,real marrriage, or some crazy sexually addicted freak. I for sure never invite a guy on a first date to pick me up at my house I have kids and before I get to knw them and wat they all bout we meeting really far away from my home and in an open place my kids saftey and wellbeen come first before my social life.

  71. Bobby the K says:


    My credits get taken away because someone isn’t able to reply because they don’t have an upgrade? That doesn’t make sense. I’ll ask customer support.

  72. Anna Molly says:

    Hi everyone! I was hoping to find a blog 🙂
    Nice to meet everyone!

  73. Bobby the K says:

    If we see women giving the finger in their photo, can we report it as abuse? It really degrades the site towards ghetto, and I think this site should stay classy. They should continue to market towards, attractive, generous, as well as classy customers.

  74. Lore says:

    Ok warning a rant*
    I am so tired of men accepting dates that obviously aren’t planning on going out, but what really bothers me, is they continue to view my picks AND favor me!!! Grrrr Does blocking them just stop communication or can they still get to my profile??

  75. Lore says:

    Ok warning a rant*
    I am so tired of men accepting dates that obviously aren’t planning on going out, but what really bothers me, is they continue to view my picks AND favor me!!! Grrrr Does blocking them just stop communication or can they still get to my profile??

  76. chris says:

    Lore, the problem is that they see they have to pay money to mail you.

  77. queen says:

    I noticed a few guys go back and forth on the offer amount. When you break down and take the lower offer the date always seems to be the worst EVER !!!! The guy ends up being way to pushy and bossy for my liking. He also talks about or acts cheap on the money issue. And you almost always have to ask for the payment after the date is seconds from being over. Twice I was asked if I had change. The change was only in the 10.00 range. Seriously bro????

  78. Lore says:

    -> Chris…what bothers me is the fact the guy keeps checking out my profile everyday, don’t wanna know what he is doing while looking at my pics!!

    -> OMG Queen they have asked you for change!! That’s crazy!!

  79. queen says:

    Yes it is Lore ! A couple days later one of them texts hes in my neighborhood, as if I can just run off to see him last minute.

  80. robster says:

    To all the girls, well I decided to delete my account. There are not that many girls on here from Australia WA (3).. Anyway two are unemployed and one is so perfect looking that she’s probably fake. Look at the end of the day I am sorry but decent professional hard working guys are turned off by this as it attracts gold diggers. Its also degrading for the decent woman as it puts a price on her and hence I don’t believe that any decent self respecting woman would honestly go through this. I will be very surprised if this article is posted actually.

  81. Lore says:

    Robster, seems to me you liked the idea of the site when you joined, and then deleted your account because of lack of women in your area, so by saying you believe hard working guys would be turned off by this site would make you a hypocrite cause you were on here. And by the way I am a decent respectful woman on this site, and I am on here because I am looking for a guy that would take this process seriously, I have dealt with a lot of liars and fakes on regular dating site, and if a guy is willing to pay for my time, then they are more likely to be sincere. My 2 cents.

  82. queen says:

    What is so wrong with gold digging, you seem to be beauty digging?…* roasted *

  83. Lore says:

    @Queen LMAO GOOD ONE!

  84. Bobby the K says:

    Funny point queen.

    There are a lot more of those model types with nicer photos in Los Angeles. Whoa.

    Well, I’m 3 for 4 on polite considerate dates. I had three awesome ones in a row, but my last date wasn’t very polite and considerate. She was very beautiful, but it left a bad taste in my mouth. Yuk.

  85. Rob says:

    @Queen LOL! Love it!

    @Robster, I have no problem with a woman looking for a man who can provide. A very good friend of mine (female) is on this site, and is pleased with the results. She’s a honest, sincere, grounded, family-oriented woman.

    As for women being gold-diggers… Isn’t being the provider the traditional male role?

    I have never felt comfortable with the girl paying for any part of the date. It just feels weird. I’m not going to try to wear the lingerie. It’s not my role.

  86. queen says:

    Bobby, Why are you not dating the nicer girls you already met ?
    Why keep digging if you like what you already found?

  87. Bobby the K says:

    Because I dated women while I was traveling. They were really nice women, but they were quite far away. I should have dated in my city, but there aren’t nearly as many on this site as in New York and L.A., the cities I was traveling around.

    Also, it’s my inexperience to be honest. I can’t read women yet, although I think I’m getting better. They might kiss passionately and then tell me not to call. huh? So I wonder if they were only looking for money or something is happening in their lives that I don’t want to hear about. So I just have fun and get experience and hopefully become more knowledgeable.

    By the way, there aren’t as many new women coming onto this site as when it started. It must be the holidays.

  88. queen says:

    Yes, I see the same only guys in my area as well. need new faces ! I think im a creeper magnet !

  89. Bobby the K says:

    At least you aren’t a refrigerator magnet! You’d be attracting refrigerators. 🙂

  90. JZ says:

    I have been doing the same thing Jessica does since I was 21! I’m 33 now and if a man is willing to be used that way then I would take it!! Kuddos to her!! I do it in Dallas all the time 🙂

  91. allie says:

    who wants to go out with a different guy everyday to eat anyway at a restaurant. thats a good way to pack on the pounds unless she’s very careful about what she orders or goes to special vegan or healthy restaurants. if she wants to do it have at her

  92. queen says:

    i doubt anyone is dating every night. I only go out a few times a month !

  93. veronica says:

    i agree with pipqueen lol

  94. andrew92056 says:

    Websites had no chance at all of making any money if all the “ladies” were behaving honestly. What’s the difference between a fancy dinner with a dishonest hot chick and a hot escort? Blue balls 😉

  95. queen says:

    I went out with a guy who did not pay me. What can I do about it? This is now the second time this has happened to me on here. I am not on here just for free dinners and he was very pushy on intimacy just for the meal.

  96. queen says:

    Jmcgill8 is not a good guy on here.

  97. Nicole DiMauro says:

    yes I completely think they used men and I don’t agree with that at all.

  98. Barbara says:

    More Power to her!! When I was going to college and working in Manhattan I ate out every night. Thank God, because I could barely pay the rent.
    My mother always said that if a man is taking you to dinner, you don’t ow him anything. He is paying for the “Pleasure of you company”!

  99. Alexis says:


    It’s men, sorry, *boys* like you who should have been born without a penis altogether. You’re not a gentlemen and certainly don’t deserve a nice girl, or a nice piece of ass for that matter. You’ll find yourself a lonely old man if you don’t get over yourself and learn how to respect others. Or better yet, maybe you’ll fall in love with someone and she’ll end up taking you for all you’ve got..you deserve it 🙂

    Bobby the K,

    You sound like a smart, respectable guy who actually knows how to treat a girl – Jeremy should take notes from you. Good luck on your dating quest 🙂

  100. Stanley Ipcus says:

    Ok…. To listen to this women treat sex as a barganing tool, what ever happened to just enjoying eachothers company jointly. For the most women enjoy sex as much as men (if we are doing it right) or more, lets face it women can have 2,5 even 10 “O’s” men one or two and we are done (ladies first).

    Yes some men see sex as a conquest but there are many that really want that special one that they can explore and perfect with. when your with someone you truly enjoy a quiet evening on the couch lying togeather can be as rewarding as a steamy night getting it on in the bathroom of a dingey bar. More guys want the long term than you think “It really sucks being on these dating sites” but most women look at your pic and your income and base their decision on that…. mabyee they are getting the one night 2 minnute wonders. I have always dated and had married above my pay grade (as to say) but they were all women that I had met and had gotten to know me, my personality, and humor first of all ages from 20 years younger to 15 years older. Nuff said

  101. LilLaughingBird says:

    Jessica did exactly what she was supposed to do according to the dating rules of Long,Long, ago….go to dinner and don’t go home with them,…..
    Safety rules say she doesn’t go home with them, give out her home address, or go out with them more than 5 times….

  102. Xtina says:

    I think people will and can do what they want to do. Men always hope for and or won’t say no to sex, unless the girl is wasted and he is a gentlemen and doesn’t take advantage. So all men expect sex, and most women expect and don’t even think twice that the man should pay for dinner. BESIDES isn’t that what this site is about?? (depending on what you have signed up as, i.e. daddy or baby)But she did what she had to do and had some fun, yeah it is kinda rude, but karma is a B**** maybe all the men she dated had it coming? I mean are they so mad cause they didn’t get laid? BOOHOO!!!! Get the eff over it! Hasn’t anyone watched the TV show Mad Men? Sometimes I wish I lived in the 50’s and 60’s cause then men would still have and gladly take the “male role” and yes I might have to be a sexy little stay at home mom but who cares. LOL… Just playing with you all 😛

  103. Teresa says:

    LoL… People bitch about anything… There’s just a new breed of women, & I’m sure 8 out of 10 men’s intentions on website dating are worse than Jessie wanted paid dinners = )

  104. steve says:

    She is probably going to get punched by some guys that sees her abuse. I know how hard match is and if too easy then that’s 1. She is absolutely lying through their teeth to get 5 more dates each. Shes gonna have a hard time fending a guy ofstarting on date numer 3. NY Ain’t cheap and they are going to movies and shows. A guy is going to easily have over $1,000 in her by date number 5. There are variables but it’s close and so you do the math! I hope they are in the Gym everyday as it’s going to crimp their revenue streams…:)

  105. Mc love says:

    She is a Hooker!!!! So when her electric bill comes so ..

  106. chris says:

    A hooker for eating dinner with a guy. Heard it all now. Kids….grow up and stop playing on this site.

  107. theman says:

    On whatsyourprice you are dating women who are generally unsuccessful, unhappy, or unable to meet their financial committments. That’s why they are intrigued by being swooned over for a price that greatly exceeds an average priced date. Why would an intelligent woman with self confidence and a good job want this setting. I don’t see a good result from this. Could you imagine continuing on this road with the woman or trying to tell your friends or family how you met? How uncomfortable would that be. The fact that she may be a gold digger would always linger in the back of your mind. Definitely not marriage material but the site offers a way to date an attractive gold digger.

  108. what? says:

    Marilyn Monroe did this too!

  109. Cora says:

    What she is doing is not unethical at all. This site that is what the purpose is. If you are a guy looking for true love, then you are on the wrong site. I actually accepted a date from a guy that was looking for a wife, and felt that he should not have to pay for a first date. My first question is what are you doing on Whatsyourprice? More often then not men are just looking for a girl to screw and they don’t care who it is. They are using us just like we are using them

  110. Kurt says:

    Women who take advantage of men like she did have ruined it for the other, decent women. The men taking her out were kind of foolish for buying expensive dinners right away, so I assume they learned their lesson and didn’t do it the next time. The older I get the less effort and expense I am willing to exert upfront until a woman proves that she is worth it.

  111. lette says:

    Ideal date for a sex-digger (male who feels he has to lie, cheat and deceive to retrieve the sex he feels entitled to):
    -Meet up at his apartment for a romantic meal he never prepares, have sex with you after he tried desperately to convince you that you are all he wants and has ever dreamed of, and then never calls you again.

    Let’s face it! The only people who would believe what Jessica did was wrong, would be a sex-digger.

    Attention Sex-Digger: Women have the expectation of having sex with a man who cares about her and who intends on having a mutually healthy and lasting relationship with her.

    Question Sex-Diggers!: How does a woman prevent herself from becoming sexually used, screwed or sexually exploited?

    I read an amazing article on traditional courting, and somehow, men and women alike, have strayed away from these traditional values that seemed to keep a sense of law and order in throughout relationships. Maybe we should all revisit those values. What do you all think?

    As for what Jessica did, was it morally wrong, were her values a bit skewed?
    In my opinion, yes, but I have to believe it is only a topic of interest because men are portrayed as the victims. (Sobbing…)

    Oh ya that leads me to another interesting topic:
    If men menstruated every month, do you think feminine products would be for sale? Hmm…

  112. qin says:

    She’s lucky. Of course, they are reason why a lot of women get found in a bean field. Only their flesh is all eaten away and all that remains is a shock of blonde, red or brunette hair and a napkin from their last meal. What she did was wrong, just as wrong as a man using a woman or anybody using anyone. Oft course, theres a difference between knowing whats moral and actually being moral and since most arent there is little reason for complaint or discussion when women like her does what they do or men likeeise or when some rotting corpse of a female is found in a garbage heap. Lets eat.

  113. SashJ says:

    Twenty first century my friends. It’s a hard to tell anything about behaviour of young ladies! All of peoples have own solution for a life.

  114. Michael says:

    Yes, this is unethical. While there are men looking to take advantage of women, other men invest just as much emotionally in a relationship as women. This is an exploitative con game. She should be ashamed of herself.

    • Kerri says:

      You don’t want to seem materialistic or gold digger, but both parties are seeking something that has nothing to do with possibility of a commited relationship or anything serious in my opinion, because what kind of man would want something serious with a woman who is looking for money an what kind of woman would want a serious thing with a man who has to pay for attention or treats woman like hookers???

  115. Corey says:

    Yes Jessica is absolutely wrong. Here’s why. The writer of this article said that men insinuate love for sex and women insinuate sex or love for a free meal. Well that is bullshit because at least the man is offering 2 types of physical emotions which is love or sex but the women is only offering one option which is sex that she knows that she knows is not going to happen so she just sits there and smiles, looks pretty and enjoys her free meal and drinks and racks up a $200 bill. This is the reason why I see no point in taking some random woman out to dinner because 9 out of 10 you are just going to get a kiss on the cheek and a “thank you I had a good time”. I have more luck hooking up with a girl at a bar I just met after buying her a drink or 2 and then taking her to brunch or dinner the days following because I know she is not using me and actually likes me.

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