The Cost of Living As A Woman
  • Posted Sep 18, 2013
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Did you know that women will spend nearly $1 million more in their lifetime than if they had been born a man? So besides the fact that a woman is already set up to earn less in their lifetime than a man would, she is also expected to shell out more bucks for the same health and wellness products than members of the opposite sex. If you ever wondered why there is a need for a dating site which offers an incentive for a woman to accept a date, just take a look at some of the costs of living discrepancies between men and women.

Beauty & Body Care

It takes a lot of maintenance to be a woman. While a man can often get away with using just shampoo, or a 2 in 1 combo under $3, the average woman spends about $7 for each bottle of shampoo or conditioner. Women also end up paying $2-3 more than men for razors and shaving cream, and typical spend more on skin care products in general than a man does. That doesn’t even include the costs of upkeep: purchasing make up, hair product, visits to the salon, etc. Men have it so easy really.


The costs of healthcare are enormous for women. Because of the simple fact that only a woman can carry and bear a child, she will always be spending more money on her health than a man. Not to mention the fact that women have to spend more money on preventive care than men, but also, they are more prone to developing cancer, stress fractures, mental illness, etc. So while men may be more likely to die or be injured by accident, women bear most of the cost when it comes to healthcare in society.


I absolutely hate going to the mechanic or even to get my oil changed, simply because I always feel like I am getting swindled. But studies show, I’m not the only woman who feels that way. Women typically pay more for new cars and car repairs than men do, because they are less informed on the subject. Any many cases, a repair shop will have a different price list and quotes for men and women, simply because they can.

Interest Rates

The Consumer Federation of America announced that women typically pay a 3.2% higher interest rate than men on credit cards. According to the study, women are charged a higher interest rate based solely on their gender type, paying significantly more on their debt than men with similar financial history.

Basically, it’s hard out here for a woman. So what could it hurt to even the playing field a bit?


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