The 10 Worst Cities for Online Dating
  • Posted Aug 9, 2013
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Though the advent of the internet has turned proximity into an after-thought when dating, not all singles are keen on traveling to the next city in order to find love.

We polled 1,000 singles from each major US city with populations over 5,000 or more to measure how singles in America felt about online dating. And according to our results, 38.5 percent of singles claimed to be satisfied with the results they received from online dating.

“Online dating success is based on instant gratification,” says Brandon Wade, Founder and CEO of the site. “Satisfaction for each city was measured by the amount of messages received per week, the average correspondence time, and the ratio of accepted first dates.”

Of the national average, women were 14 percent more satisfied with online dating versus the 32 percent of men. While one in four online daters were dissatisfied with finding love on the web, 36.5 percent are neutral.


Factors that affected overall satisfaction - (Satisfied, Dissatisfied)

Number of new messages per week – 30 or more messages, less than 3 messages

Wait times for message responses – less than 1 day, more than 3 days

Wait times from initial contact to date – 1 week or less, 2 or more weeks

Ratio of success to rejection/no response when messaging – 5 to 1, 1 to 3


The following are the worst cities for online dating in the United States, ranked according to the most dissatisfied singles per 1000 single adults.

1.                  St. Louis, MO – 67%

2.                  Washington, D.C. – 66.3%

3.                  Columbus, OH – 63.9%

4.                  Scottsdale, AZ – 61.3%

5.                  Philadelphia, PA – 59%

6.                  Milwaukee, WI – 58.6%

7.                  Newark, NJ – 55.6%

8.                  San Bernardino, CA – 55.5%

9.                  San Antonio, TX – 52.2%

10.                Saint Paul, MN – 50.5%


Is your cities one of the worst for online dating? Do you agree or disagree with our results?

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  1. Leroy says:

    All personalities and perspectives are welcome on this blog, while personal attacks and name calling are not. It’s inevitable that there will be disagreements, but let’s handle it as mature adults with class to keep the dialog constructive and respectful. Please refer to the “Blog Etiquette” section for more details. Now comment away and let’s enjoy the blog!

  2. Josh says:

    Umm, what about the best?

  3. Tod says:

    The Twin Cities should be number 1 for the worst. The women here are horrible in terms of dating. It is probably easiest from a woman’s perspective, but as a guy I have had more trouble here than anywhere else. It isn’t just the weather that is cold in MN, it is the women too.

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