Safe Sex and Dating
  • Posted Oct 9, 2013
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You know the line, “Don’t worry, I’m clean.”  Depending on where you live, you might want to think twice before forgoing the rubber. In an anonymous poll, only 37 percent of single women in the US admitted they use protection when doing the dirty.

Men have been given a bad rap as being the culprits when it comes to unprotected sex practices, but women are just as responsible for not only protecting their partners, but their own bodies as well. We’ve heard all the arguments. Especially guys’ favorite: “It doesn’t feel as good with a condom on.”  A moment of pleasure could mean a lifetime of regret. So remember, wrap up before you shack up.

Everyone has been guilty of it at least once. Whether it be 6 months ago, last week, or back in freshman year. Mostly everyone has had unprotected sex. But, depending on where you live the risk could be greater when choosing to forego using protection.

The following are the Top Cities in America for “Safe Sex” ranked according to which cities had the most women that practiced safe sex.

1.         Chicago, IL – 74%

2.         St. Petersburg, FL -73%

3.         Salt Lake City, UT – 68%

4.         New York City, NY – 66%

5.         Dallas, TX – 63%

6.         Providence, RI – 58%

7.         Milwaukee, WI – 57%

8.         San Francisco, CA – 52%

9.         Portland, OR – 50%

10.       Minneapolis, MN – 49%

Least Safe Cities ranked according to which cities had the most women who practiced unsafe sex.

1.       Austin, TX – 77%

2.       San Diego, CA – 75%

3.       Little Rock, AR – 71%

4.       Tempe, AZ – 70%

5.       Baton Rouge, LA – 68%

What do you think about the findings on safe sex?

Do you practice safe sex 100% of the time? What are other common excuses we use to skip protection?

3 Responses to “Safe Sex and Dating”

  1. Cascades says:

    One under appreciated item in the safer sex arsenal is the female condom. You can get these online -and they are bit more expensive but they provide more protection against HSV than male condoms. One reason folks don’t like condoms is many men simply have trouble sustaining an erection while using a male condom–that is much less of a problem with a female condom.

  2. Tom says:

    An even more under appreciated item is a comprehensive diagnostic test panel for STIs prior to any physical activity. Make sure you get a really complete one that covers HIV, HSV, and hepatitis. These will cost around $350 for a couple. Yes, you may think it is expensive but condoms do not give 100% protection. For example, while they are pretty good for HIV they are only about 50% effective against HSV. I’d much rather have unprotected sex with someone that has tested healthy than protected sex with someone that has not been tested.

  3. DCNative says:


    Government furloughs really bring women out of the woodwork, especially in DC. :)

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