Ideal amount to ask for a First Date?
  • Posted Apr 30, 2011
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So what is the ideal amount to ask for a First Date on  That has been the subject of intense discussion on the WhatsYourPrice Facebook Page last week. It started when Rachel posted a comment:


“There should be a minimum offer. At least $100. Who would accept a $20 offer when it costs that much in gas to drive and see the guy, plus valet is around $20. And what if he turns out to be less than a gentleman?

Lowball offers= Low class.”


I was quick to respond to her post by telling her the offer amount someone accepts may differ from person to person.  For example, if a guy who is super handsome and whose profile description matches what you are looking for to a tee, it’s likely you may accept a $10 offer from him.  Whereas someone who isn’t initially attractive may warrant a higher first date price.   Soon, Alicia (a musician) chimed in:

“Please don’t take this as me trying to start an argument… but I personally wouldn’t ask for more than it would take me to cover my expenses for a date. (No matter if that’s $10 or $100.) To me asking more than that seems like “gold digging” and that = low class. I’ve been known to walk away from a gig with a decent amount of money in my pocket for what some people wouldn’t even call work…lol. But why would I charge more for someone to meet me than they would pay to do so at a “gig”? LOL”

I really do admire Alecia’s comment.  Because it would seem to me thatdf the amount a female would ask for, or accept, for a first date really does depend on the person.  But money is not just money anymore on  It has taken on a new highly personal meaning.  For some, it represents self-worth.  A low offer could therefore be interpreted an insult to one’s honor.  For others, it seems to be a measure of one’s moral values.  Asking for a high offer would seem to be unbecoming of one’s virtues.  Two very opposing camps are clearly emerging.

Jeff YangA female friend of mine became interested in the site based on a conversation we had, registered out of curiosity and got her first offer for a date: $10. She wasn’t sure whether to laugh or to scream.” – Jeff Yang, Reporter and Author

But could the negotiating process on somehow be a filtering process for the type of man or girl you are trying to land a first date with?  Some members seem to believe so.  Trevor from Washington DC told me the “first date” money means different things to the eight different women he has been out on dates with in the past two weeks.  Trevor has accepted first dates with prices ranging from $11 to $300.  He told me he seems to find that women who asked for $100 or less seems to be more serious about wanting a serious relationship.  Whereas women who are asking for $200 or more seem to be more open minded about a casual relationship.

Does asking for $200 or more really tell you that much about a person’s ultimate agenda?  Another female user wrote back telling me she makes more money on her regular day job than she would getting $300 for a first date.  For her, asking $300 for a first date would just about cover her cost of getting ready for the date. Getting her hair done costs her upwards of $200.  Manicure $50.  Gas for her car $30.  Given the value of her time, and her standard of lifestyle, $300 doesn’t seem like a lot anymore.  In fact, any man unwilling to offer her $300 for the date would not measure up to her lifestyle, and therefore would not be her type.

When it comes to political views or religion, or money in this case.  I’d say — to each his or her own.  But here are some general guidelines I have found to be most effective…

Guidelines for the Generous Users:

* If you really like someone, make them a HIGH offer.  $10 or $20 offers are more likely to offend than impress.

* If you don’t want to be rejected, ask the other person to name their price by Winking.

Guidelines for the Attractive Users:

* If you really like someone, make them a REASONABLE offer (i.e. $100 or less)

* If you’re not going to be offended with a $20 offer, then ask the other person to name their price by Winking.

* If you are asking for a HIGH price for the first date because your time is super valuable, avoid any misunderstandings by clearly stating in your profile “First Date Expectations” as the reason for your high price and what you will or will not do on your first date.

What is your price for a First Date?

How do you justify the price you’re offering, or asking, for a First Date?

Are you offended by either a very high or low price offer for a First Date?

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  1. Danni says:

    I’m new to this and think it’s weird that the guys wink at you asking you to make the first offer. I would think that a real man would want to be the one presenting the offer to me. And when the person is out of town, are they going to be compensating for my travel expenses? Why would I want a $10 date with a guy in another state, when there’s no guarantee that he will even pay once we meet. I think a lot of people on here on not serious.

    • admin says:

      Hi Danni,

      Thanks for commenting. Given this website and concept of dating is still very new, I believe many people are trying and testing it out. I certainly hope you will be more patient. But … if you know what you’re looking for, then when someone wink at you, you should make them an offer! 🙂

      • Amelia says:

        I think it’s ridiculous that the creator of this site would endorse the legitimacy of any connection between morality and money. How did the sweet little musician who decried the morality of asking more than the cost of getting to the date even find this site? If a site marketing itself as a pay-to-date site has any merit at all, let’s not waste our time even talking about chump change, or morality defining one’s price, or whether it’s REALLY all about money… Get real.

        • shana says:

          yup u 100% right on … to me its a gray zone of an escort service for independent escorts male or female … but thats what people like to do cover up the real so they dont feel so bad about them selfs … lmao … like u was saying get real …

        • Jasmine says:

          There are many thought provoking comments here to say the least.But sites like these,are for fun,you can’t take it too seriously.And offers for first dates can very,from one person to the next.So accept if you feel good with the offer,or make a counter offer,and see what happens.I met a doctor from the US.He came to see me in Kingston,gave me the money what we had discussed,and we had a fun evening.We talked non stop for over 4 hours.He was a gentleman.No funny business.And that felt nice.I am not sure if there are more men like that on the site?But as I said,don’t take things too seriously,just go with the flow.I hope,I didn’t offend any one.Cheers!

        • T2000 says:

          Yeah riiiiight, “no escorts” things on this site… that’s what a site with potential escorts things says when it’s not sure at 100% no one takes benefit of its system. Keep it real, humans are humans, to advocate an ethical charter of use with penalties against offenders would be more realistic. <3

        • Sasha says:

          Out of all the flavors you choose to be, you chose salty….disappointing.
          This websites sole purpose isn’t to find love. I thought that was obvious, but I guess not. It’s to date around and be compensated for it, which is great, because how many dates have females been on with men and completely wasted their time? Tons! If you don’t like the concept of this site, the solution is rather simple…go somewhere else! OMG, now that’s a new one! This is America. This is the internet. This is your life. You’re not tied down to this site and forced to be on here. Clearly, your expectations aren’t a match for what this site offers. Women are being compensated to date people. If we don’t like the guy, we just don’t. And if there is a guy that we like, trust me, he’ll get a second, third, fourth, and fifth date until we find something that we don’t like about him. This isn’t any different from typical dating expect there’s money involved. If there weren’t men out there willing to pay women, then this site wouldn’t be around.
          For an afterthought, men always expect sex as long as they’ve spent money on you, sometimes even when they haven’t done anything for you. You don’t need to be a “prostitute” to receive that kind of treatment. Men are horny human beings. They were programmed to be that way. Duh!

        • Lilly says:

          I concur!

    • fancyg says:

      I find men that offer 10 or 20 or less that 100 are downright and insulting, they are just too cheap I was asked to share the cost of the hotel! I hate cheap guys that’s not a way to attract women, If they want to be with a woman they should be able to pay, we are worth every penny.

      • queen says:

        Why do they want to go to a hotel for a first date?

        • Thick33 says:

          4 Sex!!!

        • Elegantbelle says:

          You know people actually go to hotels for other reasons? Eat, gamble, dance, socialize, sightseeing and who knows maybe sex…don’t be quick to assume or get your mind dirty 🙂

        • John says:

          in response to the question of why someone would go to a hotel for a first date, to quote Ms. Robinson from the movie “The Graduate”…”think real hard Benjamin”..

      • Vic says:

        Why would a man ask you to split the cost of the hotel if you are going on a first date? 1st date shouldn’t require staying at a hotel so if you agreed to a hotel stay on your first date then do not question the guy, question yourself because you set that standard. At the end of the day, you teach people how to treat you.

        • Diana G. says:

          I agree!! I like what you said here. Great point!

        • RedBoneThaRula says:

          I agree with Elegantbelle, Victor. Other events go down at hotels besides sexual escapades, even in the actual guest rooms. Having a hotel room is not to be taken as a direct invite to an instant hook-up, but as a way to keep your options open and provide a safe and comfortable place to hang out and talk after hours if the date goes well or even if things do start to get a little heated. In the event that there is an instantly undeniably irresistible chemistry on a date it’s better to share a hotel for the night than to invite a stranger-however irresistible- back to your place on the 1st date. Also better to be at one than to have to go around looking for one. Booking an upscale suite is therefore practical, not presumptuous. & If the guy is rich and good-looking, women will find this planning ahead to be a very romantic just-in-case

        • Cashoutbaby says:

          I agree as well

        • Too blessed to stress says:

          Damn!! now that’s what’s up! Just think of how much better the world would be if, everyone had that type of clarity, along with morals and honesty… its just sad that a lot of people cant handle the truth…

        • Twenty20 says:

          Interesting discussion….although when push comes to shove, I wonder how a guy is going to feel booking a $300/night suite and that dinner date did not go all that well; and then the babe wants to split early with the other half of your offer. Now you’re stuck with an empty suite and not even a maid to talk to. I wonder also if the female would feel pressured by the preparation…..and maybe even back out. Seasoned hookers, escorts, whatever might be flattered and not find the meeting so unusual. And then….it’s not like the babe presents you with her latest medical histogram so you better beware of a chick who agrees to these terms in the first place; you might find yourself with a diseased addict with a nice picture.

        • Nikki says:

          I’ve been out with men that are not from the same state as me. So after driving 5 or more hours a man will get a hotel room if we’ve had drinks at dinner. But never have I been asked to split a hotel room for him to stay in. Not would I. A grown man should be able to pay for his own room if he decides to travel that far for a date.

      • TraderJ says:

        Yeah…. to YOU you are worth every penny but until a guy has a chance to meet you spend time with you see the real you how can he possibly know if you are worth anything? He doesn’t even know for sure if your info on the site is real or your pics are real.

        IMHO the whole idea of the money for first day thing is just a fun way to interact. I have had a few women send me requests for 300 or more and I just laugh at them and reject it. I know ZERO about her to agree to pay that. Plus I can’t even msg back and forth with her until AFTER I accept the offer and eat credits that might have been spent on offering someone I am interested in a reasonable price.

        I would never just accept an offer blinding to go meet someone no matter what the cost offered or asked without msging for a while first and I can’t do that without accepting an offer… so I really don’t pay much attention to any offers over 100 unless they are a massively good fit…

        YMMW of course

        • GuyInPhilly says:

          This goes to some of what I just posted in that this site allows no communication before accepting a date. Perhaps they should allow certain specific communications (beyond the reasons you can pick for rejecting) so that both parties are on the same page?

          How about a “Date Info” form which allows either party to ask:

          1) Your location or mine?
          2) If travel is involved, who is covering the expense?
          3) Please post a few more pics!
          4) Please add some detail to your profile so that I understand who you are better!

          (I know #3 and #4 are sort of addressed by the “Reject” reasons you can select, but that’s such an unfriendly way to deal with this issue).

          I’m sure other people could think of a few more questions, and together, they would go a long way towards solving this problem.

        • Karen says:

          Really? If you are that worried about “eating credits” to reply to a woman, you clearly belong on another site. There are plenty of free ones out there. The people who post messages on here saying that asking for more than $10 for a date are hypocrites. If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. If the premise of this site offends you so much, why are you here?

        • Twenty20 says:

          I have to agree with that guy in Philly. Truely responsible people with a nest egg such as I have might not want to risk years of toil for a female with an agenda. If it could be assured as to what agendas are afloat, then one could feel comfortable making a rational rather than wasteful, decision. There needs to be more interaction beforehand.

      • Sean says:

        You’re broadly generalizing here – you may in fact be terrific and “worth every penny” – doesn’t mean all of women kind are that wonderful. Not even close.

      • Zimmy says:

        I am off this site, why should a guy pay $100 bucks to talk to a girl? There are lot of women on this site for easy money. I can just go to a bar for chit chat.

        On one hand we have folks for equal rights and what not and at the same time we have these women who expect guys to do things for them.

        I don’t know what to say.

        • chad says:

          Yea like the last few dates i have been on. I mean it seems like the site started out good, but now has turned to women looking for sugar daddies or a free meal and some easy money. Now i know this site is supposed to get a first date. But if the lady does not answer questions you ask her(like what are her hobbies, or what music she likes) and then drops all contact after the date, she used you fellas.

          Also i find it funny that ladies will say they try to remain anonymous on this site but put usernames easily searched on sites such as Google. Also is a good website to use for confirming your date is not a fraud either… i found a few hookers through google that were using this site.

        • Don says:

          Yes to!

          I haven’t run into any problems on this site yet, but on some others checking shows up a lot of false profiles.

          I would say that the format of this site reduces the number of false profiles,

        • GuyInPhilly says:

          Don said:

          “I would say that the format of this site reduces the number of false profiles”

          Out of curiosity, why?

        • tjx78 says:

          I understand the argument about equal rights vs. chivalry…both are often taken to extremes & cannot be a good gauge of someone’s character. I still want a man to hold the door for me, but I also cannot see a reason why I should get paid less for having a position work-wise that is identical to a man. And honestly even in this day & age, it happens that women with more responsibility/higher positions can be paid less than a man in a comparable or even lesser job. So, taking that into consideration, maybe we deserve to have someone hold the door, or even pick up the tab..?

      • Don says:

        Worth every penny? Who pays for dinner and drinks… easily $100 or more in Manhattan. What makes any woman “worth it”. Pshaw!

        • REBECCA says:

          I find it extremely presumptuous that I find so many guys upset about women asking a “high” first date price on an interface set up explicitly to pay for dates. There’s other dating sites out there. There are plenty of places where nobody is charging anyone for dates and in all honesty, I typically pay for dates through traditional portals. I’m very egalitarian in that sense so I’m not sure where the animosity comes from(maybe there’s this awkward assumption women actually need you for a meal ticket?)
          Also, to all of the gents trying to allude to the idea that a high bid is an invite to get grabby, consent is still a thing. You could do better not to assume, because the bid is for the date itself and doesn’t entail exactly what may or may not happen on said date. Just because you buy tickets to Disney, it doesn’t mean Walt wants you in Cinderella’s castle. If you except x,y, and z on a date and would be upset if it didn’t happen or may potentially act violent or harassing if you don’t get your way, kindly let anyone know so they can respond appropriately and everyone is under no false illusions.

          Additionally, there are lots of people who genuinely love spoiling and dropping money on dates, me included. I’m poly and I like to fulfill a variety of scenarios, treating boys is great, someone wanting to treat me is also great. I just don’t want those people to be the same person.
          Someone griping about gift giving on a site set up just for that is just unattractive and seems wholly counterintuitive. Maybe check out if griping over a pretty insignificant amount of money is your bag.

      • Kate says:

        I can’t even waste my time with someone offering anything less that $100. Just getting myself ready costs me more than that…plus that tells me that he is a cheap bag and not worth my time.

    • greg says:

      not serious? this whole site should not be taken seriously. the woman will obviously not be spending a dime on the date, so they shouldnt feel insulted if they get a $20 offer. they r getting a free meal and a chance to meet someone, that could work out. why should a guy pay $200 for a date, might as well get a hooker for that, at least u know what ur getting with a hooker

      • Aurelie says:

        Just some food for thought:
        a. We all have our reasons to be on here – This site brings together that might not meet normally.
        b. Women don‛t spend a dime for the date? Are you serious? It costs me between 200 and 500 pound on avarage for a date. Of course I just could spend nothing and come to the date in joggers and plain jane style….but somehow I have the feeling that would not go down to well with most gentlemen on here.
        c. Following up on that: Why is it ok for a guy to expect a well mannered, highly educated, sweet, chatty, funny, stunning lady, but when a woman seeks someone that appreciates the afford and time she puts into becoming that – not only with compliments but actual support, it seems to cause much controversy.

        • Slappy says:

          Honey, if it costs you $300-$500 to look pretty then why would anyone want to date you?. Most guys prefer a woman that looks good with a minimum amount of fuss. Are you saying you can’t show up to an event like a child’s school play, or a girls night out with your friends without dropping half a grand to get ready? If so I find that very sad. I mean it’s a date NOT a wedding. Some of you make it seem like they will never wear the same dress or shoes ever again after the date, or that no one will still appreciate their nails or hair after as well so the man should have to pay for all this too.

          Guys could easily play this same game. A guy might feel he needs to have a really nice car to impress his dates because he knows most will not want to hop into an old rusted honda civic. Driving a nice car with insurance can cost 10’s of thousands more. On top of picking up the tab for the date, and especially the future tabs for other dates if things work out, I don’t see why ‘some’ feel the need to ask for such large amounts of cash. Trust me, in the end the man ends up paying much more.
          (I know this is an old comment but I wanted to post this for others to see)

        • Vita says:

          Well Said ! Not to mention The first advertisement that pops up when you come onto the site clearly states what it entails.. so why cheapos come on here trying to brainwash everyone is beyond me . Just log off and stick to your local bars and easy around the way girls and call it a day.

      • Michael says:

        Agreed, I am trying the site myself and think $50 + paying for the date is fair enough….
        If the interest is reciprocal then this should fair amount….

      • westend says:

        I have more respect for the hookers on here they are up front and ready to have fun and enjoy a great night out. Most of the other C U Next Tuesdays on here are users and worthless.

    • SatyrJim says:

      . And to all you ladies… I can’t speak really for other men, but remember that the site charges us guys by our offers to you. Some of us look at it as “I can give the money to the site, or I can save it to spend on the date with you.”… Also, any offer is simply the start of negotiations. It’s not meant to be an ultimatum…
      . This will surprise some, but there are a LOT of “professional escorts” using this site as a way to legally advertise their services. Often, those who ask for several hundred dollars (usually $300-$500, but has been as low as $100) turn out to be the escorts (isn’t that just a polite word for “prostitute”?).
      . When we offer a small amount here, it is usually just a way to start contact. I assure you that whatever you get from me will always be MUCH more than just the bid! I’m not THAT cheap!
      . Personally, if you’re not local to me, I will either offer to pay for your tickets to come to me, or I will hop a plane to come to you. However, (A) that will be discussed with you, not reflected in my bid, and (B) that kind of a date deserves much more time together than a simple “dinner and movie”.
      . I hope this helps all see that we men aren’t the cheapskates you may be thinking. If you want to know more, just look for me.


      – Your SatyrJim

    • GuyInPhilly says:

      Hi Danni,

      I think you are making assumptions about the other person’s intentions which may not be correct. This site allows no communication between members before accepting a date (which is unusual, but this site’s business model is a bit different than others, so I think they have to do it that way).

      As a result, there is no ability to discuss the particulars of the date ahead of time. That leaves you guessing about some things, unfortunately. For example, if you get a low offer from out of state, should you assume that is the ONLY money that will be involved?

      I can personally tell you that if you made that assumption with me, you would be wrong. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I would not normally put the price of travel into the bid. I’d deal with it separately because, for one thing, you may not know the cost without talking to the person.

      So, if I offer someone out of state $100, that almost certainly means “$100, and I will be covering transportation costs, whether that is gas, a train ticket, or a plane ticket.” (I use $100 as a random number. Actually I probably wouldn’t offer someone who had to travel any substantial distance just $100, because travel costs aside, it’s going to essentially take an entire day of their time — it’s not like getting dinner with someone 10 minutes away). So, regardless of what I bid for the actual date, my assumption is that an out of state situation is going to end up costing me, with transportation, at least $200-$300+.

      Just something to keep in mind — I agree that if the person ends up saying the price they bid is all-inclusive and it doesn’t even cover the travel, that’s silly. But at least ask before you assume that.

    • Lisa says:

      i agree; alot of guys on here are just wanting free entertainment or on the site to satisfy their curiousity; the site should start charging a membership fee to males to prove they are serious about paying for dates; that feature would weed out men that are only on the site to waste women’s time. The site is what it is: What’s Your Price?

  2. S. Babe. says:

    I agree with the user that wrote she would make more than $300 at her day job. I’m right there with you and it’s absolutely true that dating a man that can’t afford more for a date isn’t worth your time. Example: I just spent $200 on my mani/pedi. That’s not including the cost of hair, makeup, time, gas, etc! That’s just one of my normal expenses. The bottom line is that a woman needs to feel protected and taken care of by a man. If I can afford to take care of myself better than my man can, what good is he? He won’t feel like a man and I won’t feel taken care of.

    • JR says:

      sounds like you want him to pay for your mani/pedi. If $200 is an issue for you maybe you should find someplace cheaper.

      • Amelia says:

        If $200 is an issue for her, she should take advantage of this site. Her reasons for using the site and the price she asks is up to her, not the peanut gallery.

        • Elegantbelle says:

          This is gonna be lengthy but useful so go ahead & read it so you can learn from it 🙂 It seems like some women think they’ll pay their mortgage or quit their day job by charging an amount they can’t even count up to. It’s sad, it’s pathetic and flat out disgusting. Suddenly, some think it’s God’s given right for the men to pay like omg this is supposed to be a fun,creative & rewarding new take on dating! If someone wants a high amount they might as well go ahead & strip, do porn or prostitute themselves instead of trying to get quick bucks by playing virtual princess. Before this site, how many chicks actually got paid to go on a date? So some of the chicks on here need to take a muscle relaxant & come back to earth b/c the world will not stand still b/c they refused an offer.

          Cheapskates are just as pathetic & disgusting b/c if a man is on this site, it should be b/c he has what it takes to treat the lady & compensate her as a gesture. If a man doesn’t have enough to do all that, then they should seriously stick to conventional dating/relationship.

          PERSONAL EXPERIENCE: I’ve had amazing offers, no cheapskates on my end and yes it has to do with my looks:) but the men always compliment me on my intelligence, strength, ability to communicate & poise & this is even before we meet! If you come off desperate, pushy or lame, you won’t get the most out of the site.

          ADVICE to LADIES: It’s not your God given right that you’ll be paid to date. It’s a fun experience so don’t try to come off as a princess, diva, b*tchy or you’ll end up looking like a gold digger (and you might be if you are always angst b/c someone didn’t offer what you desired). Show some class, dignity, poise and humility & you’ll be more likely to attract those who possess similar attributes.

          ADVICE to GENTS: If you are gonna be pathetic & offer peanuts, then you might as well go on a conventional dating site or stick to what you are used to. This site is meant for those who can afford to compensate someone for their time w/o pulling their hair out at the end of the day. You emasculate yourself the minute you make such an offer so don’t cry foul if the chick rains some “precious” words on your for your embarrassing offer. Cut your coat according to your size!

        • Blue says:

          That’s all well and good, but when someone asks what’s my price, I tell them; it ain’t cheap! 😉

        • Scott says:

          Compensate her as a gesture? I hate to sound petty, but is this not a mutually beneficial arrangement? If I’m paying a girl for her time, I going to have certain expectations. This is nothing more than an escort service; not that there’s anything wrong with that. Just don’t fool yourself in to believing that your mere presence is worth financial compensation.

        • Sean says:

          Well Amelia – I’ll agree, but like you said, you’ve received solid offers because you’re attractive. That’s a great deal of what’s valuable in a woman – her attractiveness. Maybe some of the other ladies here who are mad at getting “lowball” offers are considerably less attractive. The men on here are simply responding to that, and giving them the offers (value) that their looks merit – and allocating better bids to more attractive girls.

        • Eva says:

          What is your minimum price? What do you do if you’d like a higher offer?

        • Aurelie says:

          Mh… I am on this site and I have my price for my reasons. Your conclusion that I, or women with same standards, might as well become a prostitute or stripper is for me hard to understand…it seems a bit random to be frank. If I would like to be a stripper I would be a stripper. If I believe in old school values, where it was normal that a woman dolls up and puts a lot of afford into her being, and where it was equally normal that men pay for not only dinner, but also other expenses or bring signs of courtship to the date i.e. gifts, then I would most likely get the idea to sign up here and try my luck.

          No “It’s not your God given right that you’ll be paid to date.”, however, I simply prefer it this way. I put a lot of time and money in the first date and I do not require my date to pay for all my expenses, because surely they would assume what you stated.
          I just think if you want to date a classy well mannered lady, it will cost you in one way or another.
          And to be quite frank its not a mans god given right either, to expect to date the most beautiful maintained and obedient woman and giving nothing in return.

          I am not judging why you chose to do things the way you want them to do and to be sincere you should refrain from judging others as well.

        • Michael says:

          Your Typical US gold, Judging a mans worthiness to date based on their income…and is one of the reasons so many US man meet women abroad…..

        • S. Babe. says:

          Thank you!! 🙂

        • S. Babe. says:

          Whoops that thank you was supposed to be for Amelia. 🙂 thank you, AMELIA.

        • lovlycherry says:

          You are so right!

        • QueenBee says:

          TELL EM SISTA! ahhahahah

      • ST says:

        For one thing I don’t know any salons in Beverly Hills that charge $200 for a mani/pedi….. there’s no way someone who clips and paints your nails could ever get away with charging that much…..

        Also, you seem to be implying that you only have your hair/nails done and buy make-up each time you have a date. I’m guessing many of you have your nails and hair done regardless on a somewhat regular basis and I’m pretty certain that you all have a ton of make-up so why are you trying to pass off the cost of that onto a potentially great guy.

        Finally, I’m all for taking pride in your appearance, but if you need to spend hundreds of dollars to look and feel good for one date I’m not sure you’re worth spending much to go on a date with. Men don’t generally like women that need so much work to look good.

        • shana says:

          … whatever …lol… why would any man go on a site like that anyway and claim to make millions ??? stop it … she should charge 500 bucks thats the going rate for 1 h… nobody in they right mind should even attempt to find a wife or a husband on there … so charge all yall can … thats what its for …fools i say

        • queen says:

          I bet Kim Kardashion spends lots of money to look good for her dates. I once tried to buy all of her makeup products and it was in the range of 300 or more !

        • Temtress says:

          I completely agree with Shana. If a person really wants the money part of it then they should be on this site and charge whatever they want, but if they are on this site looking for their prince charming they might find it but more likely not.

        • kelly says:

          Shana i totally agree!!!

        • Blue says:

          First of all you are hugely mistaken about men not wanting women who are done up…at least the ones paying expect it. It goes with the territory. I myself am more natural girl next door but I see a lot of women with fake everything, not pretty to look at and the guys will throw $$$$ at them like crazy. Just look at strip clubs. I’m not saying i understand the psychology behind it but it’s a huge element in the Sugar Daddy world.

          Secondly I’m slightly offended that you think we don’t have all this done when we have a date! In my biz I can’t be all dolled up unless I’m meeting with a new client and we have a meeting. But usually I am working with animals and it’s not appropriate to have my nails done or be dolled up.

          So YES I do go to all the trouble of getting all dolled up. You have to remember I was a full time model before owning my own biz so I have to wear many hats now. This is one of them and putting my best foot forward has paid off enormously but generous guys don’t come along every day. Sometimes I may get a ton in my inbox and meet with several over two weeks. That’s twice I have to get my hair and nails done. Sometimes I don’t use the site for months.

          Please keep things in perspective here and don’t immediately think we are lying. Everything I’ve heard from women here has been my experience as well over the years.

        • Ocean says:

          I understand that women will want to get “Dolled up”, however your makeup and your supplies last much longer then 1 date. So the idea that a man should pay hundreds of dollars in compensation is completely out of proportion to their expenses. You also lose site of the expenses of the men. Those suites didn’t pay for themselves, nor their watches, rings and anything else they put on to impress you. Are you going to pay for their effort?

          And as there is no certification or standards body – no GUILD as it were – your date may show up in sweats and mismatched socks for all your guaranteed.

          Lets be honest and to the point. The women on here are not here for relationships – unless its a gold digging relationship. At best they are “Trophy Wives” in the making. Your man will not hold you in adoration but will be “Escorting” other women to bed all the while. This is more like Virtual Vegas where your hookers are ordered online.

          Now, I have no problem with hookers and think it should be legalized for the states. Let adults agreements between adults be just that…their choice. But please, don’t play the princess and think your all that.

          If a man isn’t guaranteed to get laid at the end of the night…save your hard earned cash guys and take a trip to Vegas. You will have just as much fun and know its going end with your satisfaction.

          Hell even if you liked a girl here, you can expect to pay the same amount each time…because the precedent has already been set.

          Without guaranteed sex, you have as much chance at pleasure as a regular date.

        • S. Babe. says:

          Honey, try CHI nail salon in Beverly Hills. Last time I was there – $196 not including tip.

        • Terfe says:

          ha ha ha, make believe is so freaking much fun! Do any but Joan Rivers or homosexual men ever talk like that?

        • Leslie5319 says:

          Amen and thank you was for ST. Just figuring out how to use this

        • Lisa says:

          Any man that is on the site and doesn’t think he should appreciate a woman and how she takes care of herself doesn’t need to be on there; probably why he will never have any woman. Also, exactly, a man shouldn’t be on the site if the is looking for any freebies; the site is “What’s Your Price.”

    • greg says:

      so u need a mani/pedi, ur hair done, and fill up ur tank everytime u go on a date? what if u go on a date twice a week, u still need to do that twice? anyone who asks for that is clearly a gold digger, and why would anyone want to be with someone so selfish? how about going on a date because u r actually interested in finding someone? that alone is priceless. its not enough hes paying for the date, u wanna charge $300 on top of it, ur insane! what r u giving in return thats worth $300 and the $100+ he would spend on a date? he can get a whore for cheaper and not deal with the ego

      • john says:


      • Aurelie says:

        Well, maybe ”he” should then get a whore for cheaper…
        It all depends what our standards are…just saying.

      • Elle says:

        All of you guys bitching about $ on here need to get to steppin. So what if I want a guy with enough money to not be on a message board crying about it. I used to not care about that sort of thing and I ended up getting drained by broke asshole, even if they didn’t start out being either. So if you don’t have enough money to not be crying about it on here, you are just on the wrong place. Plain and simple. I don’t need to justify why my price is what it is, nor do I need to feel obligated to do anything but be a beautiful, funny, interesting and engaging dinner companion. If money is such an issue for you.. Bye-bye!

        Why do people go to environments they aren’t suited for and whine about them, anyway? That’s is so much trolling is ridiculous. I’ll never understand. Find a place that you don’t feel compelled to complain about,and if that’s impossible then obviously you’re the problem!

        That is all

        • McDaddyGrey says:

          That’s all fine, this is an age old battle between the sexes. Men want something, women do too. The problem lies in the perception of value, which is highly subjective. I dont think I will ever spend $300 to go on a date with someone. I’ll cover the tab, and I can see compensation as a means for some women to live a better life.

          Girls, especially the sugar baby types, I got news for you for every guy that can afford to pay you an allowance of say $2k a month….There are 500 hundred guys looking at you that cant even come close. You want $300 to go out with that one guy…he’s going to laugh at you and you blew your chance.

    • anthoney says:

      I am new here, and had only one date. But I don’t feel a man should have to pay for a woman to get all dressed up for a date. If she wants to go out, she should accept there will be expenses incurred. The man has to pay for everything, and what does he get in return? Yes we get to date a beautiful girl, but we have expenses too.

      • Michael says:

        Agreed, I prefer the “Natural Look” myself, this shows me that a woman is comfortable in her own skin….

      • Alex says:

        But that’s the beauty, anthoney, no one “HAS” to do anything. I don’t HAVE to “accept there will be expenses incurred,” even if you think I “should.” I can ask whatever price I feel like for whatever reason. And everyone is free to accept or walk away.

      • McDaddyGrey says:

        The thing you have to remember is these same women, get dressed up exactly the same to go out for girls night… and end up passed out in a gutter or fucking the bartender in his car at 4 in the morning.

    • sg says:

      $200 for a mani/pedi??? Ridiculous for something then can cost less than $50. Sounds like someone thinks a little too highly of herself and whose head is in the clouds. Expecting all people to throw away money like that is shameful.

    • Leslie5319 says:

      Where the heck do you people live. It doesn’t cost me a dime to get ready for a date. Ok I used to be a stylist but if you can’t be ready for a date in an hour, do it yourself and look hot maybe I just figured out a new clinic to open. Get with it ladies do you take that much maintenance. Guys check my profile it you want to see what a real woman looks like in 30 min.

    • LisiDe says:

      What are they doing to you that costs $200??

    • billiardsgal says:

      I honestly agree with everything you said…it makes right the uneasiness about time and money. v

  3. queen says:

    it seems like 200 for a date is the norm and it does seem low to risk meeting a stranger . I wish guys would consider the risk us ladies take.

    • admin says:

      I think you may just be right, but given WhatsYourPrice dating is still kind of new, guys may not yet know how much a woman have to spend just to go out on a first date with them. Perhaps your comments will help shed some light!

      • JR says:

        How about how much a guy has to spend just to communicate with the women, with no guarantee they’ll even meet for a date. I’m getting a little tired reading about how much it costs a women. How about the guy. For starters they have to pony up a minimum of $50 just to say hi. The women has nothing at risk, than they want another $300-500 just for the date, what are they? We’re talking close to $700 for a first date? You can’t be serious? I make a lot of money, and noone is worth that, based solely on their looks and three sentences in a profile. Remember it doesn’t matter how good looking you are, someone else is sick and tired of your crap. Respectable women would agree with me. This is turning into a way for women to get paid for what they do anyway.

        • Blue says:

          Yes we can be serious JR> Why else would we be on What’s your price? IF you have issues with women and have that attitude that “someone is sick and tired of your crap” well then I wish you the best but personally it’s not at all uncommon for men to pony up for a date especially in bigger cities even $1000 just for dinner just because they can.

        • shana says:

          @ Blue … yup u right on the money …

        • greg says:

          well anyone that would pay 1k for dinner obviously knows that relationship is going nowhere. so why not get a whore for half the money, at least ur guaranteed sex!

        • Amelia says:


          Sounds to me like this isn’t the site for you. I certainly can empathize with what you’re saying. I just wonder why you’re here if that’s how you feel.


        • Kenneth says:

          I’m going to have to agree with Amelia on this one. If you don’t like the prices, then why are you here?

        • Diana G. says:

          Wow JR . First I didn’t know exactly what men pay. Second that comment ” sick of your crap” sounds a tad hostile. Now JR maybe you should tell the blog what you are looking for here. Are you attractive, fit? I understand perhaps $700 seems a bit much for a first date. But I don’t understand the $50. Does it really cost $50 to send a message to one person? I’m a bit clueless on how the site works on the other end, so maybe you can enlighten us here.

        • Lisa says:

          And what does any of these men think we women owe you any thing including our time for your entertainment? Why are you men so special and what do you have to offer?

      • sg says:

        I kinda have to disagree. Most women who are getting a mani/pedi are getting them all the time anyway. And there is no real reason to go out and buy all new clothing. Some of these women are real brats about this.

    • JR says:

      There a many online dating sites where strangers meet without paying to meet. so you think money offsets the risk? In which way?

      This website is looking more and more like a joke.

      • queen says:

        Yes, it is called matchdotcom but the men claim the girls are just not cute enough for them.

        • seriously says:

          That is not true at all. At all. You are either making that up or you are believing a line given to you.

        • luna says:

          yes that’s what i heard too, one guy I met said that the kind of girls he wants to go out with are not on those sites, in fact, he reckons, they would never be as they don’t need to actively search for men. He also said that this site allows women to avoid wasting time on cheapskates and time wasters. Those are man’s words!

        • Leslie5319 says:

          My experience with these other sites is that what you see is not what you get. and the guys I’ve gone out with have the same complaint. Pics that are 10 years old and women who say they’re slim and athletic and show up at 300lbs. One guy said he had a date that showed up with an oxygen tank strapped to her body and then believed that if they got down to making out he’d like her much better. eeeuuu.. I agree there are a lot of time wasters but I’ve been pretty busy and the only other problem is the men on these other sites get pissed off if your dating many. After that distance is also an issue. Alot of great guys out there but unfortunately many are a million miles away.

        • Ocean says:

          Mostly true. Most sites that I have seen and been on eharmony,, pof are middle aged women after a divorce and no longer looking so youthful or in shape.

          All say they want to find a REAL man. Perhaps they already had one but women no longer know how to take care of a man to keep him around. In which case what they think is REAL is a Disney fairy tail. Which is why this site and so many others is full of “Princesses”.

          Any woman who signs up here is just a hooker in training or in disguise or both. Disguise only because its illegal outside of Vegas. Were it legal, they would be on posted call girl sites and at least the men would have the benefit of state required health inspections to make sure they are safe.

          Yes I know the same risk of STD’s apply to women as well, which is why legalization provides you more protection and health services then running a service by yourself.

    • Cascades says:

      One big risk that women face is a no-show. I kind of wish wyp supported use of bitcoin so that women could be protected from that risk.

  4. JR says:

    ” Given the value of her time…” You imply I’m buying “her time” that’s prostitution.

  5. civi says:

    The challenge is to not have a price too high where the attractive men and women will just go on the date for the money and meet various people. Otherwise, the site will become about average/below average looking people getting taken advantage of by attractive people. $20 to $100 range keeps it about compensating the person for the time if it ends up not leading to something in the future. It’s not about making money! Also, attractive people don’t need to pay to find someone so you won’t find them willing to pay much! As the sit owner said, this site is for people who sent out endless emails on other sites with no success an opportunity to get noticed.

    • Diana G. says:

      Agree! But $20.00? That’s just way too low. Once again as you said these “people” would not get noticed for obvious reasons. So if they put on a free profile ” I’ll play $20.00 for someone to go out on a date with me” How many attractive women would respond? If people who are less attractive are attracted to people that are highly attractive what does this say about them? Why reach for something you are not? People that are not attractive can date other people just like them.

      Suggestion try just walking up to an attractive woman on the street and tell her “I’ll offer you $20.00 to go out on a date with me”. Look at her facial expression. This will tell you exactly what she thinks of you.

      • luna says:

        agree with both of you. Some men can be absolute charmers but not attractive enough for you to agree to go on a date unless you have an incentive. This gives men a chance to meet and try to win a woman he, otherwise, would never get a chance to talk to. Simple but great concept. Men that are complaining here weather were denied a lot or tried to use the site to get a cheaper hooker, and got (hopefully) denied again. So just bitter.

      • karl says:

        first of all I don’t have to offer $300 let alone $20 to a strange woman in public to get a date….and I get dates all the time. I am way above average looks and fitness, I know how to talk to women and can make them laugh. I am very generous but only after I know there is a connection. Its almost an insult to me to have to pay money to get a woman’s attention. I don’t think any first time date (paying for the meeting is just part of the investment) is worth more than $100 not knowing anything about her other than looks…I require far more than looks in a woman or I will get bored with in less than 30 min
        I dont know what to think about this site and have yet to make a offer. I think its primarily for those less fortunate in the looks and social skills dept to get dates – so for them it’s a very good product.

  6. S. Babe. says:

    To JR: if no one is worth you paying to meet them: why are you on the site? It’s obviously not for you. Also, if you’ll please take note that my name is S.Babe which stands for Sugar Babe, that would explain to you what I’m seeking. I well afford my mani/pedi/ everything else I want and need. However, I do not care for traditional dating. I am trying out the site just like everyone else. I came from, where the expectations are clearly stated. Frankly, meeting a guy that is too cheap to pony up cash to meet is worthless to me just as it’s worthless for you to pony up $700 to meet a girl. To each his own.

    • greg says:

      why dont u just change ur sn to paymybills or glddgr. u dont care for traditional dating? why dont u try paying for the guy then, thats untraditional? didnt think so. women like that r disgusting, i dont care how good looking you r, or think u r. you may get nice gifts along the way, but eventually u will end up alone, then it will be too late to find a good man cause ur looks will be gone, and u will really have to settle.

      • Terfe says:

        Dude, look at the women on this site. Except for the fake profiles the women are absolutely no better looking than other sites. It’s absurd to pretend otherwise and demonstrably un-true. If the women commenting (if indeed they are really women) used the same name as their profile you could look up their info, but most do not because they’re pretending and the reality of their looks would destroy their credibility.

      • luna says:

        well I must say i have not done a sugar daddy arrangement because its not for me, but you dissing a girl for it is pretty low and bitter. You know howmany successful men prefer this kind of arrangement? Its easy, suits their lifestyle and they can afford it. If there were no men wanting such an arrangement, women would not be in one. It mutually benefits them so how did you get involved in this? How is you and all the hookers you appear to buy all the time (every other post) are so much better and what is more important here, who granted you the power to set moral standards on other people’s relationships?

      • Alex says:

        Darn tootin Greg lol. You tell those buzzards how it is. No wonder the institution of marriage is all but dead and chivalry along with it.

      • Lilly says:

        To the guy Greg who posted the comment “why dont u just change ur sn to paymybills or glddgr. u dont care for traditional dating? why dont u try paying for the guy then, thats untraditional? didnt think so. women like that r disgusting, i dont care how good looking you r, or think u r. you may get nice gifts along the way, but eventually u will end up alone, then it will be too late to find a good man cause ur looks will be gone, and u will really have to settle”

        I say the following: this is the dude who was saying in previous comments that it makes more sense to pay for a hooker to have sex with!!!!! You are a hypocrite!!! You should change your name to “wannastickmycock”!!! It’s you who is disgusting and just want ANY p*ssy to get laid! You would rather f*ck an ugly girl then go out with a beautiful one because like u said “at least you are getting the benefit”! Disgusting primitive cave imbecile! You want a p*ssy, girls want money. FAIR AND SQUARE

        • Lilly says:

          It’s ridiculous how these dudes brag that they rather pay a hooker because at least they will get laid. So it’s completely normal that guys want a p*ssy (any p*ssy) because it’s in male “nature”. But when a female satisfies her nature by looking for the strongest (by today’s standards strength is money) male who can provide the most for her and her children, she is suddenly a gold digger!!! This is is hypocritical!!!! You dumb assholes, it’s our INSTINCT!!! Same as dudes have instinct for sex! In cave times, a female would choose a male who can bring most meat – today, it’s most money which provide security for her and her kids! Your instincts don’t go anywhere, so why would we let ours go?! If we are gold diggers, then all of u dudes r disgusting W*ORES, not playboys as u like to call urselves, but W*ORES!
          When a man satisfies his instincts he is a playboy but when a female satisfies her, she is a gold digger and prostitute! You are hypocrites and sexists!!!!

    • gettin2it says:

      How wonderful! I’m sliding in a comment right here… actually feels a little erotic. “…meeting a guy that is too cheap to pony up cash to meet is worthless to me…” That’s precious @s.babe! The implication is that the only criterium for your potential intimate relationships is cash liquidity.


      If that isn’t the case, feel free to get in touch.

      • Aurelie says:

        Well I think we all have our priorities…whereas for some its dating someone really beautiful, for others it is financial stability. Not sure which is more vain, but you will rarely find someone that will say: You know what I would love to meet someone ugly fat and poor as long as they have a really sweer heart.
        Not saying it is right or fair, but that is how it is.

  7. S. Babe. says:

    Furthermore, JR, we, the beautiful women, are accosted every day for dates by various men of all shapes and sizes at grocery stores, the mall, the gym, — the nail salon!! Elevators, escalators– I’ve heard so many lines I can write a broadway show with them! Dates are a dime a dozen. For me to accept one, the man had better stand apart from the blur of faces.

    • Bebeglobe says:

      I love your comments and you’ve taken the words right out of my thoughts. I’m new here myself, I’m a professional woman myself and I am looking for a different kind of fun experience in my life. I agree with your comments 100%!

      Thank you for saying whT you said. Men these days have gotten used to low-class females and it’s not fair to the rest of us who won’t settle for the Azz-grab as a compliment or beauty validation… Again I thNk you S.Babe.

      Bebe Globe

    • Economist says:

      Well said S. Babe.

      Successful guys know how to seek out a woman they want.

    • gettin2it says:

      Not to pick on you but you are so fast and loose with words here that it’s amusing me. I’d really like to see you write a broadway play. Hell, I’m a good playwright and I’d help if you meant it, an offer worth much more than anything you’re liable to see or have ever seen on this site and maybe anywhere else but if the truth of the matter is you’re just playing with words to justify something, you wouldn’t be interested, wouldn’t have the time so to speak. I get where some of these misogynistic comments are coming from.

      We’ve been in a bottoms up economy for quite a while now and with global population competing for scarce resources and rapacious economic practices, it’s not likely to improve. One has to wonder…

  8. S. Babe. says:

    To Civi: trying to keep the amount low so that attractive people won’t take advantage is a counter-productive idea. Here’s why: first and foremost, you can’t cheat love. If a person is going to fall in love with you, they will know it when they meet you. We all know, don’t we? There’s that instant attraction. Secondly, sending out what you consider to be low offers might just mean you never meet your perfect match, especially if you can afford more, because you’re in the wrong dating pool– the women that are well off on their own aren’t going to accept those low offers because they value themselves and their pride more than that. If you have the money, look at it as a fun way to have stories to tell. Make it a hobby until you meet The One. Third, price is subjective. I’ve turned down $200 just as quickly as I’ve turned down $20. But, that’s because I know what my time is worth to me and I can afford to take my own self out to any dinner I like, without awkward conversation (if the guy is intellectually-challenged).

    • ST says:

      S. Babe

      You certainly think very highly of yourself….. maybe you have reason to but ultimately most guys don’t find that very attractive. Guys may miss out on a date with you because they don’t value you and your time as highly as you value yourself, but conversely you may miss out on an otherwise very generous guy who wants to make sure that anyone they date is not specifically taking them for a ride.

      Also, it works both ways, you might well be able to take yourself out to dinner and avoid awkward conversation, but we can too. What if we have to pay to sit through a night with a woman that is intellectually challenged (as you so nicely put it) btw, if a guy has enough money to pay to take someone out and pay for the night out itself, it’s very unlikely they will be intellectually challenged…..

      • S. Babe. says:

        Smell that? That’s the smell of confidence. Men are attracted to it like flea on honey. The ones that aren’t are the insecure boys. I’m glad the insecure boys pass over me. 🙂 Most SB’s I have met are extremely intelligent women. That is why they command gentleman that are willing to pay for dinner and their time. They capitalize on their intelligence and beauty– very smart.

        • No nonsense says:

          Yes, I can smell that. It’s the smell of pure BS. Just reverse the initial letters and you can tell what this SB is all about.. 😉

        • Brittany says:

          As a fellow SB, I just want to say thank you for actually being strong when these “men” think belittling a female for being both strong and confident will make any difference. If they feel it’s a waste of time, they are absolutely not worth the time or money they spend on here.

          Kudos, love.

  9. queen says:

    The girls do Jazz ourselves up more than we would in most cases. In fact, I just spent 14 k for the best boob job on the planet earth because one sugar daddy wrote a nasty email about how he did not like them, so I FIXED that issue.

  10. cvdv says:

    I already had an amazing boob job lol .. but also just spent 25k on the perfect cosmetic denistry like buying a new car but a better investment:) .. nothing says sexy than a great smile … so what ever us ladies need to do to stay attractive .. their will be plenty of men willing to spend their money to meet us and keep us if it’s a great fit ..

  11. pipqueen says:

    i am a self made multi-millionaire and my work and professionalism is very important to me. Im a broker and trader and work all kinds of hours. If a guy wants to date me then they need to come up with a good offering because if im not out on a date with him, im at home and using that time to work and make money so its only fair.

    • ST says:

      That’s one way to look at it, but if money is more important to you then it’s just as well you have a lot of it, you may end up alone till your dying day…..

    • greg says:

      if the guy can afford the date, he probably does good financially on his own as well. he is putting his work aside to meet you and pay for the date. its not enough that ur getting a free date and the chance to meet a life partner? if ur a self made millionair, as u say, money shouldnt be an object, and u should be more interested in finding the one u want to settle down with, so money shouldnt be a factor.

      • luna says:

        No matter how many posts of yours I have read scrolling down this forum I keep having the same question: what are you doing here? You are clearly the conventional site kind of guy, so why are you not there? If that worked successfully for you you would have been busy going on dates, not leaving multiple posts about how wrong the concept it, what golddiggers are on this site and how old and lonely we will all become. It just appears to me that’s where you at right now, at least your comments indicate so.

    • Terfe says:

      ha! I think I’ve seen this same story-line on a hand printed sign in San Francisco with a hat under it. Absurd.

    • gettin2it says:

      Ms. pipq, the way ST put it is rather harsh…I imagine he has his reasons. But he was actually pointing to an incongruity in your story. You’re values are such that you are equating money with success in intimate relationships, which, of course, is nonsensical. If you have money to burn, you could and probably should be paying for the dates if the guy is your turn on and potential partner. And if you’re saying a guy is not qualified because he doesn’t have that kind of liquidity, that is a little strange. And if you’re saying you shouldn’t have to pay for a guy on moral grounds, just on the basis of gender equality that’s crazy.

  12. Joey says:

    I’m also a self-made multi-millionaire institutional trader. I work at home at my own leisure and make money whenever I want. I wouldn’t think twice about dropping $500 or even $1000 for a date as long as the girl is “right”.

    • S. Babe. says:

      I’m glad to hear that you DO exist! 🙂 you’re not an urban myth. ;p

    • greg says:

      do u really want to be with a girl who would charge 500 or 1k to meet her? get a clue. maybe its worth it to find that girl, but if the girl herself charges that, she is only interested in one thing, and its not falling in love.

      • Nikomis says:

        Greg, Joey didn’t say he’d pay that much to meet… he said he wouldn’t think twice about dropping that for a date… dinner, drinks, entertainment for the evening. Easy enough to do especially if you’re living in a big city. Not that every woman here is looking for the big bucks… but those who chose to go on a date & feel they need the compensation for their security, their time, or in a SD/SB type scenario to feel spoiled… that is her decision. If you dont like her price, refuse or counter offer. You dont need to be here if you dont like the site’s concept. Noone’s forcing you.

        • luna says:

          I know, right? I don’t get this guy, somebody find him SOME sort of a date so that he takes his nose out of everybody else’s life choices!!

    • Erin says:

      Joey…I need a date with you, so you can teach me how to make myself a self-made multi-millionaire!!

    • gettin2it says:

      Sure, if you have it, it’s only money. I completely agree, I’d never let money stand between me and anything I want badly enough. And spending a few thousand on a fun time, hell! No biggee. Really. Chump change.

  13. Blue says:

    I think Alicia the musician mentioned in the article needs to wake up. Why else would someone be on What’s your price? if they weren’t looking for gold?

    This is a take off from Seeking Arrangement where women ask for a monthly allowance. We are not here for a free meal. I have an agent and as a professional model in the industry over 15 yrs, if someone wants to book me for a shoot, event or even just to sign autographs and take pics with them it’s in the thousands. Many times I’ve had celebrities contact my agent and arrange a special night so they can be seen with me and know I won’t call them in the morning. It’s business. The only men that should be on here are the ones who can afford to be. If you don’t want to hire a professional model or actress that’s fine but at least pay woman for her time here. This is not regular dating.

    It’s not low class. It’s supposed to be a pool of the classiest richest people, many of which who are married men who want to date very attractive classy women whether it’s temporary or permanent. Many celebrities just want to date/have fun with someone in the same field and not worry about their reputation being blown by a sex worker or celebrity stalker.

    With all due respect Alicia whether you like it or not, their is a market for it and it’s not going away. Sugar Babes have always been around and always will.

    I guess I have to wake up too there will always be men and women who throw the baby out with the bath water, so to speak, not do their research and pass judgment on us based on lamestream news media.

    Good luck to you Alicia! I hope you do well but please don’t undercut yourself here and the rest of us.

    • John says:

      If you have been a model for 15 years you are at least 30 to 40 years old. Celebs are calling to meet you and you are charging thousands just to sign autographs? Unless you are Christie Brinkley, models that are pushing 40 are not getting thousands for their autograph and they don’t have celebs seeking them out. Get real.

  14. Blue says:

    I’ve gone on a lot of dates from several Sugar dating sites and without asking for money for my date. A few have been kind enough to give me or my driver $20 for the taxi home. A few have been sweet enough to give me $100 – $300 to show they were interested and serious about an arrangement with me. One gave me $300 in an envelope as good faith money and then told me after not hearing from him over the weekend that he found the perfect girl somewhere else! LOL …and others have been super generous giving me $500-$1000 for our first dinner date just to show how off and impress me! They are high rollers and I don’t fool myself into thinking I’m the only one they would do that for. It’s not uncommon for me to see men tipping $100 to doormen, drivers waitstaff etc. So why wouldn’t I expect to see $500-$1000 for dinner? My outfits cost at least that much. It’s courteous and understood.

    I have a lot of respect for all those men. They treated me to the lifestyle I am used too, and then showed me a bit more. They restored my faith in men not the losers who were always trying to see what they could get out of me for free. That’s not what this is about. It’s about finding someone generous who wants to improve your lifestyle and show you a better world whether it’s for one day, one week or a lifetime.

    We don’t all need to argue, but I think many would agree you have to let people on here date for all reasons in order for this to be under the radar but lets not forget what this is all about. It’s What’s Your Price $$ and $eeking Arrangement. That’s it. Plain and simple.

    I don’t know why anyone would come to these sites and get upset about the money issue or try to change that when their are plenty of sites that don’t take into account a persons income and financial generosity that perhaps would be less offensive and more suited to them.

    • greg says:

      what does ur outfit costing 500 or 1k have to do with ur date? r u throwing that outfit out as soon as the date is over? doubt it. so u think the guy should buy ur shoes, dress, mani/pedi, hair salon, facial or anything u do to get ready for a date? why wouldnt he just get a hooker then? at least sex is guaranteed

      • Nikomis says:

        Greg, you really seem obsessed with hookers. You must be well versed with them, I’m guessing your attitude must turn off women you dont have to buy off. (And at least with the hooker, she can’t complain about you being an ass… you’re paying her (or him) to like you for an alloted time). With this site you may be paying for the opportunity to meet someone, but you’re getting the real person, not a trained persona.

        • luna says:

          Could not have said it better, this talk can only come from a person who wants something but cannot have, hence the frustration being taken out on the subject of desire. A man who can afford to take out a classy lady who he can get to go out with him will either do that, or not do that, but would not sit at home spitting left and right about how women are wrong at taking money and how men here are wrong about giving it. Mind you own business and then you might get some

    • gettin2it says:

      God, I feel like a moderator! Blue, you are speaking the truth and so is Alicia. The truest thing you’ve acknowledge, which is at the heart of this conversation, if it actually has a heart, is the line about this site “staying under the radar”. The reason there are people here who are not sex workers is to meet legal criteria but to close that door, two things would be necessary: quid pro quo would have to be legalized AND this site and it’s ladies would be stigmatized as high priced call girls. Alicia and Greg are necessary for you.

      So, therefore, the solution isn’t to tell them to go the fuck away and mind their own business because if they did, you’d be out of business. Frankly, I think the Alicia girl is a put on by the site administrator. Greg seems real, though.

    • BOBFORLOVER says:

      Just looking for some female companionship for a date once in a while. Also,

      I like to get acquainted on the phone with a girl just to get to know her

      better before a date.
      Sincerely — BOB

    • billiardsgal says:

      I love your take on this…it makes me feel good about being a woman….and being worth it…thank you…I would love a like button and link to profile commenters.

  15. paloma says:

    i would say £200

  16. queen says:

    I think it cuts back on all the fake SD’s and SB’s…..Twice I did have to ask for the payment because as we started to part ways I noticed of course they never payed up ! I was humiliated to have to ask for it but they did pay after asking !

    • Blue says:

      Live and learn. Always get your money first. Always.

    • greg says:

      u should be humiliated. he already paid for the date im sure, and if he wasnt impressed with the date, then u should be happy u got a free meal

      • Nikomis says:

        Greg… again??
        If you agree to pay for the car rental before you rent it… then after you bring it back you refute the charge on the credit card stating “I wasn’t impressed with the car’s appearance, or performance & besides, I put gas in the tank, I shouldn’t have to pay what I agreed to pay” You’ll find yourself laughed at & probably in court.

        If you agree to it, you’re forming a contract. If you feel the contract should be changed because the person misrepresented themselves (for example, putting up a pic from 5+ years ago when they look nothing like the photo anymore) then discuss that with them, but dont just assume you can walk away from the responsibility to fulfill your part of an agreement.

      • Settle4More says:

        Greg and ST- why don’t you get off this site and quit arguing back and forth about what you will and will not do? This site is NOT FOR YOU! I have meet two men from these SD sites and MANY in real life who want to have The Great Debate of what is the proper initial dating etiquette/experience. Desperate women willing to sell themselves short and settle for less from men, is leaving the more classier, successful woman in a struggle to find men that are on her level. To each his/her own, and I feel both you guys either should be over at matchdotcom or even better the more explicit adult dating sites. Just go Pay and Play with the Professionals, and stop whining….

        Another quick note to you Greg… My grandmother outlived all 3 of her husbands and lived to be 98. Her last husband was a very wealthy gentleman, 87 years old, very infatuated with her and married her when she was a widow and 85 years old. Who says if you expect a man to do what he was put on earth to do for woman -Protect and Provide- that you will be alone at an old age…being judgmental,shallow and cheap though, maybe YOU will. Now GO! LOL!!

  17. S. Babe. says:

    You should never have to ask for it, but if they don’t give it right away, I would ask for it within the first 10 minutes. I have yet to find an offer I’d accept but I plan on being very straightforward before meeting and letting them know I don’t want to have to ask for it, that it should be taken care of right away.

  18. admin says:

    Judging from the comments, this remains a very “charged up” topic.

    However, it is important to note that this website does cater to people looking for different types of relationships, and not just those looking for a sugar daddy or baby. That said, @JR the women who are expecting $300-500 probably won’t be your types, which goes to my point that the price ultimately acts as a filtering tool to weed out those you shouldn’t waste your time to meet.

    • gettin2it says:

      Please, let’s not be coy… for the sake of all those people “looking for different types of relationships” who legitimize this site. The price does act as a filtering tool but really since the criterium is blatantly financial, it’s really weeding out those, whom these gentlemen can’t afford to meet.

      But what amuses me is the women who feel it necessary to justify their prices by citing expenses because this really indicates that, but for the asking price, they really are well matched in terms of their relationship to money, to the guys who are complaining.

  19. Donatella says:

    I turned down a $500 offer because I didn’t find the guy attractive. Even if I had liked him, he lived too far away for it to be worth my travel time, let alone preparing hair, makeup, clothes, etc. I think it’s relative to many factors– distance, attraction, and as others have already stated, lifestyle and that sort of thing. Blue summed it up very nicely I think.

    Also I think arranging in advance to have payment up front is a very good idea. That way he can just hand it to you, no awkwardness & no having to ask for it at the end. Kudos to S. Babe!

  20. Anonymous says:


    Considering this is a new medium for meeting people, there seems to be a disconnect between what is expected from both parties.

    If I wanted to feel like a “John” I’d hire a prostitute. If you’re talking upwards of 1k/2k just to have dinner or a night out if it was in my nature I’d call an escort agency or you can go on the sister site and find a SB.

    All of this get the money upfront and/or place it in an envelope in plain sight is sounding more and more like prostitution for suckers without the promise of satisfaction.

    This is supposed to be a fun and unique way of connecting both attractive and financially able individuals.

    I personally have no problem offering $500 and up for an outing with a woman who I consider beautiful, it’s not about the money it’s about the sense of entitlement that some women seem to have.

    You’re not making money when you’re out on a date neither is the other person and Insinuating your time is more valuable than another is selfish at best.

    I’m not saying that the women are wrong in their thought process, I’m just saying that perhaps they should consider a slightly different approach.

    Suggesting that a woman get the money upfront is a disaster waiting to happen for a sucker.

    Also, perhaps they need to develop the market; establish a minimum bid for each individual woman. I’ve seen a lot of $10 dates that think they’re $1000 dates and that’s hilarious at best. I’m not knocking their hustle just saying!

    You cannot have it both ways men are not mind readers. If you need certain expenses covered put that in your profile. If you have a minimum amount you’ll accept for a date let us know.

    Don’t assume that you’re doing all of these guys a favor by gracing them with your presence, you never know who you may meet and your first impression is a lasting one.

    • S. Babe. says:

      I understand your logic, but let’s remember the dynamic here. Young, hot, 20 somethings being chased by older, not so hot 40+ers. The only reason the woman has to date the man is financial (unless, of course, he’s brilliant or funny).

      As for the money up front– it’s what the site is about. A respectable man would give it right away regardless. He agreed to it. Why make the girl suffer through dinner wondering if this was even worth her time? Be a gentleman.

      • Diana G. says:

        Thank you! actually it’s probably 55+ers.

      • gettin2it says:

        No pass: “(unless, of course, he’s brilliant or funny)”

        Reason: The transaction will not allow you to meet him.

        Agree about paying up front, you don’t want the taint of distrust roiling the air.

        The subtext in your response to Anonymous is a tacit offer by you of your company to a person (presumably male), who has made it clear that he is willing to pay $500 and the transaction he’s talking about is sex with you, since he’s made it clear that he’d consider himself a “sucker” otherwise.

    • Nikomis says:

      I do not expect BIG bucks for a 1st date (initial attraction or distance may play a factor in the amount I accept), but I appreciate men who are willing to offer it though. I specifically state in my profile I’m seeking those in my area, or who are willing to bring me to them. (Either picking me up, cabbing me there, or for those further away, out of state/country, flying me to them.) It is presumed from the stated information, I will come to them IF THEY PAY THE EXPENSE, so do not ask me why non-local daters have their shorts in a bunch when I ask if they plan to visit me here, or want to transport me to them. I’m not beating around the bush, I’m not hoping for (or demanding) outlandish sprees… but every woman likes to feel special – and spoiling her goes a long way towards that feeling.
      Personally, I’ve never spent more than $100 on mani/pedi (sometimes including a wax) though depending on what you’re doing I could see $150 to doll up, including hair. I dont know why some women are looking for $500+ to date… then expecting the man to foot the bill for the night, but I understand that some do. If I find a man who’s able to allot that type of appreciation, I would ask him to tell me what he’s comfortable spending in appreciation of my company. Just to get to know me… entertainment/activities aside. If you want to splurge on fine dining, transportation, events for the evening… I will more likely enjoy the time & appreciate a subsequent date… but I could be just as entertained on a moonlight picnic with the right person as I would be enjoying a night at the opera. I agree more women should be forthcoming in their profiles, but if they gave an outright LOW (I will not date for less than $50.. or $200 or whatever the case may be) men would constantly be offering the lowest available price. Let the man woo their woman. Offer what you would honestly consider FAIR (not what you’re hoping to get away with, or an amount too high & hope to bargain your way out of it later) for the opportunity to spend time with her. Like a blind auction… what’s you’re comfort zone? Bid too low, you risk losing out. Bid too high, you resent her when you meet. I just had a man spoil me with a shopping trip… nothing exotic or fancy, but spent about $200 on things I liked, then offered to take me to lunch. Not that that’s what everyone should do, but it’s all about appreciating & pleasing your partner, even if they are only your partner for a day. It could turn into more, you’ll never know. Just be honest, stop playing games & enjoy yourself & the company you keep.
      But as for the many posts about having to ask for something that was agreed… the site gave a wonderful suggestion… pay 1/2 the amount up front & 1/2 after the date is over. Then she’ll know you’re serious & you wont feel like you’re being played by having to pay completely up front. Just MHO.

      • gettin2it says:

        My problem with the set up is that it really feels like regression to a tribalism when a man brings a cow or a goat to the girls village, etc.

        The mention of age by s.babe and diana g. slipped by without comment but they spoke the truth about it. The male clients of this site are disqualified by their ages from being attractive mating turn ons to 20 something women.

        Doh! as Homer Simpson would put it.

        So now, we have a clearer distinction about the division in this site between the haves and the have nots. We’re really talking about guys that because of their age aren’t able to hook up with hot young babes, possibly any hot babes since hot cougars like younger guys, too.

  21. queen says:

    To be honest us hot girls have no reason to meet a random stranger just for the fun of it. I know it sounds good but the facts are what they are. Otherwise, men just need to go find a pro who will use fake photos and trick you. Here you at least get a chance of meeting a hot chic. It would cost you more or else the risk is not worth it.

  22. RedBuxom says:

    The fact is, hot chics don’t have to make an effort to find dates. We are approached constantly, at every corner. I also run 2 successful businesses and simply do not have the time or inclination to date random guys who probably don’t fit in with my lifestyle. Absolutely, if a man expects a woman like me to make a special effort for him, he needs to be able and willing to make it worth my while – otherwise I have plenty of satisfying options for occupying my time 🙂

    This site helps eliminate guesswork and wasted time.

    • MsCyn says:


      I just wish the losers who like to holler at you from across the street, or slow their cars down so much to rubber neck on a busy street that they could be cited for reckless endangerment, would get a clue!

      WTF do I want to date some guy I just met? Much less some guy with so little class as to go “Psstt” at me from across the street?

    • gettin2it says:

      Red, I know it is impertinent to question the logic of any woman and probably a waste of time but since you own two businesses and all, surely you have the ability to discern when a guy gets your attention, whether or not he’s your type? How could you miss it when it’s right in front of you, eh.

      But the argument is unnecessary anyway since you have lots of options. Your issue is either that your threshold is a degree of financial liquidity or quid pro quo. In either case, perhaps, your businesses must not be that lucrative or too much work and in any case, it’s not like romance is in the air.

  23. Lewis says:

    I have met plenty of women on the sugar babe sites and it’s been the most interesting, fun time of my life.

    Most of the girls are having a hard time paying their bills and are looking for someone to help them out financially.

    I know this up front and accept this type of “arrangement”.

    From the stories I hear from these women, most guys on these sites of fakes, liars and creeps.

    They are sick and tired of wasting time meeting men who claim to be something they are not and this site gives them the chance
    to at least make it worth their time meeting someone new.

    Most guys will never be given the opprtunity to meet beautiful women like this so what’s the problem?

    I have spent time with amazing women..
    Most men would KILL to have the experience
    I’ve had with stunning women.

    Why do women like me? Because I am down to earth, sweet and do what I say.. A gentleman
    who treats them with respect.

    I love women… and there is no greater pleasure in life than to share memories with

    These sites have given me the opportunity I would otherwise not have to live the fantasy
    of having a beautiful girl with me at all times… Thank you for that!.

    If you guys are too cheap to pay a girl, $100-$200 for a date then move on and quit bitching.

    For the serious guys like me on here, you know it’s well worth it and are smiling all day long..

    • S. Babe. says:

      Thank you for being you! 🙂

    • Blue says:

      Thank you very much! My SD’s have become like family to me over the years. Many blessings to you Lewis.

      I try. I really try to weed out the fakes and time wasters and find really SD’s who appreciate me. I want them to have a great time as well. Sometimes chemistry just isn’t there but for the ones who are friends, it works out for both of us and has taught me things about relationships and men that I would have never otherwise known.

      When I meet a great SD like you it restores my faith in men. I have not dated a typical guy in so long now and my standards are much higher. I date men now no more boys! Most of my women friends don’t know what they are missing until I explain it to them. I think I help some of these men get over their shyness too. I’ve helped with family issues, biz issues, life issues. I even coached a guy on balancing his life at the NYSE and finding personal time for himself. He took notes. He was learning from me and I was learning from him. We would have never had that conversation that lasted 12 hrs if it hadn’t been for the Sugar Daddy dynamic…and I also got $18,000 for that time right before the recession hit so I was very lucky. He probably never missed the money and it was better spent on me food and rent than his “party favors” anyways. I’m sure he would agree.

      Thanks again.

    • greg says:

      u must be butt ugly

    • Terfe says:

      What “memories” are you sharing with someone who needs a lot of money to be seen with you? The sweet and gentle romance of the bills they see you as riffling betwixt her manicured fingers? Why would you think that a woman who needs cash to be seen with you is anything but an actress? I’ve never been with a prostitute, but in the field I work have read many interviews with working girls and can entirely understand that in real life they do not, for the most part, like the guys who hire them. You have something they want that they have decided, rightly or wrongly, that they can get no other way but by selling their bodies. That shouldn’t be illegal in my opinion, but it is a transaction, nothing more: he pays he squirts, preferably as quickly as possible. Now a sucker like you (though I do not believe your story for even the fraction of a second it takes to read and think you are more than likely one of the mercenary sisterhood of man-hating slags writing comments above) pretend to be, willing to pay repeatedly for the chance of being near a woman is just a john. If we act like what you say about your financial situation is true, that you dole out the cash to these poor unfortunates is a steady stream is what keeps them pretending like they wouldn’t spit on your grave. The guy you pretend to be is an old and unattractive guy, who in fact does not “love women”, he reduces them to cash that he has disposable. In other words, women are worth some piles of paper of which he has many. That’s true love of the female to you, Geezer? Be serious, ma’am.

    • gettin2it says:

      Not so anonymous this time.

      But you’re over the top here. And your logic is flawed. This one is called the “straw man”, when you argue against an argument that hasn’t been made.

      95% of the word count in this thread is arguments against men complaining about paying for dates with only two or three guys actually expressing that issue. I certainly haven’t.

      I’ve certainly enjoyed the company of some engaging, fascinating, brilliant and totally awesome women, none of whom met in this kind of situation, none of whom were paid to date me, none of whom have I lied to.

      The issue that is raised, however, aside from the fact that, if the people who disagreed with exorbitant pricing went away, this might be, de facto, a brokerage for sex hire, which might make it redundant, is that the site could possibly find a way to better accommodate those people who provide the cover by being here with something else in mind.

  24. Alecia The Musician says:

    This is what I have to say about my original post… I stand by what I said.

    I think you’ll find that even in the “Sugar Bowl” there are all types of “arrangements” and it really just depends on the person. In my experience, most actual “GENTLEMEN of means that are looking to care for a LADY” ;~) won’t pay more than what it cost them for a first meeting anyway, because they’re not looking for gold diggers…lol. (The ones who throw you a few hundred bucks are generally just looking for a roll in the sack.) I’m already going to have my hair and make~up done, because let’s face it… I’m cute ALL the time… So, why should he pay for it on THAT particular day? And finally… If you are in the “Sugar Bowl,” and you know how the games played, then you know that the first dates just the tip of the iceberg, and the real deal is after the “arrangement” is in place… If he’s a real gentleman, and he has that kind of money to throw around… he’ll spend it on the date, and show me a taste of what’s to come… just a thought. LOL

    • S. Babe. says:

      Ewww. No.

    • Blue says:

      Low Price = Low Class

      “Lets face it I’m cute all the time” really must be a bad pic then…

      Thanks for enlightening us, I had no idea men were into sex and by the way guys who pay $100’s sure they may just want sex but men who pay $1000’s want me to be happy too!

      Men who pay with $20’s just want you to go away…

      The big ice burgs I’ve run into started with $6000 tips AND jewelry AND great night out! If you don’t think that’s a sincere guy than silly me I guess. LOL

      So enjoy your dinners full of questions and doubt picking through all the cheapos and scams till you “get lucky” and take your negative attitude towards those of us who like to make real money with you.

      When you find out that your ice burg was just hit with global warming and is more like a little puppy who just puddles on your floor… then ask yourself why were you on “What’s Your Price” looking for a gentleman with the lowest possible price, and defending all the freeloaders who wasted your time and used you, because a real gentleman in WYP? wouldn’t be seen with the lowest priced woman.

      • gettin2it says:

        Your concern for Alicia is gratifying, Blue.

        “Low price = Low class” ?

        Wonderful. “Fear and Loathing in La Vegas”

        You think Alicia is a sucker for not playing for higher stakes. Alicia thinks her strategy achieves higher financial value and she’s more comfortable with it. Besides, either or both of you could also be doing outcall through another agency in which case there is no difference except in terms of what you do on this site. To Alicia’s credit, at least she’s providing the necessary cover to legitimize the site, making it possible for you.

        Just based on what I’ve read in this thread, I’m more curious about Alicia, to be honest, and not because of the price involved.

    • Blue says:

      After posting I realized I prob sounded rude and I am sorry but I just don’t understand how you can come on WYP and put down women who have a higher price and then stand by it.

      Poverty is not this virtuous fantasy we’ve been sold and as women I really am disappointed that you would fall for that nonsense and then try to pass if off here as superiority.

      This is supposed to be a place we should be allowed to succeed and excel and not be put down for it!

      • saucysexysweet says:

        YES, YES, YES! Thank you! My time and attention isn’t more valuable than his dollars and cents, they are equally valuable factors in this equation. We are trading what we have in excess for they have in abundance. If a person doesn’t want to help make my world an easier place to be (and no, that’s not always financial but for the purposes of this argument we’ll stick to that part) why the hell would I want to return the favour??

        In the wild, the males bring home the steaming carcasses of the gazelles and present their special lady with it. They show the beta males up and she selects him as her mate because he showed up the betas. The toughest lion doesn’t pick the lady lion with crappy teeth/hair and small hips, he picks the most beautiful lady lion who will carry on his successful genes, successfully! So, effed if I am gonna feel guilty about eating fresh gazelle tonight, and having first pick on the tastiest parts. Alpha is as alpha does 🙂

        • gettin2it says:

          You’re a hopeless romantic saucysexysweet.

          If you like to read, check out Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors by Anne Druyan and Carl Sagan.

  25. queen says:

    If that is you in the picture above it looks like you do not get your hair done on the regular at all !

  26. Alecia The Musician says:

    Actually, I do… I have it deep cleaned, conditioned, trimmed, and styled regularly for shows. I don’t, however, color it or put chemicals in it… because I donate it to “Locks of Love” when I have it really cut. (They’ll only accept the donation if it’s over 12 inches long, and doesn’t have any chemical alterations…)

    • cvdv says:

      Can we all just get along … trying to break down another female in the quest for golden situation is why we’re all here … cheap shot on each other is just rude on so many levels … kuddles to Alecia for donating her locks to a worthy cause … being snarky is not sexy .. I’m just saying:)

    • cvdv says:

      Kuddles for you on such a worthy cause an as the daughter of a breast cancer surviver … I appreciate your humanitarian efforts…;)

      • Alecia The Musician says:

        Thank you… =D I started donating it when my grandmother was diagnosed. It really makes you think about that stuff when it hits home like that…

  27. Katie says:

    I agree about asking from $150 to $200 for the first date, given the risk we take, the time we are putting on this and the GAS to drive to see the person. If you live in a place like I do where a manicure and a pedicure costs $60, getting hair done another $60… just to get out of the house to look pretty is $120 not make up and perhaps a new dress. Then we are talking $300 just to go out to see someone you don’t even know if you will like!

  28. Andy says:

    I always heard lock of love is a scam so I did a google and sure enough !

  29. Andy says:

    I always heard lock of love is a scam so I did a google and sure enough ! google locks of love scam .

  30. Anonymous1 says:

    I’m a long time user of, and its been a good site for me. I just signed up for this one today, and am honestly disappointed in what I’m reading in this blog.

    First of all,
    if what you’re interested in is an SD/SB relationship, shouldn’t you still be on the other site?
    It was my understanding this one was to give “other guys” (who don’t necessarily believe in an SD/SB relationship) the opportunity to meet or go on a date with someone more beautiful or younger than they normally would be able to. This way, they could use their charm, wit, humor and potentially good looks to start to form a “real” relationship with someone. It was my understanding that the initial payment was to compensate the woman for her time on a first date, but, wasn’t intended to be just a starting off point in a “mutual beneficial relationship”.

    I came here feeling it was fine to spend a couple hundred dollars for that first date to meet someone I found attractive. I understand the risk involved, and the time spent. However, beyond that first date, I would expect that if things went well, and both sides had fun…you’d continue to see each other without financial commitments going forward.

    Otherwise, I don’t see the difference between this and, other than the girls here are requiring to be paid up front.

  31. Anonymous1 says:

    I also find that justifying the cost of the date by explaining the cost of hair, mainicures, and pedicures kind of silly.

    Hopefully, you ladies do these things anyway on a regular basis.
    In accounting, its like comparing fixed costs to variable costs.
    Sure, I understand covering your gas money, or parking money would be part of your expenses for going on the date. You wouldn’t be doing these things otherwise. You should be getting your hair and nails done periodically anyway.

    Its my hope you would be keeping good hygeine regardless. I’m sure you’re not all sitting home looking like trainwrecks waiting for that $300 offer to come in.

    • Blue says:

      To your first post, if you are right and I am wrong about the site then I stand corrected but it was my impression that it was neither really but a way to make money dating. Period. If it leads to more one direction or the other, then great.

      About the “hygiene” comment…we come back to what the site is about. The site guarantees money for dating to which I would assume that you need to think of this more like providing something of value that you are compensated for rather than show up in your most comfortable.

      I don’t regularly do my nails or spend money on clothing, hair etc in real life because I work outdoors very often. I own my own biz, it’s not appropriate to have nail polish on. So if I want to make money dating, I have to go from nature girl to glamorous and that my dear takes time, sacrifice, knowledge and lots of money.

      A guy lives in Armani suits is not going to pay to take out a woman just because she uses soap and water and remembers to floss. He may be into perfect teeth or boobs, lips and/or clothing. Those things cost tens of thousands of dollars.

      Even at the low end it costs almost $100 to get your mani/pedi done in nyc. They last one week tops. My hair every 6 wks. that’s $300 at a salon.

    • saucysexysweet says:

      K, so do you take into account your fixed costs when you are doing your business’ accounting, or is it just the variables?

      Since you’re already paying rent for your location, I want that portion removed from the cost of services I am hiring you for… That’s not reasonable or realistic, why would I be the exception to the rule in your business?

      A more accurate approach would be to consider these pedi/mani/hair costs over the entire week you’d have it all together, $200/7 is $30ish a day, $300/7 is $40ish a day, the same way you account for your fixed costs in business.

      If you want a well put together woman, you need to realize there are costs (and time) associated with that. If you’re fine dating a girl who hasn’t seen a dentist in ten years cuz she forgot to work that into the budget of life… um, um, gross, lol.

    • greg says:

      ha this is so true, nice post

  32. depclimb says:

    What is the definition of a “date”. I hope women are not spending hundreds of dollars getting ready for a thirty minute get together at Starbucks.

    • Blue says:

      I have.

      You have to get all dolled up for this or why bother. The men usually out dress me because I do not have $10,000 suits. I am very particular about who I meet, only men making $500k minimum mostly one million a year and up. Meet at a nice coffee shop (sometimes Starbucks but rarely) and it has turned out very nicely. We can go to dinner from there, or take in a walk or check out a lounge bar and talk about a possible arrangement. But they don’t get dinner with me until I know I am getting something for it. That’s why hopefully as this site grows it will work out better. Since they are paying I can relax and have dinner with them.

      Going to dinners on top of getting all dressed up was just too much for nothing in return. I was being used as arm candy and for companionship just so the guy could put the moves on me and then tell me he liked me too much to be my sugar daddy too often. So yes, now it’s coffee shops first you can usually tell a lot about a person in the first 15-20 min. Why waste any more time than you need too? Let them think I roll out of bed in 4 inch heels I just tell them I came from a meeting. ;-D

      • Terfe says:

        Wee! it’s fun to pretend on the internet, isn’t it “Blue”?!

      • No nonsense says:

        A hot young girl simply needs to throw on a pair of shiny leggings, strappy sandals and a cut away top to look great. It’s her natural beauty that does the work.

        $200 manicure? Don’t make me laugh.

        • Erin says:

          Lol seriously! All these women talking about the costs to get ready. Ummm I show up how I am… That’s what you’re paying to hang out with: me. As is.

          I never understood mani/pedis at all. You can’t reach your own feet? A bottle of polish costs $1-10 depending on the brand, and I buy the cheap shit yet am always getting compliments and asked where I go to get them done.

  33. Andy says:

    I noticed the dates are lasting in the 2 hour range and sometimes it is for dinner / launch and sometimes just drinks but still all have been in the 2 hour time frame.

  34. Noggers says:

    Hmmm….an interesting question.

    I’ll be honest, I’m more geek than beauty, so for me it’s an interesting experience. We value so many things – is it possible to put a price on someone’s time? What do other people think your time is worth? What do YOU think your time is worth? How does that change from interaction to interaction? It’s an interesting social experiment.

    Part of what influences that first date price is your perception of yourself and your perception of the other person. No amount of money will get me to accept a date with someone who can’t spell, or who messages me even though his profile states he’s looking for a petite blonde with DDD’s – he didn’t bother even looking at my profile, why should I bother going on a date with him? But someone who has a well-written profile, and a genuine picture? Sure, I’ll take $10, if something in there piques my interest. The money aspect of it is just an interesting way of putting out feelers.

    Part of it, I think, also lies in where you are – $50 goes a lot further in Oklahoma than in New York, so that’s going to factor in, as well. A $500 date here would be ridiculous.

    I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a perfect 10 – but there are still men out there who aren’t looking for Barbie. They’re looking for a woman who can match them intellectually, and who knows she’s sexy and attractive because of what she’s got between her ears. Those are the men I’m looking for.

    • saucysexysweet says:

      Well put!

    • Nikomis says:

      Noggers, best post to date I belive, kudos to you!

    • MsCyn says:


      I’m not the most stunning girl on the block, but that hasn’t stopped rappers from throwing money at me in the past, Paris Hilton’s Uncle paying for my dinner, etc.

      I’ve lived a remarkable life, so far and continue to do so because I have A LOT of personality AND I am intelligent. So much so, that I’ve known casting companies to forego a girl with ‘fashion model’ looks in exchange for me. ^_~

  35. jogo says:

    real man is looking for a real woman not some dolled up street whore
    the kind of woman that is beautiful with or with out makeup. Stands out from a crowd
    the one with the face you desire to wake up to. I’m not the most attractive man but i diserve a good female companion. Someone who can hold there end of a conversation. not some dumb bimbo that all she gots is her looks. Doors get held open for them and live pamperd. I hold doors open for every because it’s commen curtisy. Something all you gold diggers wasn’t taught as a child.
    I make good money but isn’t a first date supposed to be about getting to know each other and see if you go further. I understand being paid for your time but you don’t need a new dress a man/pedi or anything but gas money and the payment of a few hours of your time if the dates a bust. all the other stuff is something chose to do i can tell you a man dosen’t care if your all dolled up if you have natural beauty men are not all arragant shallow jackoffs like you ladies seem to think.

    • S. Babe. says:

      Real men can spell. 😀 or use spell check. I’m not sure where you’re from, but I’m in LA. You don’t dare step out for a date without full hair/makeup here. Someone might stone you on the way to the restaurant! It’s practically illegal. PS: please refer to the ladies as ladies. None of us are street-walking. (clearly). Lastly, there’s nothing wrong with gold-digging as long as the gentleman is fully aware of it.

  36. jogo says:

    there is plunty wrong with gold digging the taking of someones hard earn money for a little bit of time. none the less LA is a shit hole filled with illegles drugs and prositutes. A nazi governer too. i’m in arizona but am naturaly from kansas. where no one give a flying shit what you where. and for that real men know how to spell your a dumb bimbo spelling has little to do with the genuan qualities of a man. And there is no spell check on here anyways. ps i didn’t call any one a street walker. it was a senario a woman or lady as you put shouldn’t have get all dressed up to feel good about themselve or put on a show for some stranger for a couple hours. a real woman would want to be comfortable with whom ever their with and be true to themselve and the person there spending there time with.

    • saucysexysweet says:

      Please stop speaking for “real men”, you’re doing your half of the species a serious disservice. “Real men” can compose a sentence and express themselves in a clear, calm way. Your laziness in expressing yourself and hostility towards women is the only thing you’ve made clear.

      If you no likey the site (or women in general, it would seem) go download some porn, and help yourself, for free!

  37. Diana G. says:

    I just read from top to bottom. Now I understand someone said that girls don’t pay. Well that’s not true. We also have the option of paying for a membership. Now the “dolled up street whore” comment was pretty bad. I mean if guys are truly looking for the ugly duckling that can hold a conversation then I’m pretty sure you can sign up on other sites.As life would have it , she would probably consider you to be to ugly to date. I’m not saying the beautiful women here aren’t intelligent, but many men are not here to meet a woman without pictures. It starts from looks and then goes from there. So please let’s not kid ourselves here.From what I’ve seen thus far, most of the men that have contacted me are seriously past the normal age range I’ve dated in the past. They also don’t have the sexy hot physique most women would want. So 55+ , obese, bald, married and wants to date a 22-32 year old female that’s fit,single , well dressed, gorgeous and intelligent under $200.00 for the first date?
    Remember on the regular sites these men may get ignored based on having fake pics, real pics (that most don’t ever want to feast their eyes upon), fake setting like saying “single” when they’ve been married for the last 25 years and so on.

    The purpose of this site is to allow all men a fair chance at spending time with a beautiful woman that in the past,may have ignored their messages or put them in the trash folder. Can a woman fall in love with a man that’s not the typical attractive guy? Yes women have been very forgiving on looks when men have much more to offer. So a man that’s say not my type, I may give a chance to based on how generous and respectful he is. There are those exceptions where it doesn’t matter how many millions the guy has , I just couldn’t stomach watching him eat. National Geographic Anyone?

    I would consider a $20.00 offer to be rude to send to any lady on this site. It’s a way to state you’re worth less then a full gas tank to sit around for 2 hrs. I think a 18 yr old working at Mc Donald’s would laugh at you offering her $20.00 for 2 hrs of her time.

  38. queen says:

    I myself do not wear makeup unless I have something like a date planned. I also do not keep up with my nails either as most guys in my life do not notice. However, a man who is looking for high end looks and sometimes his profile even says he likes nail, toes and tans. I always make sure to get a spray tan, my nails done and a salon blowout ! When guys try to hit on me in real life while I run my errands I never give them the time of day because I do not feel comfortable talking to a man without my game face on / makeup !

  39. queen says:

    My last date commented how nice my nails looked and even looked under the table and told me I had cute shoes on, then he talked about my beautiful skin as well. I had shiny bronzer all over ! He took in every detail of my look !

  40. lol says:

    If a cute girl doesn’t want me, I give her $200 and all of a sudden, she will have interest in me? Is this the idea behind this website? Money can’t buy love but it can buy chemistry?? LOL…so pathetic…

    • economist says:

      Money does buy attention and produce chemistry. She will have an interest in you because if you are willing to shell out $200 chances are you are successful AND NOT A BUM. If you cannot pay $200 most likely YOU ARE A BUM.

      • greg says:

        no it doesnt make u a bum, it just means u have self respect. $200 for an hour date? so maybe its 2 hrs of ur time total with driving. do u make $100/hr at ur regular job? thats 200k/yr. doubtful, and im sure 75% of the women on here dont. so why would u ask for that much on a date thats already paid for?

      • sg says:

        Not necessarily. Maybe a guy doesn’t have a kick-ass, high-paying job and instead does what he loves for a living. And maybe a guy doesn’t want to shell out $200 because he has not even met this girl and she could be a real dud just looking for the money.

      • Mickeyblue says:

        It’s not fair to call someone a bum because they don’t offer $200. I’m a single father that religiously pays his child support even though I have my son half of the time while my ex and her husband are building a $500k house (that’s a lot where I live). I work a good job in engineering that pays under $100k. I have a house that I’m remodeling (which costs), just finished my masters so I have school loans, and I spend a lot of my time coaching my son’s sports. I couldn’t afford to spend $200 to simply meet someone for coffee and at the same time I’m certain that I’m not a bum. I believe in chivalry, opening car doors, offering to pay for dinner regardless, doing all that I can to make my date comfortable, and I still pay attention to all of the details/effort that she has made. I have the utmost respect for women and value all of the traits that make them the unique individuals that they are. I think a lot of people on here have simply lost sight of reality.

  41. lol says:

    I’m still waiting for testimonials of any successful dates, such as ones leading to second dates and more. I think the girls on this website are even worse than ones on a traditional dating website. By worse, I mean they are definitely not girlfriend material because they are more materialistic and shallow.

    If a guy can’t find love on a traditional dating site, he is definitely not going to find it here because “cuter” girls have much higher standards.

    • Blue says:

      Than this site may not be for you. Many men are married, or don’t want to find love. They want a hot date for once. Why is that so difficult to understand.

      If you aren’t shopping for a sports car than don’t get mad at the sales person at Ferrari when you walk in for not having the station wagon you always wanted.

  42. queen says:

    Guys are just upset because this site put the power back in the females hands . Guys can no longer use us for free dates to fill own void in life and use the excuse we are not the one for them. At least we get payed for our efforts while you guys play that stupid game on other sites !

  43. jogo says:

    As all you woman seem to put it out there all your giving up lets think about the mans point of view.
    i work every day so in order for me take a lady out i have to take off “money out of my pocket” also have to drive somewhere “Gas””money out of my pocket”
    pay the lady “money out of my pocket”
    pay for dinner “money out of my pocket”
    possibly an activity like a movie
    “money out of my pocket”
    all that with a great possiblity that will be driving home alone and not get as much as a phone call.
    this site sounds like a scam for the men LOL is right this site is not a dating site where you can possibly find a good female companion it is more like an action off of women.

    And i’m sorry about the street whore comment Diana is right it was pretty bad

    but the man has just as much to loose as the woman but more becuase there not getting paid for there time and if it dosen’t work out then there out

    • admin says:


      You are right in that the man has to pay and therefore has a lot to lose. But I think you’re not understanding the purpose of this website.

      This site is for the guy who wants to have a chance with that beautiful or attractive female.

      Of course the guy can try to win the heart or love of a beautiful girl in one of many ways. Try to pick one up at the bar, try using another dating website where money isn’t the issue, etc. But the point is, in a society where beauty is in high demand, chances are getting the beautiful girls to give him a chance isn’t so easy….

      That’s where comes in. We’re not saying your time isn’t more important that the time of a beautiful girl.

      If you’re attractive, chances are you are already surrounded by attractive female. But if you’re not, you now have the opportunity to pay for that chance.

    • lol says:

      Any guy desperate enough to pay money just to talk to a girl deserve to be taken advantage of by this website and the girls. I just hope there aren’t that many gullible guys out there to support this website.

      • Blue says:

        Just because a person can pay for companionship on his vacations, spas, shopping, etc. and likes the anonymity and excitement of it does not mean he’s being taken advantage of. I think a woman who is not looking for money may be too emotionally attached for some of the men and that’s okay. Everything has it’s place but I don’t see how that is being taken advantage of. The term “mutually beneficial” comes to mind.

    • saucysexysweet says:

      Jogo, please look at this realistically: Attractive women have no problems getting dates, getting laid, getting marriage proposals even, all with attractive men. If all you have to offer a smart, beautiful woman is your sense of entitlement… well, we can find that anywhere.

      Regardless of where I meet someone, I NEVER pay for the first date. I want to understand how generous he is before I offer up my own generosity, financial, emotional or otherwise.

      Getting used by selfish misers so they can be seen with a “hottie” because they feel they deserve that is lame and certainly won’t fulfill my needs at the end of the day. Exchanging abundance might though 🙂

    • MsCyn says:

      That depends on what the guy makes vs. what the girl makes.

      A guy working at a retail store makes less than me per an hour because of the types of work I do and my experience in them.

      So when I take off from work (I’m freelance so I work every day), get dolled up, etc, I’m spending considerably more money than him.

  44. terry says:

    Jogo perhaps this site is not for you. Simple enough.

  45. jogo says:

    i am not saying that i’m saying that all these woman are complaning about cost of going out on a first date for the chances that the date could not be worth there time

    but this altimently gose both ways a man also consumes many costs of going on a first date and it could also not be worth his time

    after all this is still a dating site not just a sugar daddy get together

    i am willing to pay for attraction but dosen’t mean anthing will come of it after that date and from the response on here it seems like this is all for one night

    well if it’s only for one night why would i pay someone an outrageous amount of money
    i mean the average minnume wage job only pays 7.25 an hour so i think 60 to 100 is more than enough for a first date plus have the date paid for. so what are you really out spending a couple hours with a stranger

    • MsCyn says:

      You’re assuming the girls on here want to date guys working minimum wage jobs.

      Even when I did date on non-SD/SB sites, I didn’t date guys with minimum wage jobs. One of my first boyfriends right out of high school was a Pharmacy Tech.

      In the past 2 years I’ve dated a Physicist/Historian, Princeton Senior, and a guy who makes life-sized Transformers for $600+ a pop.

      • Zorah Wright says:

        Please go read the blog on SeekingMillioniare and you will learn a bit about how wealth is built. Its the consistent workers dedicated to success that make things happen.

  46. brandi says:

    well this is my 1st time on this site and i already have a set price for regular dates im easily charmed because i like to have fun so showing me a good time may be enough for me to give the money back im an exciting type girl very outgoing and spontaneous so theres no telling what will happen im asking for 60 bucks not much to an average guy just some change to put in my pocket hey i may pay for the next date i wanna plan a date too see im bout the fun holla at me

    • Charles says:

      This is what the site is all about, not how much money can I make tonight. Id say 80% of the women on this site believe it to be a sd/sb site or are pretending that they may develop an interest in the guy they are going to see. Luckily its quite obvious from the profile or first communication what the woman is all about. For the 20% of you that are here for what the site actually intends, thank you!

  47. maggie says:

    I’m really interested to learn what men on this website are looking for: an introduction to an arrangement? an introduction into a non-arrangement-style real relationship? a one-off or casual, occasional hook up thing? Romantically or sexually charged companionship in exchange for money?

    I’ve met two people through this website, and interestingly enough, not propositioned on first date with either which is totally different from my experiences on SA.

  48. terry says:

    Maggie, i think everyone is looking for different things on here. Most times it would be listed on the profile. I think the idea of paying to meet is the same but sone guys have different ideas of what they are seeking. I am hoping guys do not get the idea that it is sex for sale. I do think the site name gives the idea of that though.

  49. cvdv says:

    To Maggie .. I read all profiles before the offer and if the guy’s profile even hints that he’s looking for sex from me on the date it’s and instant delete.

    Drinks at his house, drinks by a fire or in a hot tub PHLEASE!! if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck it must be a duck …self respect is looking for an enjoyable fun experience.

    • PilotHawkeye says:

      I agree, self respect is priceless!!!!

    • greg says:

      if u r having the date paid for, then want to get paid on top of that, then u have no self respect. he can just get a whore for that money

      • jessica says:

        After reading all your posts greg I can only conclude you are lonely, broke, and angry. If you don’t like the site or how it works move on. Insulting people you no nothing about is pathetic and makes you look like a real loser

    • MsCyn says:


      I just rejected some skeezy guys offer because his ENTIRE PROFILE was basically about I want some “provacative” girl to have SEX with. Ewwww.

  50. cvdv says:

    To all the “Hater” don’t hate the players hate the game …there’s an ap for that! lol

  51. depclimb says:

    The other dating websites revolve around money just as this one does. They all ask about profession/income, the only difference is upfront money here.

  52. Diana G. says:

    I’m enjoying this site in how it separates the liars from the honest guys. Looking at other sites that are “free”, a guy can put that he makes over 5+ million a year, add a few pictures that are 10-15 years old and contact many women. Many would date him after he hints at shopping, travel and what the future will hold if she just gives him a chance. These women have been used as arm candy at events where the guy has attempted to charm his way out of spending a dime. Now with this site it allows a woman to see if the man in question is honest about his so called “lifestyle”. Offering $300-$1000 should not be difficult to do . If anything it’s most likely easy. If a man is starting out very cheap on the site, it would make me wonder if he would even give the money freely once I arrived. All profiles that have something sexual in the first date expectations area are ignored. As mentioned above, these are the guys that want to meet at a hotel,at their home or mention cooking for you at your residence.

  53. queen says:

    I agree in that it cuts back on all the bs and personal questions until you meet face to face. I was so tired of endless emails and phone calls to end up never even meeting. I closed all my other accounts because guys from here when then contact me on the other site trying to meet free !

  54. Blue says:

    I’m sorry if I’m hogging the board I appreciate all the freeflow of conversation here without the moderation like we had before, it’s quite enlightening and makes me feel a whole lot more optimistic about this site. After hearing everyones input, I’d like to know if the suggested rates will at sometime go up to match the suggestions here? I took my pic down some time ago because I was not sure I wanted to continue or have my face associated with this at that price point but would be happy to put it back up if the image escalates to reflect something more in my range.

    Thank you.

  55. apple1 says:

    I agree with the Reporter and Author at the beginning of this blog. i had a guy up in Orlando send me a 100 dollar offer. are you SERIOUS it will cost me hundreds of dollars if not 1000. to come to Orlando on a date i would miss work meaning i would lose a couple hundred for the day of work. i would need a sitter which cost by the hour. and a couple hundred for gas. in should i MENTION hair,nails,outfit,shoes; because i always look my best;because most men on this site expect a pretty barbie type girl .ITS LIKE THE AUTHOR SAID I THINK I DEPENDS ON HOW MUCH THE PERSON TIME AND EXPENSES COST. I GUESS MOST MEN DON’T BELIEVE SOME LADIES ON THIS SITE CAN BE MAKING 200 PLUS A DAY LOL !!

    • saucysexysweet says:

      lmao, I can’t tell you how many times I have gotten messages from people in different cities asking if I would come to meet them. I always tell them that if they have a budget for flying me in for a coffee date and covering my lost time at work, I will consider it. Most are too dim to understand the concept that I have rent to pay and I need groceries and a phone and a car and none of these things is free and that my life does not consist of jet setting around the planet on my own dime because someone thought I was attractive and I am so desperate for male attention that I would consider not going to work to receive some.

      I was talking with a very successful guy quite a few years ago now and he simply couldn’t understand why I worked so much. All of a sudden one day, he literally smacked his hand across his forehead and said, “oh ya, life costs money”. How the fuck did he get to be so successful, lol. There is no lineup for beautiful people to stand in to receive money for being beautiful so that you can enjoy their beauty at your beck and call 🙂

      • Terfe says:

        I’m sorry, SSS, but I’ve viewed your profile and how would you know if there was a line for beautiful people or not? Are we all just pretending every woman who makes a profile on this site is beautiful? Just curious if that’s how this works.

        Kudos on that authoritative voice thing you’re affecting and the cartoon wealthy retarded guy story. Very butch and entertaining for an audience weaned on American sitcom.

  56. depclimb says:


    I can’t believe a man/or woman would even try to date someone over 100 miles away. Nothing would ever come of it.

  57. PilotHawkeye says:

    Being an ‘old-fashioned’ gentleman, my personal minimum is $100. Granted, I am still new at this, and have not made a connection as yet.
    Being 59, I have my own personal minimum age requirements, that being 41, and over. I have no delusions about dating someone in the 20’s or 30’s.
    What I do not understand is why I should get winks from ladies on the other side of the country, or from other countries. Those sound suspeciously like scams to me.

    • cvdv says:

      Well if we both believe self respect is priceless .. I’m looking for “old-Fashoined” wink 😉

    • MsCyn says:

      Just make a note in your profile that you’re only looking for someone local.

      I’m open to going all over, so if someone says, “Willing to travel,” or responds to my wink, I interpret that as mean that you’re open to flying me or flying to me.

  58. BlackCandyUK says:

    I like the concept of this site, and like most things I can imagine it will take some time for the concept to catch on with the community on here.

    But can I just ask something? If someone makes you an offer and you accept. And then turn up for the date. And either they do not give you the money as promised for the date (either because they want to get to know you better blah blah blah), or they stand you up completely; what can you do about this?

    Is there a member feedback function? (kinda like an individual wall to post on, or discreet review or verified member status or something?) My only worry is that you could get people who open bogus profiles just to talk with no intention of ever meeting or respecting site etiquette…

    Just a thought x


    • MsCyn says:

      “Generous” members can’t respond to initial emails after accepting an offer without paying. You’ll never get to worry about the date portion if they don’t pay.

      As far as them not paying in the first few minutes, leave. If you ask, and they don’t furbish, walk.

      If they stand you up, report their account. It’s in the right hand side under their basic facts.

      So if they open a fake profile, it’s going to come out quickly that they have no $$$.

  59. Posh says:

    This website is called “What’s your price”. So for me personally I joined this date site under the impression that guys will make an offer for my time! I don’t mind being arm candy or just a friend. No woman wants to feel like a MAN can not offer financal stabilty. I have been invovled with guys who are very wealthy and spending money for the things I wanted was like pocket change to them. The facts remain your on this website to either get paid for or pay for! YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!

  60. LINYman says:

    Love to have NY area women contact me. I will offer minimum of $100. can alwasy use the yahoo id to reach me..

  61. hmmmm says:

    Is there a suggested minimum amount for offers and winks from people outside your own country?

    For example, I am in England but seem to get winks and offers from guys in the States as well as mainland Europe. I have had it on my profile that I am not willing to travel and will accept a lower amount for a first date from people closer to me, but I feel it is reasonable to reply a higher offer when there is potential for long distance travel.

  62. anonymous says:

    ideal amount would be 10000

  63. alicialoveslife says:

    To me its not about the amount (altough $20 sounds cheep) its about whos serious. I spend everyother year of my life deployed. I am 26 years old and i want to start a family. In the year i have at home between deployments i want to date people who are serious about what their looking for and not just playing around. I also want some one who is worth giving up my current carrier for. so if i ask for 200 or 300 its because inpart i am making sure the person can meet my needs from the start. and whos to say that once you get on the date you have to accept all the money. if you like the person you dont HAVE to accept payment. its a agreement not a contract.

    • Bill says:

      This is all very curious. So much talk about men taking care of women. As a man I would not care the price if the woman would up front agree that if marriage resulted, she would sign a pre-nuptial contract. How does that strike you gals who want a minimum of $200+. The price should be a sorting out tactic. It sorts out lifestyle and financial acuity. It sorts out motive and agenda. Wealthy men don’t get that way by spending themselves rich. With wealth you also get a lifestyle but don’t plan on changing the man’s psych that made him wealthy. Beautiful women do get rich men who in turn are more likely to cheat on them or nag them because they spend to much. It is a conundrum. I personally just want to meet someone who looks good without makeup and wants to have fun. It has nothing to do with money and more to do with companionship. Must be my age.

      • Diana G. says:

        Actually Bill you brought up a great point. Now I would like to know since you pointed out your age if you date women your own age. If someone is really looking for compatibility they would most likely find it with someone that has life experiences close to their own. What is so wrong with the women 50’s+? Many of these older beauties look amazing without make up. Also many have a libido that rivals that of many 20+ men. What I see on this site men that desire women that are old enough to be their grand children. So again this seems to do with more of an ego boost then wanting companionship which is why $$$$ comes into focus.

        Also “fun” can mean different things to different people.

        The pre-nuptial sounds fine for those women that are fine being attached to you for the next 10-50 years. Also many women will need to figure out if you’re worth being married to. Also a man that’s really worried about loosing his money to a partner usually has other issues. If you’re a truly ugly guy with money. Being an ugly broke guy is just HELL. I think anyone hearing “pre nup” early on would understand that you can’t afford to be broke.

        Don’t get me wrong now. Protecting one’s finances is always a smart thing to do. But you have to ask yourself why the person is with you in the first place. If you know all you have is your money and you have a horrid personality and are visually repulsive then you aren’t looking for love but paying to make someone fake love.

        I say work on the outer and inner self first and perhaps you’ll attract someone who will love you for your outer and inner self. Shallow=Shallow. If you’re going for a woman that spends money and energy working on herself and you’re just saying “I have money” so I don’t have to. Then yes she will see you for only your money.

        $75.00 per hour for a personal trainer is not expensive when you have such an amazing income. Let someone come into your life to reap the benefits of your hard work that doesn’t have to do with how much you earned that quarter.

        • Cenro says:

          “can’t afford to be broke”, just one of many tid bits in this drivel that shows crack kills brain cells.

  64. depclimb says:

    Well, this site is a big loser. Women winking from 2500 miles away and a couple of hookers.

    • Diana G. says:

      There are many beautiful local women on this site that aren’t hookers. The only men that would complain about this site ARE THE LOSERS. These are the men that either are very young and selfish or very old , ugly and selfish. I’ve also noticed the more visually unappealing the “generous” member is the cheaper he is with his offer and also the more vulgar he is with his first date expectations.

      • Terfe says:

        Ha! Right, so anyone not agreeing with you is a big meanie and a loser. Too absurd. Have you actually LOOKED at the women on this site? Unless you have a very very loose definition of it, beautiful is not the word for 95-99% of them, just as in real life. And since you don’t agree, you must be an ugly, money-grubbing LOSER (to use your logic)

      • MsCyn says:

        I’ve seen soooo many guys who are in their 50s-60s that are flat out unattractive looking for basically a cheap hooker. It’s like a joke.

  65. Eliza says:

    Few thoughts:

    1. Dear men, if the notion of paying a woman for a first date is truly blasphemous, then why are you on a site that touts paid dates as its novelty? I’m simply trying to understand the logic here. This is akin to a woman looking for marriage on adultfriendfinder or a vegetarian going to a steakhouse.

    2. Just because a beautiful woman is asking for a set amount for a date does not make her a hooker. She could be a hooker, but before we toss around accusations, let’s take a step back and mention a few things. Going on a date with a stranger is exhausting. Getting ready for a date is exhausting. Entertaining someone that perhaps isn’t the most pleasant company is exhausting. Now, the man may turn out to be the most charming of men, but that’s not a guarantee. Let’s call a spade a spade. Men know that their financial position is a tool in their shed when it comes to getting pretty women. To pretend that it’s not so is blatant denial. Naturally, women want to find the best man that they can. It does not automatically make her a gold digger or a hooker. I always say that generosity and success are not deal makers, but they can be deal breakers.

    One thing that one cannot buy is class and the attitude that one owns or deserves something from a woman just because he spent money on her is classless, misogynistic, and vulgar.

    • svarte says:

      Oh, so it’s only exhausting for the woman? And is a “prepared” woman a guarantee that the woman is anyone the man would want to be with? If a man knows his wealth, real or internet dating riches, is his attraction he is a loser, just as the woman who is 1) attracted to a guy because of money 2) is incapable of earning her own except with her looks is a ho. You are biased in favor of women. And the use of the word “class” or “classy” indicates a total lack thereof.

  66. Eliza says:

    You’re not paying for our time or the chance to get to meet us. The offer (when combined with the communication) is more often an indication of the man’s generosity and how he views women. It IS the men who toss out low offers that have a more demeaning view of women.

    • svarte says:

      For someone who views men as antagonists or opponents, yes. A ho-view, as it were. If you’re willing to…”date” a guy you have no interest or attraction to, there are lots of words for that, most of them not pretty and you should put if you offer FGE, DATY, multiple shots on goal for the price. What is demeaning is to request big from a guy; it basically tells them they are total losers who you wouldn’t be seen with without a serious cash incentive. I haven’t seen a woman on this site that is, from a beauty standpoint, out of reach of the common man. Many many who think, or are pretending they believe they are, but nothing you don’t see in the Massage section of any big city rag.

  67. svarte says:

    This site more than any I’ve witnessed appeals to the woman who grossly over rates her own worth and or beauty. You can see it in the comments above, those believing men willing to pay them big for a chance to…what? Be allowed at the same table?…are more “confident” and those not are “losers”. That’s a joke, if I wanted a full service escort there are plenty to be had without an initial access tariff. If you expect 500$ that should include at least the happy ending. And even though the backstory you want people to believe is that you are yourself wealthy, not everyone swallows that and since for the 500 you’re asking despite your butta face there is no guarantee you will swallow, any dude willing to pay for you to sit opposite them until you (or your pimp) decide to move on is an insecure idiot who probably hasn’t had (free) pussy since pussy had him.

  68. Diana G. says:

    Wow and I thought the blog died. Svarte my question is why are you here in the first place? There is a price range for every man. Perhaps it would be smart for him to state this in his profile that he’s going to pay no more then X amount of dollars for a date. Now let’s also keep in mind that it’s more about the time involved too. A woman here is giving a guy a chance to really enjoy her company where on regular dating sites she would probably pass him over for the more hunky attractive man.

    I mean most people usually want the three things Attractive, Decent Income and Decent Personality. If you don’t have the looks then you better have one hell of a winning personality. In most cases an unattractive man wouldn’t really even get that opportunity.

    For me personally I have no issues getting a date on a free site. Actually my inbox is usually full with a crazy amount of responses. Usually the ones I look at either A. Have pictures , B. the guy is attractive or a combination of both with C. him being able to send more then 2 lines each message.

    Usually guys that may have not had the looks I passed on.

    Now on WYP I can actually see what I may have missed out on. It let’s me take the time. My longest most fulfilling relationships have been with the not so handsome guy.

    If the guy has the income then paying for a date isn’t an issue.

    Ohh and sex well the truth is sex is desired on free and paid dates alike. Paying doesn’t change that desire at all. Are guys paying to date unattractive women? I think not and on free sites are guys contacting unattractive women? Nope!

    The only men that I would see having an issue with paying for a date over $100.00 is:
    1. Attractive but picky and selfish. This guy feels well why do I have to pay? I’m already hot , she should be paying me? But he still doesn’t like dating ugly women and decided well I’ll give this a shot. He may have lost a few attractive women to an older more financially secure man. Bird with the best nest senario plays out here. Solution: Get a better nest, I’m mean you’re already hot right?

    2. I have to many mouths to fee. Well this should go without saying. In his youth he forgot condoms are not party favors. He ended up spreading his seed one too many times. The ring was on backorder but he just forgot to order it. He changes jobs regularly because he can’t afford to be caught by the Child Support Police. So he’s now looking for someone that he can have a great time with but wonders why an $12.00 offer isn’t attractive. She should be grateful right? Solution: Sleep with Condom under the pillow… It worked with the tooth fairy right?

    2. The truly ugly. Now this guy was hot almost a century or two ago. He forgets that he has packed on some serious pounds of flesh and his face resembles graph paper. He married young , cheated on his wife and got caught. His wife has taken him for everything and is now dating a hot ski instructor 20 years her junior. He’s now just broke and ugly. These are usually the guys you see hit on women way out of their league and when turned down respond with a nasty remark or almost look like if no one was watching they would physically attack her. Sadly this guy’s ego is attached to the wrong body. This guy used to be #3 or #4 prior to the internet and gaming consoles. Solution : Invest in Time Machine or Botox+ Restalyne+Atkins+Ab Belt+ Medical Microderm+Chemical Peels+ Photo Facials.

    3. Young + unattractive+ low income: So you’re still living with your parents , perhaps in school or you may just like playing call of duty 4 so much that you made sure to only get a part time job. Your ideal date is someone that can teach you bedroom activities but you would never get a hooker. You’d also rather spend your money at the strip club because throwing 30 $1.00 bills at a naked woman makes you feel like a millionaire. And besides they come over to you asking to grind on your lap for $20.00 bucks. They even act like they’re actually interested in you going over the assorted beer you’ve tried and vomited up in the last week. Solution: go back to free sites and play the game of chance.

    4. Young , attractive and just curious. Well dates are not that difficult but this guy wants to make sure the girl will put out. He soon finds out that some girls are still waiting for promises. How boring that must be for him. He doesn’t want to lie even though he’s done that in the past, but now he wants a sure thing. He signed up thinking he would find it here. Still not liking the offer amounts. Solution : Call Becky tonight and tell her that you love her again. It may work one more time.

    Which number are you svarte?

  69. svarte says:

    Wow back, you have a lot of spare time to diddle around. I don’t, personally, but then that’s why your time is worth top dollar, I guess…

    As to which of your definitions I am, I’m the one who doesn’t accept your definitions. You have an antagonistic view of the male-female interaction, so your views are colored by that and by being (on line anyway – as in, “so you say”) attractive. Mine aren’t ruined by the first and I’m not going to boast about my Photoshop handsome-ness or compare internet penis-size with you, but in real life I have no problems getting dates. That shows on this site, too, since my box is filled with genuininely lovely – or as near as pics that could very well be fake can show – women who have asked of me the minimum. But then, I’m not on this site as you apparently are to confirm to myself that I’m worth money, or to pretend my time and efforts are bankable as you, and a number of the women on this site (most of whom doing so are so-so at best and certainly need the $500 they believe they deserve in order to pay for the pancake make-up, hair-do and liquid-filled push-up bras that make them ‘worth every penny’, not to mention the astroglide and condoms for the dude footing the bill for the life-altering chance to get a couple minutes face time with her precious self and for the jack-rabbit they’ll need afterwards because they went on a date to earn some cash instead of out of actual interest) apparently do. A…thinker like you obviously believes the man should pay for the date, which is something I’m down with and always personally do, but why should a man be paying an access fee to be allowed to pay for your entertainment? What if the woman is not at all what the payer expected, is dull, not at all like her pictures (which are from 10 years and 20 lbs and a map worth of stretch marks ago), and just an embarrassing ho? And, too, who is to say any ones profile on this site is actually them; someone asking 500 (with 250$ up front as the guy recommends) could very well be a Russian guy in the Ukraine named Boris or a Nigerian formr 4-1-9 artiste with access to pictures of women. Not a bad payday, do that 3-4 times in a day and they can afford a date with an internet-hottie (“so you say”) like you. Even for a SD/SB arrangement, the first date is basically an interview; you bring your portfolio – eg face, body, personality, etc. When yu got your job at MacDonald’s in March did they offer to pay you for the privilege of speaking with you?

  70. Diana G. says:

    Wow you’re not a member of the site so you don’t know how it works. Money is not paid to the lady until she shows up in person. So the whole Nigerian/Russian girl scam as you say can’t work here. Duh! Do your research. An offer can be accepted but that does not guarantee a date will happen or a guy will even bring the money once he meets his date.

    So if she shows up 20lbs over weight he can call her the liar she is and leave. The only loss of money would be for credits he spent to message her , which is something that she doesn’t make a percentage off of. Risk is involved on both ends but this site seems fair. They don’t charge the guy for the date amount and send it to the girl. You got your information backwards. So again if you are not on this site and don’t like the concept, why are you even here?

    I mean if you’re getting so lucky on free sites, why do you even have the time to be on a site that you cant afford? Get to those massage parlors and get the happy ending you love paying for.

    I think the Vegetarian going into the Steakhouse fits . Thanks Eliza for the true view.

    • svarte says:

      I actually am a member, and what I’m here for or not doesn’t prove or disprove your point (if she has one..does she have one? Not sure, she’s just spouting her opinion though she acts like her opinion is The Word), just as you being on the site doesn’t definitively prove you’re a mercenary, shallow and unintelligent slut, though conclusions your “competitors” (men, in your view, obviously) can well be drawn from your self-justifying opinion. As to 1) there not being scams here and 2) whether or not I myself would make a down payment on a date – 1) if there were no scammers on this site why then are there so many obviously fake profiles and those of out right whores? – eg use of the term “lots of roses” to name one 2) that Boris or Kwadwo might be trying to earn enough for their own dates with mercenary tarts doesn’t apply to everyone any more than 4-1-9 scams work on every single person; It’s quantity that counts with any spam, eventually they’ll find some desperate dude willing to do anything for a sniff of the woman portrayed.

      But again, why am I here if I don’t like the concept? This is really your rebuttal? Doesn’t deserve an explanation. If you come up with anything intelligent to say about the theme in question give me a shout. Or make me an offer for a $500 dollar date to listen to your passive aggressive attempts at ad hominem attacks you pretend are reasoned assertions.

  71. Phil (UK) says:

    Hi everyone,
    I am new to this but have just read through the blog. WoW !!
    I thought world war three was about to break out.
    Having left SA after a few good experiences I decided to look for something more permanent in the ‘Love’ stakes.
    To all the chaps out there I would say this;
    We are here because, although our picture and information was always honest on other dating sites, we’ve had little success with the ‘High End’ good looking girls. Even though we were realistic in our expectations.
    So…… You have to be realistic here as well.
    The concept of the site is to overcome the problem of ladies who look at your picture on a standard dating site, and dismiss you as not handsome/ interesting, enough to give you a shot.
    Looking for dates with a girl/Guy (Political Correctness et al), who is 20 years your junior, unless you look like Brad Pitt or have loads of dosh in the bank, is (I would venture)unrealistic and therefore the price of a date would be high. A date with a girl – say- 10 years younger would be commensurately less.
    I beleive the site is to give you the opportunity to convince a lady that you are genuine and the real deal, culminating in a ‘normal’ relationship. If you want sex on the first bash then you are not a gentleman and should use other more liberal sites.
    I would put the same point to the ladies. To give someone a ‘shot’ you deserve the right to be remunerated, and the level of attraction you feel should reflect the fee you ask for. Accepting a date more the 50 miles away seems to me to be pointless, as distance is a killer in any relationship. Asking for excessive amounts could be construed to be invitations for other more delicate services.
    Further, girls who are SB – whilst there is nothing wrong with the concept – I think are on the wrong site for the reasons stated above.
    Finally, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Mocking someones profile or picture is purile and extremely rude in what should be a free and open discussion,promoting the pursuit of happiness and love.

    • ibid says:

      Phil, what is your definition of “mocking”? Is suggesting that someone’s claim to beauty is exaggerated at best and/or in reality an out right lie “mocking” someone? If I said I were the King of England or a Nobel prize-winning SD would you be mocking me by telling me I’m a liar? As was said before, are we all to just agree that every woman on this site is beautiful (and here don’t come with platitudes like, “yes, in someone’s eyes all are beautiful”)? And what about all the…beauties who define men as “losers” if they disagree or “cheap” for not offering or agreeing to buy them at the price they want? I have had many agreements with women on this site and I don’t know about the UK but every one of them (from later email/conversations) were prostitutes in disguise, so I find it risible that you designate someone not a “gentleman” for expecting sex from a woman who wants to earn a whore’s pay just for putting up with the payer’s presence for an hour or two.

      • Jen says:

        ibid, If someone’s beauty is exaggerated or you deem someone not worthy of “their price” then what would move you to accept or bid on the date in the first place? Also who cares if a woman thinks your a loser for not accepting her price?That’s no different then a woman ignoring your emails on a free site. Do you get mad at them? Perhaps you might, but you can understand that they’re just not attracted to you. On here if they’re not attracted to you and feel they would never meet you for the price you offer then still it falls along the same lines. I mean if you’re not interested then you have nothing to loose. Regarding the prostitutes in disguise comment well if that is truly the case then you can very well report her. I agree with Phil(UK) that someone isn’t being a gentleman if he’s expecting sex from a woman on a first date. Looking at the site rules it’s clearly stated to “not expect sex on the first date”.

        Now if you’ve come across whores or prostitutes as you say and are enjoying the pay for play type services then birds of a feather will flock together so to speak. The only conversation you should have initially is about where and when your first date should take place. Not to mention what attracted you to her profile in the first place.

        Remember this site’s purpose is to give guys a chance to make an impression on a woman that would have ignored him in the past. Can we please stick to the concept and purpose of the site and avoid the “whore” and “ugly women” bashing that I see from the same person with different names.

        If she’s ugly to you then that’s one less person you need to bid on. If she’s a whore as you say and that’s what you’re looking for in the first place then you’ve won.

        Free dating can work just as fine if you’re actually getting the responses from women you deem to be attractive. If they aren’t responding then perhaps this site may change those issues with providing a reasonable offer.

        Your comparison on the whore’s pay can easily go like this:
        the amount for a date can be compared to what a police officer makes in 2 days.
        what a doctor makes in 10 minutes
        what a gardener makes in a week.

        Even that “whore’s pay” for putting up with the payer’s presence just sounds so harsh. You almost sound frustrated with the women of this site or even the site’s concept itself.
        The site is called “What’s your price”. Not “How low can you go” or “What’s your whore”

        What I’ve also noticed : dates last longer after a price has been accepted. Anywhere from 2-5 hrs. So $100-500 for 2-5 hours of someone’s time is not really an issue for someone that’s honestly generous.

        What I’m actually curious to know is what’s your offer price range?
        Also do you really enjoy the site?
        What are you looking for here? wife, girlfriend? hooker? sugar baby? date to enjoy someone’s company?

        There are profiles on the site that I’ve seen that regardless of what I was offered , I’d decline even if it was a few million. You already know that there wouldn’t be a way to get around the person’s looks even if paid. There are also married men on the site looking for a fling. Some women may charge much more for a date because there is way too much risk involved or some may flatly refuse a date based on feeling morally repulsed by the idea. Again there is a type for everyone so well all should just enjoy connecting to people that want what we want out of the experience.

        • ibid says:

          You’re on someone else’s dollar or your reply wouldn’t be so long and convoluted/intractable, but briefly, my comment was simply an injection of reality into the comment by “Phil (UK)”. I wasn’t lamenting my experience on WYP, requiring a definition of what WYP means, or asking for apples vs oranges comparisons of earning power. As to what I wrote to Phil (UK), 1) beauty of the women on WYP: I referred to those commenting as if they themselves were beautiful when clearly they are not, as well as to the pretense of those women that all other females on the site are “also” hot. Which is not the case and undermines their argument for what men should pay them.
          2) those in disagreement with said commenters being “losers” etc.: say as number 1, merely commenting on the commenters.
          3)Prostitutes on the site: I don’t consider myself the WYP vice squad. I merely pointed out the absolute fact that many, if not most, female profiles are prostitutes. This isn’t always discernible from the profile, since I’ve had women here that seemed non-pro later tell me what they usually charge for a dinner date vs straight “intimacy”…this has happened several times, not every time, no, but a majority.
          3) what I’m willing to pay? I’m not interested in meeting you so no thanks. But don’t feel bitter about it, there are plenty of…generous gentlemen out there.

        • Jen says:

          Ifib (formerly or currently know as the fake ibid)I think I’ll start from the bottom up since your purpose of blogging here is to show your A**. I’m not interested in meeting bitter ugly people that are happy with paying by the hour for a whore. Sorry we all know why you’re mad. So keep your offers to yourself.

          2. You keep saying most of the profiles are prostitutes. blah blah bs. Unless you’ve made dates with over 5,000 women then I think your stats are seriously way off the mark.
          3. Again losers and winners. Well if you can’t pay then you are a loser because you “loose out” on the date with that specific lady. It’s quite simple really.
          4. Anyone that has looked over the blogs a few times or is tech savvy (ip address)can see that you’re the same poster calling women ugly and complaining about what their price is.
          Again If they are ugly why are you bidding on them?

          5. If you were a real member and not looking for a hooker you would easily report prostitutes using the site since you seem to have enough time to make it to WYP SQUAD CAPTAIN position.

          6. Stop comparing apples to Grapefruit. Your sour experiences with women are why you’re angrily posting on this blog in the first place.

          7. Perhaps if you were a beautiful person on the outside as well as in, you’d be on the site checking your inbox for the next offer. Sadly this is not the case. Again enjoy the streetwalkers since you both have so much in common. We’ll all figure out those sores on your mouth didn’t just come from the bile you’re spewing but that “car date” you had. Enjoy!

          The generous respectful gentlemen that love women will enjoy the time I spend with them.

        • Ibid says:

          No idea what you mean about the name, ibid is a term, not a person. Look it up in your Children’s Illustrated Dictionary, it might be in there.

          You are angry because I rejected your proposal to have more contact with you and I apologize for that. You just don’t seem intelligent enough for me to have a decent conversation with since you seem obsessed with prostitution. I don’t really think I “loose out”, though in your case that’s probably more true than “tighten in”, n’est pas? You also can’t seem to read since I specifically said that I was responding to Phil and to the “Attractive Female” commentators, not that I had bid on slags I was not attracted to.

          Again, Jen, thank you for the offer to give you more information and to bid on your services, and all the best to you (though you seem like a bitter and angry person), but no thank you.

        • Ibid says:

          Oh, I didn’t read where you claim to know what an IP address is. I work in IT, so please, by all means, tell me which of the commenters you believe you have proof that I am. Name names if you want, “Jen”. I’m still not interested in paying for your services, however, so it might not be worth your time since you know you’re lying.

  72. kaushalmiraj125 says:

    i think the person with whom we are going on date on first time we have to get atleast 500 INR.

  73. sunil.patal says:

    This I am willing to pay. Are you a aunty or maybe possibly a schoolgirl? Do you also abode in Gujarat?

  74. James says:

    Ibid… Wow you seem like one hell of an angry guy! What I don’t understand is why someone would come on a site like this and just spend all their time bitching at what seems like the very nature of this site. I don’t get it?? I mean if you have a problem with paying for a date, then don’t do it, simple. If you don’t find a particular ‘attractive member’ attractive, don’t offer to date her. .. To me it just seems straight forward. So simple, there’s really no need for such bitterness is there? Sure, it’s a concept some guys may feel uncomfortable with but speaking personally and knowing what ground rules are in place before even beginning, I have enjoyed some fantastic dates from this site, from genuine honest women (not prostitutes), and do not resent the fact that I have paid to go on dates with women that may ordinarily have turned down my proposal if there were not some kind of financial incentive in place. I don’t know who’s dollar you are on ibid, or why you feel the need to spend so much of your precious time putting down women and making bitter remarks on this blog. I mean dude, what is your problem?

    • Ibid says:

      James, I guess the issue is that neither of you two commenting on my comments bothered to read what I wrote; you in particular must have just read “Jen”‘s comments. Since she was merely using the fact that I wrote anything not 100% pro-WYP to make comments about me personally, I’m just going to ignore your attempts to question the reasons I am here and/or commenting. Enjoy yourself.

  75. Good day! I know this is kinda off topic nevertheless I’d figured I’d ask. Would you be interested in exchanging links or maybe guest writing a blog article or vice-versa? My blog addresses a lot of the same topics as yours and I believe we could greatly benefit from each other. If you’re interested feel free to send me an e-mail. I look forward to hearing from you! Fantastic blog by the way!

    • cutecat42 says:

      I think that sounds interesting. Some guys are so shallow and they are usually the least attractive around yet they question a woman on her pursuit to fulfill her financial obligations or the time old “provide & protect” that real men have always provided. This seems to me to separate the boys from the men. I am now in Orlando and see this among these lower class/educated guys yet they want an upscale, intelligent, young beauty who pays for all things by herself. In long Island this would never be an issue. Men do as usual(respect, generosity, emotional & financial support) and women have the choice to stay home or add to the income as well while most times still doing the traditional home care and cooking thing or atleast part time depending. I feel the choice up north is liberating yet still satisfying.

  76. MsCyn says:

    To get back to the original question, my minimum price depends on the person’s profile.

    There’s people I’d only start considering dating for Bill Gates’ level of $$$. There’s also people that are clearly here looking for things that I’m NOT interested in, most of them are of a sexual nature.

    I also state in my profile that I’m willing to consider a low offer if the ‘Generous’ member has a spectacular date in mind–Vegas? Disney World? Euro Trip?

    To me, taking a $20 offer for a $1K (or more) date, isn’t a bad deal for me. On the other end, if I’m going some place nice I could normally go to in town, I’ll ask for more because they’re spending considerably less.

    All that being said, I list in my profile that I don’t do coffee shops (I personally don’t drink coffee), really cheap restaurants, or fast food joints. I wouldn’t go to these places for a non-paid date, and I’m not changing my mind now.

    • Zorah Wright says:

      I think it’s fine to state those things. Personally, I would not travel anywhere on a first or second date, and in real life, I’m looking for a Champion, not just a date a fling.

  77. mayomoxeflete says:

    I like what you guys are up to. Such clever work and reporting! Carry on with the excellent works guys. I have incorporated you guys to my blogroll. I think it’ll improve the value of my website. 🙂

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  78. VeronicaVaughn says:

    I think its funny that you would take the time to argue back and forth. Why? Like high school brats. If you want to pay, then pay. If you don’t, then don’t. Men & Women (cause women pay too)who say I never pay for sex. I will never pay someone to date me. Well Yes, you do and have. Do you think buying that person at the bar a drink in the hopes of having a relationship with them was Free? That’s My point. Stop arguing, move on. It’s pointless.
    Have a great day! I am~
    Veronica Vaughn

    • gettin2it says:

      Veronica! Guess what! It’s not pointless and thank you, for showing why.

      It’s funny how some ideas you never examine why you feel about them as you do and it can become confusing when you think sex is something people share with you from friendship, love or at least desire.

      The irony is that although this is true, sex can also be enjoyed just as much or more with someone who shares their body with you because they like sex with strangers when they feel compensated.

      I do have an issue about sex workers doing it from desperation, to survive. It is possible that this may be a justification but when it is not, there’s an undercurrent of resentment, shame and guilt, which is unhealthy.

  79. Maaria says:

    I don´t understand talking about woman´s dating costs. I think as a female user that an amount offered tells how much a man respects and is interested in a woman. No need to explain anything. You should change little style in this, costs has nothing to do with a first date price. I am myself looking for a sugar daddy only.

  80. Maaria says:

    If some women want to go a first date only for a 10 USD, let them do so and if some want 1000 USD or more, let them ask. It is everyone´s own issue. I know myself my value in a dating sites and not interested in guys, who try to buy their first date in a sale, it is not respectful. Everyone should be able to chose in their profile, the lowest offer, which they consider. That should make all happy then. Many women don´t like getting like 10-20 USD offers I am sure about it. And why not to have different categories in a search option as well? For example. Women who are willing to accept first date offers under 100 USD, under 200 under etc. There could also be some place showing all the time on some corner, what is the highest paid offer in a whole site, I think that it could make men to offer better and women happier. On WhatsYourPrice are so many millionaires that it isn´t any problem for them to pay for a first date even 2000 USD or much more. Let make this site really women´s heaven. We love money, yeah!

    • cap says:

      It would make sense if woman were able to click what they want money wise, or men could click what they are willing to give.

  81. Ashleyseetoh says:

    I guess everybody is right in this platform.
    Its a demand and supply universe.
    And obviously man and woman are made so differently with different views in life.
    Now.. We all know nightclub, dirty massage palour, sneaky joints are guys favourites isnt?

    Girls are here just to know they worth something, guys signed up for registration just to get themselve laid as well isnt it?

    And before guys you start complaining you absolute have ideas of what you are signing up for? So whats the debute about? All because you cant get yourself lucky?

  82. Thorn says:

    I find the concept of WYP to be dishonest on multiple levels. This from a guy who thinks prostitution ought to be legal. I know this business from so many different angles; sex workers, swinging, website owner, even law enforcement. While there are stragglers who fall into categories that are much smaller in percentage the vast majority of members on WYP fall into two main camps. Sex workers selling sexual services under the cover of a dating site to people looking to purchase them. Then there are the classic dry hustlers selling the perception of sex for sale to guys who think they are purchasing acces to sex.

    Rationalize all you want but it is what it is, the old adage about if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck applies.

    The only winners are the owners of the site who are laughing at all of you on their way to the bank.

    • gettin2it says:

      “The only winners are the owners of the site who are laughing at all of you on their way to the bank.”

      That’s not quite true. Some other sex workers making money, too.

  83. ifyougotit says:

    I am so new on here, and figuring out how much someone expects a first date from me is super hard… without making the guy feel like that is all I am interested. I think I am an attractive woman, and feels like if he is that interested in me that $ wouldn’t be a question. Im not asking $$$$ but asking enough for compesations in gas, time, etc. If you think I am worth it or any woman of that matter…. why should it matter the price. The men who does complain obviously have hidden agendas. Just saying.

  84. Anthony says:

    I have been on several dates from this site and have found a patern, but the amount you pay does not determine the quality, inteligencs, beauty, or personality of the woman your meeting. I have found that $300 dates and higher are the worst, they are usually pros, scam artists, and almost all do not resemble there pictures. The $100 girls usually NYU students looking for a free meal although I met a Professor very prety but a head case. The $150 to $200 range I have meet mostly girls who’s pictures, and personalities are acurately discribed on site and some I continue to date. I have also found Model and sometimes student means hooker. S. Babe talks what it cost to go on a date is ludicious, I would think she would want to be at her best every day anyway. Hey we all have to dress ourselve’ and always want to look our best. It’s a 1st date and besides, what women recieve ,a guy takes her to a fine ristorante, dinner, bottle of wine, etc. which is minimum $3-400. If the girl shows up 50 lbs plus her picture, what do you do, well you still have to be civil, give her her agreed on money, pay the ristorante bill say it was pleasant meeting you give her cab fare home and say good night. The 7-$800 can be replaced my time cannot. Gold Diggers always forget there datting a Bussinesman not an idiot and we know what your doing. We all need to be honest and resonable, Im looking for my next mistress, not some hooker, It would be a help if women state what she wants in profile so we dont all waste time, I have spending limits I can use to help a mistress out and there are some women I can’t afford, and some I just don’t want to be with. Women should relize men always want to take care of thier woman, but in return a real man must feel she would be with him even if he couldn’t give her what she wants.

  85. NYCborn says:

    I am so on the fence about this site, On the surface I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. I want to be noticed and all that… HOWEVER, so far the 2 offers I put out that were accepted were by women who were not at all interested in me. The first one canceled and rescheduled twice and the second wanted to bring her friend along. What king of crap is that? I canceled both of them.

    My wish is that women genuinely use this site for the purposes of finding a mate and not use it as a business. Maybe a limit of 2 dates per week for the attractive girls would discourage them from winking at every guy and booking multiple dates. I got 18 year olds winking at me lol, whats that all about? hahaha.

    And any girl that selects the “married discreet affair” option will never get a dime from me. Why are you putting yourself out there like that? Probably so you can brag about how you can pay for your own stuff my getting $ from married men. I think that puts the wrong message out there for this site. The sugar daddy concept should be removed from this site as it takes away from the legitimacy as a real dating site. I guess one can argue that by keeping those options on here it alerts you to which girls can be bought.

  86. Kaley says:

    @blue, I couldn’t have posted better responses! Thanks for posting.

  87. amazed says:

    Wow. Amazed at the whores on this site. You are nothing but prostitutes. No wonder men today view women as hookers.

    • tim says:

      I was talking to one girl and we had a date. We were talking for a few days and we set up a dinner date. Went to the location agreed upon and she never showed. After waiting 45 min, i just left. Asked her why she blew me off and she has yet to respond. Other girls show up but look nothing like there profile picture. I just say thanks but no thanks and just leave…

    • LovelyLady says:

      Don’t be so ‘amazed’ clearly you’ve never been an attractive lady on a dating site before. I get literally hundreds of messages on other sites, how do you even begin. I normally just open inbox and delete all, I don’t have time to sort, read, delete, sift… ETC. If someone is willing to put there $ where there mouth is to get to know me that says a lot more than a “You’re Hot!” message.

  88. Eric says:

    I generally offer between 100-200 I never offer anything more. While I do understand that time to get ready is valuable. I am really not going to be paying 200-1000 dollars on a first date that would last either a hour or a bit more.

    Ladies I do understand that clothes, makeup, etc are expensive, but I really don’t need to pay you that much unless we are in a sugar daddy/baby relationship. There are rationales to paying that much, but honestly there is no justifying it unless you would be flying from somewhere, to meet me. Then that is reasonable. But if you ask for that much, do pay attention and make the guy feel like he is not getting robbed and getting the most for his buck.

    Gents. Don’t expect anything. If you honestly feel like there is any reason to pay more than 200 for a date, that you have to pay most of the cost for, set some guidelines up so you don’t end up paying for unexpected expenditures. I once agreed to pay for a short cab ride to our date once we are together.

    Both ladies and Gents: If you are going to see each other again, make sure you are clear about if you are going to pay or get paid. Ladies don’t ask the last minute for money, it sends a message you are only seeing men for the money,

    Guys: Make sure you are clear about payment for second dates. My rule is I dont ever, for the reason listed above.

  89. LovelyLady says:

    I think the bottom line is… If the ladies asking price for the date is to much for you, chances are you can’t afford to date the lady long term anyway. Just as much as you are all ‘weeding out’ the gold diggers, we are ‘weeding out’ the broke asses and cheap skates. If you can’t afford $300 or don’t feel that the investment to meet a potential partner is worth the set/offered amount you are always able to move around to the next one who will accept $20. Just don’t expect the $20 lady to have $50K worth of plastic surgery or all fake everything. It really depends on what you’re looking for and the investment you’re willing to make. Another example is… If you’re a man and 10-20 years older than the lady you’re attempting to court, make an offer that will grab her attention. That’s the point of the site, to offer incentive for her time for you to win her over. All you guys who are saying “what about me?!” “what about my time” “what if I don’t like her” “It’s not worth it” You have the WHOLE world mixed up, I know you know better than that. That’s why you’re single now.

    • gettin2it says:

      You’re logically correct but the pejoratives you use seem “classless”.

    • cap says:

      One thing I noticed is that many woman are escorts or just take the money while knowing they had no interest in a relationship from the start. Its like free money.

      thats probbaly why people dont want to give a basically a stranger 200 dollars.

      I also dont think money wins over woman, its just a traditional thing to do. The more money you give the less likely the money thinks highly of you

  90. dale rogers says:

    i just a lonely old man that need a little loving

  91. Winningstreak says:

    Hello – I just joined this site and I am learning how it works. One thing I am curious about is if a guy wants to meet you and he lives VERY far away, then it’s my turn to make an offer, is he wanting to travel to me, me to him, does this make the offer price go up? Nowhere on the site is there an answer to this, so I am hoping that some experienced users could enlighten me?
    Thank you!

    • timothy says:

      That is why the interested parties negotiate the date price the male will pay the female. Also if a guy winks at you you can set the price and he can counter the offer, or cancel the wink. But i usually meet the females that have to drive half way between us so its fair for both of us. So if its 50 miles i will meet them 25 miles from me or close to that. But if they agree to come to me, depending on the agreed upon amount i will give them some extra gas money for making the drive to me.

    • cap says:

      id imagine the guy meets the girl. It may not be that day but when or if he travels there for whatver reason. I cant picture a woman flying to another state to meet a guy she doesnt know

  92. Jake says:

    Women are expected, even for basic hygiene, to cover far more bases than men. The same service for a woman (eg, a basic haircut) is often 10x more expensive than for a man. Her clothes are vastly more expensive. Simply stated, our society is set up in such a way that being merely presentable is vastly more expensive for a woman than for a man.

    Now add to this that women are paid less than men for the same job, giving them less disposable income to afford the expenses above. This contributes to the expectation in most cultures that the man pays for the date. WYP is refreshing in that it allows the man to contribute a bit more (a gesture that is NOT permitted in mainstream dating).

    I haven’t used the site yet, but I think it’s a great niche (if somewhat contaminated by SB’s who should be on the many other sites supporting their searches) and moral czars who are offended by the dating model yet can’t bear to stop engaging this community to voice their affront.

    Self-made thousandaire, moral relativist, and devoted admirer of the fairer sex

    • cap says:

      Not a bad post jake, Im confused from your woman need a haircut to go on a date statement. Dont woman already have their haircut before you logged onto WYP??

  93. timothy says:

    I dont mind paying for the first date as it is agreed upon.But when you ask me to help with bills later that week (after we meet) when i specifically tell you that i am not here for that, please do not be mad when i say no. I do not select the sb/sd option because to me that is not a good way to date someone. As all they want is your money. Dont get me wrong i can afford to be on this site. I treat the ladies i meet well but i will not be used for someones primary income.That is why people have real jobs.

  94. silvermoney says:

    For me 100 is the limit. If I like someone and offer 50 or 60 for the date and I don’t get it, no big deal I have plenty of women willing to date me at for less then $50 and I am not the best looking guy around.. Its a tool and if you take this site to be more then that you are setting yourself up for dissapointment. The end result of a date will be the chemistry you and your date share, hoefully I can entice a good night out for a price that won’t break my budget. in these trying times.

    • timothy says:

      I agree. I will rarely give more than 200 dollars for a first date. Reason being is that if they want more than that, they are not for me. Not being mean but i am not gonna break the bank on a woman i may never see again.

  95. Man says:

    I think it depends who is making the offer.

    If a woman makes an offer she should be calculate her value and normally the expenses. It shows a man if you have serious intention or not. If you ask for 500 or more you should give a good reason for this in your profile.
    Not only your time is valuable the time of this man too, especially if he earns much money then he expect a value for this money.

    I think offers up to 150 are normal and covers costs and time. Take a look in the profile and you can imagine what someone has as income.

    A guide for men making an offer is easier. Make an offer that shows the value for the woman in a way that she has not the feeling you pay for more than a date. An offer of 1000 or more should give very fast the feeling you pay her for more than a dinner. Of course here are woman on this site who will agree with it.
    I take a look in the profile of a woman and think why is she special, what makes her special, what is her background. Offering someone a student 300 could be misunderstood, an ordinary woman with an income above average will find this okay.

    And the money for the woman is not all of the cost for the date. Paying a woman 300 and then going to a burger shop is the best way to end a date early. I decided for e that the money I invest in a dating is money I not really need. If I pay 300 then I choose a nice restaurant maybe a private dinner, so cost could be go fast over 1000.
    But it is important that both feel well in the sitaution to take a girl to impress her in a five star restaurants will not feel her impressed. She will feel very fast pressure because not knowing how to behave in the new situation.

    So don’t bring woman in a situation she feel they have to give more than her time in response. So paying a poor girl 1000 taking her into a 5 star restarants paying so additional 1000 or more, taking a stretch limousine will gives her fast the feeling that she have to pay you back with her body. Especially if this girl is not a gold digger and has real intentions for a relationship.

    • cap says:

      I think what you wrote is crazy. over 1000$ to take a woman to dinner??? ummm the average american family makes 50K a year. Thats a family, not neccessarily one person.

  96. NaT says:

    I went on a date with A guy that offered $300 for a date, turned out to be an AMAZING Successful, gallant man with manners.

    We went to one of the 5 star, nicest fine dining place in the city.

    I didn’t feel any pressure and we simply enjoyed each others company.

    He actually gave me $500 in the envelope at the end of the date.

    I had such a great time with him, that money in the end was just icing on the cake.

    We went on a second date and going on a third one this week.

    I am glad I met such a great person through WYP.

    • TT says:

      Where you can find a 5 star restaurant? The maximum rating is 3 Michelin stars. So a 5 star restaurant calling himself 5 star is not serious. To get the 3 stars is really hard work and in the US are only 11 three star restaurants where 7 are in NYC. So I am interested in this restaurant coz i enjoy good food.

      But to share my experience. I met a girl today. The dinner was perfect. She doesn’t want the money because enjoyed the evening too and we directly confirmed the next meeting. Only one thing was bad. the time was flying to fast.
      I think not the typical girl for this site but a real nice one, same interest so we will see what is coming.

      • Amy says:

        Classless. Why would you A. Rain on her parade and B. Mess up a fellow bro’s game?

        Also NaT, ignore him. There are lots of other rating systems that do use five stars (Forbes for example) and “Five Star” conveyed what you meant.

        Sounds like you both found what you wanted. Congrats.

      • Nick says:

        Mobil travel guide. Duh
        Five stars are the highest rating.

  97. gettin2it says:

    Just to be clear, folks, in the real world, whatsyourprice is described as an “escort site”. Nothing more, nothing less.

    All problems and complaints met with here result from marketing the site as something other than this.

    This marketing is done to disguise the purpose of the site.

    It is effective as an escort site and for those men who can afford the rates, it works pretty well for its purpose.

  98. Mike says:

    Lots of comments here. Some accurate, and some way off. Basically there ARE 3 types of women here;

    1) The woman that wants to REALLY meet a nice guy…the type (and purpose) she would bring home to mama. She goes on a date for $50-$75 max, and returns the money at the end since she had a decent time AND a free meal.

    2) The woman who is OK with having sex, and is not a professional hooker (like the ones on here for $200+) asks (or accepts a price of around $100), and looking to be seen again.

    3) The gold digger, which, I feel, is many of the women on here. Some disguise themselves by only charging a mere $75 for the dinner date, stay for around a 2 hour dinner, take your $75, and had no intentions on seeing you again-EVEN BEFORE THEY MET YOU!

    What really blows my mind is that assume the average 22 yr old “woman” on here makes $40K/yr (which is probably on the very high side).That comes out to a pre-tax hourly rate of around $19.23 per hour. If they are spending 3 hours AND getting dinner and want more than $75 there is something VERY wrong with their math!

    • cap says:

      Mike, I think theres a few ways you can break down the woman on here (and the men). I made list of the 5 types of woman on here.

      I am so confused by woman who think that they need to be given 100 or 200 $ just to show up. Likes what would that be needed for. If a woman takes that money the guy wants something more than dinner

  99. Diana says:


    Anything below $100 is as you can see below average. So the purpose of being viewed as generous has now been negated with a below average offer for a first date. Also the whole ” nice guy” pitch sorry. A woman would not consider a man “nice” if he’s offering below the standard. In her eyes he’s being cheap but mainly because he’s trying to see as many women for $50-$75 that will accept. The desire to return the money stems back to the issue of not wanting to feel obligated to more than a meal. Women started refusing paid meals on dates for this very reason a few decades back. If she pays then she can clearly walk away without hearing ” but I paid for your dinner”.

    2) So $100 is guaranteed sex then and this girl is below a professional hooker rate??? Umm ok that’s new to me . Never heard that before.

    3) So a gold digger is someone that wants to enjoy an offer of $75 for 2-3 hour for dinner?

    So I’m thinking she’s a gold digger in your eyes for not putting out after you offer her another $25 since you’ve been guaranteed sex for $100 in the past,

    My My I see generous to you should be replaced with “shopping for sex deals”.

    Here’s my take

    If she’s accepting $50-$75 a date then she’s probably going out on many dates and not sleeping with anyone. It’s too low and too easy to get dates at that rate so the guy is a blur in a sea of men just like him.

    The 100+ stands out at being at the very least average rating so she’ll take him more serious.

    If he’s offering $250-$500 She’ll be really excited for the date but will wonder what else he’s seeking. If he’s a complete gentleman she’s likely to see him again with or without another offer.

    Age, looks, profile, interests, and body type of the generous member would also mentally factor in to either how he’s viewed by her or how she feels he’s viewed her. My point is that if he’s a 26 year old student that sends an offer of say $50 many women wouldn’t have an issue with that specifically. If he’s 56 year old sending an offer of $50 then that changes the view for the woman at least.

    • cap says:

      hey Diana, I dont get your comments about “Mike”. Maybe you can read mine below to get insight into my original post.

      Why does a woamn need 75 or 125 dollars to eat a meal with a guy? What do you want, a guy who shells out over 100$ just to meet you in person. Its not even a date.

      For your ‘average cost” comment. Do you think its possible ppl agree on a date and never actually meet? How would the site know who met?

      Those guys giving over 100 want sex, not to meet a new woman from the internet who they may or may not like as a person.

      I know a few woman who went on this site. Guess how many men they met, even after agreeing on a few high dates? 0.

      Men dont want to give a woman 200 dollars to not have sex. Its that simple. If you read my post orprofile youll see I dont seek sex and I dont give more than 15-45$ to “meet” a random online girl

      • DianaSBinOC says:

        “Why does a woamn need 75 or 125 dollars to eat a meal with a guy? What do you want, a guy who shells out over 100$ just to meet you in person. Its not even a date.”

        [email protected] Cap didn’t read this comment. Woman don’t need to go out on date with men that they would ignore otherwise. So it’s not about ” does a woman need 75 or 125″. You don’t need to pay women to be around you either? I would assume you have alot of luck on regular dating sites with young women that can’t wait to be around you all the time?

        That doesn’t happen right? I didn’t think so. However a woman pretty much has many options that over fill her dating inbox. She cherry picks the ones with the best pictures or are the best looking. Also anyone out her age range would be be sent to the delete folder.

        Now the men that are expecting sex for any amount are doing so because they already pay for sex. Their whole goal is signing up seeing if they can catch a deal with some college student down on her luck. That’s really the truth on that front.

        The only men that I encountered that weren’t inappropriate were the ones in the younger age group. Their desires were for fun and exciting outings not hotel 6.

        So honestly the money is only part of it. As you said yourself some of the men that sent higher offers (older age group) were typically trying to just pay for sex. So the female members didn’t meet them. Some have adopted the lower offer option because they are trying to cut to the chase cheaper and easier. She shows up for said $35 and now is getting the run around because this guy had plans to give her $60 more for sex. Now she’s wasted time and energy for $0 . He just goes back on the site and tries again with someone new.

        I’ve also received offers from men that don’t even have hidden pictures of their face. So now I’m supposed to go off and meet someone I will not even recognize? It’s just a whole bag of weird with a few sprinkles of some great guys.

        My personal favorite of weird was the guy that sends a really nice high offer, profile was great, pictures were even better . I accepted the offer he opened communication and upon further inspection I actually saw the tear marks in the photos of where he pulled it from a magazine. That was actually the most hilarious. He soon grew quiet in his messages when I asked him to update his “Real” photos. lol

        With all of that said, there are still great guys to meet and get to know here.

  100. cap says:

    There’s so many comments on here I’m just going to leave a general comment or 2.

    A woman said it cost $300 to go on a date? I do’t get it. Don’t most men drive to the woman. Doesn’t a woman put on clothes she already owns and perfume she already owns??

    I offer 15 as starting price and if I usually dont go much over 30. The woman who meets me is getting a free meal with a man who has a job, isnt looking for sex, and is laid back.

    There seems to be a few types of woman I’ve found on the site.
    1) The escort who may or may not be subtle
    2) The young girl who thinks shes going to meet a guy who takes her shopping for fun and pays all her bills and so signs loans etc (This is also the woman who thinks it cost 300 $ to go on a date)
    3) The girl on drugs or who does not have a stable life
    4) The college girl just looking for 30 bucks and a quick date
    5) A girl looking for a possible bf.
    6) A woman who fits into 2 categories

    Guess which type of woman accepts my offer??

  101. Jersey Darling says:

    @Cap, there are also girls who prefer arrangements or girls who, on regular dating sites, get so inundated with mail and can get so many dates that they’d prefer to get something more out of it that makes it actually worth leaving the house.

  102. Jersey Darling says:

    @Cap –

    (Admittedly I haven’t read all the posts, just cherry picking some of yours toward the bottom of the comments section)

    “I am so confused by woman who think that they need to be given 100 or 200 $ just to show up. Likes what would that be needed for. If a woman takes that money the guy wants something more than dinner”

    Not true. I typically look for $100-200 for a date and get it from men who provide wonderful company and take me to nice places. It’s part of the dating process – dinner only.

  103. crossongreen says:

    I have read most of these posts with fascination.

    Surely the purpose of the site is twofold

    1. To enable a wealthy and successful guy who is not that handsome to meet an attractive girl who normally would not look at him twice. He can then charm her into some kind of relationship or just bluntly offer her a lot of money for sex.

    2. To enable a pretty girl who is a little strapped for cash to get a contribution to her living costs and meet somebody with whom she may develop some kind of relationship

    As for arguing over the price. What’s the problem? If the guy is really ugly and ignorant then either decline or name a high price.

    Conversely, if the girl is really gorgeous then offer a high figure. If she is ugly and ignorant then offer very little or forget it.

    Either way, don’t get all emotional about it

  104. Jack Connors says:

    I thought this was a joke when I first heard about it. Obviously these men have never heard of Tom Leykis. You never pay more than $40 for a date. A few years ago, I was dating five women at once and, with the exception of gas, I shelled out $20 TOTAL the entire time of “dating” them. I was honest and offered them awesome sex, and that is what I delivered. I took one out once to a buffet dinner once, and that was it. I always met them at their place, and we talked very little and had sex for a few hours and then I left. Yes, it was tiring, but banging five different girls during the week was awesome. They would do anything for me as I offered them the sausage. I am not a great looking guy and was even about 30 pounds overweight.. But, when I had their legs up in the air and they were orgasming four or five times in 90 minutes, they would do anything I said. They did not know my real name, where I lived, where I worked, or even my home telephone number. All they knew was my cell phone number.

  105. Jack Connors says:

    If you are going to shell out big bucks, you might as well go get a whore. I used to be one of those stupid guys who would spend $50 on dinner, $30 bucks on a movie, $30 on flowers, and then I was lucky to get a kiss when I dropped them off. I once even shelled out $250 to buy a girl I dated once in buying her a piece of jewelry. Finally, I learned that treating a woman like crap reels them in. Make a date, break it, and don’t call them. I had one very hot girl who I stood up 5 TIMES who finally agreed to meet me in a motel room and I banged her for a few hours. I used to hear “you are a great friend” while some loser was actually banging her. Once I started to treat women like sperm dumpsters, they flocked to me. I literally banged over 100 different women in a span of a year. And I spent maybe $100 total. Always their place. Never tell them your real name, where you work, where you live, anything. Buy a prepaid cellphone. I once was in a Target near closing time and this really hot Target girl asked me if should could help me find something. I told her I would like to find my tongue inside her vagina. She looked shocked, and I told her to bring a blanket to the lockable family restroom in 2 minutes and knock three times. I walked into the bathroom, locked the door, got hard, and, sure enough, she knocked on the door, I let her in, and we did not say a word to eachother as we had sex for 15 minutes. Amazing stuff indeed.

  106. Jack Connors says:

    I was in Walmart last night and I saw this really hot black girl. I am staying here in Phoenix and it is right next to a hotel. I mean this girl was super hot. I wrote my room number down on a note and was very explicit on what I wanted to do with her. I also put down I would wait for 20 minutes and then I was going out to see a movie. I followed her out to her car, smiled at her, and handed her the note. She was shocked. I got into my car, drove across the street, and waited naked in my room. Sure enough, she knocked on the door, came in, and we banged for a few hours. My whole point is, why does this site exist? If nice looking generous guys are paying chicks just to go out to dinner, these guys are morons. If there were A-list actresses on here, maybe I would shell out $50.

    • Violet says:

      You’re a disgusting prick. I hope you try to pull this insulting shtick on me so I can enjoy spitting in your face and kneeing you in the balls. I’m sure you are a walking cesspool of venereal diseases.

  107. Lthorlace says:

    When talking about offers and what is reasonable, especially from the female aspect, consider who the person is and what it make cost to go on a date. My date amount is not based on how good looking you are, how much I want to primp, or any other superficial melodrama. As a single mother, for me to go on a date I have to find a babysitter wiling to keep my son for an open ended amount of time, pay that sitter, transport my son to said sitters location, then pay for their services. After that I have to pay for my own transportation expenses. The financial aspect is not always based on trivial purposes, sometimes it is what life circumstances are involved. Also for the record this is my actual s/n and I am a real female, presented here just as I am in life. Anytime you are dealing with something online there are definitely those that portray themselves as they want to be, not as they are, that is a risk you accept when you turn to this avenue of dating as opposed to going to a local revue to find someone that you may find interesting. Good luck in your search and try not to judge those that you do not know, you never know what they have endured in their life that has created a particular mentality!

  108. bashful says:

    Ok, so I am new to this site but used a diffrent site and had mixed dates. Here is my take on this site so far and with all the comments I have read. To each his own so don’t hate if you do not agree.

    For men:
    I have tried other site and no offense but most of my dates ended up to be good lookingguys, but duds at the end of the day for one reason ….most want to hook up or want to dutch date or worse, they dont have a job or car to even get to the date. It is a sad thing that now a days with more of us ladies bringing in the money at home that men seem to wanna be stay at home partners or sugar babies.
    heres the thing I see about this site. I have not even finished details on this site yet but I can give you my perspective…I am no escort nor am I looking to get rich or have a man pay my bills, I work so I take care of those myself thank you. But I am so tired of going on other sites and having guys post they want a relationship only to find later that all they want is a quick roll in the hay.
    What is appealing to the “real” woman that are here to look for a relationship is that you at least prove not to be a free loader that wants to be mothered and to move into our homes for free food, sex and housing.
    Yes, as unfortuneate as it sounds…there is alot!!!!! of free loaders out there.
    So I don’t care if the bid is $20 bucks, at least it shows you have some of your own cash and not completly into “FREEE FREEE FREE”

    For the Woman:
    Really $200-300??? What are you selling?…dearies…call it what you want but nobodys looks are worth that much. If you are getting that type of bid, know its not what you look like, but what you are offering they are looking to pay for, so don’t kid yourself and get all offended if a hotel is in the plans for the evening.

    • Dave says:

      Your grammar is atrocious and you act like this is something new. All men want is sex on these sites…. Really? Wow! What ever made you think this? I suggest sticking to what you know toots and spreading those legs.

  109. catwoman says:

    The way I see it, this site is a way for a not-so-attractive man (who may lack in the charisma or charm department) to meet an attractive and fun woman he wouldn’t normally ever get the chance to date. (What happens from there, who knows..) I am a particularly attractive young female, but I am also extremely intelligent and witty. Add to that the fact that I’m employed in a respectable career, and THOSE are the reasons why I would charge around $200 for a date. It may seem excessive to some men, but to others it makes perfect sense. And for the record, a $200 date with me doesn’t have to be ridiculously fancy, but it also does NOT guarantee or even hint at sex.

  110. Don says:

    I see LOTS of selfish women in here. LOTS. I see alot of guys who maybe like myself just don’t want or need the hassle of trying to find someone just to sit with and be nice . There’s alot of bastards as well as b*tches in this world. And if paying someone money just to figure out if their the decent one for you ( or not) is not or is acceptable then do what ever the hell comes across as right.
    I’ve been on this site for about 36 hours and so far from what I have seen it’s ridiculous. Every lady I ever dated got herself made up at HER expense and on HER time, not mine. So why is it that I should be put into a position of asking a lady off of this site for a date as well as to pay her for the fuel,makeup,hair stuff etc? Myself I get dressed well so as to set a good example and to actually show that lady I just happen to live in something other than jeans or a work shirt. So why can’t that lady who was INVITED out do the same for me? or any other guy? Just the mere idea of handing some nice gal a C note ( or more from the looks of things) just to sit down and discuss likes dis likes and to figure out whether or not there is anything there has that feel AND look of handing a hooker a 100 note and doing it around the corner.
    Apparently the paycheck to paycheck item for some women and he very idea of being handed some cash at the end of the date must seem highly appealing. Sure are a helluva lot of them wandering through the doors as of late. Hands out in front of them saying gimme gimme gimme. Blank checks don’t work in my world. Never have.
    and I’ll agree with the person who made the comment that this site might be for those who don’t ordinarily run across a nice woman. The very notion that I don’t deal with models or business owners on a daily basis doesn’t change me. I am who I am. Kind of wonder whats on some women’s minds when they come in here or go out on dates. Is it just arm candy or what the hell? If that is the case the yellow pages always work. Most, and maybe not all of the men in here might agree with this one little notion: I came here to figure out if I could or can find anyone who I think would be a good solid life partner. I really don’t care what her income level is or isn’t and if my income level is going to be the sway vote as to whether or not she sticks it out over the long haul? Then by all means, the door swings the same way going out as it did coming in.If this commentary draws any fire from women , oh well, that’s to bad. Been shot at before.

    • Rae says:

      yeah… umm if you want to find girls to date you for free… your on the wrong site. Something tells me you were on other sites and no one would respond to you so you came here. So either lower your expecations, pay her, or go back to copy-paste-spamming women on the other dating sites in hopes one of them might respond. Women charge what they think they can get, obviously they keep doing it because men are willing to pay for it. So why should she ask for less when she thinks she can get more? Clearly your not interesting enough for her to want to gamble her valuable time and effort to date you so she wants to make sure she gets something out of it if it’s a waste of her time. When your not finding what you like you have two reasonable options. Lower your expectations, or improve yourself so women are chasing after you. Kvetching solves nothing.

  111. T says:

    Sites a scam anyway full of fake profiles to try to get you to buy things. I changed my profile just to say that I’d like to hear from anyone who has used this site and has any success and the Admin denied the change. My profile had all kinds of information, but making that one change got denied. Scam. It’s a shame too, they had a good idea going.

  112. game keygens says:

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  113. Jasmine says:

    I’m a classy, attractive woman. When a man goes out on a date with me, traditionally he expects that I am going pay to get where I am going, and if that is of any distance, for a hotel. I am expected to be in trendy, well-fitting clothes and accessories, and be fresh from the “spa”–facial, make-up, hair, nails, and waxing. Often, there will be a fee for parking. I like to put my best foot forward; this would help me to do just that. Willing to take me more low-maintenance, the girl next door and that is good, too. It is not just about having expectations met, but meeting expectations.

  114. Michael says:

    Gentlemen, My advice is instead of wasting money on this site Designed for gold-diggers, is Go to Russia, South American, or Asia for at least a month. There you will meet attractive women that actually like you for who you are. All my friends that dating abroad say they will never date another US women again.

    • catwoman says:

      “All of your friends” are being used for money and access to U.S. citizenship…. nice try though.

    • dickmac says:

      Well said Michael….USA women have had it too good and have been spoiled by Women’s Liberation, Affirmative Action, Diversified Workforce, Women’s Rights, Gay Rights, the mention of “glass ceilings”, Planned Parenthood (birth control), etc. All products of the Democratic Party who has benefited from racial unrest and liberal immigration and amnesty of illegal immigrants in the USA. Take it from me, an International Businessman, foreign women are more submissive and make better wives.

      • Erica Lynn says:

        That actually works out perfect if you think about it. Even though American women are too smart and independent to be willing to put up with controlling and abusive men, like for example “International” men. ( Many of us know that these character flaws are often associated with an abnormally small penis) So, despite the fact that most American women aren’t willing to associate with men like this, all is not lost!! Thankfully, many “international” women are either too stupid and/or dependent to know this difference. Which means that you have a whole group of women, right where you are, that may be willing to put up with you!!! lucky you!!! enjoy!!

  115. Don says:

    Can’t stand girls who use the phrase “what I am worth”. What is it? Are you worth a lot because you are pretty or because you invented a cure for toenail fungus? I avoid women like these because they are so full of themselves. I wonder what they will be worth when they are pushing 40?

    • Rae says:

      yeah well, then date some one who is pushing 40.

    • Brittany says:

      Don, your entire comment here basically tells all “attractive” on here that you think women are not worth a thing. When you think of the dates or offers we have received, some tend to be high while others tend to be low – this is not telling us how much we are worth. It simply means, the one offer or date with the higher bid is more likely to stand out. Why settle for LESS, no matter how much you are worth? If you are bitter over dates going wrong or what have you, don’t be angry at each one of us, here. It’s not our fault and it certainly doesn’t give room for you to be so callous and rude! It’s a simple system.

  116. Peter says:

    I think one point that is overlooked here is that the higher the offer the more credits, or money that has to be paid to the site. And let’s face it, all you really get for the credits is the opportunity to start a dialog. A $10 offer doesn’t mean that is what the gentleman expects to spend for the date – but it opens the door to send messages back and forth and get to know something beyond what each person put up in photos and their profile. I often will bid $99 because it’s 5 credits less than $100 – so more opportunities to start a conversation and assess if it might be going somewhere. Once the offer is accepted, regardless of the amount, the credits are gone and I’ve had numerous experiences where the woman winked or made an offer, I accepted, and it didn’t get as far as a full paragraph. Who makes out? The site! I would prefer that all offers cost the same number of credits –

  117. Josh says:

    Ladies, if you are here to find “the one” for you then your demands for money to come to date are misplaced. Unless, of course, you want to get advanced down payment(s) for the use of your vagina by this guy at a later date.

    If you are here for serial first dates, then try different amounts and figure out “what’s your price” really, duh!

    Those women who believe they are worth every penny they demand are full of it. The only thing worth any penny is your vagina sweetheart, and before it is used no one knows what YOUR vagina is worth.

    The worth of your vagina depends on where your live sugar. Vaginas living in New York City would always cost more not because women are worth any more pennies than those living in Kansas, but because of the cold hard realty of high rents.

    This site’s game-plan is to teach women how to bring their vaginas close enough to men so they pay the vagina proximity toll without actually getting any use of the same to even know how many pennies it was worth to start off with.

    Even though 90+% women on this site have no desire to ever meet their dates again after collecting their vagina proximity toll, the men they date would forever be in the mystery of what they coulda, shoulda done to get subsequent dates from them.

    Therefore, better looking women provide better fodder for their coulda, shoulda contemplation than the not-so-good-looking women. This is where your price is determined in men’s minds.

    Those who bring morality to the discussion are on the wrong site.

    • Kate says:

      Spoken like a loser and a guy out of touch. You disrespect a vagina, you came out of..what is wrong with you? Did you not come out of a vagina? So why do you demean it and put a price on it? I can’t even respond to your comment details other than asking you go to a free site and enjoy. Leave this site since you are so disgruntled.

    • Paula says:

      My reasons on here and not accepting low ball offers has nothing to do with sex or a toll price for my vagina. I’m insulted but not surprised tunhat some men do not understand. I recently found myself divorced and have after 2 years found a job but am grossly under employed. In the meantime I tried sitting at home but one needs a balanced life. A nice dinner or movie with a nice gentlemen is well deserved but I came to this site because I cannot afford to date and hopefully meet someone otherwise. It does not cost a lot for the care of my vagina, but it does cost a lot for make up, hair and body products, clothing, gas, etc. Now if you gentlemen who think you are paying a toll for a vagina or sex you are terribly mistaken; at least with this woman. If you want me to go out with you for $10 with my current salary you might get a quick shower with cheap soap that will dry out my skin, no lotion, if you want me to wear a dress don’t expect my legs to be shaved because those products cost money too, no perfume, no makeup, no manicure, no hair products and by the time I walk to our agreed upon location I might be all sweaty. Hope you enjoy your $10 date. I have been on a few date from here for no less than $100 and usually more. The amount depends on how much I can put into looking nice for YOU. I do not make any profit.

  118. Rae says:

    Dear Every-man-who-is-bitching-about-how-much-women-charge,

    If you are shocked or appalled by how much women are asking for you clearly have never heard of supply and demand. Any one who has ever worked in a business/sales setting knows the price of something has very little to do with how much money goes into creating/maintaining that thing and everything to do with how much some one is willing to pay for it. That’s how supply and demand works. Clearly if no one was willing to meet their asking price, they would reconsider their rate, but my guess is they have many, MANY offers and obviously the amount of dates they can go on are limited, so obviously it makes sense ask for more. It’s a luxury market ( and anyone who thinks there isn’t an exchange of wealth and assets in ANY romantic relationship is very naive). For some men, time is worth more than a few hundred bucks, so they’d rather spend a little more to not waste weeks messaging countless women. If you think she’s asking too much DON’T DATE HER, clearly you have different expectations. So quit being a whiny little baby about it. If all the women are asking more than you can afford, than lower your expectations or improve yourself to the point where women are chasing YOU. But don’t expect young, beautiful, intelligent women to date you for free when others are offering something better (particularly if you are significantly older, less attractive or interesting, or MARRIED).

    Hell, if I’m going to date some one for free, I might as well go out with some one young and attractive that I actually have a great deal in common with, maybe has more than 2 sentences on their profile and has interests beyond ‘hanging with friends’ or ‘likes to laugh’ (really? as opposed to all the other people who hate laughing…) I consider myself a moderately attractive and interesting woman and my okcupid account is overflowing with messages from attractive men MY AGE who I’m very intellectually compatible with. I imagine the most of the interesting women on here are in the same boat. Guys, If you could easily get the caliber of women you were looking for then you wouldn’t be here in the first place. So face reality and re-evaluate your expectations, or find another site. Same goes to the ladies, if no one is meeting your rates your expectations are unrealistic. I mean hey, if you want to reeeaaallly dig around, you might be able to find the right person, but it’s going to take longer (same with the guys). It’s basic common sense. I don’t know why every one is arguing this for so long….

  119. Rae says:

    oh, and Josh, your ‘Vagina’ theory is just a little bullshit. If they were only interested in the Vagina, then the men would go after women who were far less attractive/intelligent/old/jaded/whatever than the women they are seeking, because…guess what?? those women also have vaginas! But you don’t see those ‘less desirable women’ them peeling men off of them, do you? So obviously these guys are looking for more than a vagina. Maybe it’s just looks, maybe it’s just a personality, but clearly they are looking for something that is otherwise UNAVAILABLE to them, and hoping to find it here by paying for it.

  120. Chantal says:

    this site is called whats your price? dont come onto this website and expect to meet “the one”

  121. Alice says:

    I’ll tell you this. I was on this website for a while. And I singed up (to be honest) just to make some extra cash. But after few months I met a guy who I fall in love this, his offer was $100 (I never ask for more btw)and we had a nice dinner, and then we met again and again. And now we’re in love. It’s not about how men are cheap or how women are materialistic. But if you’re a nice guy and you’re able to make a woman actually interested in you, this is your site. But you’re just a loser (I’m sorry) who can’t offer anything but money for a date and you tell everybody how expensive this website is and how much money you spent on here and how women are materialistic and blah blah blah just move on. Nobody wanna hear it. Just my opinion.

  122. Brittany says:

    Simply put, a “generous” profile on here is made because they are willing and happy to pay for a date with a female while compensating for their time.

    Simply put, an “attractive” profile is on here because they expect a certain type of male who will pay for the date and compensate for time.

    If you do not fall in either of these descriptions, it is in EVERYONE’S best interest that you discontinue your profile and leave the site.

  123. Brittany says:

    After dealing with the crap put on me by the guys I have gone on dates with, I’ve decided to stop the bullshit and just be more than straightforward. I have personal rules – I meet in a public place and I do not have sex on the first date. Period. I am not a prostitute, I am on this site so that I may start a relationship with someone. One that can be mutually beneficial. (If this doesn’t apply to your interests, simply move on.)

    If it does happen to be that something physical will happen on a first date – and I do NOT allow someone to pressure me into that – I do not accept anything less than 200. I will not lower myself to that. If it is a simple date, I may agree to less but as a general rule, I do not accept a date for less than 100. I don’t have the luxury of wasting time and money for a lesser amount of money.

    These are expectations, simply put. If that is a problem for you, just move on instead of becoming antagonistic and rude. Move on to someone who has similar expectations.

    I’ve noticed that the argumentative “generous” on here complain that they run a bigger risk with all of the money they spend.


    1. It’s a scary thought thinking about what could possibly happen on a date – what if we were assaulted? It isn’t a personal attack but it is a fact that this runs as the number one risk factor for the “attractive” here.
    2. The second biggest worry is being stood up. If that were to personally happen to me, I would likely be unable to get home because of my lack of gas money.

    We do not belittle your risk or say you are risking nothing. We understand that but we need you to understand our side, also. If your risk is your money, we definitely run a bigger risk with our persons.

    Truly, if you think down on the people here for going on dates for spending money or accepting money – and this is me very seriously asking this question – WHY are you here?

  124. Will says:

    Believe it or not what I offer depends more on the woman’s interest than anything else. I will pay more to go out with someone that has similar interest, if she knows how to ballroom dance and can keep up with me on the dance floor, I will have way more fun than if we just have dinner and drinks. Therefore an average woman that can dance has greater value to me than a drop dead beautiful woman that can’t.

  125. Lesia says:

    When I fill out the profile and submit it I just get a blank page on What’s your price?? Anybody help on this???

  126. says:

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  127. Bird says:

    “Gold digging”… isn’t that the entire point of this website? That’s why there’s a “Sugar daddy” option for the dates… c’mon people. Get real. And as for the girl who hated on “gold digging” – I would suggest she keep her nose in her own business.

  128. uñas says:

    thanks for the post, i like it

  129. Bronwyn says:

    Wow, there are a lot of ugly comments on here. It’s making me really anxious that I’ll meet someone who considers me worthless, a user, a gold-digger, a whore or an escort. I really don’t live a life that puts me into contact with people who think that way about women, so being on this site is a bit nerve-wracking, reading this thread. I’m on here because I can’t afford to go on dates otherwise. I just started my own business, I’m on my own, I don’t have a family that can send me money, etc. Life in Montreal is also a struggle because the economy is so bad here. I was on other dating sites and just basically realized I couldn’t afford to go out twice a week. Sure, call me a loser. I don’t really care. I believe in what I’m doing for a living, and I’m not shy about the fact that I live a low-income lifestyle (for now). We’ve created a world that makes it really hard for women to get ahead as quickly as men. I really hope my worth as a human being isn’t on trial every time I show up for a date. I don’t think like that and I try to stay away from people who do. I take this site seriously and I stay for hours getting to know the person. No second dates so far, but that’s not a change from free dating sites. Anyway….I wish the world was a bit kinder and more understanding of what single ladies are up against. I can’t really relate to women who pay hundreds of dollars to get ready for a date, but all the men I’ve met get a warm, funny and positive experience and tell me they were charmed and stimulated by who I am. As a person. That is worth something to them. And it’s worth something to me.

  130. Lilly says:

    Wow! If someone offers $10 or $20…he better do not offer anything at all…but then, what is the point…no one is happy!!!
    I give more to beggars in front of 7-11…

  131. vanillalace says:

    Love is a effort this web site safe to give it a try. I don’t like kissing strangers when u find someone have special man as for me I’m done

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  134. John says:

    I think some women are on here as a part time job. A way to make some extra cash with no desire to form any type of relationship. In their mind you are paying for arm candy while you have dinner. You get to look at someone attractive while you eat and they get a free meal and walk away with some cash for their “time”. My guess is this type of woman asks for a high fee for that first date, and since its all about the math, she doesn’t want to spend too much time while there and won’t put too much effort into the conversation.

    I think another type of woman on here is genuinely looking for a relationship and she picked this site because she realizes that, as long as she is going to try to find someone to have a relationship with, she might as well try to find someone who is well off. I think this type of woman has a lower first date financial threshold because she is looking at it more potentially long term.

    The third type of woman, I think, is just trying to find the guys on here who are looking for a hooker. My guess is a first day with them consists primarily of discussing what will happen at future meetings, what the guy will get and how much he will pay for it. It this case the guy is simply paying the first date fee so he can have the “privilege”of listening to a sales pitch and get a price list.

    I think the second type described above is the one that has the lowest first date fee and the one I would most want to meet. However, the trick is to figure out which women fit into this category.

    • Nick says:

      This fits with my experience here too, for the most part.
      Add in a smaller fourth category of heart breakingly sad drug addicts that will say and or do anything for whatever cash they can get.

  135. Diana says:

    Hello I am latina and my country is colombia, I can not travel has United States which I hope that the man who offers come to my country, there are many travelling by question of work or pleasure, always like to ask for between 50 to 100, if the want to sex the will have to pay a lot more, I do not understand how there are girls who pay half of the hotel that mea never happened, and I would simply say no, I like men between 45 to 60 are more serious than the boys attractive and muscular, I have good luck because there are many foreigners as Argentines, Americans, Italians and Mexicans etc.. traveling to Latin America if that I don’t have to pay anything, I say that these girls who share the hotel expenses are mad I neck would pay half of the hotel for that was the type ever… beautiful girls are not dumb my time and your time costs, is that there will be many who criticise me for my way of thinking , but the hundred boys women have always been the win long live women!

  136. Jessica says:

    I just have to say I was reading this just trying to get some insight and reading these comments was absolutely exauhsting.we don’t have to agree with each other people,we just have to live on this planet together.u can disagree and not hate each other bc of!calm down y’all!as we’d say in good luck to everyone!:)

  137. nbgfgfgf says:

    I agree 100 %…
    this is pretty annoying that none can ask few questions before offer

  138. Koznomaut says:

    I tend to agree with the notion that this site is favored by women who are seeing this (serial paid dating) as an income stream. This was explained to me by a (female) college senior who goes to school in the Southern part of the state near a major metropolis and her family is up North (where we met). She herself visits here frequently and signs up under a local profile for “first dates”. The guys do not know that she is not even here most of the time. She “charges” 200 going solely on her looks (tall, hot Asian girl) and five dates are 1K. She aims for 2K a month pocket money (all her expenses are paid by her folks) and mostly gets between 1600 and 1800 a month. Is this a lot? Not in absolute terms. But it is a nice piece of change for pocket money. Down South she has a “rich” BF (a media executive who’s 20 years older than she is) at whose place she crashes on weekends or who takes her to Cabo and once to London. She has it all mapped out and no guy here going on a “paid first date” has a chance of getting a second (unpaid) date. Let alone into her pants. She says a lot of her friends at school do the same locally down South. It’s better than prostitution. Safer, too. And two dates a week net you 1200 a month for spending an hour with a dude who listens to you ramble on about your life and interests. What’s not to like? For the woman.

  139. Koznomaut says:

    Two more thoughts: I have said as much and it has been pointed out here elsewhere. To me, the threshold is 100. Anyone who asks for more is not looking for a relationship but wants to get paid. Yes, girlfriends tend to be expensive and all women appreciate being spoiled. But the normal ones do not run a meter; even if the want to see good-faith-money for the first date.

    Secondly, this site needs to make money and I do not begrudge them that they charge a sliding scale based on offer. I have a bigger problem with the “expectations” they are trying to set on their sister site about arrangements. It is, I assume, to attract more women with the lure of largesse but what they suggest is unreasonable. Not that, individually, a hot dot-comer does not blow 50K in a year on a hottie. But it is not the average. If you are a college student even in a major metro area, 1000 to 1500 a month is decent money. How come 5K is “Moderate”? In what universe?
    Here’s the “scale”:


    Negotiable Openly negotiable to any amount
    Minimal Up to $1,000 monthly
    Practical Up to $3,000 monthly
    Moderate Up to $5,000 monthly
    Substantial Up to $10,000 monthly
    High More than $10,000 monthly

    Not that negotiable truly is, either. But that is another story.

    Btw, quite a sizeable number of women here are also on the sister site. With a little effort you can find them and their profile gives you an added insight into what they are like or looking for even here. Keeping in mind that they may run profiles aimed at different market segments. 😉

    Finally, it is educational to visit both sites in six months intervals and to see who’s profile is still “active” (In the sense of logons. Old stuff is not really cleaned out here).

  140. PinkStarrShyne says:

    So. I’ve used this sight on and off for years now. This isn’t new, this isn’t “fresh”. I’ve met legitimate men, and got into very well established mutually beneficial arrangements.

    I accept any and every offer sent in my direction. For ONE REASON: they guy pays to talk to you. he pays a percentage of the date amount to unlock the date. You cant send me a $20 offer, just don’t expect me to ACTUALLY see you for $20. I open the lines of communication and let time do the work. Then, when we can both agree upon a legitimate figure i will meet you (though, during this time i keep all communication on WYP so i have in writing that you agreed to giving me said amount.)

    I’m a legitimate Sugar Baby. ALL Sugar Babies are gold diggers. In every sense of the word. But we know what we have to do to get it, and we want to look our best to be that arm candy, we want to have enough money to be able to be independent and only need and want ONE guy.

    But I don’t do well with commitment or emotional attatchments, so when i’ve done my due (length of contracted agreement) i leave, or they renew their contract. Call it a New LEase on Life (HAA!)

    Ladies, You never know what could hapen if you dont have an open mind. The guy who sent you 50$ offer might just send you home with $200 plus gifts- trust me. its happened.

  141. PinkStarrShyne says:

    100 on Backpage…. >.> (i know a milf)

  142. ron says:

    do guys have to pay for second date

  143. ron says:

    are guys expected to pay anything for a second or third date

  144. Woman Of The Future says:

    Well said Aurelie!

    There is still a great stigma attached to powerful women. Why is it alright for a man to place value judgements external to a woman’s character (her looks) but not alright for a woman to do the same regarding a man (his success level)? Truly fruitful relationships are born out of mutual attraction beyond status and physicality but there must be an initial catalyst!
    Women of the world unite! Time to shine, in our paradigm, top of the pyramid.

  145. Mark says:

    Nobody mentions the most important reason to me for making an offer below $50.00. WYP charges double as much if I offer $100. Then if I offer under $50.00.
    Also, unless a date is travelling from a long distance, a woman asking for $200.00 or more seems like she is in it mostly for the money and possibly is an escort.

  146. Dave says:

    If by some miracle this site isn’t just a scam I’d say one thing.

    Anyone whose that interested in charging hundreds of dollars just for a first date isn’t dating their working and you will never see them again unless they turn up and see hundreds more dollars sticking out of your wallet that they think they might be able to get their grubby mitts on! If they accept a reasonable lower offer it might actually mean that they aren’t out to gouge you for every penny they can (maybe they are just smarter about it). Either way girls who want the money “upfront” probably aren’t going to offer much once they have it, as is almost always the case.

  147. stir the pot says:

    So you are a $200 waste of time plus the cost of dinner $300 waste of time

  148. Mosif says:

    me one pls pay for me

  149. Dave says:

    I’ve been on this site for about 3 years now and have gone on about 40 dates or so. I can tell you that $80 is the sweet spot (if the girl is over 25 miles away, I offer $100). About 75% of girls accept that and for the ones that don’t, tough!! There are plenty of other fun, young, sexy girls who will. If fact, I’ve noticed that the ones who counter with crazy numbers like $200+ don’t last on this site for too long.

  150. i made a profile and am interestrd i n getting my free trial before i sta rt any monthly fees?

    • dickmac says:

      Me too!…I just signed up…now that I’ve read these last year and further back comments, I feel like a loser. I just want to date local girls and have a good time. I don’t need them to get their hair done or manicured. As far as clothing goes, there is a lot of sexy clothes at Clothes Less Traveled. Tube-top and shorts is okay with me. Dick

  151. Femaleanon says:

    Maybe I misunderstood this site.
    I have my price set at $50-$100 (usually below $80). This is because I’m a college student and talking a day off of work hurts me more than it hurts a well of man.

    But, I would much prefer the good company, and heck wouldn’t mind not accepting the money if I enjoyed the date enough. I also wouldn’t sleep with someone on the first date, or even the second. In fact maybe its because of my age (young) but I wouldn’t feel comfortable sleeping with someone until at least after the first month. Not saying they need to be spending $100 each date on me either. I didn’t think the man had to pay for EACH date. He pays for the first, you hit it off and decide to go again, without expectation of payment.

    I’m also here for a potential partner though, so that may explain where I’m coming from

    • Femaleanon says:

      Excuse all the crazy typos, my phone is lagging when I type. Is that just me? Its only on the commenting part.

  152. Brandy says:

    I got one offer for a bill I thought about it and accepted it but no reply yet I would start no lower than $50 is what I am asking if you can’t or won’t do that then you will waste your time with me i have four other people I have to think about not just me

  153. Stephen says:

    I think one of the greatest benefits in a software update is the ability to e-mail someone we are interested in with minimum credits. 10 credits per say a figure. There should be an initial discussion of what constitutes the connection and what a date might entail. When, where, why and intentions. The inquiry letter gives the women (lets face it men pay the most on these sites) the opportunity to respond as in interest and with a dollar figure she is comfortable suggesting. One could barter (but why?). Do not want to insult someone. The simple rejection option should include ‘thanks but I will pass.”

    As for me as a first time user and by far not a Sugar Daddy or Millionaire I will start as high as $50.00. For an initial contact and 15 credits to be in e-mail contact. There’s really no contract unless both parties have some connection and want to meet/date. I’ve never wanted anything but a real date from those I’ve contacted. Legit. Ethical. Nothing more. For those like us we can at least get past the and other site shenanigans with a contact that wants contact. And go from there. $50 in my market well covers gas each way and sitter costs (for those with children). I have no problem under a gentleman’s agreement to pay for one’s sitter and gas on continued dates. But a pay for play on each subsequent date? Probably not. Then that’s a different arrangement (such as Seeking agreement).

    Now I’m in a different market and reason to make introductions. I am looking for a relationship and serious contenders wanting the same. I’m looking for a dance partner to a country dance club. $50 is a stretch for my budget but no more than buying dinner at a great steakhouse or upscale restaurant. And/or movie tickets. Instead, I offer honorable and ethical conversation, dancing, and the enjoyment of an evening. Whether that’s an hour or two (or longer based on their preference) I’m fine with that. Beats eyeing a room for single women and asking them to dance one or two rounds a floor and move on. Added features of a dance lesson pre the evening is a bonus too for my date. If we connect – great. If not its a positive experience. Nothing wrong with just being a nice guy in that aspect.

    A happy ending for me is a nice time. But I’ll agree any guy wanting to meet at a motel or hotel other than for dinner (if its a great place) or club is barking up another tree. Other than maybe Vegas it just does not seem smart for a woman to option for that.

    So there should be some more options to at least make contact with some intro communication and then agree on a price. I’d be glad to date the guitar woman – she sounds like a great person. The key is: 1. Are we looking for a date? 2. Are we looking for a potential relationship? 3. Are we looking for an easy mark to make a killing on for a few hours entertainment? 4. Or something else this site says is not its purpose?

    Someone is bound to create a site for the more serious dater. I think this could be it and if successful would see higher subscription rates from men (and if it later does charge women the same way) a solid revenue producer for its owner(s). Serious Dating. Not just the ego stroke or plan B for the masses on the other ineffective sites. All depends on what one’s motivation is and why they are here. That would help at minimum in the description box of preferences.

  154. VP says:

    Come now, people. We all know, that the girl is here for the money. Otherwise she would be on a casual dating site, that does not include money.

    Also, the man is here, because he can get a date here by PAYING FOR IT. If he could just get a date for free, he would do that.

    You must remember why you are here for. And remember, why the other is here for.

    What comes to the pric,e in detail: A girl primes herself up for about 2 hours, and spends an hour with the man, plus any time spent on travel added, it eguals about 4 hours minimum per date. On a hourly pay-rate, I’d say anything under 100$ is unreasonable, because anyone can make more than that, in that time, in any other activity.

    If a man wants the woman for that time, he ought to be ready to pay for that time.

    And if the woman just wants to go out with someone for no gain, then she just goes out with someone, instead of making a profile here.

    Let’s not play saints, or talk about fluffy cotton dreams, when the site’s name is What’s your Price. And girls….don’t sell yourself so cheap. You get what you ask for here, because the man has no other option than to pay, or to be alone. Bid high, for all of our sakes!

    Guys, don’t haggle. It’s so unattractive.

    • Matt says:

      Well said and I do agree on what you said. The girl deserves the gift if she is worth it. I had gone on few dates on this and did pay the girl.
      But honestly and no offense, how
      would you say how much girl can be
      offered? Just by seeing her
      profile or her pictures? Who can’t
      write a beautiful profile? I have seen girls in here who just come for the money. They come and sit for 5 minites, take the money and leave giving someone excuses.
      There are girls in here just to make quick money and also by cheating. One experience I had was with the name sweetnatasa… She is here to cheat and make money.
      Having said that I have gone out for few nice dates where the woman comes dressed up well and wants to enjoy the time at a nice restaurant or play.
      So my point is there are two sides of the coin and it is difficult to decide before the first date of what they are worth off.
      But I agree paying the girl what she is worth is fair to the girl.

    • @VP: Then what do you do when you agree to $100 you show up dress in a suit and she shows up like she’s going to Walmart? I just turned 40 and are above average looking, not a gym rat but HWP. Every person/experience is different I’ve been on this site for about 4 yrs and I’ve seen it all, from the “right to the business” ladies that want their money up front and ask you to up the agreed amount for “additional favors” to the ones that look like their mother compared to the pictures in their profile. Personally, I don’t ever offer more than $100, and when I get an offer for more than $150 I reject it because it sets the wrong expectation. My understanding of this site is it gives men the opportunity to meet physically attractive women (to us) we wouldn’t be able to meet/date in other circumstances (like bars/clubs/gym). Therefore I look for those profiles when I decide to wink/offer, I only search locally, and if distance is beyond 30 min drive I look for a restaurant/bar close to her location. I always keep my dates light and let her do most of the talking (I know most women like to talk LOL). I upfront tell them I don’t expect nor will ask for intimate contact (even though it has happened to me on rare occasions) and that my purpose is to get to know each other and find out if there’s enough attraction/chemistry for a 2nd date. In my experience: Most are serial daters trying to make a quick buck, several are working girls in disguise looking for Johns, some are SB pros that talk about allowance withing 10 min of the date, few are regular women who heard about the site and are trying it out. Depending on what you’re looking for, like in the “real” dating world you’ll have to invest in order to find the right match. But the right match is out there if you look for it.

  155. Anthony says:

    CAN me And my husband get a thick freaky snow bunny Saturday.send me your price because its for his birthday
    Must love sucking BBC and getting her pussy ate by a couple

  156. Michael says:

    So,as a guy who has accepted several first dates for $100, I’ve been pleasantly surprised about the commitment to the dates and the general enthusiasm to meet up. I’ve been less excited about the general expectation that every encounter should be a Sugar Daddy / Sugar Baby interaction where it’s always pay-to-play. I understand that the first date “incentive” is a good place to start for getting off on the right foot. But perhaps those ladies who describe their desires to have a “relationship” outside of the SD/SB are not seeing this as a kick-off to a traditional dating encounter as their profiles suggest.

  157. Kerri says:

    Well I’m not a 10 so I’m happy if a guy replies back lol, I’m not really one to judge nor judge a person by thier looks…I’m a realist and don’t base my offers on the way they look because looks are not everything!!

  158. Jon says:

    SO here is my 2 cent ( this is going to be a bit long). There seems to be a lot of women on here to get a quick in flux of money in there pocket. And if your lucky to get a second date I’m finding about 25% of the time they expect to get paid again on every date after the first. About 10% of the women that accept a first date offer are no shows for the date; not text, no message just a no show. About 5% that do go on more than 1 date are setting you up to be converted to sugar daddy where they get all the sugar and the date after that are for you to meet them to pay their bills or go shopping ect. I have so far only met 2 ladies so far that has been full truthful out of the 30+ women I have taken out from here. 1 was graceful after the first date and said nicely that she enjoyed the date and that I was a gentleman but thought we would not be a good match, The other lady I am still friends with and gladly do activities with her.

    To the Ladies if your only looking for a sugar daddy make is clear ( nothing worse than a bait and switch). To the women that are asking for $500 for a first date you are making you self out as a Escort. I an afford it but not saying I would pay it. The women using this site to make your income, You are the reason many guys have become jerks and try on first dates to get what ever they can. I person will not become that way, I have 4 sisters and a daughter and always treat ladies properly like a gentleman should.

    I have had dates where the lady has had to much to drink and I did not take advantage of her. I did make sure she arrived home safely. I have had ladies who behavior was unladylike like and I still made sure they have gotten home safely ( one so bad I put her in a taxi because she was so foul).

    Just because I’m a nice guy does not mean I am a push over. I will not stand for B/S or stupidity on a date. I am not easy, or stupid. I will endeavor to be polite even when others are not. That is a true calling of a gentleman; Be polite when other expect you to not be.

    Truth be told I started using this site because I found meeting ladies hard. Other date sites were full of scammers and fake profiles. I am a bigger guy 6’3″ approaching 300 pounds. I have found many women are not always comfortable around someone of my size. This site has given me the chance to go out with many different type of women. I just hope that I have made a good impression upon them. All I ask is give a guy a chance not all men are out to just get sex.

  159. Jon says:

    So here an update. I have now met 3 ladies on here that were real. 1 was gracious as I stated in an earlier post. 1 I am good friends with. The third I am not sure of yet, if we end up only friends I will still be happy. The last 2 ladies I know have closed their profiles here.

    The others have all seemed to be only after one thing MONEY. Either a quick hit for quick cash ( serial first daters) or are looking for sugar daddies and were miss leading. I have also run into the “Professional” on here but they are a bit more obvious.

    I’m not poor, I clearly state in my profile what I am looking for. But still there are women on here that are playing games. And then women wonder why there are so many asshole men out there. I understand some of the women on here have been screwed over by some guy. But just like there are some women on here that have good intentions there are also guys that are looking for the real thing.

    I came to this site be cause I got tired of all the fake profiles and scammers on the other sites ( match, eharmony, pof etc.). I am seeing now that this site has also become just like the other sites but just cost more money to have the same thing happen most of the time.

    I clearly state in my profile that I am not looking for

  160. Raj says:

    I sent couple of winks and they expect 150, 200 and even 500 for first date. Really!!! Apart from that they want to take to dinner in nice restaurant too. Its very difficult to find a date. Expensive!!!

  161. diane says:

    I got.offer to pay £500 to a man on first date….too expensive and don’t see why I should pay?
    I declined.
    What if I didn’t like him?

  162. Michael says:

    I am a 52 year old man and have been on this web site around 2 weeks. Before this site I tried online dating about 7 years ago when I got divorced. I found it to be a total waste of time. I heard about this site from a newspaper article and it sounded interesting to me. The average date is $100.00. Now, you’d have to go on a ton of dates and sit through a lot of weird and boring guys to make a living at $100 a pop. So my intuitive sense was that the women here were not looking to swindle guys to pay them to have dinner with them. So I gave it a shot.

    My experience on this site is as follows: Any dude that has any complaints about this site is out of his mind. This site is by far the most effective and efficient dating web site that I have ever seen. The difference between this site and others is that the women here actually want to go out and meet. You’re not wasting your time sending out literally hundreds of e-mails and getting 2 replies that go nowhere. I could not believe the rate of return on women wanting to meet.

    Thus far I have been out with 7 women. I have paid all of them no more than $100 to meet. In fact, that is what I offer, because it’s generous while at the same time reasonable. All of the women I have been out with have all been stunningly hot and gorgeous and young. The oldest one was 40. My age and photos are there so these women know my age and are into older men. Now there is risk a chance that you are being “dinner whored.” But then again, there is a risk in anything you do. And 2 of the women, I believe, dinner whored me. Well, one for sure and the other could have just been not “feeling it.” One woman was really attracted to me as I was to her, but she wanted a LTR as I also did but wanted kids as well. I am through having kids so that was a deal breaker for her. One woman and I had a fun and flirtatious date but a couple of days later she texted me that after further consideration she could only hang out with me as friends. I don’t think she used me for dinner because she was buying us theater tickets and was still willing to buy them for us so long as I was okay just being friends. One woman I have a planned 3rd date with and 2 I have a planned 2nd date with. All 3 of these women are totally awesome. I also have a few more first dates to go on as well.

    My profile is open and honest about what I am looking for – a LTR. By and large the women I have met all want the same thing. As for the complaints about hookers and sugar situations, if you’re a man and cannot tell the code words such as “spoiled” and others, you have to be a totally moron. In addition, many women hold themselves out as wanting a sugar situation. When someone’s profile is “no strings,” “casual dating,” and “sugar daddy,” what do you think they want? Just stay away from them if that’s not want you want. And the same goes for hookers. The hookers on this site could not be more obvious – they want big money and imply intimacy. I mean come on now how stupid can you be?

    All of the women I have met here have not needed the money. I have met business owners, accountants, government employees, restaurant managers, and a lawyer. From their perspective the money is a screening device. From the perspective of a man it provides an incentive for the woman to actually show up. And they are not showing up for the money, but because know that the man they are meeting values their time and as such is likely considerate and a high quality person worth seeing if there is chemistry.

    Lastly, from a time efficiency perspective alone this web site is awesome. I am busy and have a great business and am in front of my computer all day long. I don’t have the time, patience, interest, or wherewithal to spend hours in front of a dating web site sending e-mails that never get answered. With this web site you can make a handful of offers, get an acceptance or 2 within a day, exchange a e-mail or 2, exchange numbers, and set up a date. You can easily be out with someone you met here within 48 – 72 hours. On a conventional dating site maybe you have 3 returned e-mails from the 700 you sent out in 72 hours.

    All I can say is that this web site has been the most effective way of meeting high quality women I have ever seen both on and offline. And, I’m not shy I meet a lot of women in real life. So guys, stop complaining, quit bellyaching and whining, check out some women here, break open the piggy bank, make a decent offer, and go have some fun.

    • Bret says:

      Spoken by a “True White Knight”!If your going to enlighten us with your new found admiration for the “Champagne Socialist” at least have the theater tickets in hand. Thanks but no no thanks

    • @Michael: I agree with you almost 100% I too came to this site running away from the regular dating sites that are crawling with bots and fake profiles or “angels” how some sites calls them. To keep the paying customer they’re willing to go places.

      Here you don’t have a regular monthly subscription and the credit system is fairly honest, if you use some common sense.

      My only wish is they’d have a $100=200 credits option, from $50=100 credits they jump to $150=450 credits.

      I doubt sometimes of some profiles that show up as Miami one week and NYC the next and LA the next. Unless you’re a world class model regular people don’t move so fast, and even then you’re home-based somewhere.

      About the working girls and SB, sure you have some profiles that are obvious by their content, but some are not so much, and you can end up in a date with a professional or SB, but then again that might happen in any situation on other sites too. (nothing against escorts or SBs just not my cup of tea)

      As I gain more experience in the virtual dating world I’d say the more you communicate prior to the date and the more open (but respectful) you are while communicating your expectations/wants the better the outcome.

      On a more recent note, I’ve had a couple of so called bad experiences because the ladies where not as attractive as they portrait in their profiles (maybe old pictures). But then again is up to me to decide to continue with the date after meeting them or not. I know it’s awkward and difficult to say I’m sorry but I’m leaving and they most likely are counting on that. But I’m not going to judge every single lady for those two bad experiences, simply I’ll make a point of exchanging contact info right before the date and asking them to send a selfie, right after I send mine, so we can recognize each other. If I detect she’s substantially different from her pictures then I’ll respectfully decline the date and block her profile. There solved!

      Like in real life, here you have to invest to find what you’re looking for, and there’s risks involved. The risk she’s a serial dater looking for a paid meal. The risk she’s a no show. The risk she’s a working girl and she’ll try to up you from the agreed amount in exchange for “upgraded” services. The risk she’s start asking for allowances and a trip to the nearest mall to “spoil her”.

      But those come with the territory, we have created the problem. We treat women as objects or trophies and then expect them to perform for us. If we change the paradigm, we change the outcome. If we treat them like real women, if we pay attention to what they are saying and how they are saying it, if we look them in their eyes, if we are chivalrous and pull the chair for them, if we are flirtatious and smile, if we don’t pay attention to our phone throughout the date and show her she’s important to us, if we make her smile or laugh and treat her history as if we’re watching a movie. Then most chances than not we’ll stand out from the crowd! (and none of the above requires $$$). Most times she’ll be comfortable with us. And she will be willing to take risks, like allowing us to walk her to her car. Or maybe make out, or even more. But we can’t be pushy, to the contrary we have to play hard to get, they love it!
      So in essence we need to take personal responsibility and implement changes in our approach/attitude and see if those changes have the effect we’re looking for. If not, then change again, and again, until you find what works!
      Let’s not blame them for behaving like they’ve been taught to.
      In the end they’re ALL, even the working/SBs/you name it, are looking for the same: To feel good, appreciated, important. And that might come in the shape of a Benjamin but not for the majority.

  163. Ken says:

    That question will never be answered with a dollar amount that will please everyone. If you offer any woman, attractive or not so attractive $10 or $20, she will be insulted and think the man is a cheap ass. If you offer a woman over $100 she may be satisfied or she still may feel insulted. In my opinion $100 is too much. Unless it is guaranteed that she is going to have sex with the man. Anything over $100 makes a woman a prostitute. And why spend that or more to go on a regular date when the man could call an escort and get laid. If a member here wants at least $100 for a date, just to show up. Then is she going to spend any of that $100 to help cover the dinner or drinks or does she pocket the money AND expect the free meal and free drinks as well? That means the guy is spending somewhere in the neighborhood of another $100 or $200. Sounds like she better be getting naked and using her body for the one real purpose she’s on this Earth.

    • @Ken: I agree with you “That question will never be answered with a dollar amount that will please everyone” because it’s impossible to please everyone, that is why there’s so many options in all aspects of life. We’re here to please ourselves and share that pleasure with others, not to please others. That is the wrong paradigm.

      When I started in here I didn’t know what to do or what was effective or not, so I tried different things, I’d offer $20 to not so “Attractive Ladies” to see what happens and $50 to $100 to attractive ones. I accepted a couple of $150 to $200 offers again in an effort to find out what to expect from this offers. More times than not I found out the higher the “offer” the more “professional” the interaction. But again like anything in life YMMV.

      Now I don’t know where you live and I’m sure things a very different depending on your location, for instance $100 in LA, NYC or Miami is not the same as in let’s say Bismarck.
      I don’t agree that “Anything over $100 make a woman a prostitute”, if she agrees to exchange money for sex, that makes her one. And to top that, if you’re anywhere but Vegas it’s illegal!
      And if you can “call an escort and get laid” for $100 I’d seriously doubt the quality of the service. Who said STDs???

      What I’m concerned here is with your last comment: “she better be getting naked and using her body for the one real purpose she’s on this Earth”… I wonder what that might be???
      If that is really what you believe about women (remember you came from one) and if that is the way you approach them mentally, don’t complain if you’re not being effective with them. As in not getting what you want. Think about this! Before you get what you want you have to give them what they want, simple!

      I recommend you purchase and read the book “The Manual: What Women Want and How to Give It to Them” by W. Anton
      It’ll open your eyes about women psychology and you’ll be surprised that what drives them to be interested/like/be attracted to you has nothing to do with driving the most expensive car, wearing the most expensive clothes, looking like a male model for Calvin Klein, giving her lots of gifts or throwing $$$ at her. If anything all of the above will have the opposite effect. Not that anything of the above is bad, but your attitude towards the situation has 99% to do with the outcome.
      Remember this: “People will soon forget what you said or what you did, but they will remember how you made them feel”
      Good luck!

  164. Seth says:

    Communication is where it is at. Especially before the date or at the start of the date. Good communication sets the agenda, what we are up to for this date. An agreement on this means no one winds up feeling cheated, exploited or deceived. That’s my goal for most any nice date.

  165. In my experience there’s no ideal amount. It varies depending on your situation and the “Attractive Lady” you’re trying to date.
    I’ve been in this site 4 yrs and the majority of the “attractive ladies” in here are either serial daters, escorts (nothing wrong with that just not my thing), or SB pros looking for a SD (that start asking for allowance 30 minutes into the date). Very rarely you’ll find a regular lady that is trying it out, but they are out there.
    As in real life you’ll have to invest depending on what you’re looking for. I personally never offer more than $100 (funny fact $100=20 credits and $99=15 credits) and if I ever get any offer $200 or above I reject it with “different 1st date expectation”.
    I’ve had few women sent $50 or less offers which I accept if I find them attractive understanding this is just to start the conversation.
    I’m always upfront about I don’t expect will not ask for intimate contact on the 1st date (even though it has happened but it was a spur of the moment thing) and my intention is for us to get to know each other and find out if there’s enough attraction/chemistry to go for a 2nd date, so I keep it light and fun.
    I always choose a public environment for the 1st date so we both feel comfortable and safe (both women and men can be nut cases) and if she doesn’t have her own transport method I offer to UBER her or drive her is she’s comfortable enough with me driving her (but never impose).
    The money part if the most tricky one. It’s always awkward for both to feel we’re exchanging money for the date (unless you’re doing it as a business), so I bring a Bday card I pick up at Walmart with the agreed amount in it and say Happy Bday! LOL. I even think you can buy them at the dollar store 🙂
    I also always send a “hope you got home ok” note at the end via the site or text and a “thank you for a great time” note the next day (sometimes they do it before me). I’ve more times than not gotten a “hope to see you again soon” note.
    Bad experiences? Sure I’ve gotten my fare share of those, from the “right down to business lady” that asks for the money upfront and offers “upgrades” depending on what you budget is, to the “attractive lady” that looks like she used pictures from her college years (10+ yrs in the past or 20+ lbs earlier) but in a classic (bar/club/gym) environment things can be as difficult as awkward as in here.
    At least here if you’re clear about your intentions/wants upfront and there’s good communication prior to the date chances are you’ll both enjoy the experience.
    So there you go, those are my not so short 2 cents… LOL!

  166. Jon says:

    Ok so I have been on this site for a while and have dated several women on here. I will admit I have met a couple of decent ladies on here. Having said that most of the women I have met on this site only see this as a source of income and will make the “date” as short as possible. My basic rule of thumb has been if her initial offer is $200 or more dollars she is just looking for money ( if over $500 she is selling something else than a date). I find it distasteful that there are so many women on here that are only here for the money or are looking for the sugar daddy who will pay for everything and not come around except to take her shopping and pay her bills. I have actually ran into a lady I dated for a while come out and say as much that I should pay her bills and only come around when she wants to go shopping. We can then be “Just friends”.

    As such I most likely will not be dating from here much as it has turned into a Escort service where the women want the men to pay out the nose for the chance to see them for an hour and feed them. This is sad be cause the concept of the site was interesting , but as usual people greed and the willingness to turn a good thing into something petty has made this site not so good anymore.

  167. Lisalii says:

    Newbie here. The money exchange happens in person on the date?! Awkward.

  168. Larry says:

    What’s the real difference between a ‘date’ and a ‘chat’? Is it insane if you just pay $200 for chatting with a lady? So it is the exact same if you pay $200 for a date or a friendship. Just picture it, the lady went to a restaurant near her home and had a free lunch/dinner with you. Two hours late, she got $200. It is easier money. Why not? Then she blocked you and kept on winking at/making offer to the next one,especially the newest. So my experience is just pay $50-100 for her driving cost. You can go to fancy restaurant, that is quite fair for both of you and of course there is no offensive at all. When the ladies can’t earn quick money, they will lose interesting in ‘date’ here. BTW, dating foreigners is much tricky, they only want ‘rich’ American money.

  169. Sam says:

    Being new at this leaves me wondering about a couple of things. I made an offer and it was accepted. While chatting online the woman asked for a larger additional amount. I would like to withdraw my offer but I don’t see anything on the site that allows me to do that. Any hints on where I’m going wrong in the desire to withdraw?

    • Nick says:

      Just don’t go ahead with the date. Message that you don’t feel comfortable with the direction things have taken and move on to someone else. No harm no foul.

  170. Quicche C. brown says:

    So I’ve been on the site for about a week and I’m STILL confused as to how to go about making the money for the first date.. All the “offers ” I’ve received or the site asks you to make an offer when someone checks out MY profile. I get confused by the ” you pay$$” money part where. They or you accept the offer.. Am I PAYING..?? It keeps saying”you pay”.. Does that mean if they “offer” me 100 for the first date.. Why does it say “you pay”..meaning me if the offers are coming to me? How do I know if when my profile is approached that I’m considered the “attractive ” member ((the sites words) their wording) and not the “generous” member.. I’m looking to meet and MAKE the extra money.. Not “give”.lol

  171. LetsBeReal says:

    The following refers to using WYP for sugar dating specifically. Granted, technically every WYP date is a sugar date, but this pertains to those whose goal is a sugar relationship.
    I am brand new to sugar dating, and to sugar daddy/baby relationships. I haven’t even done regular dating in nearly 30 years, so this is all just my own deduction. As an INTP-A (logician) personality type, fully analyzing any topic and developing some kind of plan is in my nature, we shall see if this makes sense to others or not. If anyone has better suggestions for any or all parts of this, I am completely open to hearing them, so please share.
    Here we go then:

    Getting from a WYP sugar date to an established sugar relationship – one approach
    WYP = WhatsYourPrice
    SD = Sugar Daddy
    SB = Sugar Baby
    SR = Sugar Relationship

    So I am new to this whole Sugar dynamic of modern dating, I didn’t even know it was such a prevalent thing until a couple weeks ago.
    I have been on a couple sugar 1st dates so far, and I will probably do a few more before moving forward to a second date with anyone.

    As far as I know, there is no manual for how to approach this, at least none that I have seen, so these are my thoughts on how it should go, but this may or may not work for you.
    Essentially what you need to have is two dates, each of which is a 2-way audition between the potential SD/SB partners, both dates include some different level of risk for each party, and each date has quite different expectations.

    Date #1 (The 1st Audition): The Meet & Greet

    After a price for the first date is agreed upon on WYP, the SD has to pay the credits required to unlock a conversation with the SB candidate, (let’s say for example it’s a $100 date + a $10 unlock fee),
    then there is some back and forth chatting on the WYP site to work out a place, time, exchange contact info etc. Then you go on the date and meet face to face, get to know each other,
    see if there’s some chemistry, try to find out what each other is looking to get out of a SR. Typically you are meeting for a meal, which the SD will pay for, and costs can vary greatly, but let’s just say it’s $90,
    so the SD has put up a total of $200 for this first date.
    Most of the risk is to him for this first date, because although the SB may invest some expense, time, and effort to prepare for the date, she could just be serial first-dating and going to get a nice free meal and collect her $100.
    If she walks at this point the SB really has no recourse except to accept it as a loss and move on.

    Now assuming that was not her goal (or the goal of most SBs) and the date does go well, there should be some preliminary discussions around compensation and meeting frequency should you get to that point,
    so that both sides are at least in the same ballpark. It is however too soon to try and get to the final agreement details. Assuming the 1st Audition went great and both parties are ready to move to the next step,
    then we would move on to the 2nd Audition.

    Date #2 (The 2nd Audition): Behind Closed Doors

    Let’s face the facts, in all but a few cases, intimacy will be the SDs primary driver for this relationship. Hopefully not the only driver, but typically the single most important one to him.
    So, if a SB expects to be wined and dined multiple times before getting to this point, she should probably be doing traditional dating, not sugar dating. And SB’s should make no mistake here,
    although this is an audition for both parties, typically the SB is at a significant disadvantage from an experience perspective, as the SD is often twice her age. Active participation, enthusiasm and enjoyment will go
    a long way here, as will each side focusing more on the others pleasure and satisfaction than their own.
    In my mind, you need to do the deed early on and find out if you are compatible between the sheets. While most any two humans of opposite sex can go through the motions and perform the act,
    there are a plethora of things that can make it boring, uncomfortable, painful, fearful, shocking, or in many other ways not enjoyable for one or both parties. (You really should have a blunt conversation about what you will or won’t do
    and any boundaries you want honored before you get behind those closed doors)
    So, assuming you have worked through each other’s expectations and are ready to make the leap, this date SHOULD NOT have a monetary component, and I should not need to spell out the reasons why monetizing it would
    negatively impact the perception and value for both sides. Now, that being said, with The 2nd Audition going as described, the risk is primarily now assumed by the SB. Unless something does truly go wrong from a sexual
    compatibility standpoint, then just as the SD risks the SB could be a serial first-dater in The 1st Audition, now the SB risks that the SD might be just be doing serial conquests and notching his belt with The 2nd Audition.
    If he walks after a mutually beneficial pairing for no valid reason, then the SB is likely to be hurt and feel used, and rightly so.

    We can all really just hope that like with anything, most people are mostly good, and their intentions are true, but both sides should be prepared to run across that small percentage that isn’t, and have a mindset that will
    allow you to get past it and hope for better next time.

    So, let’s assume things went well with both auditions, and both parties are happy with the outcomes and ready to move forward.
    NOW you have put all your cards on the table, you know that each of you has the capacity to meet the needs of the other, and you have the compatibility and chemistry to make it enjoyable for both parties.
    Now you can much more comfortably discuss each of your specific details and come to an mutually beneficial arrangement that can grow into a solid sugar relationship based on mutual respect and trust.

    *** Disclaimer***
    The above is the opinion of one person, a man, that has no training is psychology or counseling, or any kind of inter-personal relationship expertise, so that should be taken into account if considering this approach.

    • LetsBeReal says:

      Damn, no edit function.
      In the Date 1 section it should say “If she walks at this point the SD (not SB) really has no recourse except to accept it as a loss and move on.

  172. Ken says:

    As with any dating/matching sites, women have the upper hand here. Men are obligated to pay, but women have no obligation other than to show up. Just don’t agree that a man should have to pay the full amount even if the date didn’t go well. With that said, I don’t think I can come up with any solutions for that. Still think this site is very well designed and executed.

  173. Joe says:

    It’s all about supply and demand. A very attractive and sought after woman on the site may get too many offers of $100 or less to respond to. She may want to limit herself to offers of $200 or more to screen out the guys who are more interested in her and who can afford her lifestyle needs. Like everything else in life, you get what you pay for.

  174. Hung says:

    I always make $150 as a starting offer and most women have accepted it. A couple of times, I have been counteroffered for $200, which is reasonable and I accepted, but never accepted a counter offer of $500, which happened only a couple of times.

  175. Fernando says:

    “There should be a minimum offer. At least $100. Who would accept a $20 offer when it costs that much in gas to drive and see the guy, plus valet is around $20. And what if he turns out to be less than a gentleman?…
    Lowball offers= Low class.”

    The actually is a minimum of $5 if you havent seen it!
    I am not from the US but there are actually women in other countries that are eager to accept the $20 dollars that you take as bum’s change.
    Plus, if he turns out to be less than a gentleman at your standards, guess what?! He’s paying for your company in the first place so deal with it woman! Otherwise go back to traditional dating in which you have complete control of who goes out with you.
    I’m still trying to get the idea of what type of women this website attracts, hopefully it’s not only swindlers like you!

    • Rick says:

      Fernando … yes, I’ve dated women in Latin American countries who are very appreciative of a man that is courteous, respectful, and truly interested in the woman. It seems that in some countries, the men treat the women very badly. The odd thing is that women in the USA don’t realize how well they have it, especially in comparison to Latin American and Asian countries. It seems like many are only “out for the buck” and not truly interested in actually having good conversation …

  176. Joeyzup says:

    I’m new here seems like a legit way to respectfully reach out for concentual companionship,I’ve never socialize this way and it’s been quite a while since I’ve dated a woman, I confess I’m nervous about showing an obvious need for seeking companionship and blowing my chances

  177. Dietra says:

    It NEVER ceases to amaze me how so many males (because you’re not men) and a few females come to sites like these and get HOLIER THAN THOU. Like another lady said up top, if you’re cheap, and don’t want to pay what the women ask, then leave, it’s that simple. But nope, males love to come on sites like this and leave their condescending comments, and call women whores, and everything else but the child of god just to make themselves feel better. In MY personal experience, REAL MEN, especially ones who have means, don’t mind paying any amount for a date. A lot of women have spent years getting “pumped and dumped” and don’t have anything to show for it, and most males are happy about that, but as soon as a woman shows that she has some standards, and won’t settle for peanuts, then you have all of these FAKE, self righteous losers (yep, I called yall losers and won’t be taking it back, so deal with it) coming onto sites like these spewing their BS, and trying to make the women feel like they’re doing something wrong by doing exactly what this site is set up for. Get over yourselves. Let me repeat myself, this site is called WHAT’S YOUR PRICE?, So if you don’t want to pay, then LEAVE. Period. I’m sure there are some lovely, and insecure girls out there who’ll gladly let you have sex with them for free, which is what you losers are really complaining about. But I know none of you will be honest and admit it. Enjoy the rest of your night.

  178. Easy says:

    I’d pay any amount

  179. David says:

    Why not just accept all offers and start the conversation?

  180. Chris Dare says:

    well to you all ladies the value of pussy has hit rock bottom i can not believe any guy would pay £300 just to agree to go on a date

  181. Lex says:

    I’m from Charlotte nc 7042079116 just a cute girl looking for daddy

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