Ideal amount to ask for a First Date?
  • Posted Apr 30, 2011
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So what is the ideal amount to ask for a First Date on  That has been the subject of intense discussion on the WhatsYourPrice Facebook Page last week. It started when Rachel posted a comment:


“There should be a minimum offer. At least $100. Who would accept a $20 offer when it costs that much in gas to drive and see the guy, plus valet is around $20. And what if he turns out to be less than a gentleman?

Lowball offers= Low class.”


I was quick to respond to her post by telling her the offer amount someone accepts may differ from person to person.  For example, if a guy who is super handsome and whose profile description matches what you are looking for to a tee, it’s likely you may accept a $10 offer from him.  Whereas someone who isn’t initially attractive may warrant a higher first date price.   Soon, Alicia (a musician) chimed in:

“Please don’t take this as me trying to start an argument… but I personally wouldn’t ask for more than it would take me to cover my expenses for a date. (No matter if that’s $10 or $100.) To me asking more than that seems like “gold digging” and that = low class. I’ve been known to walk away from a gig with a decent amount of money in my pocket for what some people wouldn’t even call work…lol. But why would I charge more for someone to meet me than they would pay to do so at a “gig”? LOL”

I really do admire Alecia’s comment.  Because it would seem to me thatdf the amount a female would ask for, or accept, for a first date really does depend on the person.  But money is not just money anymore on  It has taken on a new highly personal meaning.  For some, it represents self-worth.  A low offer could therefore be interpreted an insult to one’s honor.  For others, it seems to be a measure of one’s moral values.  Asking for a high offer would seem to be unbecoming of one’s virtues.  Two very opposing camps are clearly emerging.

Jeff YangA female friend of mine became interested in the site based on a conversation we had, registered out of curiosity and got her first offer for a date: $10. She wasn’t sure whether to laugh or to scream.” – Jeff Yang, Reporter and Author

But could the negotiating process on somehow be a filtering process for the type of man or girl you are trying to land a first date with?  Some members seem to believe so.  Trevor from Washington DC told me the “first date” money means different things to the eight different women he has been out on dates with in the past two weeks.  Trevor has accepted first dates with prices ranging from $11 to $300.  He told me he seems to find that women who asked for $100 or less seems to be more serious about wanting a serious relationship.  Whereas women who are asking for $200 or more seem to be more open minded about a casual relationship.

Does asking for $200 or more really tell you that much about a person’s ultimate agenda?  Another female user wrote back telling me she makes more money on her regular day job than she would getting $300 for a first date.  For her, asking $300 for a first date would just about cover her cost of getting ready for the date. Getting her hair done costs her upwards of $200.  Manicure $50.  Gas for her car $30.  Given the value of her time, and her standard of lifestyle, $300 doesn’t seem like a lot anymore.  In fact, any man unwilling to offer her $300 for the date would not measure up to her lifestyle, and therefore would not be her type.

When it comes to political views or religion, or money in this case.  I’d say — to each his or her own.  But here are some general guidelines I have found to be most effective…

Guidelines for the Generous Users:

* If you really like someone, make them a HIGH offer.  $10 or $20 offers are more likely to offend than impress.

* If you don’t want to be rejected, ask the other person to name their price by Winking.

Guidelines for the Attractive Users:

* If you really like someone, make them a REASONABLE offer (i.e. $100 or less)

* If you’re not going to be offended with a $20 offer, then ask the other person to name their price by Winking.

* If you are asking for a HIGH price for the first date because your time is super valuable, avoid any misunderstandings by clearly stating in your profile “First Date Expectations” as the reason for your high price and what you will or will not do on your first date.

What is your price for a First Date?

How do you justify the price you’re offering, or asking, for a First Date?

Are you offended by either a very high or low price offer for a First Date?

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