How Does Your City Match-Up? GenerousVille or StingyTown?


Now that we have acquired over 100,000 members, and matched up over 50,000 first dates, we’ve decided to do something fun with the data we have amassed. We decided to calculate how much single (or available) men in various cities around the world are paying for a first date on The results may be quite enlightening, and surprising.


Denver - Most Generous City


1. Denver, CO: $221
2. Seattle, WA: $197
3. Dallas / Ft. Worth, TX: $178
4. Chicago, IL: $173
5. Los Angeles, CA: $169
6. Toronto, ON: $166
7. San Francisco, CA / Bay Area: $163
8. Philadelphia, PA: $158
9. Washington, DC: $154
10. Boston, MA: $151
11. New York, NY: $145
12. Oklahoma City, OK: $143
13. Greenville, SC: $142
14. Raleigh / Durham, NC: $140
15. Vancouver, BC: $139
16. San Diego, CA: $139
17. Houston, TX: $137
18. San Antonio, TX: $136
19. Charlotte, NC: $133
20. Zürich, Switzerland: $130
21. Omaha, NE: $129
22. Sydney, Australia: $129
23. Sacramento, CA: $127
24. Austin, TX: $124
25. Indianapolis, IN: $123
26. Melbourne, Australia: $121
27. Calgary, AB: $120
28. St. Louis, MO: $119
29. Paris, France: $117
30. Baton Rouge, LA: $116
31. Edmonton, AB: $115
32. Columbus, OH: $115
33. New Orleans, LA: $113
34. Portland, OR: $112
35. Cleveland, OH: $111
36. Boca Raton, FL: $109
37. Montreal, QC: $109
38. Tampa, FL: $105
39. Phoenix, AZ: $104
40. Kansas City, MO: $100
41. London, UK: $98
42. Las Vegas, NV: $93
43. Miami, FL: $92
44. Atlanta, GA: $89
45. Cincinnati, OH: $72

Methodology: To create this list, we ranked urban areas by the average price generous male members paid for a first date on Members are weighted equally by calculating the mean price each male member paid for first dates. The average price for a metro area is then determined as the average of the mean price paid by generous male members who reside in that area. Only metro areas with at least 200 first dates and at least 30 single male members were included in the ranking.

The Most Generous Cities

Denver, Seattle, Dallas, Chicago, Los Angeles and Toronto tops the list of cities with the most generous single men. A healthy local economy, a more giving culture, and the relatively lower number of available single women are some of the reason why men tend to be more generous in these cities. So if you want to find yourself a generous man, it may serve you well to plan on having your next vacation in one of these cities.

The Cheapest Cities

Cincinnati tops the list of cities with the cheapest men. But who can blame Ohio? The state has suffered a higher than normal loss of jobs in this economic downturn when compared to other US states. That said, I am more surprised to find that Miami, Las Vegas and London top the list of cities with the cheapest men. Yet all three of those cities share one thing in common — they all have more women than men. The abundance of available females means men have to put up less to get a date. It’s frankly a case of simple micro-economics.

Why Generosity Matters?

While we have found that roughly 40% of the public isn’t comfortable paying or accepting money to go on a First Date, it is safe to say that most of us agree that all women love generous and giving men. That’s because generosity is the material manifestation of love. While a woman can show her love, care and tenderness in many ways, men in general lack this skill.

So, if money and generosity are measures of love, what is a poor man to do to win hearts?

Money is one way to show generosity. But a man who is poor in material wealth may be rich in other ways. The financially poor man will need to learn to show his generosity in other ways: by being generous with his time, giving undivided attention, having deep conversations, demonstrating greater understanding and having patience. Unfortunately, these are qualities that many men lack. In today’s society, most females don’t want to date a cheap and rude male chauvinistic pig.

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What city are you from, and how has your experience been dating on Whats Your Price?

Do you agree with the results of our study? Why?

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