How Does Your City Match-Up? GenerousVille or StingyTown?


Now that we have acquired over 100,000 members, and matched up over 50,000 first dates, we’ve decided to do something fun with the data we have amassed. We decided to calculate how much single (or available) men in various cities around the world are paying for a first date on The results may be quite enlightening, and surprising.


Denver - Most Generous City


1. Denver, CO: $221
2. Seattle, WA: $197
3. Dallas / Ft. Worth, TX: $178
4. Chicago, IL: $173
5. Los Angeles, CA: $169
6. Toronto, ON: $166
7. San Francisco, CA / Bay Area: $163
8. Philadelphia, PA: $158
9. Washington, DC: $154
10. Boston, MA: $151
11. New York, NY: $145
12. Oklahoma City, OK: $143
13. Greenville, SC: $142
14. Raleigh / Durham, NC: $140
15. Vancouver, BC: $139
16. San Diego, CA: $139
17. Houston, TX: $137
18. San Antonio, TX: $136
19. Charlotte, NC: $133
20. Zürich, Switzerland: $130
21. Omaha, NE: $129
22. Sydney, Australia: $129
23. Sacramento, CA: $127
24. Austin, TX: $124
25. Indianapolis, IN: $123
26. Melbourne, Australia: $121
27. Calgary, AB: $120
28. St. Louis, MO: $119
29. Paris, France: $117
30. Baton Rouge, LA: $116
31. Edmonton, AB: $115
32. Columbus, OH: $115
33. New Orleans, LA: $113
34. Portland, OR: $112
35. Cleveland, OH: $111
36. Boca Raton, FL: $109
37. Montreal, QC: $109
38. Tampa, FL: $105
39. Phoenix, AZ: $104
40. Kansas City, MO: $100
41. London, UK: $98
42. Las Vegas, NV: $93
43. Miami, FL: $92
44. Atlanta, GA: $89
45. Cincinnati, OH: $72

Methodology: To create this list, we ranked urban areas by the average price generous male members paid for a first date on Members are weighted equally by calculating the mean price each male member paid for first dates. The average price for a metro area is then determined as the average of the mean price paid by generous male members who reside in that area. Only metro areas with at least 200 first dates and at least 30 single male members were included in the ranking.

The Most Generous Cities

Denver, Seattle, Dallas, Chicago, Los Angeles and Toronto tops the list of cities with the most generous single men. A healthy local economy, a more giving culture, and the relatively lower number of available single women are some of the reason why men tend to be more generous in these cities. So if you want to find yourself a generous man, it may serve you well to plan on having your next vacation in one of these cities.

The Cheapest Cities

Cincinnati tops the list of cities with the cheapest men. But who can blame Ohio? The state has suffered a higher than normal loss of jobs in this economic downturn when compared to other US states. That said, I am more surprised to find that Miami, Las Vegas and London top the list of cities with the cheapest men. Yet all three of those cities share one thing in common — they all have more women than men. The abundance of available females means men have to put up less to get a date. It’s frankly a case of simple micro-economics.

Why Generosity Matters?

While we have found that roughly 40% of the public isn’t comfortable paying or accepting money to go on a First Date, it is safe to say that most of us agree that all women love generous and giving men. That’s because generosity is the material manifestation of love. While a woman can show her love, care and tenderness in many ways, men in general lack this skill.

So, if money and generosity are measures of love, what is a poor man to do to win hearts?

Money is one way to show generosity. But a man who is poor in material wealth may be rich in other ways. The financially poor man will need to learn to show his generosity in other ways: by being generous with his time, giving undivided attention, having deep conversations, demonstrating greater understanding and having patience. Unfortunately, these are qualities that many men lack. In today’s society, most females don’t want to date a cheap and rude male chauvinistic pig.

Read some of the recent media coverage on our Most Generous and Most Stingy cities:

Chicago Tribune: First Date in Chicago worth $178

New York Post: New York Daters are Cheap

What city are you from, and how has your experience been dating on Whats Your Price?

Do you agree with the results of our study? Why?

35 Responses to “How Does Your City Match-Up? GenerousVille or StingyTown?”

  1. Blue says:

    Great article! Very interesting to see a breakdown of this. Although I’m surprised to see NY didn’t come out on top or at least higher up on the list since the cost of everything is so much higher. Generosity plays a major role!

  2. bossanova67 says:

    Makes sense that guys in Denver would pay the most, since the male-female ratio in Denver is bad for guys.

  3. Eric says:

    I went on 4 dates already and I’m from Cleveland, Ohio. I realized this site actually works compared to other dating sites I’ve tried.

  4. Bobby the K says:

    I think the site is a good idea, but it doesn’t work very well. The problem is it charges you for the correspondence. I’ve gotten several cases where the messages I’ve gotten are bogus and you get charged for them. I would wait a couple years before joining this site, because it may catch on because it’s a great concept. Maybe the owner can make a separate one for normal people. But for now, for genuine daters, it’s not worth it. I wouldn’t join if I were you. Wait and see. Maybe they’ll improve things.

    • Brandon Wade says:

      Bobby, please feel free to let me know which user messages were bogus, and we’ll be happy to add the credits back to your account for those messages.

  5. Bobby the K says:

    Actually, it may have all been a misunderstanding. So I retract what I said. Thank you for the offer, though. I’ll continue using your site. I really hope it does well because it’s a fantastic concept.

  6. Annoyed says:

    I wish someone would explain to me WHY on earth I have tons of offers and then accepted DATES….and then POOF! Nothing! Such a waste of my time and very frustrating!

    • Brandon Wade says:

      It would appear that many of the male members are just trying out the system — It is free for generous men to make and accept offers without having to pay to do that. That said, we are making a few improvements so in the near future:

      (1) Generous members will only be allowed to have up to 5 accepted offers maximum at any one time.
      (2) We will be showing which generous members have actually paid — and hence have the ability to unlock dates.
      (3) We will be allowing attractive members the ability to cancel any accepted dates that have not been unlocked in over 10+ days or more.

      Thanks for your feedback!

      • cvdv says:

        I’m glad your making improvements for the attractive to delete or cancel dates beyond 10+ DAYS .. That’s been my biggest frustration .. the same men from Seaking Arrangement use that site to follow through with actual dates .. so maybe it’s a money issue of unlocking dates for the generous.

        I live in Vegas an agree with the stats. Vegas is entertainment capital of the world but the men are so cheap and the women are easy .. all smoke and mirrors 😉

      • ReasonablePriceOffer says:

        Brandon, its a great concept, and I am probably one of those guys that has a lot of outstanding date offers. But the girls poof also. And I don’t understand that. Its just a date in most cases. So why do they just turn away from the generous offer? Also, my only real issue is the weighting of credits vs dollars offered. Is there some way of coming up with a flat monthly fee such as on SA?

      • Suzy says:

        Really appreciate (1) and (2) however (3)provides too much time. If someone is sending an offer and accepting one then at that point the generous member is online. If he’s/she’s not unlocking the date within at the very least 72hrs, then the date should be automatically cancelled.

        From my experience so far, A generous member that was serious about unlocking the date, did so immediately. The few that never unlocked the date ended up closing their accounts.

        Also with (2) how will you be able to determine the generous member paid?
        Will this be based on credits purchased or will the attractive member be surveyed?

        Look forward to the new updates!

  7. Blue says:

    Can I make a suggestion? For some reason my login info does not stick up top like it does on SA. I have a mac but this is the only site I have this problem with. Maybe it’s me.

    Minor detail I know, but I check in less often because of that.

  8. Annoyed says:

    Hmmm..ok that explains a few things for me. Thank you. I know if I ACCEPT a date, I certainly plan to follow through! So the gals that dont, I am not sure why that would be? I am definitely NOT one of them! lol

  9. Suzy says:

    Reasonable & Annoyed, same here. Many accepted dates but no one is following through. For the others that messaged, it’s been asking for phone numbers to chat and never meet or email to state what they are really looking for. In both cases not only were they dishonest about their first date expectations, body descriptions, age and what they were looking for but they didn’t have the money they offered for a first date. Thankfully I didn’t step out of my home to meet these said individuals.

  10. cvdv says:

    I went on a date last night with a guy that planned drinks to follow dinner after 3 months of chatting … everything was great until he told me he left his money in his hotel room but had plenty to cover the bar tab!! .. needless to say I put my best foot forward and after 5 hrs of conversation,5 star tasting menu and coffee an dessert .. I suggested the ATM and he quickly declined to use it .. needless to say he never paid me and asked for my info … to send in mail Ughhhh!! What an ass;(

  11. Dorian Modra says:

    Ah, but is it worth it? Based on my experience with the “traditional” dating sites, I’d say yes. I break down the numbers here:

  12. cvdv says:

    Is there anyway to guarantee payment up front from the generous once agreed? … this is not working … when you make the efforts and get stiffed at the end .. and yes I know I should have demanded it before dinner … but it’s not my character to come off rude or a money hungry bitch …I’m not using this site to serial date … hopefully add some quality, fun and integrety from those who get the concept.

  13. queen says:

    That guy who didnt pay should be turned in!

  14. Suzy says:

    The men know what the site is about. You are not being rude to ask at the beginning. When you brought up the ATM and he declined, that would have been the moment I would have left. I mean who meets a paid date and leaves their money in the hotel room? This was his way of saying I’ll only pay you if you sleep with me. Eww. Also 3 months? I feel this was a desire to make the woman forget why she was on the site in the first place. Sounds to me like he wanted to charm the price off of you. Which is what he did.

    Hopefully he’ll call and request a 2nd date and this time bring double. I doubt it because he knew better but apparently played on your kindness, trust and generosity. He wanted you to be uncomfortable about asking for it.

    • Blue says:

      Exactly. I like the way you put all that. After all that time he knows it gets more awkward to ask for money when you become “friends” that’s why I take care of biz before so we can relax and get that out of the way.

    • Megan says:

      I have found a similar situation- I dated a man who forgot the money on the first date. But I felt it was my fault because the date was cut short- I had suggested we meet at a restaurant and bar close to both of us as opposed to one closer to him, and he agreed. But when we arrived, the bar was closing (it was a Tuesday night) so we had to go to another place, which also cut the date short.

      After our date he walked me to my car and I thought about asking but felt like he would mention it, and I felt bad asking for it when the date was an hour shorter than it should have been. So we talked about a second date, and we left- him not ever giving me what he had promised. I should have known then, but I gave him another chance. I asked him for it immediately after he started to pull away because I realized he was not coming back to give it to me… but he said he was already on the road and couldn’t come back but would give it to me the next time (which was a few days later).

      The next time we were to meet, he brought money, but it wasn’t as much as I thought. I took it immediately upon greeting him, then counted it, and wordlessly walked away. He was unable to come after me without making a scene, so he sent me a text message asking me to please allow our date to happen. I said he had insulted me by not giving me what he’d promised for my time and effort. He promised to do so on the next occasion. Which, thankfully, he finally did… but the NEXT date (when I had begun to trust him), he stiffed me with essentially an empty envelope and then argued with me through text. He wasted so much of my time that would have been much better spent doing ANYTHING else, and moreover I had told him I was having some car trouble and was worried about paying for costly repairs. I had already begun the repairs COUNTING on assistance from him from that very date, and I couldn’t pay for it.

      Ladies, his name on here is JonesJohn. I’m sure if he sees this he will change it, but he has two photos of him in jeans with a bare chest and black belt, taking the photo in his bathroom mirror but not showing above his neck. There’s a white towel, white tile, and a black door behind him. He’s 6 feet tall, has short dark hair, a nice smile, he’s friendly seeming but a complete jerk. He’s married and has two children, but his profile right now says one. I think they are both boys, 5 and 3? He says he makes $200k as a “landman” but he works for a recreational machine company… like selling jets and cars and yachts. He’s younger than 41, he has a wife that won’t sleep with him since having kids, he’s in good shape but is so selfish I can’t believe I didn’t recognize it. I feel completely used and I’ve lost faith in this site and trust in finding a good sugar daddy…

      I’m sure this will get me flagged for removal. I’m just so hurt that I had to warn others.

      Brandon, could you please devise a way to warn other ladies on this site of potential dangers from men that refuse to pay? I understand the danger on a man’s part in wiring money to a woman that will never meet him, or to some scammer in Ethiopia, but for innocent people that really want a good arrangement with someone honest… is there a way to do it like on eBay where you can give positive/ negative feedback? I’m sure there will be some jealous individuals, but if you give multiple choice answers for people to say things like
      A- excellent, this is/ was a success for me and/or the other party
      B- it didn’t work out, but they are great for someone else
      C- this person was not entirely truthful about their intentions/ physical features/ income/ marital status/ hobbies/ etc.
      D- this person should not be on this site, they are abusing it and others

      Thanks… that’s my two cents, just wanted to warn some of the ladies in the “generous” Dallas area!

      • Blue says:

        Thanks Megan I love that you put that out there. You sound like a very smart woman and I’m sorry that happened to you. He sounds like a real scammer, from his fake profile info to his fake envelopes and lies.

        I never did understand why a guy would show a topless pic online??? Especially on sugar sites. It says to me they are one of the ones who have it all backwards and think they are the “attractive” ones and I’m don’t want any prima donna men unless I’m the “generous” one.

        • Megan says:

          Yeah I feel I have to warn others… I’m sure he’s found someone else to scam, and I really hope all the attractive ones on this site remember to be careful and not believe someone simply because they seem to be caring and genuinely interested in showing generosity that they don’t intend to display IMMEDIATELY to gain at least some of their date’s trust.

          We all need to remember what we promise in our profiles and e-mail exchanges. I’ve had it brought to my attention that I seemed to be more interested in dating just one generous benefactor rather than many, which isn’t the case. I remedied my profile immediately because I didn’t want anyone to feel deceived by me, and I also don’t want to be deceived by a con artist topless male 😉

      • Lore says:

        I like that idea, having the ability to give feed back, it might reduce the number of accepted offers that the generous person skips out on. It is annoying and time consuming when they do this.

        • Megan says:

          I agree, I receive way too many that tell me once we’re at a place for lunch or coffee that it’s a pre-meet date or something and expect they don’t have to pay. I’ve learned to walk away to save time and embarrassment at the restaurant (much better to leave him to explain to the waiter that we won’t be needing the coffees after all), but it’s such a waste of time that I wonder how many stingy men feel they are actually generous, or tell me the number agreed upon is too much for just a “meet and greet”

  15. cvdv says:

    Thanks for the response ..and right on point as to what happened … it does become uncomfortable after you have spent and vested that kind if time with someoene .. trust me it wont happen again ….lesson learned and I’d rather be charmed by the guy who comes with his money upfront instead of leading with his wallet through out and evening.

  16. Classyone... says:

    I have had 2 meetings…One for $200 and one for $100 both paid but both expected something at the end….they are now writing me and being demanding. My 3rd date never showed up and stiffed me the $, luckily I was around the corner from my home.

    May I suggest they pay the woman $10.00 to even send us a wink or message this way we get something to communicate with them and no they are real. They will also probably only talk with the ones they really want to meet…this way the woman get something for writing/talking before meeting even if it is $10.00 I have had 50 men say they want a date but yet only 2 followed through…what a waste of my time….please help the ladies get something small for even writing these guys…this will weed the good ones out..Thanks for listening…

  17. queen says:

    Megan…that same johnjohn guy also gave me less the cash agreed to saying the rest was on a credit card that ended up being empty!

    • Megan says:

      Queen- thanks for letting me know that. I had a feeling this was happening to others as well. I think this is someone that should not belong to this site anymore, he is manipulative and deceitful and caused me plenty of time and effort that I wish I had known in advance not to give.

      I am much WORSE off from meeting him because of the promise that I expected to be fulfilled because I had upheld my end of our time together and he did not… as with anything requiring extensive time and effort, I thought I’d be compensated well for it. I’m sure everyone he has contacted would want to know this and I hope they read it.

      Did he give you a prepaid credit card that was empty? How much did he claim to have on it?

  18. Lore says:

    Dealing with the money can feel a little awkard, I’ve done both sales and purchasing so I am really comfortable with talking about money and negotiating a price, bottom line your providing a service and your time is important, someone needs to take charge of the date, why not you? So I treat it like a business, when confirming a date I send an email with the address of the restaurant, and the confirmed time and date. In the last paragraph I add instructions on how the money will be handled. This is what I put.

    Example of Instructions on money — Beginning of date you have 2 options you can do the whole amount in one envelope or you can do two envelopes 1/2 in the beginning and 1/2 at the end. Your choice whatever is easier for you hun.

    (All of mine have paid the full amount at the beginning, which is nice cause you can then relax and enjoy the date)

    I find that it puts the generous male at ease knowing how you plan on handling the money and they don’t have to worry about it. Plus it sets the tone that your taking this seriously.

    Additionally I contact them the day of the date either by email, text or phone, as a reminder, people get busy, and I think a little reminder helps in avoiding getting stood up.

    • Megan says:

      Good ideas, Lore, thanks for mentioning these…

      I think envelopes are so much better, the guys I’ve met all have tried to discreetly slip cash into my hand and it’s usually when I’m not expecting it- i.e., the hostess is leading us to the table and I think he’s trying to take my hand, not put something in it for me to put into my purse. It’s insulting because I feel like it was an afterthought- “oh, I’d better get cash” and they don’t have an envelope or even a magazine to put it in.

      I guess that’s slightly better than the men who wait for me to ask hoping that I won’t- I’ve found that there are several men that hope it will become a relationship in which I will want to see them willingly without pay, so they want to make sure I don’t just stick out my hand upon meeting, take the half (or whole amount) in the envelope and run. So they feel me out, we greet one another, make small talk, order a drink… then I have to say, “so, did you remember to hit an ATM?” Then there’s the exchange often at the bar where the guy will awkwardly get out his wallet. And I always think, really? You knew you had to pay for my time, why couldn’t you prepare for this?

      I’ve often received too much cash as well- like $160 instead of $150, which has made it clear that it was so last minute they just asked for 20s and then feel they’re showing extreme generosity by not asking me for change, lol.

      • Lore says:

        Envelopes make things easy, and a couple of the guys have actually have gotten a card and put the money inside, I thought that was very classy of them.

        So far I haven’t had any problems with the guys not paying knock on wood, but what is annoying is a guy requests an offer to go out with me, then when I reply back with the price, they reject and put “not my type” REALLY then why did you want to know my price if I wasn’t your type. lol No class.

        • Suzy says:

          Wow I said in the beginning the new rejection code: “not my type” will be used when a guy cannot afford a date. Guess my predictions were dead on with that one.

      • tyler says:

        I’d do the 160 too instead of 150…atm’s give 20s so its easier to just round up I think…thing that makes me wonder is when a girl replies to my request for an offer with an amount of 25 or even weirder was 39…I was like why the low random numbers but ok. Guess they had low self esteem or aren’t here for just the money I have no idea just thought those were weird

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