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  • Posted Nov 10, 2015
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Viral screenshots and memes featuring lyrics to Adele’s recent megasmash “Hello” have been floating around as the Internet reacts to the powerhouse breakup anthem. While blogs and gossip magazines speculate who Adele is calling a hundred times, people everywhere seem to be affected by the lyrics.

WhatsYourPrice polled single men and women to determine just how powerful the lyrics “Hello” are. Results revealed the song has inspired a large number of women to attempt repairing a past relationship, while men remain unaffected.

According to more than 41,000 respondents, the singer has encouraged 64 percent of women to contact their ex. The lyrics to “Hello” may be inspiring, but just 17 percent of single men said they felt compelled to reach out to a past love. The full breakdown of the survey is featured below:

Has Adele’s “Hello” Inspired You To Repair a Broken Relationship?

  • Women who responded yes: 64%
  • Women who responded no: 36%
  • Men who responded yes: 17%
  • Men who responded no: 83%

From “Chasing Pavements” to searching for “Someone Like You,” to ringing an ex with “Hello,” Adele certainly has a song for every hardship encountered in a relationship. “25” is set to release November 20th.

Has Adele inspired you to contact an ex?

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