Dating Double Standards
  • Posted May 20, 2015
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We are all guilty of using our gender to get away with specific behaviors – some good and bad. Dating double standards have been around for ages (remember The Scarlet Letter?) and they probably are always going to be around. Let’s lay them out together.


Men = Instigators

Gone are the days when guys asked a girl out formally, picked her up at her house to be greeted by her father and then paid for the date. Gender roles have shifted in the last few years which has changed the way relationships evolve. Unfortunately dating double standards are still tied to the traditional relationships of the generations before us.  Now, it’s a nice surprise if the guy goes around to open the girl’s car door.


Nagging vs. Caring

When your man asks you about your day it means he’s caring. If a woman starts asking her man about his day she is likely to be considered  a nag.

Woman, “How was your day?”

Man, “Good.”

Woman, “What did you do?”

Man, “Not a lot.”

Woman, “Tell me about it.”

Man, “Stop nagging me about it!”

This is the trickiest of double standards! Girls want to play it cool and be as far from a stage five clinger as possible. It is a thin line to walk, but ultimately relationships are about balance in 2015.


Single in Your 40s

If you’re a man you are considered a lucky bachelor, skipping out on the  ball and chain. If you’re a single woman in your 40’s with no kids, what is wrong with you?! Your biological clock has run out of time and your parents are most likely upset they aren’t grandparents yet.

Society has changed a little over the last few years since there has been an increasing trend in women putting off marriage and pregnancy to focus on their careers.  Unfortunately, there is still a stigma attached that a woman needs a man and a family by the time she’s middle-aged. .  Perhaps society should  consider what may be wrong with the perfect forty-something  single guy who can’t commit?

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Player vs. Scarlet Woman

This double standard is a tale as old as time. Men  are praised for their sexual conquers but women are slut shamed. Females are supposed to be sexy but not act sexual. This is so medieval!

For women, virginity is no long a premarital prerequisite. Sexual freedom and expression is on the rise in the 21st century. Women crave sex just like men. Man or woman – don’t be ashamed of your sex drive! As long as both parties are  being safe and using protection, the notches on your belt shouldn’t matter when you  decide to settle down.

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While the world is trying to accept people for who they are in this day and age there will always be ignorance to be dealt with. How do you stay confident when dealing with these dating double standards?


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