Buying Down the Age Gap Disadvantage
  • Posted Sep 12, 2011
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Since we now have over 100,000 unlocked dates between older men and younger women, we decided to do some analysis to find out if the stereotype stating that younger women are attracted to older men because of their money is true.   What we found out may surprise you…

The Magic Six Year Age Gap

First, we found out that women in generally are most attracted to men SIX years older than they are.  If you are a guy and you are about six years older than the woman you are trying to ask out, she is most likely to accept the lowest price for a first date!   This seems logical.  People are a better match for each other if they are at the same level of maturity.  And if the results of our study is right, then we would expect the average woman to be about six years more mature than the average man of the same age.

Cost of Dating Younger Women

Second, we found that when a man is over TEN years older than the woman he wishes to date, he will have to overcome an age gap disadvantage.  For every year he is older than the woman after the TEN year number, he will need to spend approximately 13% more.  On average the man who is 40 years older will need to offer 400% (or 4 times) more than the man who is 10 years older to convince the same woman to go out on a first date with him.

The results from our study is graphed below.

Man - Woman Age Gap Pricing Graph

Man - Woman Age Gap Pricing Graph

Note:  Over 80% of the first dates occurring between older men and younger women do fall in the ideal age gap of under 10 years of age difference.

Age As an Online Dating Selection Criteria

People are generally shallow and materialistic when it comes to first impressions on most online dating website.   The reason someone writes or responds to another person is usually driven mainly by a set of shallow attraction criteria such as how attractive a person’s pictures are, or what the person writes down as their body type, ethnicity, education, income or age.   Age plays a very important role as to whether someone writes or responds to your online dating profile.  This is probably the main reason why recent surveys have found that most men and women choose to “lie” about their age on their profile, or to upload photos of themselves when they were five or ten years younger.

Lying about your age or uploading a much younger photo may be an effective way to get someone to go out on a first date with you on a traditional online dating website, but the likelihood you will impress that person on the first date is quite remote.  Obviously, the better strategy is to be up front about your real age and to upload the most recent photo of yourself, and let your wallet do the negotiations for you on

At, our hope is that if you fall outside of a person’s list of shallow attraction criteria such as looks or age gap, money may be used to level the playing field.   Money can close the age gap disadvantage by helping someone get the first date.   With a first date, this person will now have the chance to show off his or her personality and appeal to the other person’s deeper set of attraction criteria.

I am a firm believer that the deeper levels of attraction does not take place on a physical or superficial level, but at an intellectual level once you really get to know someone.  That’s what the first date is for…

What is your ideal dating age gap?

If someone falls outside of that age gap, will you still consider an offer to go on a first date with him or her?

Have you gone on a date with someone that falls outside of your age gap comfort level?  How did the date turn out?

171 Responses to “Buying Down the Age Gap Disadvantage”

  1. queen says:

    I get a bit upset by the low offers because to me it says im not that great. If you want to stand out please….do not do it by being cheap!

  2. Leslie says:

    I agree that great relationships are built on an intellectual level, but it’s so hard to get over the passion of initial attraction.
    Maybe accepting money for a date pushes me out of my normal shallow “initial 3 seconds guy scan” and let’s me see real people behind the bullshit. Hope so.

  3. queen says:

    So tired of guys who no show without a warning. Total waste of time. I wish we could turn in profiles who do this. If a guy has to many turn ins he should get kicked off.

    • Gretchen says:

      I totally agree!! There should be a counter, and if several women are reporting an accepted date and a no show, or no follow through, the user should be penalized!
      I don’t mind rejection, but so far I have had several acceptances, and NOT ONE single DATE!!!!

      • queen says:

        Gretchen ~ it is even worse to make plans and get ready. …Drive to location and sit for 30 minutes. A nice person would at least say they can not make it.

      • James says:

        Hey Gretchen, I always show up. Found a lady from another site who had an old pic. She was at least 15 years older and didn’t even wash her hair!! I still took her to lunch but “dessert” didn’t even enter my mind. So it’s not just you lovely girls who get the raw end of the deal 🙂

      • FunnyJen says:

        I notice some open and read my first message but do not respond. So I’m giving them 48 hrs to respond or it’s the block button for him.

        • I_See says:

          Maybe there are reasons why he doesn’t reply immediately? Why is it such a hardship for you to wait until he replies, and if he doesn’t, what’s the big deal? It cost him just to read your initial message after all, you it costs nothing. If it is so difficult for you to endure, you should give that warning on your profile so some dude who isn’t in such a hurry will know and either not waste the cost of contact or scurry and do your bidding.

        • Blue says:

          I see one guy who is logging in everyday and still no response after accepting. I don’t feel like he deserves my pix after this. I am only interested in serious gentlemen. Someone once wrote, I wish I could remember who, once you open the candy wrapper you eat it. If you don’t eat it, it just kind of spoils sitting there, don’t you think?

        • FunnyJen says:

          Actually I thought it only costed the member if he responds to a message but from what’s I’ve heard it’s free for him to read any messages sent to him by the attractive member.

          Unless I had this wrong? Any input guys?

        • FunnyJen says:

          Also if he took the time to read my message then he could have shown some decency and responded. Common courtesy is all I’m looking for. Plus it doesn’t have to be long winded. Just something saying “hello”.

        • I_See says:

          Wait, I just reread your post. He doesn’t deserve your “pix” if he doesn’t reply? Do you mean you don’t have any picture up on your profile?

        • Blue says:

          I have pix, but why is the guy bothering me and not following through? I would want to block him after that. I’ve had enough of the online stalkers who tell me they are waiting for me to put up new pix. I’m not here for free eye candy.

          It creeps me out when they do that. What if it’s a neighbor, ex boyfriend, biz client etc with a fake profile?

        • I_See says:

          Maybe they want to make sure it’s actually you and not just stolen pics. If you post pictures of a different person, for example. However, you’re running a business here and I understand why the no shows or peepers would annoy a dating company worker.

          My own irritation is the number of scammers and disappearing profiles. I’ve had two sad orphan girls, 1 who just wants to pay rent and electricity for her elderly parents, a few singlemom-widows, etc. etc. The last was a twist, an add-on, if you will since she was one of the orphans: she had a boyfriend (which she said was in her profile – 2 sentences with no mention of course)

          so this was just a fun way to meet new people and experience “new cultures”. You think a low date price is insulting, how about someone trying ignorantly to con you and pretending she was meals-on-wheels or a candy striped at a senior center? 🙂

      • ken says:

        why do most girls who are on here use the date as a money making biz.,only..or some sex,,,no sex?? no thought of love ?? cause I am 38 but kinda young ,,I dont enjoy woman who are all loose and droopy,I think and feel that God made woman in His image(man)ok,,so,,A 22-28 YR OLD GIRL W/NO KIDS YET.AND HAS NO DRUG HABIT,SWEET AND CLEAN,MAAANN..LOOK AT THESE SCULPTURES,,I am a 3-5 hour guy as far as having sex..I want to really get into you,,so,oral on a hard body? or a 42 yr old w/4 kids/ who are at the age I want..bad? I am pleasuring her,,I am doing the best when I want something thats for my feelings or taste buds,,caress your entire body and thats my enjoyment…talk 2 me gals

        • queen says:

          Ken~asking why girls want money is like asking why do guys want sex. Lol

        • Blue says:

          That made no absolutely no sense at all. But to answer your first question because the site says Make Money Dating Guaranteed….perhaps?

        • I_See says:

          In order to understand the sense of his comment you need to be extremely wasted. It all comes into sharp focus with that and the genius of it will bring a tear unto your eye…

        • FunnyJen says:

          Yeah I was trying to figure it out and realized for a guy that doesn’t want a girl with a drug habit, he seriously sounds like he has one of his own. Do as I say, Not as I do? Charming.

          My eyes are dry btw lol

        • kitty says:

          Lmao, really? Maybe u should look at ur browsers address bar, i think ur at the wrong website.

      • Alexander says:

        this is why it’s embarrassing to be a man sometimes! although, I’ve been blown off by female members as well…guess we should both be able to report this.

    • honeypie says:

      I agree. I went on a date where we agreed on $100. Im a lady so I did not ask for half upfront when we met for dinner… Great dinner. Nice conversation. Good vibes. At the end of the date he never payed me… I guess he felt because he was somewhat attractive and in his early 30’s he did not have to pay or he was testing to see if I really liked him or if I was on a date with him just for the money. A deals a deal and a lady should not have to ask for the money. I wish there was away to report him….

      • queen says:

        Honeypie~a few times i have had to ask for the money after the dates and all three times they asked to pay me in the parking lot later! I do not wish to make it look shady like a back alley deal!

      • I_See says:

        Can’t you report him here? He should be on a dating site, not this one. My advice is to make it clear in email you expect half up front before any initial small talk. If he balks or wants it, “In the parking lot after” put a halt to it. Suggest you go to the lot (assuming it’s safe) so he can give you the whole thing. I’m a guy, and if he “forgets” or wants to do it after, I can assure you he will try to get out of it.

        • queen says:

          If you talk about the money the men freak out and say ~ is that all you care about? The money?

        • I_See says:

          If they freak out about it, they shouldn’t be on the site. Of course it’s about the money, what do you want them to think it is, a love match?

      • Blue says:

        “A deals a deal and a lady should not have to ask for the money. ”

        I couldn’t agree more.

      • FunnyJen says:

        To me this is generally an issue with the man’s ego. He’s extremely pleased that he found this site and now has the opportunity to meet beautiful women but later feels ” why do I have to pay her?”. ” I’m a great catch and shouldn’t have to!”. Then it just goes downhill from there where the guy holds some resentment way before the date has even taken place. If it gets worse , he’ll end up trying to mentally deduct your worth to a 0 with his flaw deduction calculator. It’s a petty move but his ego is more important than respecting the agreement.

        • trkteacher says:

          Hey I am a guy and look at this site like this, I have to pay a girl for anything anyway so why not pay for a chance to have the whole package up front.

      • FunnyJen says:

        Sorry this happened to you honeypie. I agree a deal is a deal and if a man is spending time to have the actual date, then he’s saying he likes what he sees. Money up first would be best.

      • Why report him? It was your fault for not getting the money upfront. Learn from your bad experiences & be proactive instead of taking time to vent.

    • FunnyJen says:

      Is there a way to post the names here or is that against the blog rules?

  4. Classyone... says:

    May I suggest they pay us to even send us an email or wink…this could be $10.00 for each contact, this way we don’t wast our time…paypal works well for this….Thanks.

    • jake says:

      they already do but it to the site. if you want to start comunicating after an offer has been aceppted

      • Gretchen says:

        That makes no sense! Why should the website charge the members just to read the e-mails? That will discourage the generous members even more from following up if they are nervous!
        I think a better answer is a method for reporting accepted dates that receive no follow up!
        OR, instead of paying to see the e-mails, the generous member should be charged a percentage fee of the accepted date immediately upon acceptance!

        • I_See says:

          Speaking for myself, If that happened they’d lose at least one client. There is a lot of risk on guys offering or accepting a bid. What happens if the woman’s pics speak with a forked tongue? He bid on the pics, turns out they are the current issue of the date, and he pays because he took a chance and lost this time? Using your logic she should have to pay him back. Maybe both parties should put the amount in escrow…;-)

    • Maybe you should be paid if someone thinks about contacting you as well?

  5. queen says:

    I prefer younger men then myself.

    • Coach says:

      I much prefer younger men than I am, some by even ten years, but on this site, there do not seem to be any true generous young men looking for an honest older woman or they pose as generous and do not fit the bill. It’s a shame, too. Some December-May relationships work very well and last a life time.

  6. FunnyJen says:

    What is your ideal dating age gap?

    My ideal age gap falls between 3-10 years older than myself.

    If someone falls outside of that age gap, will you still consider an offer to go on a first date with him or her?

    I will still consider the person date worthy, but generally men that fall out of that range seem to be rushing or pushing for physical contact far too soon. Now on the positive note their life experiences are what truly captivate me. Old fashioned charm, humor, wit and chivalry are what drive me to want to know more.

    So to answer the question :Yes, I would because you just never know.

    Have you gone on a date with someone that falls outside of your age gap comfort level?
    Yes, but not yet on this site
    How did the date turn out?
    Well going off of my experiences on other sites: Each time if failed horribly. Date 2 never happened because Date 1 was such a disaster. Main things that stood out were: Pushy , rude, demeaning, condescending, disrespectful,greedy, vulgar, impatient and immature.

    The most shocking was the immaturity level of many of these men. You never expect to date someone much older than yourself yet closely resembles Benjamin Button (at the end of his life).

    As with all things, you can’t blame an entire age group because of a few bad apples. There are amazing men within all age ranges.

  7. queen says:

    Most of the men i have met have been ok. just do not know how to talk to the females. Social misfits.

    • Bobby the K says:

      That’s hilarious. Hopefully you at least get paid enough for those dates.

      Also, it takes practice. In fact, the best part about this site is the practice. I’m turning into a romantic stud! lol 🙂

      If I weren’t in school, I’d practice every day and spend tons of money!

  8. queen says:

    Not paid enough bobby!

  9. queen says:

    I have been on a few second dates also and they either psy nothing or the same cheap meeting rate as before.

    • Bobby the K says:

      I understand your feeling, and I hope you meet more dates that suit you. But I’ve met so many “formerly” beautiful women so full of regret because they didn’t figure out ways to love all their moments passionately and intensely while they were beautiful. They were never told they reach their biological peak at 26 and no matter how many facials or tightenings they have, the hands hide nothing. Beauty is just delayed suffering. I hope this doesn’t sound too preachy.

      • Blue says:

        As a lifetime model and entertainer nothing could be farther from the truth as most older women know. I guess I didn’t blossom till mid 30s and the men we attract get younger and I mean the hot model types. The sugar daddies pay more because they know you are worth more. I’ve had plenty of long lasting SD’s a decade younger than me! Seems like at my age, the only guys that don’t like me are the wrinkly old ones who think they have money to buy anyone. I swear up is down and down is up in this world! I’ve seen it way-too-often to make blanket statements like that and I can’t say I completely understand it but aging and Sugar Dating continually restores my faith in men and in humanity.

    • If you did not like the first date or thought it was chep, why did you accept AND agree to another date?

  10. queen says:

    And the point is what bobby? Why must men always make a girl feel she has one foot in the grave and in most cases from guys who never had looks to begin with. I would date 70 yr old racheal weltch anyday but i bet guys are just scared if her brains because they can not get one over on her. Most guys like young so they can push them around. I would worry about the younger girls dad or brother stepping in.

    • Blue says:

      ” Why must men always make a girl feel she has one foot in the grave and in most cases from guys who never had looks to begin with.”

      Well said Queen! Seriously! How many have way decent looking guys are there here anyways. LOL Men need to take a look in the mirror before they start playing beauty pageant judge to us. Rich hot guys are usually generous with money and praise they have no need to tear others down.

      What most men don’t realize is that we don’t lust after them we do our best to overlook what they so painfully lack and this is the type of comments we get from men! I live and work with famous models and A list celebrities for 20 yrs and trust me I’m not playing second fiddle to them either, I live in a building in nyc where the doormen are hotter than me and the tenants are legends. Most men I come into contact with would not be caught dead on this site let alone speak that way about people. They think these men are fools and missing the very Joie De Vivre of life that we provide for them. This is why the guys on here are paying…for a chance.

      Real men are kind to others.

  11. queen says:

    And who cares about a girls hands anyway? Some girls are born with ugly hands and nails. I have seen horrible looking 18 yr old with 80 yr old bodies and they never even had one kid! A male friend of mine will reject girls for what he calls dry husky feet. Hes 70!

  12. queen says:

    Time and time again i hear from guys on dates from these sites thats girls are worse looking in person then pics……the guys saying it are busted looking. It makes me not want to see him again because i would be willing to bet that i much rather date those girls then the 5’2 bloated red faced pot bellied troll i am out with or a seriously weathered looking dude.

    • Bobby the K says:

      Sorry to offend you. I’ll be more careful next time. It’s hard to express everything on a blog. My point was about Time, not about putting women down.

      Also, I haven’t had the experiences Blue has had, so I could be wrong.

      Has anyone out there ever read Baudelaire’s The Little Old Women? Does this kind of thing really happen to the women on this site, or is he full of crap? I know it happens to men.

      But of course, life is too important to be taken seriously.:)

      • Blue says:

        Thank you, but I don’t understand what you mean about “Time”? What are you referring too?

        I never heard of Baudelaire but I will look it up. l really think the secret to staying young is to not think about aging, at least not in a negative way. A healthy self image is not looking for the next thing to go wrong or wear out. I have known quite a few young men in their 20s who I thought were middle aged. I think they denied themselves something.

        • Blue says:

          Looked it up. Looks like a beautiful poem and sounds depressing I am not sure I even want to read it.

          Could we please talk about women like Elizabeth Hurley or Demi Moore or Michele Pfeiffer instead? I don’t think they would have any problems on here getting a lot of dates. I need to cleanse my palette of negative talk about aging.

          For men how about Randy Couture? Hello!

          No excuses guys.

        • Bobby the K says:

          You must be a remarkable woman. I can’t even imagine it.

          I hate talking about this in public because it’s not something many in our society talk about. But I’ll say it anyway and this is the last because I like funny and fun.

          A guy who had been through the worst experience imaginable said the young have more opportunities, but they should be envious of the old because through all their loss and suffering they “rose to the occasion” and each time they did it’s like a jewel in their bag and the young have very few jewels. That thought helped me love deeply every moment of my life no matter what happens (and every woman no matter how old, ha ha). So what I meant about Time was, even when I have a bad date, when I rise to the occasion, I have another jewel in my bag, and it gives me such freedom that nothing can take away the love of my moments, that is, Time. That’s what I meant.

          When the women discuss how a man treats them badly because of the man trying to compensate for his insecurity and loss in old age, I admire the women here who stick through it and maintain their dignity. It’s another jewel in their bag.

          OK enough. I’m done. I seriously love to party and live like a banshee. Party! Hot babes! Wine, women, and song!!! 🙂

          But thanks Blue for your honesty. Your beauty must be twofold.

    • FunnyJen says:

      If I was out with a man that talked about women in this manner, I would point out his flaws in the nicest way possible. Then after doing this I would excuse myself and tell him to keep his money. I know a few friends that do this and I always call them out on their -6 out of a perfect 10 rating.

  13. queen says:

    Woooohoooo! I just got asked out to a hot date….in a hotel room! ~ tacky ~

  14. someguy says:

    OK, my dear Queen lady.
    You have to realize that it is very discouraging for women to ask for $200 right off the bat.
    Men are already willing to spend over $200 on a first date, why pay you the $200 that we are already spending on your date prior to the date?
    $200 x 2 = $400 in one night.

    I for one have plenty of money to spend on a woman I feel attracted to, but $400 in one night does not make any sense to me for a walk in the park.

    • Blue says:

      I’d rather the the money than a $200 dinner and if you have a difficult time paying me the minimum $200 I requested and you agreed upon, what makes you think I would want to continue?

      How could you possibly expect each woman to sit through an entire date on pins and needles wondering if you are just another jerk looking to rip her off or going to find some excuse after spending all that time to renege on the deal. We don’t know you. The best thing a gentleman can do is to get the money out of the way so it’s not awkward the entire date and even more awkward after when you two know each other and it feels silly.

      Just take care of biz and get on it with it. Unless you really don’t intend on paying…

  15. queen says:

    Someguy~the site says generous men though not budget men. We are putting our safety on the line so 200.00 is not much to ask. 100.00 is what i would spend on gettibg ready as far as nails, spray tan, hair and new outfit.

    • I_See says:

      really? you do this for any type of gathering? what if it’s just a coffee or a lunch thing? you never go out with a guy unless you have a new outfit?

      • queen says:

        I dont wear makeup and dress in a sexy outfit so i do have to fix up.

        • I_See says:

          Yes, but you said a “new outfit”, did you mean change of clothes? It really takes 200 for you to prepare yourself to have coffee with a guy? Not insulting you, just curious as to why. I mean, sure I’m a guy so it’s easier, but I just spritz a little cologne on my pecs, put on my tiger-striped thong and I’m out de do’…;-)

        • FunnyJen says:

          loooooooooool tiger striped thong!!!!!! ha!!!

        • queen says:

          200.00 is not much to ask. It is in fact very low for the risk of meeting a stranger and possibly be followed home and raped / killed. If your mom where on here wouldnt you want her getting big bucks and not the low ballin skeezers?

        • I_See says:

          If that’s what you want to ask, I’m not arguing with you. But if it is used as a type of measuring stick, isn’t any date a risk to some extent? I mean, look at all the date-rape stats out there. Are you suggesting every woman should be paid for any date and in what way does the 200 prevent sexual violence? If everyone offering less than 200 is a low balling skeezer, I don’t think I’m the lone male on the site taking that personally.

        • I_See says:

          Yes, a thong. That’s my casual date outfit, it takes less time than my Sunday-go-to-meetin’ codpiece.

        • Blue says:

          LOL LOL LOL Love it at least you bring some sexy to the party too!

          But listen I have a career and school and neither require the type of wardrobe this type of thing does. I’m not here looking for food. I’m here to date for money and meet GENEROUS Gentlemen, nobody else, so it has to be more than my hourly wage. $200 is not much more and in my modeling world it’s way less. So you do the math.

          Nobody has balked so far. The men have even offered more than that and not asked for sex.

  16. BabyGirl says:

    How long did it take for anyone to here to get a date? I’m afraid my age is a turn-off but I really don’t look my age

  17. queen says:

    Babygirl~ send winks to everyone in your area. Aldo you will find that most the 50 year old try to claim 35-40.

    • I_See says:

      Q, men or women? I’m trying to think what kind of a guy would do something like that on this site and what the purpose would be…maybe some lame attempt to bring the price down for himself?

      But women, I can understand it but I dislike it intensely. I don’t go for girls anyway, preferring 30+, but every woman I have dated on this site has done it. Actually very annoying. I mean, I’m too nice a guy to say anything and I pay up, but I won’t see the woman again. If truth means so little to her she would lie about her age like that (or her beauty – I had one who honestly had a facial deformity that she had turned strategically from the camera each shot, making her look pretty cute…), than there is nothing appealing about this woman. We aren’t even talking about the pictures that are 30 pounds too old, either. I like meat on the bone, but I don’t like to be surprised by it as if it didn’t matter. If it didn’t matter she wouldn’t put the old pics up and pretend like she was the svelte young thang she used to be.

      • I_See says:

        Uh by “I don’t go for girls” I meant I don’t go for young girls, I prefer women older than 30, NOT that I prefer men…of any age…

      • Blue says:

        They all do. The last guy said he was 44 and had a great photo I thought finally a guy who is my type. I get there and he’s almost 60 has 30+ old kids and is very overweight.

        Guys almost always admit it right away. The funny thing is at my age I can’t tell the difference between 45 and 65.

      • NeverStop says:

        I noticed that I cannot change my birthdate on this site. I suppose they do this to stop users from “testing out” age variations.

  18. Ivy says:

    What is your ideal dating age gap?

    I prefer to date upwards of 30 and don’t have a cut-off age.

    If someone falls outside of that age gap, will you still consider an offer to go on a first date with him or her?

    It all depends on the conversation. I find that younger men think of this site as a fun joke and don’t really have plans to follow through. I don’t date much but I know what I want and I find that older men are more sure of their needs, wants, and goals.

    Have you gone on a date with someone that falls outside of your age gap comfort level?  How did the date turn out?

    I haven’t dated anyone outside of my gap comfort level but I have accepted offers. The young ones haven’t followed through, as I expected.

    • gordaman627 says:

      I am 67. (Already I can hear the eeeewwww’s.) I still have a strong sex drive and like to spend 3 to 4 hours on an after date playdate. I think women find me interesting because I am well educated, a world traveler and have had so many life experiences. I have dates scheduled at present with an 18 year old, a 19 year old and a 22 year old. They accepted $70, $50, and $30 offers, respectively. I plan in each case to give them more than the agreed price. Two of them have already agreed to have sex with me for an additional charge. I haven’t brought it up yet with the third woman. I think the statistics stated above about older men having to pay 400% more to get a young woman to date him are BS. By the way, the women who have accepted my low offers are all gorgeous and I am sure could demand a much higher price. Why they accepted my offers, I do not know. For me, it was a shot in the dark. I really didn’t think the lowball offers would be accepted.

      Do most of the women on the site expect sex to be included (usually for an extra cost) as part of the date? I am expecting to enjoy wonderful evenings out at fine restaurants with young hotties dressed to kill on my arm. I then expect them to WANT to come back to my hotel room with me to continue the evening’s enjoyment. I’m sure I am going to get a lot of interesting comments on this posting. Bring it on.

  19. uniquebeauty says:

    I believe a 10-15 year gap is cool but it depends on the person’s outlook on “age” If they fall outside the age gap then I mean as long as the person is not like twice the gap then it’s a go. Yes, I’ve went on a date with a guy about 13 years older than me and he gave me an extra $300!!!! Just for being myself and allowing him to talk most of the time. I mean to each it’s own but who says dating has it’s limits when it comes to age?

  20. queen says:

    Guys say they make themselves seem younger to get younger girls but this is not a normal dating site. Older can be a plus here.

  21. I_See says:

    No, FunnyJen, it costs to read any message a guy gets. The amount they charge depends on the accepted date price, lowest cost being 20 points, about 10 dollars, but increasing with the date cost. I don’t know what the scale is, haven’t really paid attention to it.

    Blue, no problem with your hurried approach, but you should, speaking of courtesy, mention that on your profile. From what you say you charge top dollar and there might be reasons for delayed contact. It would be kind of frustrating to pay the reading fee, get caught up and unable to reply, and then discover that you’d been blocked a few days later. Making repid reply into a secret qualifying quiz seems unfair when just a sentence more on you profile would let him know he needs to act now.

    At any rate, all these complaints and horror stories, isn’t the object to create a SD/SB relationship? It almost sounds like professional date-ism here. Are there no guys on this site contacting you all looking for a mistress, or do I misunderstand the purpose of this site?

    • Blue says:

      You might be right but people don’t want to hear negative bossy profiles, these guys get it and I’ve been doing this long enough to know that out of the 100’s of emails I get each month, only the ones who were eager were the ones who come through anyways. When a guy stalls, 99.9% of the time it’s because he has no intention of meeting. 100% in my case but I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt because their are no absolutes and anything is possible.

      • I_See says:

        Ok, if it’s too much effort and it works for you – it does sounds like the site’s good business for you – than no point in changing anything. Getting hundreds of offers every month, can’t you pretty much tell the serious from the non?

        • Blue says:

          Yes, that was my point. I can tell, the serious ones don’t waste time. Nothing about a man’s email says he is serious more than that.

          You must think men try very hard to impress us. They don’t. They all say the same shit. 1 in 500 guys may write something original and he’s looking for a girlfriend not a Sugar Babe. On the other sites where we get emails it’s easier to tell, but here all we get is an “offer” how am I supposed to “tell” who is serious and who is not???

          I have heard it all so I say put your money where you mouth is or get deleted.

        • I_See says:

          What did you do for paid dates before this site and how did, or do, they work out?

        • Blue says:

          Seeking Arrangement and another Sugar daddie site I probably should not mention here. SA is the same owner.

        • I_See says:

          Ok, but this “internet” fad and dating sites that cater to paid dating hasn’t been around that long. You have better experiences elsewhere? Not asking for names, but don’t those sites suffer the same interpersonal issues?

        • Blue says:

          These are the only sites I know. These sites did not invent Sugar dating, they just capitalized on what human behavior.

        • I_See says:

          You didn’t answer my question though. I wasn’t asking for the founders of paid dating, just curious as to whether or not your experience has shown that other similar sites suffer the same human problems, and/or how they deal with them.

        • Blue says:

          I see said the blind man…my mistake. I’m still not sure what you are asking me. Maybe you could be more specific. They all have different problems I guess depending on what works for you and what you are worried about.

        • I_See says:

          Never mind, I see I sort of took all the women’s laments of this blog post and put it into a question to you when in fact you hadn’t made all the statements. I was just curious if you’d had better luck other places, which probably isn’t the question one should ask on a site’s blog…

  22. gordaman627 says:

    I am 67. (Already I can hear the eeeewwww’s.) I still have a strong sex drive and like to spend 3 to 4 hours on an after date playdate. I think women find me interesting because I am well educated, a world traveler and have had so many life experiences. I have dates scheduled at present with an 18 year old, a 19 year old and a 22 year old. They accepted $70, $50, and $30 offers, respectively. I plan in each case to give them more than the agreed price. Two of them have already agreed to have sex with me for an additional charge. I haven’t brought it up yet with the third woman. I think the statistics stated above about older men having to pay 400% more to get a young woman to date him are BS. By the way, the women who have accepted my low offers are all gorgeous and I am sure could demand a much higher price. Why they accepted my offers, I do not know. For me, it was a shot in the dark. I really didn’t think the lowball offers would be accepted.

    Do most of the women on the site expect sex to be included (usually for an extra cost) as part of the date? I am expecting to enjoy wonderful evenings out at fine restaurants with young hotties dressed to kill on my arm. I then expect them to WANT to come back to my hotel room with me to continue the evening’s enjoyment. I’m sure I am going to get a lot of interesting comments on this posting. Bring it on.

  23. gordaman627 says:

    I posted comments to this forum on either Sept. 21 or 22. That posting has been removed. Why was it removed? If it was inadvertent please restore the posting. Thanks.

  24. gordaman627 says:

    Oops! Never mind. It has reappeared. Thank you.

  25. gordaman627 says:

    Now my posting has disappeared again. WTF! What’s going on?

  26. gordaman627 says:

    Still waiting for my post to be approved. Did I say something management didn’t like?

  27. someguy says:

    Well my dear queen, and ladies that are like queen.
    Apparently you are here for the right reasons, I am here for the wrong ones.
    I just want to meet someone.

    Lady who wants $200 just wants to get paid.
    Guy who wants to feel like the girl is interested in him, will accept a lower offer, who knows if during the meet up you may come to an agreement of taking care of her because you listen to her story.

    That I have no problem of doing.
    But can’t really judge anyone here since the website promotes what we would all thing is wrong.
    But here is right.

    • Blue says:

      I think gentlemen have to earn our interest don’t you?

      I have had all nice guys here but none are what I would call good looking. At least not so far from this site, and the one guy I agreed to a $150 and did not counter, turned out to be at least 20-30 yrs older and at least 50 lbs heavier. His pic was probably him back in the 70’s now that I think about it. His children are as old as he said he was in the profile.

      I don’t think everyone thinks this is wrong only a segment of the population stuck in puritanical thinking.

      • I_See says:

        Thinks what is wrong, lying about their age/weight/beauty? If thinking that is wrong is “puritanical”, I guess I’ll have to just say, “burn the witches! Persecute the heretics!” 🙂

        But seriously, if it doesn’t matter to the modern, unrepressed dater what the real age, size, attractiveness of the potential interest is, why have pics at all? Puritanically speaking, it’s like me paying for the date with Monopoly money.

      • I_See says:

        Unless you were referring to the age gap…I’d agree with that. But that’s a “standard” that is flogged and perpetrated by the media.

  28. queen says:

    Someguy~ girls do not fall for guys from photos they love between the ears~ how a man treats them and what a man says. If i take a lower offer in the back of my mind i can not get over how i was low balled. I just feel like he is placing a low value on me. My spray tan is 40.00 and my nails are 50.00 and toes 25.00. I do get these three things done before dates. Otherwise, i work from home and am single so i do not run around all primped up. I also use high end products and makeup so dating is a cost to me. I have also ruined a couple of outfits and a pair of shoes going out on dates. One guy dropped his cig in my lap and burned a hole im my velvet evening gown!

    • I_See says:

      Right, but from another side, to play devil’s advocate…do you get these things done every date? Aside from some oaf ruining your clothes, aren’t these purchases a one-shot, at least for a week of dating? That means, if like Blue you are multi-dating during that time frame, those costs are each being subsidized by every date. If it were an SD arrangement and all the goodies were the date’s and that date’s alone, sure, it’s a cost incurred for him. But you aren’t taking off the tan toes nails each new date. Just throwing that out there, not trying to offend.

    • Blue says:

      Yes, and you can’t put a price on people and say this is one group and this is another. Living in nyc for a woman that makes $200 an up an hour that can be a bit presumptuous to say she is only looking for money. She may be looking for her financial equal or greater. On other sugar sites where the date isn’t paid, I have had $200, $300 and $1000 given to me just for dinner. The $1000 was from a man who let me know he could not be my sugar daddy he didn’t want me to be disappointed but the only way he could continue is if I was serious about dating him. $200-300 is taxi money or go buy youself something. Not really a big deal.

      I could easily rack up $1000 on stuff I need to do this dating for money thing here. Mani/pedi $60+ in nyc. A bottle of good perfume is expensive, to get my hair highlights redone and trim $280 every 6-8 weeks. A nice handbag is an investment, clothing is an expensive investment. Their is not enough volume on the site and especially at $200 a dinner to really make money a profit.

      I hear over and over guys saying that the girls on sugar sites are just better quality. Well these same guys who come here because they don’t want the girls on Match or POF should ask themselves, if they do not look like Brad Pitt or Tyson Beckford, what sets them apart from the guys on Match and POF for us? Money so as with anything it would be good to stay competitive.

      • I_See says:

        No offense, but in my experience with the other sites you mentioned, the idea that the women here are “better quality” is no doubt put forward by unattractive guys. The requirement on those sites is that the man looks good, is intelligent, has a facility with words and is actually interested in the woman. The introduction of money, at least in our society and in men’s thinking, means that they can leap frog such niceties and still get a first date with a woman out of their league. Access to the unattainable, either in looks or especially in age, as the article above addresses, is what this site is about. So yes, I agree with you in that sense, that if a guy has none of the prerequisites to score a woman of acceptable “quality” on the other sites, he should be prepared to pay Blue what Blue demands.

  29. queen says:

    Sorry guys but truth is dates on here are few and far between. Only a few a month. Not enough to make a living. Geez! ~On the flip side if a man does a super low offer then he will be meeting me at a high end place where wine alone starts at 22.00 a glass or more. Ritz here we come!

  30. Tom says:

    I’ve been in dates with older women on a few occasions and although they are apprehensive of your maturity if you treat them right, spoil them, then you have an amazing time and after that age hasn’t mattered to me. Plus like me if he’s got so much energy he’d keep you happy for days, not such a bad thing! x

  31. queen says:

    Omg! Just had a lunch date and the guy said he dont pay to meet people first date. He said he did not pay three other girls either. Says his profile states that. I told him this is what the site is about. This guy needs to be deleted asap! He said he is out money by taking time to meet me. Also said we can go back to my place to see if we have chemistry before he decides because many hot chics are lame in bed.

    • Brandon Wade says:

      Now that is an interesting approach that is sure to fail. Promise money, then don’t offer it up at the date. Wonder how he gets any girls to agree to go out with him again on a 2nd or 3rd date. Some guys just never learn.

      • Blue says:

        My hunch is he’s not looking for a 2nd or 3rd date.

        Maybe if he was deleted he would learn.

        • queen says:

          Or at least he needs a warning email because he lookef shocked when i told him how the site works. He said ; no one complained so far or turned him in and this is the way he does things and they way he will use the site. Read his profile ~ northdallasguy

        • Blue says:

          The name is not coming up for me. Sorry.

          What price did you agree upon that you accepted?

        • queen says:

          Only 100.00 miss blue.

        • Blue says:

          $100 is not bad. Still you agreed on that. He accepted. He does know he is just playing dumb. He should be reported.

          I think men have the option when they meet us to say “no” to the date as inconvenient as that might be, but to go through with the date and then not pay is unacceptable.

  32. queen says:

    Yes brandon, your site got the money for my date hook up and i did my part by follow through. This would be a scam of my time from this man.

    • I_See says:

      That’s a crime, Queen. I know the exact kind of mofo, almost a waste of a bullet. I don’t agree with you all the time, but he made a mutual arrangement to pay for a date and lying to you (clearly he never had any intention of paying) is breach of contract. I hope you didn’t stay for anything. A swift kick in the nuts before parting would also have been in order. Sorry about that, girl.

      • I_See says:

        Also, if he isn’t kicked off the site, and since he says it states on his profile that he doesn’t pay (despite the whole system of this site being based on just that, paying), that his profile should be published warning women of this cheap-ass bastard.

  33. queen says:

    He asked me to gamble and sleep with him to see what my money prize is. I told him gamblers never win! Bye bye!

  34. queen says:

    He also changed his profile info saying he wont pay after the date offer. Creep on so many levels.

  35. queen says:

    I got a date offer from a married female but now shes acting much like a man would. I am starting to think that perhaps it is her hubby behind the offer and its some kind of freaky thing.

  36. I_See says:

    What constitutes “freaky”, and do you mean like, “gettin’ freaky wid it” and “getting my freak on”, or just perv-y single guy hi-jinx?

  37. queen says:

    Does it matter isee? Are you just on here to be an overall pain? I know you are that same handle that used king. Your posts are seriously full of jealousy!

  38. I_See says:

    What? I just asked a question. I have no idea why you’re upset or what there is to be jealous of. Forget the question then, I meant no offense.

  39. queen says:

    You keep nit picking at us girls on every little thing. I feel you are angry and trying to make us look a fool by having to explain every little thing. It comes across as an angry female who can not get any dates at all on this site so you want to make a fool of those who do. It screams jealousy on some level.

    • I_See says:

      I don’t know what you’re talking about. I haven’t been at all negative. in this case I was being humorous because the “woman” was suggesting what sounded like a threeway, which would be one definition of “freaky”, the other being if it were just some guy for some reason pretending to be a man-wife team. That’s all. As said, no offense intended and I’m sorry the joshing didn’t come across as such.

  40. queen says:

    Both apply in this case isee. I had to block her aka him. I think its another way to scam a low rate out of us because my dumb self said yes to a 25.00 0ffer.

  41. Danni says:

    I looked at the northdallasguy’s profile. Yuck!! How has he not been kicked off the site? He is basically looking to scam a woman and get himself a free test drive. Disgusting!

  42. queen says:

    Danni, he says because the site has not given him a warning so hes thinking its ok to keep doing it!

  43. queen says:

    Blue, check your profile url and take out your profile nsme and put in his.

  44. queen says:

    If we let these guys stay on the site the whole concept will implode, as all men will start doing the same thing!

  45. bbranson says:

    I’m new and guess I don’t get the point of this site yet. I’m not here to pay for a date every time I want to go out. I’m here to find a young woman who wants to date me on an ongoing basis and be treated very well with nice dinners, shopping sprees, vacations, etc. and will spoil me in return with the things she has to offer such as time, attention, affection, etc. I will only pay for a first date to see if there is a connection and common goals and interest in what I have described above. I am not looking for anything that is “transactional” in nature. I want to quickly reach an understanding of how we can take care of each other and actually enjoy our time together and connect emotionally as well as physically. Not expecting “love”, but there definitely needs to be a connection that goes beyond money and sex. I would hope to develop a close friendship with benefits for both of us. That’s what I thought a SD/SB relationship was all about. Am I in the right place or am I crazy?

  46. queen says:

    You are talking in circles bbranson. Confused !!!

  47. queen says:

    Bbranson: When a person is so narcissistically absorbed in his own ideas or beliefs that he is totally oblivious to reality, they pursue their own solipsistic interpretation of reality so aggressively and persistently as to actually undo whatever it is they’re trying to accomplish.

  48. bbranson says:

    Let’s see if I can be more clear. If I wanted to just pay to have sex with a beautiful woman (transactional), I would go to an escort site of which there are plenty. That’s not what I want. I’m hoping to develop an ongoing relationship where two people actually enjoy spending time together and spoil each other with the things the other person likes. So my question is this. Is the expectation of the women on this site that they will get paid $200 (or some amount) for every date or are they looking for more of a lifestyle where they are spoiled within a relationship? Would love to hear the thoughts of several.

  49. queen says:

    Brandon, escorts use fake pics but….if you wanna stand in line for a turn then have a go my friend.

  50. queen says:

    Who said you get sex here?

  51. bbranson says:

    Wow. Can you not read? I clearly stated that I do NOT want to see escorts. Anyone else out there who would care to respond to my question concerning what the women’s expectations are for ongoing dating/relationship?

  52. dittoDon says:

    Branson, my suggestion is to not waste your time trying to clarify for everyone. If a person persists in not understanding, there’s probably a reason for it. It was fairly clear what you said the first time except that you seem to imply you won’t pay for first dates. Is that right? If so you should probably look elsewhere. Sure you want a long term thing; there’s no regulation about second dates, but you and she would discuss future connections at the first date. This site deals only with the initial connection, so if in fact you don’t want to pay for the first meeting, you’re in the wrong place.

    • dittoDon says:

      Plus, bbranson, it isn’t that they can’t read, it’s that they don’t want to. They cherry-pick one or two sentences and take them out of context and that’s what they reply to.

  53. queen says:

    well he writes : two people actually enjoy spending time together and spoil each other with the things the other person likes.

    And that sounds like a fit for this site.

  54. likethis says:

    I think 200 is a minimum bc I am looking for a successful man who doe snot weep at losing 200 if it does not work out.

    I have found that the hot successful guys have no problem with 200-500. One even doubled it and gave me 1000! Why? bc he had a great time (no sex) just dinner and conversation. People who are successful are proud they are successful, and happy to be able to give money to a nice woman for a nice date. Guys who lie and spend your time and then do not pay should be kicked off this site.

  55. likethis says:

    like blue and queen have been saying, there is a reason us women want a successful guy. For me it is bc if he is successful it usually means he has qualities that made him successful (e.g., sophistication, manners, professionalism, good conversationalist, charming, giving, treats others well).

    so if you can’t pay 200 then you should not be asking me for a date. I don’t want to have an expensive dinner with a guy that I am not interested in bc I have been there and done that. That does not impress me. I also do not desire to go to Bora Bora with a guy that I do not like. I would rather be alone in a line for coffee at the local place. Some guys just don’t get it. Real success impresses me. I want a real relationship with a real successful man that I feel an attraction to. Until then I appreciate at least getting paid for going and yet another date. I hate dating. I just want to find the one. Lots of guys on here seem to just want lots of chances at better looking women but they hope that the woman doe snot want the money. If that is how you are then you are not an honest guy, and any woman in her right mind would say sayonara immediately to a liar.

  56. bbranson says:

    Thanks Don. I definitely will pay a reasonable amount for a first date to see if there is potential, but I’m not gonna pay every time I see someone. That is way too transactional in my opinion.

    There are 3 reasons I’m willing to do this at all: 1. I don’t like the bar scene much and don’t have many opportunities to meet people in my profession. 2. I don’t have enough time to devote right now to keep a woman happy in a full blown “traditional” relationship. and, 3. I am hopelessly attracted to younger women. I think I’m a likeable guy, but at my age I realize I’m not gonna catch their eye without some added incentive.

    So I’ll give it a try for a little while and see if anything develops. It’s worth a shot.

    • I_See says:

      What guy doesn’t like younger women? I’ve found that the best chance of getting disappearing profiles is in the younger set, though, and I think in my area the young women view WYP as a lark or a little confidence booster and are never serious about meeting. I live in a mid size City though, larger town women may be different, but i Haven’t met a single woman under 29 on this site whose profile hasn’t magically closed a day after she’s accepted an offer.

  57. xcentrique says:

    I haven’t gotten a single offer or wink on here. I suppose I am doing something wrong? How do the rest of you get noticed?

    • dittoDon says:

      Well, if you don’t have pictures or yourself up, or if you live a long way from civilization, you probably won’t get a lot of winks or offers. You could do some offering yourself to local candidates, but if you don’t have a few pics up, as a man I wouldn’t be willing to offer anything; it costs to do that if the offer is accepted and taking the chance for whatever amount is not worth it, at least in my opinion.

      • xcentrique says:

        I have about 4 pictures up, and I’m in Dallas so I’m not quite sure. Eh, que sera sera.

        • I_See says:

          Maybe there are a lot of other women in Dallas so finding you isn’t guaranteed. It could also be a settings issue (not sure if they allow account masking on WYP but maybe you just aren’t “visible”). And too it could be a picture quality thing, or men may prefer women dressed in a certain fashion in Dallas (like in a cowboy hat or something…;-) ); your preferred partner might be unreasonably grand, you could have too much info or not enough about yourself, you might have a lot of typos…any number of things. Look around at other Dallas chicks profiles if that’s possible…can one do that? Not sure…

  58. queen says:

    xcentrique- go to search and look for locals who have “Premium” next to profile and send them all a wink !

  59. queen says:

    xcentrique- go to search and look for locals who have “Premium” next to profile and send them all a wink !

  60. just bc says:

    I think women on here are fed up with the guys from the other sites that just waste our time. I admit I am looking for a man that makes 3x more money than me at least. I am a traditional girl and I spend lots of time looking good. For that time I spend looking good I want a guy that puts in an equal effort into bringing security to the relationship. I am not interested in old guys that primp and try to look young. I prefer mature men that know the difference between being a man and a woman. An old guy that works out is still an old guy. An old guy with security is hotter than an old guy that works at looking hot. Looking hot is the girl’s job;)

  61. michelle says:

    AGenerousGiver is NOT who he says he is NOR is he the person in the pic. he offers high prices for dates but then will tell you he is not mobile and just got out of the hospital. the fool weighs over 400lbs, he wont show his real pic but puts a fake pic up so people do not put him down

  62. michelle says:

    hi trkteacher would love to get to know you

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