7 Signs She is Down For The Second Date
  • Posted Mar 8, 2013
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A woman’s interest can be difficult to read during a first date. Often times, an uninterested woman will remain friendly even when she has no interest in her date. So how exactly can you tell if she is genuinely interested or just being nice?

The trick is to be observant.

Women are implicit in their communication. Unlike most men, women send signals indirectly through their words and actions. As a suitor, it is your job to pick up on these signs so you don’t miss or misread an opportunity.

Here are 7 ways to gauge her interest in an encore date. If you answer “Yes” to the majority of these questions, chances are that the chemistry is there. Well, at least from her perspective:

1.) When you talk about yourself, is she asking questions and engaging you? Or is she just smiling and nodding?

2.) When talking about common interests, does she take initiative and set plans for the future? (Watching a baseball game, going to a museum, etc.)

3.) When someone calls or texts her, does she ignore her phone completely?

4.) Does she talk about how much she is enjoying the date, without you even asking?

5.) Does she laugh even during moments where you’re not trying to be funny? Does she playfully tease you?

6.) Does she mirror your actions? (She leans in as you lean in, etc.)

7.) Does she prolong the evening even further? (Ordering dessert, offering to go to a lounge, etc.)


What are other signs that she is interested in going on another date?

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