7 Signs She is Down For The Second Date
  • Posted Mar 8, 2013
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A woman’s interest can be difficult to read during a first date. Often times, an uninterested woman will remain friendly even when she has no interest in her date. So how exactly can you tell if she is genuinely interested or just being nice?

The trick is to be observant.

Women are implicit in their communication. Unlike most men, women send signals indirectly through their words and actions. As a suitor, it is your job to pick up on these signs so you don’t miss or misread an opportunity.

Here are 7 ways to gauge her interest in an encore date. If you answer “Yes” to the majority of these questions, chances are that the chemistry is there. Well, at least from her perspective:

1.) When you talk about yourself, is she asking questions and engaging you? Or is she just smiling and nodding?

2.) When talking about common interests, does she take initiative and set plans for the future? (Watching a baseball game, going to a museum, etc.)

3.) When someone calls or texts her, does she ignore her phone completely?

4.) Does she talk about how much she is enjoying the date, without you even asking?

5.) Does she laugh even during moments where you’re not trying to be funny? Does she playfully tease you?

6.) Does she mirror your actions? (She leans in as you lean in, etc.)

7.) Does she prolong the evening even further? (Ordering dessert, offering to go to a lounge, etc.)


What are other signs that she is interested in going on another date?

18 Responses to “7 Signs She is Down For The Second Date”

  1. Leroy says:

    All personalities and perspectives are welcome on this blog, while personal attacks and name calling are not. It’s inevitable that there will be disagreements, but let’s handle it as mature adults with class to keep the dialog constructive and respectful. Please refer to the “Blog Etiquette” section for more details. Now comment away and let’s enjoy the blog!

  2. "The Truth" says:

    8. Sign that she is down for the Second Date. YOU SHOW HER A LARGE WAD OF CASH.

  3. A Girl says:

    Guys if you are interested a little in her just ask for a second date. First date are not an all tell sign. There haws to be atleast three before sometimes you can tell. What is the worst she says no… who cares at least you were a gentlemen and tried. Just don’t wait more then a week to ask again is a good tip for you men. : )

  4. northcountry says:

    hey guys dont get mad because we asked for the agreed amount for the date. Does not mean we do not want to see you again , it just means that we are not sure if you will show up again or make that call.

    • timothy says:

      Well it is an agreement between the two parties so there is also that. But some of the women on here are just on here for the money. I know i have met a few of these women.

      • Kanzanmann says:

        No s&*t Timothy ?
        In general I hate gold-diggers, no fault divorce laws and a spouse entitled to half – this is why I will never get married. But at least with this site you can have a better chance at choosing who you want to spend your free time with based on “reciprocal attraction” (womans looks – mans money) without having to “lose half”. Its not as if the men on here are looking for someone marriage material anyway. Think of it as a ride in an amusement park – you pay to have your own personal amusement….then leave the park maintenance to someone else after you’re gone.

        • TheWiseMan says:

          Amusement park ride? Well there is no riding on any sort on this site. You pay $$$ to pay for an expensive dinner then you get a cold hug and go home. That’s why the same women will always be here and the new members keep arriving each hour.

  5. TheWiseMan says:

    9. She tells you that she is “getting to know you”. Yeah so long as my friends Ben Franklin and U. Grant are always there.

    • Bella says:

      Ulysses probably shouldn’t be there- that makes the girl think you’re only after a hooker.

      • richard says:

        I give them half up front to calm their nerves and the other half when the date is over. I never give the $ all up front as then some women will lose interest and make things awkward. One lady even told me she came to the date high on xanax. WTF? I gave her 40 dollars for gas and said good night as she was a mess.

        • Bella says:

          Honestly, in that case I don’t think you should have felt obligated to pay her for gas. Yes, she drove over there, but I’m pretty sure the Xanax label says you shouldn’t operate heavy machinery… and if she was disrespectful enough to show up for the date in a manner that didn’t present herself as exactly what she had originally promised (on her profile, or in messages, etc.), then you’re not expected to pay for her gas.

          Now, if she had told you ahead of time that she was on Xanax for a recent surgery, for example, then you absolutely should have expected her to be loopy and should have asked that she cab it if necessary you meet that night. Hey, some guys don’t mind loopy… if she disclosed that beforehand, then you do need to honor your end.

  6. Man says:

    10) She take your hand or arm after the dinner.

    Generally the signs are written for dinner situation. It depends what you do.
    And a dinner is often expected but surprise a woman. Take her to the unexpected.

    11) Let make her the offer for the first date.
    Here you see if you have a gold digger. If you wants a small sum then she is interesested to who a man and the money is only to cover her costs. If she ask for a really high sum well then man know immediatly that the only wants your money. Especially if she is not a high class model.

    Men should be aware you only pay for the time to meet a girl here and could not expect something in response. Woman here are no escorts.
    Women should be aware the higher the price they request how more are expected.

    From the beginning it is for both side a contract so both sides should agree before the meeting what should be happen, where you go to and how long. That avoids problems and pay 50:50. 50% at the start 50% at the agreed end.
    If she wants to go with you after the agreed time for a cocktails yoy could be sure she enjoys the date.

  7. TraderJ says:

    Hmmm reading the few comments here I guess I have been rather lucky to this point. I have met three women from this site. All three first dates when well none asked or seemed to care about the money issue I had to bring it up after the date was winding down. All three asked for repeat meetings, one of the three did in fact question if we were “supposed” to pay that price for each date, I said nope the second and onward is all about taking it as it comes.

    I have made plans with all three for date two.

    I am feeling very luck at this point that I have not run into the type of women referenced in the OP so far anyway

  8. One of the Beautiful ones... says:

    Guys you are basically a sugar daddy…and if you enjoy being around a beautiful woman (hopefully you ARE picking the beautiful ones and not the busted babes) then take the title and run with it! If a woman wants money to go on a first date with you, why would you expect a second date without money?? And on the date you will make guys jealous, get to flirt and talk about yourself all you want, probably get her drunk enough to actually touch you when she pretends to flirt back (that’s if you are ugly…if you are attractive she will already be touchy-flirty), and not have to deal with her emotional, needy bs. Now I ask you…What is the problem???

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