1 date

My date was great! Site is amazing! love it


Easy Breezy Date

He was very nice and respectful! He picked a great restaurant for us to meet at and we talked over dinner and drinks for 3 hours! But the conversation was so good, it didn't feel that long at all. As soon as he saw me his face lit up, I knew he was excited that it was me he was meeting, so I couldn't bring myself to ask for the half money up front and ruin his pleasure. He paid the whole amount about half way through dinner when he remembered, but I was willing to stay for the rest since he was so nice! We talked about plans to meet up again and I hope our schedules work out. I may have to drive a distance to see him, which he generously offered to help pay for future dates. I can not wait for my next date!!!


He was awesome sexy and fun

We met at a Italian restaurant and had appetizers, salad, dinner, and drinks. He gave me more than I had asked for. We came back to my condo visited more and he went home. Had a great time ty. His name was john from edmond.


Elegant and reserved

I went on a drink date in the Grand Central area with a man from Rome, Italy. He was elegant and reserved. We talked on a variety of subjects. Perhaps a little too much politics. Things got a tad steamy at the close, but no hotel. lol. It was pleasant. As he was only here for a few days and I couldn't meet the next day, that's the last I saw of him. I would like a repeat though. It was lovely.


Fellow33 first date

A wonderful first date, Fellow33 is a true gentleman who is sincere, respectful, professional, and a lot of fun. I felt completely comfortable in his presence — we talked and laughed for hours. He nonchalantly handed me the money when he first arrived, I put it away and forgot that I even had it until after the date had ended, quite sometime later :-)
I was hesitant to join this site, however I love the concept. Being an attractive single female can be arduous in the dating scene, this site encourages only those who are serious. How fun is this!


great idea

I've had several very nice dates from this site. All gentleman and even some more than once. All taking me to very special places. but laugh out loud I have been over run with offers made many friends..and honestly I have to say though I had one man stand me up, but to be honest my karma kind of told me he was going to, but hey after all the good days I had that's ok. This place is super!!!


Weed out the fluff

Both of the dates I went out on were great. The girls were very attractive and charming. I have two more planned. I'm on this website because I just moved to LA and I'm not trying to start a relationship but rather get to know smart pretty woman to hangout with for fun. So far this website has worked in my favor.


great first date

Took a while to nail down a time and place, but he was a super cool guy and I will definitely see him again.


I went on a date it went very well

I actually tried to meet up with the guy but we wernt able to contact each other, so i thought he flaked but he ended up contacting me and we still went out. Then, when we did go out i had fun and he took me out again :-)
I would like to have more positive experiences like this one please send more serious men! :-)



So far I met some really nice guys, I only met up with one and he paid me accordingly. I hope to meet more!