He had actually picked me up for our date, we had hangout and had some fun, overall it was great. After he had given me some more $ than agreed upon. I definitely love this site,



We have the same bday!!! He is super chill and I will see him again!!!


My first, first date on WYP.

He was an intelligent and respectful gentleman. We enjoyed wine, dinner and his four dogs together. I was so comfortable, I forgot about the money until he handed it to me mid-date.

It was a wonderful experience and I look forward to whatever comes next.



I have to admit I was skeptical at first but the date went good. Very nice guy, no problems. Overall very fun


5 hours that changed my life.

Hi, I'm Mike, I'm single and generally speaking I have a lot of dates compared to many of my single guy friends. I find women both on and off line, and they tend to be fun bordering on romantic. I post in my profile that I'm looking for something serious and I always go into date looking for friends. After all, the first step is friendship. :-) I felt I needed to add little background, just because of how amazing this date went. I have to say it was the best date I've ever been on. Neiva77 is not just beautiful, but exceedingly so. She is not only intelligent, but eloquent. She has a head for business a body for sin and the soul of a poet. She is a dream girl.

Every word I have written is true, and yet, I'm not the man she is looking for. It is with a bitter sweet heart that I tell you she is a woman of integrity that knows her own mind. You see, she is looking for her sugar daddy, she says her one and only sugar daddy, but no real relationship. She is totally up front about that. Yes I paid for the date, gave her the offer price and feel that she is worth 10,000 times that much. So, she could have led to me on, drew me in, and I would have followed, hook, line, and sinker. I have a habit of dating beautiful women who will tell me what i want to hear, and so I'm very familiar when I hear a line, she used no lines, she spoke the truth.sadly, I'm not a sugar daddy, I meet most of the criteria to be one, I am just too traditional to take the final step and not expect a full blown relationship.

We went to a speakeasy in Seattle that I like, we spent three hours there taking another two sitting in the car. No sex, I didn't even try, I have a personal policy of no sex till commitment. Fond memories I'll cherish for forever. 5 hours that set a new and higher standard for what I want out of a woman. I'm forever changed. I know she'll never be my lover, I can only hope she'll be my friend till she finds what she is looking for. Thank you Neiva77. I hope to see you again soon.


1st Date

My first date was a great experience he was a true gentleman and I see more dates in the future.We enjoyed a wonderful dinner along with a nice bottle of champagne followed by a movie and all arrangements were met with no problem.


Very nice way to meet new people

I have had the pleasure to meet a few people. Very nice and so kind.
This site is a great way to meet nice people.
I had one very nice man bring flowers so wonderful. (:


awesome first experience

My first date was very attractive and intellectual. Well mannered, polite, and respectful. It was not awkward at all. Over all I'm VERY happy about this site so far!


first date

Met me at the restaurant of my choosing was a complete and total gentleman even brought flowers. He was very sweet. Overall it was a great date!


Great date

I had went out with this girl not knowing what to expect. To my surprise it went well. We all have a chance to get to know the people whom we will be seeing. We had a good talk online and via text. Once we met, it went very well. She was a pleasure to be with it and actually went so well she agreed to go out on another date. I only wish i had met her sooner. We could have been together doing this a lot sooner