WhatsYourPrice Tutorial: Site Tour


Ready to make the most of your WhatsYourPrice account? Hop in for a tour of the WhatsYourPrice site. 

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  1. Dashboard: Visit your dashboard at any time by clicking on the WhatsYourPrice heart logo. The dashboard gives you a quick summary of your recent activity, shows members who are online and newest members.


  1. Search Page: Search for the perfect first date by selecting the magnifying glass. Don’t forget to customize your search by applying filters! Once applied, your filters will be automatically added to your search until you logout or update them again.


  1. Favorites: Revisit your favorites by selecting the star icon. Favoriting a member sends them a notification, and you can view your favorites and your own notifications here!


  1. Offer Page: Track the progress of both offers and winks on the this page. Review offers and winks that you’ve sent and received, including their current status (pending/accepted/rejected.)


  1. Messages: Check back on conversations with other WhatsYourPrice members. Totally fed up by unanswered or rude messages? On WhatsYourPrice, messaging is only available after both members have agreed on an offer for a first date, and the Generous member has spent credits to unlock it. Because everyone is on the same page, you can get acquainted knowing that both parties are serious about meeting up.


  1. Profile Settings: View and edit your profile, purchase credits, manage your photos, and update your account settings.


  Last stop! Did you enjoy this WhatsYourPrice.com site tour? Leave a comment below with your Offer story or advice on using WhatsYourPrice to find the perfect first date.

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28 Responses to “WhatsYourPrice Tutorial: Site Tour”

  1. How do you accept offer

    • QueenSerenity25 says:

      I just accepted two offers today it will pop on the one of the icons above on the website. You click it and you will see the potential offers when you click the person who wants to go on a dtae with you it will say “accept” “ignore” or counter.

    • Paul says:

      Why has ethnicity be removed? That should be a choice of the member to list.

  2. Shamelle says:

    Iam looking for some one who really love children and who really know to treated a lady

  3. Kellie Perry says:

    I am looking for someone who doesnt judge a book by its cover and gives me at least one chance. Cause if they do they will realize they have found a diamond in the rough or a pearl amongst the sand and kit could be a fun adventure or a life long trip that never ends but youll never know if you dont take that first step and thats accepting my offer and giving the first date at least a try.

  4. Sam says:

    I’ll suggest this, there needs to be a way to withdraw an offer. I’ve had two women accept my offer then through chat want a small fortune more. At that time I should be able to withdraw my offer because I’m certainly not going to enjoy dinner with a woman that expects a lot more than is offered.

    • QueenSerenity25 says:

      agreed. There also there isn’t an answer if the person who suppose to pay for your date doesn’t. What happens to them.

  5. Christie may says:

    How do you get paid?

    • Janell says:

      Hi! I have received an offer and are making arrangements to go on a date soon. I don’t understand or know how do you get paid?

      • joe says:

        Well payment is agreed upon with mutual trust that it will be paid in full when meeting before the date begins, unless stated otherwise. So, if you are thinking that a person is not going to pay, dont bother with the date. Trust your judgment, and be careful.

  6. Annie says:

    Hw do u get a date????

  7. Larry says:

    Too many spoofed/fake accounts on this site to continue it’s use!

  8. Jazmine Debose says:

    I am curious on signing up for this website, but happened to come across your comment and I just wanted to say on behalf of pretty nice women who don’t mind just having a conversation with someone, I’m sorry you’re having bad luck! And I would love to just talk if you were interested!

    • Humanparts says:


    • Claudine -Marie says:

      Hello.I think I’ve signed up to an American website, and I’m an East London girl lol.. and it wouldn’t let me write what rhymes with mockney lol..but you can say d**k.. funny s**t. Do you think I can be flown over for my date.. I’m joking..god luck everyone..and I hope you find happiness x

  9. Queen says:

    If i was given an offer and it says e can’t chat until he pays, who does he pay? Do I get what he offered or does the site?

  10. Darin says:

    How do you chat with someone?

  11. AB says:

    Did I miss something or did the search function get watered down?

    I know guys are second class citizens on OD sites, so nobody cares as long as they keep paying to play on these sites, but forcing more women and men onto my screen is just wasting their time, not mine. I’m going to decide to pay up and message whoever I want to in any event.

  12. songbird722 says:

    Continued….Then, when I tried to submit a help ticket about my profile not being saved twice, it told me that my email address was invalid….
    funny, they have already sent me 2 emails at my invalid email address…
    go figure?

  13. Franko says:

    This site is total trash. Don’t waste your time. As a man, the women are all fake accounts for the most part. They hook you, then tell you they have moved to another state and need help getting to you. They always ask for honey long before meeting up. And if you give it to them, they disappear offline, never to be seen again. Also, there are tons of changes being made to the site all the time. They have removed certain things that help identify/filter the women you are looking for. Anyway, the site also never refunds any of your credits even if the person is a scammer. So this site is really just a revenue booster for SA which also has made major changes and sucks majorly.

    • Nick says:

      My experience is different. I’ve had numerous refunds without asking. I simply don’t respond and block those from long distances. And yes I have met quite a few women who are down on their luck and are in dire need of financial help.
      Too many maybe yes.
      I have also met some wonderful woman here and been on many fun dates that have greatly helped my social skills.
      If fact I have met a like minded woman and we are currently happily moving ahead with our relationship.
      I didn’t come here looking for and escort or a hook up. Perhaps you might want up review how your profile is coming across and especially don’t over bid.

    • Egyptian Queen says:

      Well base on my personal experiences the scammers are on all dating sites regular ones it seems therefore I don’t think it’s limited to this one except or probably makes or more lucrative to get money scamming hence it’s name

  14. Lucy Johnson says:

    is not ethnicity but is love affliction

  15. Egyptian Queen says:

    Base on my personal experiences on regular dating sites scamming is in all of them therefore I don’t think it’s just this one except it probably makes it more lucrative easier to scam money hence the name

  16. Sean says:

    What does it mean if you accept and offer and they message and they message back, but you can’t see their last activity date or time?

  17. Kevin Tomlinson says:

    What can be done about women creating generous accounts and posing as attractive accounts? Male sugar babies have to deal with over saturation of other sugar babies in the results because of this. Same thing happens on Seeking.

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