WhatsYourPrice Tutorial: Site Tour
  • Posted Dec 21, 2017
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Ready to make the most of your WhatsYourPrice account? Hop in for a tour of the WhatsYourPrice site. 

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  1. Dashboard: Visit your dashboard at any time by clicking on the WhatsYourPrice heart logo. The dashboard gives you a quick summary of your recent activity, shows members who are online and newest members.


  1. Search Page: Search for the perfect first date by selecting the magnifying glass. Don’t forget to customize your search by applying filters! Once applied, your filters will be automatically added to your search until you logout or update them again.


  1. Favorites: Revisit your favorites by selecting the star icon. Favoriting a member sends them a notification, and you can view your favorites and your own notifications here!


  1. Offer Page: Track the progress of both offers and winks on the this page. Review offers and winks that you’ve sent and received, including their current status (pending/accepted/rejected.)


  1. Messages: Check back on conversations with other WhatsYourPrice members. Totally fed up by unanswered or rude messages? On WhatsYourPrice, messaging is only available after both members have agreed on an offer for a first date, and the Generous member has spent credits to unlock it. Because everyone is on the same page, you can get acquainted knowing that both parties are serious about meeting up.


  1. Profile Settings: View and edit your profile, purchase credits, manage your photos, and update your account settings.


  Last stop! Did you enjoy this WhatsYourPrice.com site tour? Leave a comment below with your Offer story or advice on using WhatsYourPrice to find the perfect first date.

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