Would You Date A Geek?
  • Posted Jul 18, 2013
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The real revenge of the Geeks and Nerds is here.

Fan boys and girls are flocking to San Diego this weekend, and the local economy isn’t the only thing seeing a boost. Local women are getting paid to attend Comic-Con as dates. According to date-auction website, WhatsYourPrice.com, 53.7 percent more men are paying for first dates to the wildly popular geek convention than any of other weekend of the year. 

The stereotype on being a “geek” or “nerd” is fading. In fact, identifying as one has become a positive term not only in the community, but even in the dating scene. Data from WhatsYourPrice.com suggests that geeks are having to pay less when seeking out beauties to accompany them to this year’s festivities, with the average Comic-Con date offer dropping to $90.59 compared to $128.87 from the previous year.

Geeks have become a hot commodity in the dating world. With the US Government recognizing League of Legends as a professional sport, geek-dom is becoming less of a detriment to a man’s sexuality.

Here are the top 5 “geek” dates:

1. Anime Expo, Comic-con, or any other convention

2. Halo, WOW, or League of Legends Tourneys

3.  Adult Arcades

4. Midnight Showings to [insert comic book/ sci-fi movie]. Complete with cosplay.

5. Museums

A poll by WhatsYourPrice.com found that 41% of attractive members thought Comic-Con was an acceptable, or even good idea of a first date.

Would you consider Comic-Con a good first date?

Yes 41%

No 26%

I don’t know what Comic-Con is 33%

Comic-Con Year – Average Price of Date Offer – Would you date a geek or nerd?

July 21 to 24 (2011) – $152.92 – Yes 33.7%, No 32.5%, Maybe 33.8%

July 12 to 15 (2012) – $128.87 – Yes 48.6%, No 20.9%, Maybe 30.2%

July 18 to 21 (2013) – $90.59 – Yes 58.3%, No 18.7%, Maybe 23%

“Being a self-proclaimed nerd at a time when it hurt your chances of nabbing a date, I’ve seen “geek” or “nerd” go from an attribute that repels women into an aphrodisiac almost,” says Brandon Wade. “I believe Hollywood has played a monumental role in the evolution of the geek into a sex symbol.”

Have you ever gone on a Geek date?

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