Women Making Offers


It’s no secret, assertive women are hot. There’s something intriguing and sexy about a woman who knows what she wants, and isn’t afraid to say it.

That’s why Attractive Members can now tell you how much they wish to receive for a date.

date offerDate Offers from Attractive Members

If you’ve visited your dating feed recently, you’ll notice women are now sending you monetary date offers. This caliber of woman knows what she wants from WhatsYourPrice.com, and also knows she wants to pursue you. Attractive Members aren’t just winking at you anymore, that’s a thing of the past. Now they’re placing their offers and letting you know firsthand what it takes to treat them to a night out.

Perks of Accepting

She suggested an offer — now what? If her offer is within your budget and she’s cute, go for it! This clearly isn’t the type of girl who’s fickle. She knows what she wants from the get-go. A decisive woman is optimal after all. When it comes time to pick the dinner venue, movie or drinks the phrase “Whatever you want to do.” is very unlikely to escape from her lips.

Negotiating the Offer

Okay, so she said you can take her out for $200, and you don’t want to spend that. Yes, that is a bit overzealous, but it doesn’t mean you have to deny her attempt to make a move. Clearly she is interested, and if you find her attractive don’t neglect this opportunity! You can respond with a reasonable counter offer and see if she is willing to meet a common ground. If she turns it down, chances are she was only interested in the money, so you dodged a bullet in the long run.

find a date fasterLess Work, More Action

No one wants to spend hours over analyzing profiles and deciding when to make an offer. Waiting for a response can be nerve racking. Think of this as the easy button. You only have to filter through females who are actually interested.

Go on a Whim

Remember, we initiated this new concept to make dating easier and faster. Yes, monetary date bids are a great icebreaker, but it can still be difficult to muster up the courage to send an offer in the first place. Assertive females are a unique breed so take advantage of this opportunity by embracing them, the results may pleasantly surprise you.

Have you recently accepted an offer from an Attractive Member, if so what was the result?

16 Responses to “Women Making Offers”

  1. Anonymous Dude says:

    I think it’s a nice idea. It’ll be interesting to see what a woman will offer versus what I would have offered her.

  2. Josh says:

    …and keep in mind you will only get one date with this woman so make the most of it, including trying to sleep with her. The no sex on first date is bull crap. LOL!

    • Tony says:

      Josh, what has been your experiences so far with this? I have my first date coming up this Friday night. Not even sure why I am trying this as I’m in NYC and never have an issue meeting people, but hey what the heck. I realize any woman asking me for 200, 300, etc are not on the up and up. … The girl Friday night is for 100 and we’re hitting up a spot we’re both familiar with and like a lot. I hope she’s not capable of drinking a lot lol drinks are not necessarily cheap there lol. … I definitely have no intention of being a sugar daddy for anyone. If we are enjoying each other’s company going on future dates without money being involved shouldn’t be an issue, that’s how I look at it. Thanks.

    • APB says:

      That’s not necessarily a bad thing–IE, no sex on the first date. I had one gal give me what I thought was a reasonable offer. Googling her alias to find her on here (she had been offline for a bit and way down on the search) showed that she was also on a dating site for those with STDs. She has herpes-2. Could have tolerated her being a single mom and the small tats (back then I would have)…

      No thanks, otherwise.

  3. dave says:

    A woman sending an offer doesn’t make her “assertive”. That just means she’s more of a gold digger than the other women. I’d like to see an article about how to get sex out of a girl who you pay to date. Now that article I would really like to read.

  4. Alexia says:

    ^Re: Josh: “…and keep in mind you will only get one date with this woman so make the most of it, including trying to sleep with her. The no sex on first date is bull crap!”

    Yeeeeah. Try that if you want to GUARANTEE that you will NEVER get a second date! Dumbass…

  5. Charlie says:

    It’s confusing – if a woman makes an offer to me, I assume she wants to pay to take me out.

  6. bruce s says:

    I agree its confusing to get offers from women and was never quite sure how this plays out. if she makes an offer, is she paying me or am I paying her for the privilege of dating.

  7. Talathia says:

    So if someone winks at you do you pay them I’m so confused because I am new to this.

    • Bret says:

      If someone winks at you that means ” Name your price”. While the site is being directed and influenced by by the escort minded “Get $100.00 for as little effort as possible” Some use it for what it’s intended for and that’s “Dating”. Someone likes your profile enough to let you decide how much they will pay send them a dollar amount and you should have a agreement with no hassle or negotiation.

  8. Daniel Macias says:

    Keep getting winks and offers but i am not sure if this is just mass messaging you knoe

    • Bret says:

      There are no mass direct computer generated dating interactions/winks/ or negotiations on this site. Some speculate that there may possibly be acts of impropriety by the website due to the number of dates who accept a suitors offer and are never seen or directly heard from again but those are merely people with self esteem issues that are only on the site for self gratification purposes

  9. TeddyJ says:

    Having looked at a lot of the blog entries, and all over the FAQ and searching the website, I have yet to find a good description of the process. What I’d truly like to know is (as and example), if she makes me an offer of $200, and I counter with $120 … I know she can decline the counter, but can she also counter offer to my counter? Can this go back and forth until we agree on an amount or decide it’s not going to happen?

    I just can’t find that info anywhere

    • Bret says:

      No she can’t submit another offer while one is pending. The only way to renegotiate is have her decline and either you send her an offer she’ll accept or once the offer is declined she can send you another offer of her choosing. I’ve found the best route is putting your expectations out there immediately. Most ladies aren’t looking for your “Best Bluff” so if you offer $10.00 and that’s as high as you want to go don’t string someone along in the $100.00 ranges.

  10. mystery_man says:

    Hi! recently I got an offer from a girl! I assumed she was paying to go out, once I accepted the offer, now on the profile it says “you acccepted her offer” you pay —$. Its confusing,Its over my budget. Now is there any option to cancel the offer?thanks

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