Women Making Offers


It’s no secret, assertive women are hot. There’s something intriguing and sexy about a woman who knows what she wants, and isn’t afraid to say it.

That’s why Attractive Members can now tell you how much they wish to receive for a date.

date offerDate Offers from Attractive Members

If you’ve visited your dating feed recently, you’ll notice women are now sending you monetary date offers. This caliber of woman knows what she wants from WhatsYourPrice.com, and also knows she wants to pursue you. Attractive Members aren’t just winking at you anymore, that’s a thing of the past. Now they’re placing their offers and letting you know firsthand what it takes to treat them to a night out.

Perks of Accepting

She suggested an offer — now what? If her offer is within your budget and she’s cute, go for it! This clearly isn’t the type of girl who’s fickle. She knows what she wants from the get-go. A decisive woman is optimal after all. When it comes time to pick the dinner venue, movie or drinks the phrase “Whatever you want to do.” is very unlikely to escape from her lips.

Negotiating the Offer

Okay, so she said you can take her out for $200, and you don’t want to spend that. Yes, that is a bit overzealous, but it doesn’t mean you have to deny her attempt to make a move. Clearly she is interested, and if you find her attractive don’t neglect this opportunity! You can respond with a reasonable counter offer and see if she is willing to meet a common ground. If she turns it down, chances are she was only interested in the money, so you dodged a bullet in the long run.

find a date fasterLess Work, More Action

No one wants to spend hours over analyzing profiles and deciding when to make an offer. Waiting for a response can be nerve racking. Think of this as the easy button. You only have to filter through females who are actually interested.

Go on a Whim

Remember, we initiated this new concept to make dating easier and faster. Yes, monetary date bids are a great icebreaker, but it can still be difficult to muster up the courage to send an offer in the first place. Assertive females are a unique breed so take advantage of this opportunity by embracing them, the results may pleasantly surprise you.

Have you recently accepted an offer from an Attractive Member, if so what was the result?

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