Witty Girls Most Wanted: Profile Keywords That Get You Dates
  • Posted Nov 27, 2012
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We all know how important a good profile picture is, but is it more important than the content of your profile? According to our study, it just might be. We took the liberty of checking the profiles of the 200 most popular girls on WhatsYourPrice to see what they wrote down, and came up with a list of keywords that men find most attractive. Collectively, the top 200 members have gone on 14,800 dates in the past 18 months, at an average price of $149.60 per date. Based on the contents of those profiles, we have compiled a list of the top 20 most desirable keywords that get the most dates:

1. witty
2. girl-next-door
3. educated
4. intelligent
5. small-town
6. sexy
7. big heart
8. fun
9. classy
10. Master’s Degree
11. spontaneous
12. smart
13. vivacious
14. sophisticated
15. versatile
16. adventurous
17. cultured
18. down-to-earth
19. Graduate Degree
20. chemistry

This list is interesting because it tells us that the most popular girls are both beautiful and smart. So the best way to get a date on this site, is to treat your profile like your resume. Don’t half-ass it, but carefully craft your profile and use spell check. Don’t dumb yourself down or type up a profile like you would a text message. When there are 300,000 beautiful women fighting for the attention of 100,000 men, you have to have more than just your good looks to rely on. Drop dead gorgeous looks become more lethal when you add a killer wit. This also shows us that men are looking for girls who are spontaneous, but down to earth. The elusive girl-next-door is becoming more difficult to find, but is still one of the most desired qualities in a woman.

It’s always refreshing to hear that men are more interested in just a pretty face. So don’t be afraid to get caught with your nose in a book, smart is sexy!

Do any of these keywords surprise you?

Men: What keywords do you look for when looking for a date?

4 Responses to “Witty Girls Most Wanted: Profile Keywords That Get You Dates”

  1. JennWYP says:

    All personalities and perspectives are welcome on the blog, while personal attacks and name calling are not. It’s inevitable that there will be disagreements but let’s handle it as mature adults with class to keep the dialog constructive and respectful. Please refer to the “Blog Etiquette” http://blog.whatsyourprice.com/blog-etiquette/ for more details. Now comment away and let’s enjoy the blog!!

  2. Marie says:

    It’s funny because it seems a majority of males are intimidated by intelligence. No matter what you say on your profile, though, it’s all about who and what you want to attract. I guess at the end of the day, that’s all that matters.
    Now you should tell the men what we want to see on their profiles.

  3. If a man is attracted to a woman’s profile pic then the next is how she express
    or describe herself in words.
    Words and pics can be deceiving and yet to meet a woman in person
    is more important to find out or what u have observe in her personality.
    Men looking for sexy women and yet did they ever
    look at themselves if they are fit enough to demand certain looks from women
    If they themselves don’t show any body fit as well.
    It takes two to tango, therefore being sexy and smart is definitely a turn on.
    Sweet and witty is even irresistible !

  4. Tania says:

    Better things in a person is above all his personality but without doubt an educated sexy girl and be very spontaneous in my opinion staff plays a significant part in the guys when selecting your partner

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